This is a complete timeline for Book 8.
Continue carefully if you don't want to be exposed to spoilers.






AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have labeled the scenes with Episode Equivalent Titles to show the reader the timing of events in relation to the timing of the episodes that aired.


Completely new scenes in the episodes are in red.


Scenes in blue happened as they did in the show and are used either to remind the reader of the actions, or have been given more depth or expanded.


Scenes in black happened as they did in the show, but are not shown in the story and are only mentioned to give the reader a sense of when things are happening.


The End of the World episode, at the end, after future Max comes back in time, has some expanded and new scenes from how it aired. 







Episode Equivalent - End of the World

10/23/2000 - Monday - Liz, Maria and Alex visit Madame Vivian - Max sings with the mariachi band

10/24/00 - Tuesday - Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess try and activate the Granolith - Michael investigates Courtney – Maria catches Michael and Courtney together - Max asks Liz to the Gomez concert – Maria tells Alex about Michael and Courtney - Tess and Kyle get together

10/25/00 - Wednesday - Alex decks Michael - Michael discovers Courtney is a skin - Liz considers Max's earlier visit



Episode Equivalent - Harvest

10/26/00Thursday - Michael tells Maria that Courtney is a skin - Whitaker's death is announced - the gang searches Whitaker's office Liz tells Max that he should include Tess in the group - Michael and Maria stake out Courtney's hideout - Courtney tells the group about the past

10/27/00Friday - the night of the Gomez concert - Max and Liz cement

10/28/00 – Saturday - Max and Liz discover their bond - Liz tells Maria and Max tells Michael - Tess tells Kyle she is sick of the others leaving her out - Max and Liz explore their connection



Episode Equivalent - Wipeout

10/29/00Sunday - the skins have gathered in Copper Summit for the harvest - Isabel and Michael steak-out Copper Summit



11/4/00 - Saturday - Courtney goes to get her new skin - Khivar decides to send more troops to Earth




Episode Equivalent - Max in the City - aka. Journey to New York

11/25/00Saturday - Tess decides to wait until Max turns to her



12/9/00Saturday -  Alex's Departure for Sweden (really)




Episode Equivalent - Roswell The Miracle - aka. A Roswell Christmas Carol

12/23/00Saturday - Max gives Liz a Christmas gift




Episode Equivalent - To Serve & Protect

1/26/01 - Friday - Isabel has the first dream about the girl in trouble

1/27/01 - Saturday - Dan arrives - Max and Isabel tell the Sheriff about her dream - Valenti and Dan have lunch at Senior Chow's - Sean arrives - Isabel goes on the date with Grant - Isabel and Max tell the Sheriff about her second vision

1/28/01 - Sunday - Valenti finds out Melissa is missing and shows her pic to Isabel - Isabel discovers Grant is the kidnapper - Max & Isabel tell the Sheriff about Grant - Valenti investigates Grant and finds the body bag - Melissa turns up - Isabel dreams where the missing girl is - Max, Isabel and Valenti find Laurie - Liz confronts Max about not involving her



Episode Equivalent - We Are Family

1/28/01 - Sunday – Valenti, Max and Isabel are interrogated

1/29/01 - Monday - Laurie escapes from the hospital - Alex returns from Sweden - Agent Duff arrives - Michael finds the crystals - Laurie show up at the Valenti's – Max stays at the Crashdown to protect Liz - Liz and Sean talk - Alex's slide show - Tess and Kyle hear Amy defend Valenti in the convenience store - Laurie sees Michael and runs - Agent Duff recovers Laurie and interrogates Valenti

1/30/01 - Tuesday - Max asks Kyle to get the crystals - Max and Liz talk in the eraser room - Kyle gets the crystals - Valenti is fired - Max studies the crystals

2/1/01 - Thursday - Amy takes Valenti on a day out

2/2/01 - Friday - Tess offers to move out - Isabel and Michael go to investigate the sanatorium



Episode Equivalent - Disturbing Behavior

2/2/01 - Friday - same day as last of WAF - Michael and Maria stake-out the Sheriff's station - Laurie escapes and Maria and Michael save her from the killer

