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(Episode – Departure)

5/19/01 – Saturday – Tess leaves in the Granolith


Same Day, After the Episode – Brody tells the gang that Liz is Ava – Tess arrives – the gang agrees to meet tomorrow – Nicholas shows Khivar the Granolith – Lonni warns Tess to keep her mouth shut – Liz wonders about her other life – Isabel talks to Alex – Lonni confronts Nicholas – Max and Michael go to the pod chamber to get the book and orbs – Maria and Liz talk – Max and Michael talk about hot alien sex – a figure watches them from the shadows – Isabel has a disturbing dream


5/20/01 – Sunday – Nicholas tells Khivar about Lonni’s plan – the gang meets to talk to Brody – Nicholas offers Tess a deal – Khivar send his people to gather information - the gang has a meeting - Michael thinks about Liz and Maria – Max and Liz talk and discover a connection – Isabel has another dream

5/21/01 - Monday – Max and Liz go to the U of Las Cru – Kyle and Isabel talk – Don tells Max and Liz that the book will have to be retranslated – Maria visits Alex’s grave – another meeting at Michael’s - Isabel has a disturbing dream walk

5/22/01 – Tuesday - Lonnie tells Nicholas that she still has cards – Max and Michael look through Tess’ stuff – Liz dumps Sean - Max stashes the bankbooks in a safe place - Michael and Kyle make plans to watch a game

5/23/01 – Wednesday - Max asks Isabel for help – Maria and Liz talk about Sean – Max shows Isabel his memories – Maria and Brody talk about Alex 

5/24/01 – Thursday - Michael helps Mrs. Parker with the groceries – Liz wonders about her other parents – someone watches Liz on her balcony - Maria and Max talk about Liz



5/26/01 – Saturday - the Jeep Is found - Sean watches Liz in the Crashdown – Michael and Maria talk about their relationship

5/27/01 – Sunday – Isabel tries memory recovery



5/29/01 – Monday – Jim gets a job - Mr. Evans offers to buy Max and Isabel a new Jeep

5/30/01 – Wednesday - Max asks Liz to the movies



6/2/01  – Saturday – the group practicing powers at the quarry – Isabel and Kyle talk about his powers

6/3/01 – Sunday - Max and Liz go to the movies – Isabel sees the fog in the kitchen – Khivar decides to pursue a new plan – the Leptes leaves for Antar

6/4/01 – Monday – the gang attempts memory retrieval – Khivar watches the new skins being created - Isabel tells the gang about her weird dreams - Tess worries about her deal with Khivar



6/16/01 – Saturday – Jim asks Amy to dinner



6/23/01 - Saturday – Sean asks Mr. Parker where Liz and the others are



6/26/01 – Tuesday - Michael sees someone messing with his motorcycle



6/28/01 – Thursday – Amy has a memory flash and Sean witnesses it

6/29/01 - Friday - Diane asks Max about Tess – Sean looks for info on Max

6/30/01 – Saturday - Liz feels someone watching her as she cleans the Crashdown

7/1/01  – Sunday - Nicholas tells Lonni, Rath and Tess not to mess with the new troops - Philip talks to Max about Tess



7/4/01 - Wednesday – the new skins arrive

7/5/01 – Thursday - Isabel recovers another memory - Brody tells Maria that he was tracking an anomaly



7/7/01 – Saturday - the gang has a video night at the Evans - someone goes through Liz’s things – Maria and Liz talk - Isabel talks to Alex



7/12/01 – Thursday - Sean confronts Liz with what he's learned about Max – a mystery man offers to help Sean

7/13/01 Friday - Liz and her mom talk about Max

7/14/01 - Saturday – someone searches Michael’s apartment – Isabel sees Liz’s memories of Future Max – Michael and Max talk about Max’s son – Liz practices her astral projection - Sean tries to follow the gang but he looses them – Liz worries that the gang will try to stop her from developing her astral projection



