This is a complete timeline for Book 9.
Continue carefully if you don't want to be exposed to spoilers.






AUTHOR'S NOTE: Below are the dates of the scenes in the episodes.  Everything happens in the episodes exactly as they aired.  Some scenes are continuations of things that aired. 


Completely new scenes are in red. 


Scenes in blue happened as they did in the show and are used either to remind the reader of the actions, or have been given more depth or expanded.


Scenes in black happened as they did in the show, but are not shown in the story and are only mentioned to give the reader a sense of when things are happening.






The End of the World 

10/25/2000 - Wednesday - Liz fakes sleeping with Kyle – Max sees Liz in bed with Kyle - Tess and Max talk in the park - Future Max vanishes




10/26/00 - Thursday - Kyle talks to Liz about the night before - Whitaker's death is announced – the gang search Whitaker’s office Liz mourns the loss of Max’s trust - Michael and Maria search Courtney's place - Max, Isabel, Tess and Liz go to Copper SummitMax asks Liz what really happened with Kyle

10/27/00 - Friday - the gang arrives in Copper Summit and meet the CrawfordsNicholas recognizes Isabel - Michael and Maria stake out Courtney's hideout - Liz watches Tess climb all over Max at dinner and leaves the house – Max follows Liz and she tells him she slept with Kyle - the gang stays with the Crawford’s and Isabel talks to Nicholas about his sister - Michael, Maria and Courtney go to Copper summit

10/28/00 - Saturday - Nicholas briefs the Skins on the visitors - Whitaker's funeral - the husks are destroyed - Max considers Liz's behavior - Nicholas considers their next move




10/29/00 - Sunday - whole episode in one day - Courtney tries on the new skin - activation of the greenis - humans disappear - Nicholas' troops come to Roswell - Tess hides the gang in the Crashdown bathroom with a mind warpLiz goes to her room to escape the sight of Max comforting Tess - Courtney is captured by Nicholas - Max, Michael and Tess find Isabel at school and get captured by the skins - Liz and Maria tell Alex what happened



10/30/00 - Monday - Tess spreads the rumor about Kyle and Liz - Nicholas reports to Khivar - the dupes receive a message from Nicholas - Lonni and Rath convince Ava to help them - Lonni and Rath kill their protector - Lonni contacts Nicholas



11/6/00 - Monday - Nicholas tells Lonni about the Roswell Royal Four



Meet the Dupes

11/7/00 - Tuesday - Zan is killed - Lonni contacts Nicholas

11/14/00 - one week later - Tuesday - Nicholas meets the dupes and gives them info on the Roswell Royal Four - the science teacher tells about the supernova star - Queen Nedra offers Larek the use of Brody for the conference - the dupes steal a car and head to Roswell

11/15/00 - Wednesday - Brody tells Max about a signal in New York - the dupes talk in the car

11/16/00 - Thursday - Max asks Isabel about Vilondra - dupes arrive in Roswell - Max and Liz talk in the Crashdown - Lonni talks to Philip Evans

11/17/00 - Friday - Rath kisses Liz - Max tells Maria the meeting has been moved up - the dupes crash the meeting at the UFO museum

11/18/00 - Saturday - Lonni tells Max about Vilondra - Max confronts Isabel and decides to leave with the dupes - Max gives Liz back the knife and she warns him about he Granolith - the dupes, Max and Tess leave for New York



Max in the City

11/22/00 - Wednesday - Lonni and Rath meet Nicholas and take Tess and Max to ‘the crib’ - Maria hears the rumor about Liz and Kyle - Liz discovers Ava - Max sees the emissary - Liz tells Maria about Future Max

11/23/00 - Thursday - Thanksgiving - Brody arrives in New York - Lonni tells Max about the summit - Ava tells Liz about Zan

11/24/00 - Friday - Max calls Isabel about going home - the summit - Lonni talks to Nicholas - Max and Tess discuss the deal and the Granolith - Liz saves Max’s life - Lonni and Rath make a deal with Tess - Max finds Tess - Tess and Max fly home - Lonni talks to Nicholas

11/25/00 - Saturday - Ava leaves, Tess, Max and Brody return - Max asks Liz if she slept with Kyle - Isabel and Tess talk about Liz's powers - Tess mind warps Liz



11/29/00 - Wednesday - Lonni, Tess and Rath decide on a course of action



12/3/00 - Sunday - Liz considers her friendship with Max



12/9/00 - Saturday - Alex leaves for 'Sweden' - Tess mind warps Alex to decode the book



12/16/00 - Saturday - Liz considers the knife that Max returned to her



Roswell the Miracle

12/20/00 - Wednesday - the man is hit by a car

12/21/00 - Thursday - the ghost appears to Max - Alex comes out of the mind warp - after coming back from Las Cruces, Tess wants to get into the Christmas spirit with the Valenti’s - Isabel helps Michael shop - Max goes to Liz for help - Maria discovers Brody's daughter when singing Christmas Carols

