This is a complete timeline for the whole story. Stop here if you don't want to be exposed to spoilers.
Individual timelines are provided in each part of the story, at the end.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a complete timeline of all the events from my story. It starts with a few important dates in Antarian history and the equivalent dates on Earth, in black.

All events from the books are in chronological order and are color-coded according to the book in which they appear. The events that took place during an episode are marked with the episode title. Events in black happened in the episodes but are not mentioned in the books and are only included to give the reader a sense of when things happened.

Book 6 - Causative Relativity (The Problem of Liz) and Book 8 - Restructuring Reality (The History of the Future - Max), do not appear in this timeline because they are alternate realities and presumably disappeared when history was changed. I thought it would be too confusing to include them but if you are interested in comparing this actual timeline with the alternate realities, check the alternate timeline page. Alternate Timeline

The exception is the small amount of Book 8 that happens after future Max comes back in time, covering the events that take place in the episode End of the World. It is included in this time line because now it is part of reality.


A few dates in Antarian History

Earth Year Antar Year Antarian Event
12728 B.C. 9553 The Lathens give the Granolith to the Antarians
10317-2183 B.C.    11867-19674 The war between the Tageions and Harcions for control of Antar
2183 B.C. 19674 Zantas Tageonant declares himself King of Antar and forms the Council
1462 23173 The red star is extinguished
1627 23331 Antarians visit Earth
1821 23518 Zantar Tageonant (Zan's father) is crowned King



Cherry - Book 11 - Destiny's Design (Antar's Bane)
Green - Book 1 - Salvation's Crucible (Earth - The Crash)
Purple - Book 2 - The Scourge of Hope (The Skins)
Aqua - Book 3 - The Price of Fealty (Nasedos' Chronicles)
Red - Book 4 - Fate's Intervention (The Pods Hatch)
Orange - Book 5 - Ersatz Heirs (The Dupes)
Blue - Book 7 - The Assistance of Shades (The Clandestined Disclosed)
Pink - Book 8 - Restructuring Reality (The History of the Future - Max)
Yellow - Book 9 - Verisimilitude (The Conspiracy Exposed)
Lavender - Book 10 - Majesty's Morass (What Happens Now Max?)
Teal - Book 12 - Destiny Derived (The Royal Four Reclaimed)


34.23625 - (Earth date - December 14th, 1932) - Zan sees Chanya for the first time - Khivar and his father discuss Vilondra - Larek introduces Chanya to Zan - Vilondra meets Khivar - Zan and Chanya kiss - Khivar kisses Vilondra - Chanya considers her future with Zan - Larek and Zan discuss Chanya - Vilondra thinks about her evening with Khivar - Khivar and his father discuss their plan
5.35.23625 - Zan and Chanya tour the city together

over the next few weeks - Vilondra and Khivar become lovers but agree to keep their relationship a secret - Vilondra becomes best friends with Chanya - Zan decides that he doesn't love Chanya

7.19.23625 - Chanya throws a fit when Zan dumps her and Udac warns her to be careful using her powers on Zan - Khivar thinks about his relationship with Vilondra

8.03.23625 - Peace treaty signed

5.19.23625 - After touring the regions, Zan and Rath arrive in Telos - Zan meets Ava - Vilondra has a confrontation with Nicaron - Nicaron tells Khivar his father is dying

6.27.23625 - Zan and Ava discover their connection

6.35.23625 - Zan is recalled to the capitol and proposes to Ava
6.36.23625 - Zan tells his father about his plans to marry Ava
6.37.23625 - Khivar tells King Zantar that he can stop the attacks
6.38.23625 - Duke Roistar dies

8.03.23625 - Zan and Ava's betrothal is announced - Chanya vows to get Zan back - Rath swears that no one will ever know that he loves Ava - Khivar proposes to Vilondra - Ava tells Zan about her vision
8.04.23625 - King Zantar dies & Zan is crowned - Khivar puts his plan into action

9.02.23625 - Zan & Ava marry - Khivar sees Chanya's disapproval of the marriage

1.09.23627 - Zan proposes changes in the government to the Council - Vilondra discovers Khivar's plan - Chanya makes her lover resemble Zan

3.12.23627 - Khivar's recruits are eager to fight - Rath reports to Zan that the uprisings are getting worse