7/16/01 - Monday – someone searches Max’s room - Liz practices her astral projection



7/20/01 - Friday - Max meets the new guy at the UFO museum – Jim and Kyle talk about Tess and the aliens - Ryan and Max go to eat at the Crashdown

7/21/01 – Saturday – Kyle proposes to Isabel that they be buddies



7/25/01 – Wednesday - Sean confronts Liz and Max in the Crashdown and Ryan is a witness - John urges Sean to follow the gang on Saturday – someone watches Sean and John

7/26/01Thursday – Maria and Kyle talk about their parents’ relationship – Ryan asks Max about Sean

7/27/01 - Friday – Tess wonders what could have been between her and Kyle - Liz comparing her data on her astral projection experiments

7/28/01 - Saturday – Sean follows the gang to the quarry - Kyle tells Liz she looks exhausted – Sean watches the gang through binoculars – Kyle gets the whole story out of Liz - Sean sees Max and Michael using their powers – Kyle convinces Liz to tell Max – Sean calls John for an explanation – John confronts the gang in the quarry, taking Liz hostage – someone else watches the events in the quarry – Max sends Isabel, Michael and Kyle to search John’s motel – Liz, Maria and Max talk to Sean – Isabel, Kyle and Michael take all of John’s possessions – the gang and Sean have a meeting at Michael’s house and Max and Liz talk – Sean and Maria discuss Max and Liz – the rest of the gang discuss Liz’s dreams and possible premonition – Isabel thinks about how being an alien has screwed up her life – Max and Liz talk about her powers – Diane sees Max and Liz together

7/29/01 – Sunday - Sean apologizes to Liz and assures her he will keep their secret

7/30/01 – Monday - Michael and Maria talk – Max worries that he hasn’t remembered Liz – Maria and Liz talk about her fears that Michael is the killer



8/2/01 – Thursday - Liz tells the gang that they should get to know Sean



8/10/01 - Friday – Isabel, on campus buying books, meets Hale - Michael practicing extra

8/11/01 - Saturday - Khivar watches the new troops training

8/12/01 - Sunday - Michael worries that he can’t protect his friends

8/13/01 - Monday – Isabel sees Hale in class and he asks her to lunch - Max tells Liz he is afraid of losing her - Amy asks Maria what happened the night of the blackout at the UFO museum



8/18/01 - Saturday - the Evan’s buy Isabel a car – Maria starts to pull away from Michael



8/26/01 - Sunday - the gang gathers for a pre-school celebration – someone watches from outside

8/27/01 - Monday - Michael gives Ryan the third degree in school – Nancy tells Liz that she is concerned about her future

8/28/01 - Tuesday - Isabel goes to Hale’s house and learns about his past



8/30/01 - Thursday - Michael tells Maria he is serious about his education



9/8/01 -Saturday - Max asks Liz to the Homecoming dance



9/10/01 - Monday - Hale asks Isabel on a date - Michael admits that he has a soft spot for Ryan



9/14/01 - Friday - Maria gets flowers from Michael asking her to the Homecoming dance

9/15/01 - Saturday - Hale and Isabel’s first date



9/17/01 - Monday - Kyle asks Isabel to the Homecoming dance - Michael asks Max about Maria and Brody’s relationship



9/21/01 - Friday - Michael and Max confront Isabel about her date - Jim Valenti is reappointed as Sheriff

9/22/01 - Saturday - Homecoming – Max picks up Liz and her parents talk to him – Jim asks Amy to help him celebrate being reappointed as Sheriff – the gang has dinner together before the dance and Isabel introduces Hale – Max realizes that he doesn’t deserve Liz – Hale and Isabel kiss - Liz tells Max that she wants to be with him and they kiss – Michael worries about Maria’s friendship with Brody – Max and Liz reaffirm their love for one another – Kyle remembers that he loved Tess – Max asks Liz to have a picnic with him – Liz’s mom confronts her about her relationship with Max – Isabel visits Alex’s grave – someone watches Isabel – Liz projects to Max’s room