2/3/01 - Saturday - Valenti is woodworking - Max still studying the crystals - Duff questions Isabel - Grant finds the rifle - Maria, Michael and Laurie on the road trip - the crystals sample Max's hand - Max gets Liz to help with the crystals - Grant attacks Valenti - Liz examines the crystals - Isabel talks to Grant

2/4/01 - Sunday - Michael, Maria and Laurie arrive at the Dupree house - Isabel tells Max and Liz about the water table in Frazier woods and they decide to get help - Michael and Maria get thrown out of the Dupree house - Michael and Maria stake out Dupree house - Valenti and Duff search Grant's truck



Episode Equivalent - How the Other Half Live

2/5/01 - Monday - Courtney tells the group about the Ganderium - Maria finds out about the Duprees finances - the groups digs in Frazier woods - Kyle and Alex are trapped in the cave – Max calls Michael and tells him how to kill the queen - Grant kidnaps Isabel - Grant goes to find Laurie - Ganderium queen is killed - Max tells Liz he wants to live a normal lifeMichael talks to Maria about Laurie moving in

2/6/01 - Tuesday - Maria and Michael get Laurie a lawyer



Episode Equivalent - Viva Las Vegas

2/15/01Thursday - Michael tells Max he wants to take a vacation

2/16/01 – Friday - the others invite themselves to Vegas - Tess confronts Liz about her relationship with Max



Episode Equivalent - Off the Menu

4/13/01Friday - Liz develops powers - Max wants her to suppress them - Max and Liz tell the gang about her powers



Episode Equivalent - Heart of Mine

4/25/01Wednesday - Michael and Maria fight about the prom

4/26/01Thursday - Alex agrees to take Isabel to the Prom - Maria tries to get Liz to help her investigate Michael - Kyle asks Tess to the Prom - Max confronts Michael

4/27/01Friday - Prom  



Episode Equivalent - Cry Your Name

4/30/01Monday - Isabel tells Alex that she has decided not to graduate early



Episode Equivalent - It's too Late and It's too Bad

5/14/01Monday - Tess invites Max to the observatory with her



Episode Equivalent - Baby It's You

5/16/01Wednesday - the gang decides to go to the Nelly Furtado



7/15/01Friday - Courtney decides to step up her pursuit of Michael



9/21/01Friday - Jim gets his job back



1/15/02Tuesday - Kyle gets powers



1/18/02Friday - Max and Liz mail their college applications



3/4/02Monday - Kyle and Tess practice his powers



5/6/02Monday - Max and Liz tell the gang that they are going to Harvard



5/10/02Friday - Max proposes to Liz



5/13/02Monday - Tess confronts Max about his relationship with Liz

5/14/02Tuesday - Liz's parents talk to her about her engagement - Max confronts Tess about her interference



5/31/02Thursday - Graduation - Max and Liz decide to elope

6/1/02Friday - Max and Liz get married



6/3/02Monday - Tess confronts Max about the wedding - Tess and Kyle fight



6/7/02Friday - Michael and Courtney discuss his college plans

6/8/02Saturday - the Evans have a reception for Max and Liz



9/1/02Sunday - Max leaves the Jeep with Isabel



12/15/02Sunday - Liz dreams



1/7/03Tuesday - Cuerena starts looking for the Royal Four



1/11/03Saturday - Cuerena finds Michael - Michael tells Max and Liz to come back to Roswell

1/12/03SundayMax worries what the new alien will mean for his future with Liz - The gang tells Cuerena about their past - Max, Michael and Isabel decide to stay on Earth

1/13/03Monday - Max and Liz decide to take Cuerena to Boston with them

1/14/03Tuesday - Max, Liz and Cuerena fly back to Boston - Liz suggests changing Cuerena's name to Serena



In the next few monthsCuerena moves in with Max and Liz, attends classes with them and works with Liz



5/15/04Saturday - Tess considers her life



10/25/04Monday - More of Khivar's troops arrive - Nicholas issues an invitation to the Royal Four to a peace summit - Lonni gets the message



10/30/04Saturday - Nicholas and Lonni meet



11/1/04Monday - Khivar and Nicholas discuss the dupes



11/4/04Thursday - Nicholas leads Lonni into a trap - the skins eliminate the rest of the dupes

11/5/04Friday - Nicholas and Ida visit SETI and discover that Courtney has not worked there for a while - Nicholas tricks Courtney into coming back to Copper Summit