5.24.23627 - more uprisings make Zan more determined to change the government

6.37.23627 - Vilondra confronts Khivar
6.38.23627 - Vilondra tells Zan and the family about Khivar's plan - Ava has a vision that science is the key - Khivar decides to get a spy in the royal household

7.01.23627 - Chanya makes a deal with Khivar - Ava asks Cuerena about her studies on the Granolith

8.05.23627 - Vilondra & Rath's betrothal is announced - Khivar confronts Vilondra about the betrothal

over the next couple of months - the investigation into Khivar's actions is stalled - the council is stalling on Zan's reforms - the riots are getting worse

11.27.23627 - Chanya considers her relationship with Ava

1.12.23628 - A scientific breakthrough on cloning is made and on Ava's advice Zan asks his mother to head the special project to clone them

2.08.23628 - Rath is approached about betraying Zan and gets proof of Khivar's treachery - Zan's mother conceives the plan to send them to Earth - the Royal Four discuss strategy

2.09.23628 - Vilondra tells Chanya that Zan is going to arrest Khivar - Chanya reports to Khivar that Zan has proof and is going to arrest him - Khivar escapes Tageonant - Rath commands Zan's troops against Khivar's army - Zan addresses the Council about Khivar - the battle goes badly and Zan pulls the troops into the city - Khivar convinces Chanya to open the city gates - Vilondra goes to Khivar and begs him to spare Zan - Nicaron follows Vilondra and accidentally kills her

2.10.23628 - Zan is devastated by Vilondra's death - Vilondra is buried and her essence cloned - Zan makes Ava promise to leave the palace when he tells her

2.11.23628 - Khivar renews his attack - Khivar gets into the palace - Zan hides Ava - Chanya tells Khivar where Ava is hidden - Ava warns Zan that Khivar is waiting for him - Zan and Khivar fight - Chanya watches to make sure that Khivar keeps his part of the bargain - Zan is forced to evacuate the palace and is injured - Ava reaches the rendezvous but Zan isn't there and she goes to find him

2.16.23628 - Zan wakes up - Ava begs Zan to never make her leave him again - Chanya learns of the plan to send the clones to Earth & tells Udac - Rath is killed in battle - Chanya and Udac learn more about the plan
2.17.23628 - Rath is buried and his essence taken for cloning - Zan has a strategy meeting and Chanya overhears and sends the details to Khivar - Khivar takes the camp
2.18.23628 - Sodan returns to the camp to discover everyone is gone and he heads to the palace

2.20.23628 - Zan makes a wish on a dead star that he and Ava will be together after death - Khivar kills Zan and Ava and betrays Chanya - Chanya has Udac gather her genetic material and claim it is Ava's - Sodan and Udac take the genetic material to the secret lab
2.21.23628 - Khivar presides at the funeral for Zan and Ava & is crowned King
2.22.23628 - Udac and Sodan arrive at the lab - Udac disables the memory retrieval devices and gives Sodan the necklace
2.23.23628 - the pods are sent to Earth - Khivar discovers the Royal Four's plan

3.18.23628 - (Earth date December 5th, 1935) - Khivar sends troops to Earth

1/9/36 - (Antar Date - 4.15.19628) - Nicaron considers his mission - the transport carrying the royal four approaches Earth

2/13/36 - the shape shifters learn about Earth

2/20/36 - the installation is finished on the Granolith

2/23/43 - Sodan remembers finding the first donor

7/4/47 - the final clone is prepared - Nicaron finally finds the transport containing the Royal Four - The Crash! - Kaldar buries the orb near the radio tower - the pods and shape shifters are captured by the military - the doctors perform an autopsy on Kaldar

7/5/47 - the skins are still searching for the Royal Four's transport - they start to grow the skins

7/9/47 - the doctors are ordered to start examinations on the pods - Sodan and Cuerena escape and take the pods - the shape shifters install the pods in the chamber - Cuerena takes the decoy pods - Sodan and Letras are captured again by the military - Agent Lewis is appointed the first head of the Special Unit.

