TITLE: 10 Things I Love about Max

AUTHOR: RoswellOracle



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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was written based on a challenge during Dreamer month at The Eraser Room.

"This game is a slight twist on the regular 101 reasons why I love M/L. If you ever seen the movie Ten Things I Hate About You then you might have an idea as to where I'm going with this.

Instead of everyone posting one thing you love about max/liz, everyone has to post 10 things they love about either max or liz while pretending to be either Max or Liz. :hehe Make sense? I hope so."

- posted by Vegas312

SUMMARY: A poem Liz wrote to Max

STATUS: Complete - Sept/2006

2006 - © RoswellOracle & RoswellOracle.com


10 Things I love about Max
-by Liz

I love the way you look at me,
and how you make me feel

I love the way you kiss me,
it's so explosive and so real

I love how you listen to me,
and make me feel so sane

I love that you're my best friend,
in sunshine and in rain

I love the way you protect me,
and always hold my hand

I love that you can show your true feelings,
and always be a man

I love that you take my breath away,
and make my stomach rumble

I love that you love me just as much,
and together we fall and tumble

I love the way you smile,
and the way it lights your eyes

I love everything about about you,
and I'll always be at your side.



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