TITLE: Waiting

AUTHOR: RoswellOracle



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Any additional characters or situations not mentioned in the show are the creation of my dementia.

Zan has always been waiting.

STATUS: Complete - Aug/2006

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Feedback for Waiting


Well Hell,
That was...GREAT and sad....
Once again you have created another awesome story...

Thanks for sharing it with us.


Awww! I didn't want to read the end. I knew what was going to happen and I just didn't want
to see it. He was so hopeful for so long, and he finally really had a chance to meet her and
feel whole for once in all his lifetimes. I wish he would have gotten up and killed lonnie and
rath for trying to take that happiness away from him. Grrrrr!

You should write an alternate ending! lol One where he does finally get to meet her and all
his dreams really come true. HEA The end :D
- Dreaming_in_Purple aka Tuesday


Oh my god. This fic is just... amazing. I've never delved into the dupe stuff before and never really thought much about Zan. But you've kind of opened my eyes to the whole and angle and possibilities. I love this. Your words, your emotions in this story leave me speechless. I feel his yearning, his heartache and my heart breaks. The way you described things just feels so right. God... I don't know what else to say. This story is just so heartwrenching ly beautiful. I love it.
- evelyn


WOW, That was so intense, it was beautiful and sad,any chnace of continuing this,
maybe in the AA section with a Zan/Liz coupling? please
- polar vixen


ow! Such a beautiful and sad story!
I'm so sad for the ending, because I feel like Zan never lived that life he deserved.
He just waited and waited until there was no time anymore and he was always alone.
- mareli


Ah, you already know how much I love this, but I can say it again, right?
By the way, I love Zan's expression in the banner, so true.
Wonderful fic.
- Erina258


Oh that was so powerful on so many levels.
I could feel Zan's desire to be with Liz and his desperation when he found out
that this dream girl was actually Max's.

It hurt me the way it ended, I was hoping that he would go to Roswell and claim his love.
Even though I'm a die-hard dreamer, I wanted Zan to be happy~with Liz

Wonderful fic!
- Ros39

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