7/15/47 - Cuerena arrives in New York with the pods and decides to house them in the sewer tunnels

8/20/47 - Sodan escapes from the military
8/21/47 - Agent Lewis and Dr Cantor discuss the escape - Sodan returns to the pod chamber to check the pods

8/28/47 - Kaldar watches as the military searches near the pod chamber

9/30/47 - Letras lies to Cantor and Lewis to stop the torture

5/22/48 - Sodan finds a cave just outside the Mesaliko Reservation - the Mesaliko elders plan to invit the visitor into the sweat to be tested

5/23/48 - Sodan meets River Dog

6/20/48 - the elders invite Sodan to the sweat
6/21/48 - Sodan attends the sweat and becomes ill - River Dog helps heal him

6/29/48 - Sodan returns to the pod chamber

2/4/50 - the husks are ready and the skins settle in Copper Summit

6/2/50 - Lewis and Cantor decide Letras has out-lived his usefulness

4/12/54 - Sodan finishes his map in the cave

9/8/57 - Atherton decides to search for survivors from the '47 crash

10/4/57 - Nicholas starts to wonder if they will find the Royal Four

12/1/58 - Atherton discovers a stranger living near the reservation

12/15/58 - Sodan and Atherton become friends

12/28/58 - Atherton is convinced that he has found one of the survivors

2/18/59 - Sodan's necklace is broken

11/8/59 - Atherton pretends to leave the reservation and Sodan gives him the necklace
11/9/59 - Atherton returns home and stows his files and the necklace in the secret room

11/16/59 - Atherton follows Sodan to the pod chamber - Sodan kills Atherton - Sodan asks River Dog to test anyone asking for information and leaves the healing stones with him - Sodan leaves the book at the library and dumps Atherton's body

11/18/59 - Sheriff Jim Valenti Sr. tries to convince the Mayor that the dead man was killed by an alien

10/7/60 - River Dog returns to the cave and finds the broken piece of necklace

9/6/62 - Sodan tracks Khivar's troops to Copper Summit and infiltrates

10/21/62 - Sodan fakes a UFO sighting to lure skin soldiers into the open

10/27/62 - Sodan replaces a skin soldier and returns to Copper Summit
10/27/62 - Vanessa's lover is unmasked as a traitor

1/25/65 - Nicholas arrives in New York and discovers the Antarian writing on the building and investigates

1/28/65 - Nicholas get his troops to help with the investigation - Cuerena follows Nicholas - Nicholas re-starts his affair with Katian - Cuerena makes a plan to get rid of Nicholas

2/1/65 - Cuerena tricks Nicholas into believing that his troops are traitors and he destroys them

2/3/65 - Nicholas is determined to find all of the traitors

2/25/67 - Sodan kills Agent del Bianco

10/20/68 - the skins are starting to peel

5/15/70 - Kaldar sees Shelia Hubble taking photos of the pod chamber area and kills her and her friend - Hubble finds his dead wife - Kaldar destroys the photos

11/3/72 - Everett Hubble gets Sheriff Jim Valenti Sr to help him track his wife's murderer - Jimmy Valenti meets Hubble

12/6/72 - Hubble kills a drifter he has mistaken for his wife's murderer

5/14/78 - Nicholas makes plans for the Harvest

10/5/88 - Queen Nedra discovers that Khivar has sent troops to Earth

4/14/89 - Valenti's wife leaves him and he asks the Sheriff for time off

4/17/89 - Max, Michael and Isabel come out of their pods - Kaldar follows them wondering what to do - Max and Isabel are picked up by the Evans - Kaldar takes Michael to the hospital and watches over the exams - the Evans ask what will happen to the children - Kaldar takes Michael to the Artesia hospital

4/17/89 - Kaldar sees Michael emerge from the pod chamber

4/19/89 - the director of the orphanage comes to get Max and Isabel at the hospital
4/20/89 - Deputy Hawk continues to investigate Max and Isabel

4/22/89 - Vivian asks Hank to take in Michael

4/28/89 - Michael starts to speak

5/10/89 - Kaldar regains consciousness and searches for Michael

5/12/89 - Mr. and Mrs. Evans take Max and Isabel home from the orphanage

12/18/89 - Vivian's funeral

8/13/90 - Kaldar goes to check on the children before Sodan arrives

8/15/90 - Sodan arrives for the hatching

8/15/90 - Sodan arrives at the pod chamber for the hatching
8/15/90 - the New York pods hatch

8/21/90 - Cuerena starts to teach the children about their past and mission

6/10/91 - Zan gets his powers

7/21/91 - Sodan takes Alyssa into hiding

9/4/92 - Michael and Hank move to Roswell

9/7/92 - Max and Isabel's first day of public school - Max sees Liz for the first time

9/7/92 - Zan has the first dream of the girl

12/3/92 - Lonni & Rath gang up on Zan and he uses his powers against them - Cuerena wonders how to deal with the increasingly rebellious teens