9/23/01 - Sunday - the gang hangs out at the Crashdown – Max thinks about his connection with Liz – Hale and Isabel talk about Max and Liz’s relationship - Michael asks Liz if she will tutor him

9/24/01 - Monday - Max and Liz get caught making out at school - Michael asks Ryan about Brody and Maria



9/28/01 - Friday - Liz is concerned that she doesn’t remember anything about her other life – Kyle tells Liz that he remembered he loved Tess

9/29/01 - Saturday - Michael talks to Maria about her relationship with Brody



10/5/01 - Friday – Jim takes Kyle to buy a new car



10/13/01 – Saturday - Michael talks to Amy about her weird dreams



10/17/01 – Wednesday - Liz remembers a dream that saves her and Max – the gang and Sean discuss Liz’s dreams



10/27/01 - Saturday – Michael and Maria look for costumes



10/31/01- Wednesday - Halloween – Max gives Liz the necklace he bought two Christmases ago – Isabel warns Michael not to reenact Braveheart – Liz leaves Max and he talks to Isabel and Hale – Diane tells Liz that she’s glad Liz and Max are together – Max has a memory of Liz – Isabel tells Hale that Liz always comes first with Max – Max shows Liz his memory – Diane sees Max and Liz together – Diane tells Philip about Max and Liz



11/16/01 – Friday - Isabel invites Hale to Thanksgiving dinner

11/17/01 – Saturday - Jim tells Kyle he is going to propose to Amy



11/20/01 – Tuesday - Liz gets a call that the translation is finished – Max and Liz talk about their apprehensions as they get the e-mail – Michael and Max read the translation



11/22/01 - Thursday - Thanksgiving Day – Isabel and Hale declare their love – Sean, Kyle and Maria discuss how their lives will change if Jim and Amy get married – Isabel visits Alex’s grave to say goodbye



12/1/01 - Saturday – Kyle gets powers



12/18/01 – Tuesday - Nicholas reminds Lonni that the deal is only for her and not Rath – Rath overhears Lonni and Nicholas’ conversation and decides to make a deal for himself – Jim and Amy discuss the new living arrangements

12/19/01 – Wednesday - Liz tells Max about her dream – the gang checks out Kyle’s powers - Larek tells the gang that the skins ship returned to Antar months ago – Liz tells Max that she would help him investigate to see if Tess is still on Earth - Max tells Jim about the possibility of new skin troops on Earth



12/21/01 – Friday - Rath shows up at the Crashdown with a deal for Max and a gift for Liz – Jeff listens to the conversation from the back room – Isabel and Hale discuss how nice it is to be without the group – the gang decides to see what Rath has to offer – Jeff decides to confront Liz when she gets home – someone notes Rath’s presence – Rath takes the gang to the nursing home where Alex has been since his ‘death’ & Max heals Alex – Isabel agrees to ditch the gang again so she and Hale can go out the next night – Max tells Isabel that Alex is alive

12/22/01 – Saturday - Alex’s return from the dead makes Jeff forget about his talk with Liz – Isabel tells her mother how guilty she felt about Alex’s death – the gang goes to see Alex – after the others leave, Liz and Maria tell Alex about Isabel and the deal with Rath - Isabel tells Hale about Alex’s return - Valenti tells Hansen Alex is alive

12/23/01 - Sunday - Isabel tells Alex about Hale - someone watches them through the window – Lonni confronts Tess

12/24/01 - Monday - Hale offers to help Isabel with her Christmas duties and she reluctantly invites him to Alex’s welcome home party - Ryan sees the gang decorating the Crashdown for Alex’s party and Isabel invites him

12/25/01 - Tuesday - Christmas - Jim gives Amy a new car for Christmas - Hale and Alex meet - Max deduces that Liz predicted Alex’s return - Hale gives Isabel a gift - Alex talks to Michael and Maria about Hale - Max and Liz exchange gifts



