Chocolate Cake & Hot Sauce quizes

These are quizes about Roswell that were originally created and hosted by the Roswell site 'Chocolate Cake and Hot Sauce'. Unfortunately the site is closed, but I was able to save most of the quizes they had and repost them here.

I saved them as they were, except I removed some buttons for help, instructions, etc, and a readout for percentage of correct answers, that didn't work anyway.
(I was not able to contact anyone from the CCHS site to ask permission, so if anyone from the site wants me to take these down, just let me know.)

Just click on the quiz name to jump to it.

Season 1
Quiz #1
Pilot Quiz Monsters Quiz Leaving Normal Quiz
Missing Quiz River Dog Quiz Heat Wave Quiz
Into the Woods Quiz Indepen. Day Quiz Blood Brothers Quiz
Blind Date Quiz Balance Quiz The Convention Quiz
Crazy Quiz Max to the Max Quiz Destiny Quiz

Season 2
Skin & Bones Quiz Ask Not Quiz Surprise Quiz

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