Roswell DollMaker Repost

This is a repost of the Roswell DollMaker that was hosted on the Roswell Dollz site created by Tara. The site unfortunately was eaten in the great Geo-cities purge, but I've saved most of the parts and reposted it.

It is a cool little program. You can click and drag any of the body parts, clothes, accessories and backgrounds anywhere on the page to build your doll.

The order of what image goes on top is determined by where the image is on the page. Images that started on the top of the page will always go underneath the images that started lower on the page. For example, backgrounds are at the top of the page, so they will always be underneath other images, and the accessories are at the bottom of the page, so they will always be on top of other images.

Unfortunately the only way to save them to your computer is to do a screenshot.

***I didn't use the background that the original site had because it was so dark that you couldn't see some of the images. Also, I squished the width of the page a bit, and didn't bother to fix the spacing of all the images, so that is why some of them are spaced kinda wonky.***


                              Bodies                                                                                                                                 Wings


            upperbodiess                                                                                                                Pants







                                                                                     Odds and Ends

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