1/01/02 - Tuesday - Jim and Amy get married - Khivar receives some information - the gang make a toast to stay together

1/02/02 – Wednesday - Nicholas tells Tess that they know who she really was and she tells them she is pregnant - Alex returns to school - Tess uses Max’s son to make a deal - Lonni sees Tess leaving the ship - Isabel tells Hale she can’t study with him because she is seeing Alex



1/04/02 – Friday – Liz tells Max that she is giving up college to be with him



1/10/02 - Thursday - Lonni and Rath confront Tess about what she’s told Nicholas



1/14/02 – Monday - Liz has a dream - Isabel starts to pull away from Hale



1/16/02 – Wednesday - Lonni attempts to steal the Granolith



1/25/02 – Friday - someone emerges from a concrete grave



2/01/02 – Friday - Liz has another dream - someone arrives at the pod chamber - Max and Liz go to Nasedo’s cave and meet Cuerena - the gang tells Cuerena the story of their lives - Liz is worried that Cuerena is the Serena future Max told her about



2/04/02 – Monday - Serena moves into the Harding house and Max sends her to Copper Summit for recon



2/06/02 – Saturday - Jeff asks Liz about Rath



2/20/02 – Tuesday - Max and Michael talk about Serena and Liz’s powers



2/27/02 – Tuesday - the gang hangs out at the Crashdown and Hale confronts Isabel about their relationship - someone watches them

2/28/02 – Wednesday - Liz has a bad dream - Khivar orders an attack - Diane sees Liz’s ring and insists the she come to dinner

3/01/02 - Thursday - Hale and Isabel go on a picnic - Max and Liz go to meet his parents for dinner - the Valenti family has dinner at the Crashdown and Rath calls Michael to warn of an attack - Max’s parents start the questioning - Hale and Isabel are attacked - Michael and Kyle battle the attackers at the Crashdown and Ryan helps - Max, Liz and Serena take care of the skins at the Evan’s house - Isabel and Hale are victorious and she calls Michael to warn him - Michael talks to Ryan - Liz suggests that they keep future Max, the capabilities of the Granolith and Rath’s loyalties to themselves - the whole story is revealed to Hale, Amy, the Evans and the Parkers - Hale tells Isabel he still loves her - Michael tells the gang about Ryan - Khivar tells Nicholas to put the troops on hold - Jeff asks Liz about Max and Rath -  Rath calls Max to congratulate him on surviving

3/02/02 – Friday - the gang talks to Ryan – Lonni and Nicholas discuss the nature of their relationship – Max and Diane talk about his connection with Liz

3/03/02 – Saturday – Isabel tells Hale she would rather be with him than the gang – Max tell Liz his worries about Isabel



3/29/02 – Friday – Isabel has strange dreams

3/30/02 – Saturday – Ava decides to return to Roswell – Isabel misses practice and Liz tries to explain her behavior to Max



4/07/02 – Sunday – Ava comes to the Crashdown and the gang tells her who she really is – Kyle is glad that Ava decided to stay



4/09/02 – Tuesday - Maria, Liz and Alex discuss his relationship with Isabel



4/12/02 – Friday – Jim and Kyle discuss his feelings for Ava

4/13/02 – Saturday – Michael helps Amy pack and they discuss his relationship with Maria



4/19/02 – Friday – Hale and Isabel talk about plans for the summer

4/20/02 – Saturday – Hale asks Liz about her past life



4/24/02 – Wednesday – Max asks Kyle about his prom plans



4/26/02 – Friday – Senior Prom – Max and Liz talk about being together – Ava brings some movies to the Valenti house to watch with Kyle – Max dedicates a song to Liz – Michael and Maria talk about their future – Max and Liz cement