12/22/00 - Friday - Isabel leaves gifts at Michael's house - Amy meets Tess with the Valenti's at the grocery - Isabel hosts the Christmas pageant - Liz suggests to Max healing Brody's daughter - Tess invites Amy to Christmas dinner - Max tells the others he wants to heal Brody’s daughter

12/23/00 - Saturday - Tess is cooking Christmas dinner - Max discovers Sydney is in the hospital - Max and Michael go to heal the kids

12/24/00 - Sunday - Michael gives Maria the gifts - Max decided to attend midnight services to see Liz



1/21/01 - Sunday - Tess and Lonni discuss Alex's progress - Tess considers Lonni's plan



To Serve & Protect

1/26/01 - Friday - The Ganderium Queen buries Laurie - Isabel has the first dream

1/27/01 - Saturday - Dan arrives - Max and Isabel tell the Sheriff about her dream - Valenti and Dan have lunch at Senior Chow's - Sean arrives - Isabel goes on the date with Grant - Isabel and Max tell the Sheriff about her second vision

1/28/01 - Sunday - Valenti finds out Melissa is missing and shows her pic to Isabel - meeting at Michael's apartment - Isabel dreams that Grant is the kidnapper - Max & Isabel tell the Sheriff about Grant - Tess, Rath & Lonni drop Alex off at the airport - Valenti investigates Grant and finds the body bag - Melissa turns up - Isabel dreams where the Laurie is and Max tells Valenti – Dan follows Valenti - Max, Isabel and Valenti find Laurie - Max and Isabel concoct a story to tell the police




We Are Family

1/28/01 - Sunday - same as last of TSAP - Valenti, Max and Isabel are interrogated - Isabel thinks about Grant

1/29/01 - Monday - Laurie escapes from the hospital - Alex returns - Agent Duff arrives - Michael finds the crystals - Laurie shows up at the Valenti's - Alex’s slide show - Tess and Kyle hear Amy defend Valenti in the convenience store - Laurie sees Michael and runs - Agent Duff recovers Laurie and interrogates Valenti

1/30/01 - Tuesday - Max asks Kyle to get the crystals - Max and Liz talk in the eraser room - Kyle gets the crystals - Valenti is suspended - Max studies the crystals

2/1/01 - Thursday - Amy takes Valenti on a day out - Liz and Sean have the ‘grow’ burger

2/2/01 - Friday - Tess offers to move out of the Valenti house - Isabel and Michael go to investigate the sanatorium



Disturbing Behavior

2/2/01 - Friday - same day as last of WAF - Michael and Maria stake-out the Sheriff's station - Laurie escapes and Maria and Michael save her from the killer

2/3/01 - Saturday - Valenti is woodworking - Max still studying the crystals - Duff questions Isabel - Grant finds the rifle - Maria, Michael and Laurie on the road trip - the crystals sample Max's hand - Max gets Liz to help with the crystals - Grant attacks Valenti - Liz examines the crystals - Isabel talks to Grant

2/4/01 - Sunday - Michael, Maria and Laurie arrive at the Dupree house - Isabel tells Max and Liz about the water table in Frazier woods - Michael and Maria get thrown out of the Dupree house - Isabel calls for Larek through Brody - Larek considers how to help Max



How the Other Half Live

2/4/01 - Sunday - same day as last of DB - Michael and Maria stake out Dupree house - Valenti and Duff search Grant's truck

2/5/01 - Monday - Larek tell the group about the Ganderium - Tess tells Lonni about the Ganderium - Maria finds out about the Dupree’s finances - the group digs in Frazier woods - Laurie tells Michael about her grandparents - Kyle and Alex are trapped in the cave - The Ganderium Queen returns to the woods to defend the hive - Grant kidnaps Isabel - Max tells Michael how to kill the Ganderium - Isabel calls Michael to warn him - Valenti wonders what to tell Duff - Ganderium queen is killed - Valenti and Agent Duff talk - Isabel talks to Grant’s body - Tess calls Lonni - Lonni and Rath decide to keep Tess alive

2/6/01 -Tuesday - Maria and Michael get Laurie a lawyer



Viva Las Vegas

2/15/01 - Thursday - Michael has the nightmare and tells Max he wants a vacation

2/16/01 - Friday - Michael complains that everyone is going on the trip - Liz decides to go too - the gang goes to Vegas - Liz and Tess argue - Max and Michael go to jail - Maria auditions for a strip club - Maria tries to find out what happened between Michael and Max - Max has a vision of marrying Liz - the gang has a fancy dinner together Max comes back to see Liz

2/17/01 - Saturday - Valenti shows up - Liz contemplates the time that she and Max spent together