12/14/92 - Agent Summers performs tests on the orb in the Special Unit vault

2/27/93 - Queen Nedra finds a way to warn her children about Khivar's troops on Earth

2/27/93 - Cuerena gets a message on the orb

3/4/93 - Nedra gives the scientists a message to send to Earth - the message never reaches the orb in the special unit vault - the orb in the desert accepts the new information

8/14/93 - Vanessa meets Congressman John Whitaker

6/30/96 - Vanessa takes over her husband's Congressional seat after his death

5/15/97 - Zan decides to accept his destiny

4/12/98 - Lonni becomes more resentful against Zan

8/5/98 - Zan dreams of his beloved - Ava realizes that Zan will never be what she wants

10/17/98 - Rath teases Ava about Zan

3/2/99 - Lonni remembers more of her past life and Khivar

4/25/99 - Vanessa meets Agent Pierce

5/2/99- Agent Daniel Summers killed by Sodan

7/25/99 - Zan questions the plan and their place in it - Cuerena regrets that Zan will never be happy

9/16/99 - Lonni remembers the truth about Ava in their past life

9/19/99 - Sunday - Liz is shot and healed by Max
9/19/99 - Zan dreams that he almost looses his beloved dream girl
9/20/99 - Monday - Max wonders what he will tell Liz - Max and Liz talk at school - Kyle sees the handprint - Max reverses the connection to show Liz
9/23/99 - Thursday - Liz writes in her journal five days ago I died
9/24/99 - Friday - Valenti shows Liz the picture and she confronts Max - Valenti gives the dress to Agent Stephens - Stephens tells Pierce about the shooting - Crash Festival

9/25/99 - Saturday - Agent Stephens assigns Topolsky to the investigation, code name, West Roswell High

Morning After
9/27/99 - Monday - Liz considers her relationship with Max - Michael stakes out the Sheriff's office - Topolsky shows up - Liz sees Topolsky with Michael's file - Max and Liz talk about Topolsky and Max investigates her - Sheriff puts the key in the thermos - Michael goes to Sheriff's to 'sell candy'
9/28/99 -Tuesday -Geometry class Topolsky gets info wrong - Max sees Topolsky with the Sheriff - Max and Liz in the eraser room to watch Topolsky - Michael sees Stephens taking Valenti's files - Valenti takes the thermos with the key inside - Max and Liz stake out Michael's trailer - Michael breaks into the Sheriff's office and gets the key
9/29/99 - Wednesday -Topolsky tells Liz she is the new counselor

10/11/99 - Monday - Maria gives Isabel a ride and hits the Sheriff's car - start of Future Week - Max tells Topolsky that he is the one behind the tree - Isabel goes to the Crashdown to make friends with Maria - Max and Isabel talk about their real home
10/12/99 - Tuesday - Max goes to the UFO museum & meets Milton - Isabel visits Maria's dreams
10/13/99 - Wednesday - Max's second interview with Topolsky - Max goes back to the UFO museum - Liz tells Max not to worry about Maria spilling the secret
10/14/99 - Thursday - Maria sees Isabel and her mom at the auto repair shop - Valenti meets with Maria

10/15/99 - Friday - Max's first day working at the UFO museum

Leaving Normal
10/19/99 - Tuesday - Liz writes in her journal - Max stops by the Crashdown for and 'alien blast' - Kyle's friends beat up Max - Max decides to stay away from Liz - Pierce reads Stephen's report
10/20/99 - Wednesday - Michael starts his revenge on the jocks - Liz's grandmother arrives and has a stroke - Liz calls Max from the hospital - Max comes to the hospital to see Liz and Kyle warns him off
10/21/99 - Thursday - Michael continues his revenge on the jocks - Isabel subs at the Crashdown - Liz asks Max to help her grandmother
10/22/99 - Friday - Kyle apologizes to Liz because his friends beat up Max - Liz dumps Kyle - Max connects with Liz's grandmother so she can say goodbye

10/24/99 - Sunday - Liz's journal disappears - Michael has a dream of the dome
10/25/99 - Monday - Maria accuses Alex of taking Liz's journal - Alex tells Topolsky about the missing Journal - Milton gives Max 'Among Us' by Atherton - Liz tells Max the journal is missing
10/26/99 - Tuesday - Kyle tells Max 'I'm on to you' - Max discovers Kyle has been in Liz's room
10/27/99 - Wednesday - Michael displays his art - Topolsky briefs her agents on the search for Liz's diary - Max & Liz and the FBI all search the Valenti house - Topolsky meets with the Agents after they searched Valenti's house
10/28/99 - Thursday - Michael remembers he has Liz's journal and returns it
10/29/00- Friday - Isabel sees Atherton with the dome on the book jacket

