TITLE: Getting Well

AUTHOR: RoswellOracle



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1 part futurefic

STATUS: Complete - May/2005

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Feedback for Getting Well


I didn't want to read this once i saw Tess POV but i thought i'd give it a try
and WOW i'm glad i did. It was soo well written. I actually felt bad for Tess.
LOL That was great. Thanks for sharing
- icequeen


Wow Liz! You didn't tell me you were posting this!
It is fabulous, even though I am not a Tess fan you made me feel
really awful and sympathetic toward her. What a beautiful piece.
Thanks for posting.
- Ellie


OMG! That was amazing! It was so descriptive and captivating.
I don't usually read Tess POV's, but you actually got me feeling sorry for her.
You invoked so much emotion in that one little part.
Wow! Wow, wow, wow. The way you wrote that was just...wow!
- maxandliz4ever1357


poor Tess I hope she finds happiness. I like how you portrayed her.


This is amazing! Thank you for posting this!!
- Aly


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Getting Well
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