3/22/01 - Thursday - Kyle asks Jim to sell his car



Off the Menu

4/13/01 - Friday - Brody gets some of Larek's memories - Tess brings Max a gift - Brody takes Max, Tess, Amy, Maria and Sean hostage - Brody remembers where Max first met Tess on Antar  - Michael explains why alien cooked food is bad - Liz delivers food and Brody takes her hostage - Max tells Tess that he still loves Liz - Sean is stabbed - Max heals Brody Sean asks Liz out - Tess mind warps Amy - Max asks Tess about her new ability

4/14/01 - Saturday - Maria returns Brody's picture - Max admits he remembers Tess



4/15/01 - Sunday - Liz and Sean go on a date



Heart of Mine

4/24/01 - Tuesday - Sean kisses Liz

4/25/01 - Wednesday - Max tells Michael he remembers their world - Max and Liz agree to go to the prom as friends and he tells her about his memories

4/26/01 - Thursday - Alex refuses to take Isabel to the Prom - Kyle asks Tess to the Prom - Maria and Liz find out about Michael's other woman – Tess helps Max with his memories - Liz sees Max and Tess hug - Sean takes Liz bowling - Tess tells Max that she remembers him - Isabel gets Alex to take her to the prom

4/27/01 - Friday - the gang meets at the Crashdown - Prom - Liz asks Max to let her go - Kyle tells Tess, she is like a sister to him - Liz tells Maria to go to Michael - Max and Tess kiss



Cry Your Name

4/29/01 - Sunday - The translation is finished - Alex remembers what Tess did to him - Kyle hears Alex in Tess’ room - Tess mind warps Alex and kills him - Max tries to heal Alex but fails - Liz vows to find out what really happened to Alex - Sheriff Hansen decides that no investigation is needed for the accident

4/30/01 - Monday - Lonni tells Tess to wait about the translation - Kyle's birthday - Liz starts to investigate - the kids make a memorial at school - Isabel tells the others she is going to college - Liz takes the picture to Valenti - Liz goes to Max's house and they reminisce about Alex - Michael stays with the DeLuca - Isabel dreams of Alex

5/1/01 - Tuesday - Alex’s funeral - Max confronts Valenti who shows him the file - the group fights about the cause of Alex's death - Tess tells Lonni that Liz is investigating - Lonni and Rath discuss Tess' fate - the delivery guy brings Liz the binary code



It's too Late and It's too Bad

5/9/01 - Wednesday - Maria and Liz are investigating at Alex's

5/10/01 - Thursday - Maria is setting up the yearbook page - Max, Tess, Michael and Isabel discuss if Liz could be right - Tess and Max talk about the kiss at the prom - Liz convinces Sean to break-in to the school - Valenti tells Max what Liz did

5/11/01 - Friday - Michael tells Isabel she can't go to college - Max tells Liz to stop investigating - Tess takes Max to the observatory

5/12/01 - Saturday - Maria tells Liz to stop investigating - Liz apologizes to Sean

5/14/01 - Monday - Max tells Isabel she can't go to college - Max and Liz fight about her leaving town - Jens at the Swedish embassy identifies the photo of the building - Liz goes to the airport to leave town - Max goes to the observatory and Tess finds him



Baby It's You

5/15/01 - Tuesday - day after ITLAITB - Max wakes up with Tess in the observatory - Max follows Tess home and Kyle sees them kissing - Tess 'discovers' she is pregnant - Maria agrees to help Liz investigate - Kyle gets Isabel to dream walk the playboy bunny - Tess tells Max she is pregnant - Liz asks Tess about mind warping and Max verbally attacks Liz

5/16/01 - Wednesday - Maria and Liz go to the University of Las Cruces - Max tells Michael, Tess is pregnant - Rath warns Lonni that Liz and Maria are on the way to the University - Michael decides to follow Liz and Maria - Liz and Maria talk to a student who knew Alex - Max and Tess go to the pod chamber - Maria and Liz chase Leanna

5/17/01 - Thursday - Isabel uses her powers to get back at Max - Liz meets the computer professor - Lonni sets up the rental shack - Liz discovers the computer program Alex was using - Max discovers the baby is sick - Maria, Liz and Michael find the book translation at the rented house - Max tells Isabel, Tess is pregnant - Michael arrives with the translation - Lonni tells Tess to get Jennifer (aka. Leanna) back to school




5/18/01 - Friday - Max starts the Granolith for the trip home - Max and Liz go to kill Leanna - Jim and Tess talk about the baby - Liz stops Max from killing Leanna - Isabel says goodbye to Alex - Max tells Liz about Tess’ pregnancy and going home - Maria and Michael get together - Kyle starts remembering about Alex and Tess mind warps him - Max and Liz say goodbye - Tess discovers that Max kissed Liz - the gang destroys the Jeep

5/19/01 - Saturday - Amy starts to remember - Liz helps Kyle remember - Liz, Kyle and Maria go to the pod chamber - Michael decides to stay - Liz and Kyle expose Tess - Tess goes off alone in the Granolith



continued after the episode - Liz tells everyone about future Max - Max apologizes to Liz and Isabel and reports the Jeep stolen - the group goes to see Larek





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