285 South
11/9/99 - Tuesday - Michael gets the idea to break into the UFO museum - Michael breaks into the UFO museum
11/10/99 - Wednesday - The gang gets the biography assignment - Topolsky talks to the gang's teacher about the assignment - Michael 'abducts' Maria in the Jetta - Max, Isabel & Liz follow in the Jeep - the agent follows the Jeep - Liz suggests calling their parents for help - Maria and Michael go to the motel - Liz, Max and Isabel find the motel - Kyle arrives at the motel
11/11/99 - Thursday - The gang arrives at Atherton's geodesic dome and get his files - Topolsky takes out the Sheriff

River Dog
11/11/99 - Thursday - Topolsky talks to Stephens on the phone - Pierce orders the files taken from the Evans' house - Atherton files are stolen from the Evans house - Deputy Hawk recognizes the symbol on Isabel's necklace as coming from the reservation
11/12/99 - Friday - Liz goes to the reservation - River Dog wonders about Liz and dreads his next meeting with 'visitors'
11/13/99 - Saturday - Eddie brings Liz the message from River Dog - Max & Liz return to the reservation and see the writing in the cave

11/15/99 - Monday - Pierce reads the files from Atherton's house

Blood Brothers
11/17/99 - Wednesday - Max & Liz in the car accident - Topolsky orders her agents to get evidence in the hospital - Isabel tells Liz they need to replace Max's blood - Liz asks Alex to give them his blood - Liz reluctantly tells Alex to go home - Kathleen calls her friend in the FBI lab
11/18/99 - Thursday - Max and Liz talk about their relationship - Michael & Maria search the FBI agent's hotel room - Topolsky gets Alex's blood
11/19/99 - Friday - Liz asks Alex for help - Topolsky gets the results of Alex blood test - Alex & Liz expose Topolsky - Kathleen reports to Stephens that she was exposed

Heat Wave
11/30/99 - Tuesday - Liz sees Michael & Maria making out at the Crashdown
12/1/99 - Wednesday - Liz learns about the party at the soap factory - Valenti and Amy talk outside the counselors office - Liz tries to talk to Alex
12/2/99 - Thursday - Maria tries to cover her hickey with a turtleneck - Isabel asks Liz about Alex - Amy & Valenti meet at the Crashdown - Liz writes in her journal - Isabel goes into Alex's dreams
12/3/99 - Friday - Isabel tells Alex to meet her at the party at the soap factory - Max gets ready to go to the party - Liz and Alex go to jail - Isabel and Max talk about telling Alex - Liz tells Alex the truth
12/4/99 - Saturday - Alex talks to Maria and Liz - Max & Liz's first kiss

12/10/99 - Friday - Michael goes to the reservation to find River Dog - Max and Liz date at Senior Chow's - Michael gets sick in the sweat - Maria and Liz talk about kissing
12/11/99 - Saturday - Michael gets sick again - Max and Liz go to find River Dog - the gang takes Michael to the reservation and with River Dog's help heal him - Kaldar sees Michael at the reservation - Max takes a step back - Kaldar arrives home

12/23/99 - Thursday - Liz decides to give Max the knife she bought him for Christmas even though they are not together
12/25/99 - Saturday - Max considers the gift he would have given Liz
12/27/99 - Monday - Kaldar starts searching Goddard High for Max, Michael & Isabel

Toy House
1/3/00 - Monday - Max puts out the fire - Isabel and Max talk about the fire
1/4/00 - Tuesday - Diane starts watching old videos - The gang goes to the basketball game - Liz takes the pie to Kyle - the Sheriff meets with Diane
1/5/00 - Wednesday - Michael tries to apologize to Maria - Max repaints the ceiling - Michael, Max & Isabel meet at the quarry
1/6/00 - Thursday - Diane asks Isabel about her and Max's past - Michael breaks Maria's woodshop project - Kyle comes to the Crashdown to apologize to Liz - Valenti meets with Diane again and tells her about the shooting at the Crashdown
1/7/00 - Friday - Diane asks Max about the bird - Michael, Max & Isabel meet at the quarry again - Michael gives Maria the napkin holder - Max goes to the Crashdown to talk to Liz and tells her she can date Kyle, and they end up arguing
1/8/00 - Saturday - Max meets Diane in the park - Isabel & Max meet at the quarry