11/6/04Saturday - Nicholas discovers that Courtney has been with the Royal Four - Nicholas as Courtney tells Michael something big is going on



11/24/04Wednesday - Liz, Max and Serena return to Roswell for Thanksgiving



11/26/04Friday - Nicholas as Courtney sets up a meeting with the gang - Nicholas briefs his troops on the trap for the Royal Four and the humans

11/27/04Saturday - the gang falls into Nicholas trap - Alex is killed and Kyle is captured, the rest escape  - the skins search for the group

11/28/04Sunday - the group makes a plan for their future - Nicholas starts interrogating Kyle



12/04/04Saturday - Liz has a disturbing dream



12/8/04Wednesday - Serena discovers the dupes are dead



12/18/04 Saturday - Kyle is afraid he may break under torture and decides to make Nicholas kill him - Liz dreams of Kyle and tells Max she thinks he is alive - Ida stops Nicholas from killing Kyle



12/21/04Tuesday - Liz fears that Kyle is dead - Kyle tries to contact Liz - Liz discovers Kyle is in Copper Summit - the gang makes a plan to rescue Kyle - Max shows Isabel a newspaper article about Alex - Liz sees where Kyle is being held



12/23/04Thursday - the skins track a signal that leads them to the gang - Isabel heads home after sending the bogus message - the gang rescues Kyle

12/24/04Friday - Nicholas troops discover that the message was a trick - the gang has a Christmas celebration - Khivar decides to send more troops



over the next few years - the group moves several times - Michael and Kyle develop their powers against Max's orders - Liz astral projects to see he parents



9/16/09Wednesday - Khivar's troops arrive and Nicholas takes the Evans and Parkers hostage - Liz discovers their parents are dead - the gang decides to rescue Amy – Maria calls Amy



9/18/09Friday - Serena meets Amy and takes her to the others - they tell Amy the truth - the skins destroy Roswell - Max tips the military to the skins location

9/19/09Saturday - the military attack Copper Summit

9/20/09Sunday - Tess decides to join with the skins - Nicholas orders anyone approaching Copper Summit killed



9/22/09Tuesday - Tess is killed outside of Copper Summit



9/25/09Friday - the skins destroy L.A.



over the next two years - the skins destroy every city and military base on Earth - humans band together to fight the skins - what is left of the U.S. government goes into hiding - Max puts together a group of people to fight the skins



6/13/12Wednesday - Jim and Amy are killed


11/23/12Friday - Liz is forced to use her powers to kill


8/29/13Thursday - Serena tells the gang about her plan for time travel



1/12/14Sunday - Nicholas discovers that Liz can foretell the future and makes plans to wipe-out the rebels



3/6/14Thursday - Michael and Isabel fall into Nicholas' trap - Nicholas kills Isabel - Serena helps Michael escape



3/11/14Tuesday - Serena loses the use of her arm



3/17/14Monday - Max discovers that the skins will kill the president and he decides to go back in time and change things - Liz tells the group they have to stop Tess from leaving



3/19/14Wednesday - the gang arrives in Roswell and discuss how to change the past - the skin army goes to Roswell – Liz tells Max to go to her in the past

3/20/14Thursday - Michael is killed as the gang heads to the Granolith - Max departs in the Granolith - Liz, Maria and Kyle blow-up the Granolith and sacrifice themselves to kill Nicholas



The End of the World 

10/23/2000 - Monday - Liz, Maria and Alex visit Madame Vivian - Future Max arrives - Max sings with the mariachi band - Future Max goes to the pod chamber and has a vision of his Liz

10/24/00 -Tuesday - Michael investigates Courtney - Liz goes to Tess and offers her help - Max asks Liz to the Gomez concert - Maria tells Alex, Michael is cheating on her - Liz tells Max she doesn’t want to die for him - Future Max waits for Liz on her balcony - Future Max tells Liz that she must succeed or they will all die

10/25/00 - Wednesday - Maria tells Liz about Michael's betrayal, giving her the idea - Liz asks Kyle for help - Alex decks Michael - Michael discovers Courtney is a skin - Liz fakes sleeping with KyleLiz and future Max talk about her future and have their wedding dance - Tess and Max talk in the park - Future Max vanishes







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