des-ti-ny -
1: a predetermined course of events often held to be
an irresistible power or agency

der-i-va-tion -
1: to obtain or form, from a specified source
2: a necessary result of a pattern of actions


DISCLAIMER: Some of the dialogue used was taken from the episodes and I am not claiming credit for having written it but used it simply to set up the tone of a scene or show parallels between lives and realities.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The conclusion of the story.

CREDITS: Wisdom of the Buddha - The Unabridged Dhammapada, translated and edited by
F. Max Muller and is the property of Dover publishing, 2000 ed.

trithium amplification generator – aka amplifier - the black, chevron-shaped device that is used by the Skins for communication and suspending the powers of Antarians among other things.
transverse thought projector - the device used by Antarians to amplify their powers to 'possess' humans.

There are 10 months in the Antarian year with 38 days each, giving the Antarian year 380 days. The dates are in the form (


Who's Who & Name Pronunciations


Tageions (tauj'-ee-ons)
- people inhabiting the north lands
King Zantor Tageonant (tauj'-o-nant) - (Zan) - Max - the rightful King of Antar
Queen Avalynd Telnada (Ava) - Liz - Zan's young bride
Royal Princess Vilondra Tageonant - Isabel – Zan’s sister
Queen Nedra Tageonant (Ne'-dra) - Zan & Vilondra's mother
King Zantas Tageonant - Zan’s ancestor who brought peace to Antar and started the Council – Tess named the baby after him

Tageonon (tauj'-o-non) - the capitol city of Antar, where the king's palace is located, Khivar changed the name to Roistar when he became King
Sodan (so-dan) - Nasedo - Zan's most trusted protector
General Toaks - named Zan's second in command after Rath died - Queen Nedra’s head General in the resistance against Khivar
Ryden – Ryan MacGregor - new guy working at the UFO museum and attending West Roswell High - a Michael worshipper
Kranon – Queen Nedra’s head scientist

General Alarath Varros (Rath) - Michael - Zan's best friend and second in command
Kaldar – Tic Tac - Rath's most trusted protector
Duke Colrath Varros - Rath's father and a Senator

Telos - The providence over which Duke Telnada oversees
Royal Governor Duke Hortos Telnada - Ava's father
Duchess Celyn Telnada (say'-lin) - Ava's mother

Lady Chanya Santas (shawn'-ya) - Tess - Vilondra's friend who was so obsessed with Zan that she betrayed them all and switched her own genetic material for Ava’s
Udac (oo-dac) - Chanya's handmaid and protector
Sir Feron Santas - Chanya's father and senator

Harcions (Har-see-ons) - people inhabiting the south lands
Khivar Roistar (roys'-tar) - the man who usurped Zan's throne & sent the skins to Earth
General Calles Nicaron (kal-ees) (ni-ca'-ron) - Nicholas - aka. Tom - Khivar's right hand and head general
Lieutenant Scorene - (skor-ra-nay) - Courtney - Rath's childhood friend and member of the Michael worshippers
Idos - Ida Crawford - Nicholas' personal servant, who posed as his mother on Earth
Corporal Raltos - one of the soldiers prepared for Khivar to possess on Earth
Sendoa – the man Khivar employs to block powers and connections
Colonel Talodan - Nicaron’s new second in command
Captain Naire – Talodan’s adjutant
Katian – skin soldier based in New York - Nicholas’ lover that Cuerena tricked him into killing
Roistar (roys'-tar) - formerly Tageonon, Khivar changed the name when he assumed the throne
The Leptes (the Antarian word for Vengeance) - the ship Khivar sent to Earth with Nicholas and the skins

Shape Shifters sent to Earth with the Pods
Sodan - Nasedo - Ed Harding - expert in hand-to-hand and weapons combat and a pilot - special ability energy blasts
Letras (le-tras) - Zan's former tutor, expert in philosophy, history and military tactics - captured by the special unit and died
Cuerena (soor'-ren-ya) - Serena - scientist and Granolith expert - special ability illusion - assigned the dupes protector
Kaldar - Tic Tac - expert in hand-to-hand and weapons combat - special ability empath - injured by the humans and has terrible headaches when he uses his powers

Leaders of the other planets in the Antarian system
Larek - Brody - Royal Duke of Talros (tal'-ros)
Hanar - Minister of Sofek (so-fec')
Sero - Chancellor of Yedom (yea'-dom)
Kathana - Royal Duchess of Ravok (ra'-voc)

Maria DeLuca - Liz's best friend
Sean DeLuca - Maria's cousin and former inmate of Chavez County Juvenile
Alex Whitman - Liz and Maria's best friend

Max Evans – Zan
Liz Parker Evans – Ava - became a hybrid when Max saved her life
Isabel Evans - Vilondra
Michael Guerin – Rath
Kyle Valenti – became a hybrid when Max saved his life
Tess Harding - Chanya
Zantas Tageonant – Tess and Max’s son
Hale Sinclair – Khivar

The Dupes
Zan – Max’s dupe
Lonni - Isabel's dupe
Rath - Michael's dupe
Ava - Tess' dupe


Eddie Nantan - River Dog's nephew who gave Liz the broken piece of the pendant
River Dog - Native American boy of the Mescalero tribe who befriended Nasedo and saved his life
James Atherton - UFO nut and author of "Among Us" who lived in the geodesic dome, was killed by an alien in 1959
Shelia Hubble - wife of Everett Hubble and aspiring photographer - killed by an alien in 1970

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