1/10/00 - Monday - Kaldar finds Max's Jeep in the West Roswell High parking lot
1/20/00 - Thursday - Liz decides not to show Max that she is pining for him

Into the Woods
1/25/00 - Tuesday - Kaldar sends the signal
1/26/00 - Wednesday - Liz is getting a cold - Milton tells Max about the sighting - Valenti interviews the witnesses - Maria sports the teal bra - Max & Isabel decide to go on the camping trip - Jeff talks Liz into going on the camping trip
1/28/00 - Friday - Sodan sees the sighting story in USA today - Liz pays Maria to go camping with her - Maria tells Max & Michael about the 'dates with men' - Sodan drives to New Mexico - everybody meets at the buses to go camping - River Dog tells Michael 'it is time' - the gang goes into the woods to find the site - Kaldar watches the gang find the signal

1/29/00 - Saturday - Sodan calls Alyssa to tell her he found the others - Pierce kills Stephens
2/2/00 - Wednesday - Hubble reads about the sighting and heads to Roswell
2/3/00 - Thursday - Sodan is in Roswell taking pictures of the three

The Convention
2/4/00 - Friday - Sodan decides to leave town while the convention is going on - Hubble arrives - Jennifer and Larry arrive - Max tells Milton he wants more responsibility
2/5/00 - Saturday - Jennifer is upset about Larry - Max looks up info on Hubble - Valenti visits his father - Larry tells his story at the panel - Hubble talks to Larry about the Crashdown shooting
2/6/00 - Sunday - Isabel tells Alex he is suffocating her - Alien takedown - Valenti goes to his father again - Max 'convinces' Hubble to be on the panel and they drive to the murder site - Michael gets Larry to tell him what he told Hubble - Valenti shoots Hubble

Blind Date
2/9/00 - Wednesday - Liz wins the blind date contest
2/10/00 - Thursday - Kyle and Max bond over fries - Maria auditions for Alex's band
2/11/00 - Friday - Liz gets interviewed - Maria and the Whits audition for the concert
2/14/00 - Monday - Maria shops for the band - Michael & Isabel go to the library - Liz goes on her Blind Date with Doug Shellow - Isabel and Michael burn the symbol at the library - Kyle & Max get drunk and break in to Liz's room - Max and Liz run away and he tells her she is his dream girl - Max kisses Liz at the blind date party and sobers up - Sodan re-starts the fire and burns the picture at the library

Independence Day
2/15/00 - Tuesday - Liz tries to explain to Maria what happened with Max the night before - Michael has a black eye - Sodan arrives at the apartment with the photos - Kaldar is worried that he hasn't seen Sodan - Max & Isabel invite Michael over for dinner and Monopoly - Maria & Liz catch Valenti and Amy together - Michael goes home and a drunk Hank confronts him and Isabel and Max - Michael goes to Maria's - Hank is killed
2/16/00 - Wednesday - Valenti asks Michael about Hank - Amy tells Valenti that Michael was at her house - Max goes to Liz's for support, afraid that Michael will leave - Max gives Michael the healing stones - Michael leaves town
2/17/00 - Thursday - Michael makes breakfast for the Evans and asks for help
2/18/00 - Friday - Philip rushes Michael's paperwork through - Michael is granted emancipation - Kaldar buries Hank

Sexual Healing
2/20/00 - Sunday - Venus reaches the correct position in the sky - Liz has her Max fantasy - Max goes to the Crashdown, unable to stay away - Max and Liz kiss and Liz has her first flashes
2/21/00 - Monday - Max & Liz are given detention for disrupting class - Pierce orders Michael's apartment monitored - Michael & Maria conduct their own experiments - Max & Liz get caught making out in the eraser room where Liz sees the crash - Liz and her mom have 'the talk'
2/22/00 - Tuesday - Liz gets the glowing hickey - Max & Liz meet at Michael's place to 'continue looking for clues' - Liz 'sees' something important being buried - Maria interrupts them and Liz's mom catches her sneaking in - Liz and Max sneak out to dig up the orb - the orb senses it was uncovered and sends a signal - Max and Liz wonder if someone will come - Kaldar sees the light from the orb - Liz and Max spend the night in the desert
2/23/00 - Wednesday - Max & Liz see Kaldar in the desert and go home to face their parents

