AUTHOR: Roswell Oracle

RATING: Mature


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DISCLAIMER: Roswell, the characters and the story, are owned by Melinda Metz, Jason Katims and Fox Studios (although the way they have abused them I don't think they deserve them) and are used here purely for entertainment purposes.

Any additional characters or situations not mentioned in the show are the creation of my dementia.

CREDITS: Lyrics from Brick by Ben Folds Five

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've always thought this song was so sad. It's about two people who go through a terrible experience, but even though they have each other, instead of bringing them closer together they realize they've never been more alone in their lives.

When I heard it tonight for some reason it seemed to fit perfectly with the whole Max/Tess pregnancy thing.

SUMMARY:Tess' thoughts starting the morning after she and Max were together. A companion to 'I'm Dying Tonight'.

STATUS: Complete - Oct/2014

1 Part Story

2009 - © RoswellOracle & RoswellOracle.com
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Feedback for BRICK


Beautifully written.......
- Carolyn


Wow, That song really fit well with this, Good fic, I enjoyed it.
- BringMeBack


That was really good!

To tell that I appreciated Tess was exagerated, not that she had a good side, like I see it in your story and when you know the whole thing put together, like it was in the show...

It remembers me my teenage year, when I was listening to the lies a boy told me and then, made my own truth about his love for me, when it was only a play!

And Tess did the same; she only saw Max's reactions through all what happened, as a sign of love, instead of really seeing the truth Max sent to her... he slept with her for the wrong reasons and he never even liked her!

It is true, we always only see what we want to see...


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