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DreamerAtHeart's site was great, with a lot of research and theories on the
meanings of the symbols seen on Roswell.

The site disappeared when Geocities closed, but I had saved it in my files.

I attempted to contact the owner, DreamerAtHeart, but the email on the site
was no longer working. So without permission, I have reposted the site so we
wouldn't lose all this great info. If anyone knows DreamerAtHeart, or knows
here I can find him/her, please let me know.

These are the pages I saved from the site - click to jump to them.

V-Formation Gallery - Symbols & Text of the Cave Map & Destiny Book

Symbols and Text of the
Cave Map and Destiny Book

By DreamerAtHeart





Rock Formation




Balance Wheel

Text in the Cave Map

The Destiny Book


The cave map has six distinct symbols.


Whirlwind symbol -- @ (the source of much discussion)

                Near top-left on the cave map.

Appears on pendant, signal in Into The Woods, on communicators, in sky as Harding's signal to Pierce at the carnival, the granilith countdown, the top of the granilith/rocket ship as it's spinning before launch, and the side of the spaceship Max finds.




        You can see it better on the TV.


                At top-right on the cave map.

Appears on the cover of the Destiny Book, the signal Michael uses to summon Nacedo in BD, and is similar to the "CrashDown" label on the doors of the Café.

Maybe Michael really didn't summon Nacedo, but "summoned" the Destiny Book instead. And the DB was found in the library.


His signal set the next phase in motion so that they could learn more about themselves.

Also, here's a conversation from Blind Date:
(Isabel and Michael take Max's jeep and drive to the library)

ISABEL: I think this is as close as you've ever come to the library, Michael.

MICHAEL: That means something, Isabel. It's right here on the map. Look. This is the constellation I saw in my dream. It's Aries, the ram.

(Isabel gives Michael a questioning look)

MICHAEL: I looked it up. And this is the symbol Nasedo left us at the cave. If you take a map of Roswell and you position it properly when Aries is directly overhead, which is in April by the way, all the rest of these symbols take on locations. And this one's right here at the library.

ISABEL: How'd you know how to do all that, Michael?

MICHAEL: I just knew.

ISABEL: I don't think we should be doing this.

MICHAEL: Isabel, he sent us a signal. We gotta send him one back. This is how we're gonna find him.

ISABEL: Yeah, but what if he's...

MICHAEL: What if he's the killer? There's only one way to find out.

Rock Formation symbol -- /`/\ (It seems to be the most obvious)

                At bottom-center of the cave map.

It looks very much like the rock formation where the pods are stored along with the granilith.


Cells symbol --* .][.][.][.\./

                In the center of the cave map.

Doesn't really appear anywhere. Others have speculated that it represents the four podsters with possibly Liz as the "V" at the right end, or a representation of the "leaky pod" at the left end. I do not agree that this represents our Roswell 4 because their 4-Square symbol (see #6) is already there. If the cells symbol does represent pods, then I believe it's the New York 4 -- since their pods are the ones nested in a straight line.

        (Upper right corner)

But I have no idea why they would be the *center* of the map.

Galaxy symbol -- {([#])} (This one seems most ambiguous)

                Near the center of the cave map between the cells and rock formation.

This symbol looks different in Michael's and Isabel's flashes (see above) than it does on the drawing of the cave map. What this image (not the one in the drawing) reminded me of is the flag of the United Nations.

                ....but maybe that's just me.

<Four-Square symbol -- :x:

                At the bottom-left of the cave map. (Often cut off in screencaps)

Here from Four Square:


The four-square symbol has to represent our four Roswell podsters.
Note: This symbol is NOT part of the V-formation of healing stones.

Balance Wheel

This was shown in a flash in Balance, but it does not appear anywhere else. I think it was just used to illustrate what was going on with the healing stones and is not one of the primary symbols. If it was, then we would have (should have) seen more of it.

Text in the Cave Map

The cave map has six lines of “text.”
(The destiny book is written with the same “characters” as in the text on the cave map.)

1. The text in the upper left corner is the same as the “title” (?) of the Destiny Book translation.

                (Left side cut off)

2. The text in the lower left corner (seen best in Isabel's flash pictured above) is exactly the same as the text in the right center, next to the galaxy symbol.


2.5 Except for the above match, none of the characters in the text are repeated on the map. This could mean that the "map" is a key to translating the Destiny Book.

3. All of the characters on the pentagon can be found in the cave map text. Most (4) of them are at the right hand side of a line of text.


The Destiny Book

I'm still working on this, but here's a summary of what I've found so far.

1. The cover is the Saturn symbol (this was obvious), but of the six cave map symbols, this is the only "symbol" that appears in the Destiny Book.

2. There are very few pages to the DB-- I think there are at least seven, but not much more. Four pages are all text and three have pictures and text.

3. The picture pages include (1) faces of the 4 podsters as "adults," (2) faces as children, and (3) two couples each with the woman pregnant.


                (Note text. See #7 below.)

4. The text pages are punched through and can be seen through on the back side.

5. The characters of the text do not translate directly to English letters. There are more than 26 different characters and certainly not enough in the book to form all of the letters needed for what we've already seen of the translation. The characters could represent words or ideas, but I'm not sure.

6. In the text of the DB and under the pictures in the DB, sets of characters can be found that are almost the same as the DB "title" and sets that are almost the same as the repeated set of characters on the cave map that are next to the galaxy and four-square symbols.


                (Note: Upside-down. See #7 below.)

7. (This one may be the most confusing, but I thought it was one of the most interesting) If we assume that the title to the DB that's on the computer is right-side-up, then all of the symbols and the text of the Cave Map are also right-side-up. This means that the DB is very mixed up! (Or at least they are very tricky about the way they show it to the audience.) The picture pages and the text on them are all right-side-up (faces pages only, not the one with the pregancy pictures) as well as the text on the cave map, but the text on the text-only pages of the Destiny Book is ALL upside-down. I also used the computer screen images for this analysis. On the computer screen the enlarged images of the characters are right-side-up, but the pages in the background are upside-down.

Destiny Book Translation

I don't know what most of this means, but I find it all very intriguing. (I guess that's pretty obvious to anyone whose actually read this far.) That's all I have right now. I'll keep you posted as I discover more.

Screecaps from Crashdown.com

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