4/27/02 – Saturday – Max and Liz discover a strengthening of their bond – Isabel has another dream – Max wonders about the differences in his experiences with Liz and Tess – Maria asks about Liz’s night with Max – Max and Liz go to Serena to ask about the bond



4/31/02 – Tuesday – Brody tells Max that he’s disappointed there hasn’t been more alien contact



5/01/02 – Wednesday – Max and Liz test their powers



5/11/02 – Saturday – Nicholas considers his relationship with Lonni – Rath sees Lonni with Nicholas – Max and Liz discover more aspects of their bond



5/15/02 – Wednesday – Rath asks Tess about the baby – Max tells Liz what Rath said about the baby



5/24/02 – Friday – Liz invites Max over to test their connections – Kyle and Ava discuss their relationship at Buckley Point – Max discovers the mind warp that made him want to make love to Tess

5/25/02 – Saturday – Max and Liz ask Ava to help them see through Tess’ mind warps



5/28/02 – Wednesday – Max talks to Isabel about her behavior



5/31/02 – Friday – Graduation – celebration at the Crashdown



6/01/02 – Saturday – Isabel decides she want to take another step in her relationship with Hale – Tess is in labor – Isabel discovers Hale is Khivar

6/02/02 – Sunday - Tess names her son – Isabel decides to leave town while she figures out what to do – Hale discovers Isabel is skipping town – Liz awakes with a headache – Max says goodbye to Isabel – Isabel’s plane explodes – Liz feels Max’s pain and rushes to him – Max calls his parents to break the news – Liz finds Max at the airport – Nancy and Jeff help at the Evans’ house – Max and Liz mourn and Liz tells Max his son was born

6/03/02 – Monday – Diane starts to plan Isabel’s memorial

6/04/02 – Tuesday – Valenti gets the medical examiner’s report that Isabel wasn’t on the plane – Isabel awakes in Copper Summit onboard Khivar’s ship – Max and the gang think that the skins took Isabel and vow to get her back – Khivar confronts Nicholas about his treatment of Isabel – Max asks Rath to see what he can find out – Michael looks for Hale – Max asks Liz to project to Isabel but she is blocked

6/05/02 – Wednesday – Isabel accuses Khivar of keeping her a prisoner – the gang finalize their rescue plan - Khivar shows Isabel the baby and asks her to go home with him

6/06/02 - Thursday – Rath calls Max to tell him the ship is gone – Nicholas tells Lonni, Khivar has ordered the execution of the Roswell group – Max contacts Larek and asks him to get a message to his mother – Max asks Liz to be there when he talks to his mother

6/07/02 - Friday – Max’s mother contacts him through Brody – Rath tries to call Max – Max tells his mother Isabel is on Antar and to find out what she can – Rath tells Max the ship is back and about the troops coming and Max and Liz hope to use it to their advantage – Max tells the group the revised plan and sends the parents out of town for their safety – Liz’s mom begs her not to go – goodbye scene with Max and his parents – goodbye scene with Jim and Amy and their kids – Max thanks Brody for his help and uses him to tell his mother they are coming home – Max proposes to Liz

6/08/02 – Saturday – Nicholas turns over command to Walt so he can have a last tumble in the hay with Lonni – Max and Liz get married – Rath calls Max to say the troops have left – Lonni attacks Nicholas and he mind rapes her – the gang takes control of the ship and call Rath to go with them – Nicholas realizes their stealing the ship – Rath arrives and the gang board the ship – Nicholas and Ida make it on board just in time – Max orders the destruction of the skin army – Nicholas and Ida witness the army’s destruction – the gang search the ship – Raltos agrees to help them and they find Hale’s skin – They arrive on Antar - Nicholas escapes through the ducts – the gang get a ride from Max’s General Toaks – Nicholas chases them – Max tells Toaks about the prisoners – Nicholas looses the gang – Max and the others arrive at the hideout and he meets his mother – Brody gets a thank you message from the aliens – Max and Liz connect with the Granolith


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