4/14/00 - Friday - Pierce leaves for Roswell
4/16/00 - Sunday - Topolsky escapes from the mental hospital and takes the orb from the Special Unit evidence vault

4/19/00 - Wednesday - Tess contemplates her new home - Topolsky returns
4/20/00 - Thursday - Ed counsels Tess on how to approach the others - Tess' first day at school - Kaldar searches Topolsky's room - Isabel introduces Tess to Michael and Max - Kaldar sees Liz meet Topolsky at Senior Chow's - Pierce listens to the agent's report

4/21/00- Friday - the gang meets at the quarry - Topolsky to meet Liz outside the theater but she doesn't show so Topolsky goes to the Sheriff - Kaldar follows Topolsky to the Sheriff - Tess considers her plan
4/22/00 - Saturday - Sheriff goes to see Max - Max & Liz / Michael & Maria date - Pierce tries to get Alex - Tess and Isabel girl's night - Kaldar sees Topolsky meet Michael at his appt. - Pierce sees Topolsky meeting Michael on the camera
4/23/00 - Sunday - the gang meets at the quarry again - Kaldar gives a message to Michael - Kaldar as Margolin visits the Sheriff - Michael and Maria go to meet Topolsky and the others follow - Kaldar goes to meet Topolsky - Topolsky is taken by Pierce

Tess, Lies & Videotape
4/30/00 - Sunday - Max has a vision of kissing Tess in the Crashdown
5/1/00 - Monday - Tess and Isabel talk about Max and Liz - Max has a vision in the science room - Fire at mental hospital - the Sheriff calls Margolin
5/2/00 - Tuesday - Sheriff goes to see Max - Michael checks out Tess - the Sheriff gives the orb back to Max - Isabel goes to Tess' house - Tess ambushes Max in the rain and they kiss - Michael and Max find camera
5/3/00 - Wednesday - Pierce watches more tapes from Michael's house - Liz tells Max she saw him kissing Tess
5/7/00 - Sunday - Alex gets the camera to work - Liz goes to Tess' house - Max goes to rescue Liz - the gang sees Tess using powers on the camera - Agent Marley sees the Sheriff staking out the Harding house - Ed Harding sees them men staking out the house

Four Square
5/8/00 - Monday - day after end of TLV - Isabel starts dreaming of Michael - Ed takes the camera to the police - Isabel considers the dream she had of Michael - Pierce finds out that Harding visited the Sheriff - Isabel investigates Tess in the registrar - Tess goes to Isabel's house and does the trick with the sugar cubes - Michael stays over - dreams for Michael & Isabel that night
5/9/00 - Tuesday - Liz and Max look up the constellation & see Tess with Kyle - Michael & Maria / Isabel & Alex get together - Whitaker calls Pierce - Isabel dreams of Michael again - Tess visits Michael and shows him Pohlman ranch
5/10/00 - Wednesday - Liz tries to warn Kyle - Ed checks out the men following him - Max & Liz follow Kyle & Tess to the library - Isabel dreams she is pregnant - Max dreams of Tess and she takes him to the pod chamber
5/11/00 - Thursday - Michael & Isabel find Max with Tess at the pod chamber

Max to the Max
5/11/00 - Thursday - (entire episode in one day) - same day as last day in four square - the gang talk at the pod chamber and Tess shows Michael the 'destiny book' - Tess and Ed argue at the pod chamber - Pierce watching footage from the camera - Fisher comes to town - Max talks to Tess about Isabel's pregnancy- Nasedo kills the agent and takes Liz - Max and the others follow Liz and Nasedo to the carnival - Max is taken by Pierce

The White Room
5/11/00 - Thursday - same day as MTTM - they stay up trying to find Max
5/12/00 - Friday - they visit the UFO museum to make a plan - Tess, Michael and Isabel go to the base and meet Nasedo - Liz goes to the Sheriff to get help - Nasedo and Michael rescue Max

5/12/00 - Friday - same day as TWR - Liz & Max are chased and sleep in the van
5/13/00 - Saturday - the gang lures Pierce to the UFO center and question him - Michael kills Pierce - Kyle is shot and healed by Max - Kyle and Valenti have a talk
5/14/00 - Sunday - they get Nasedo and heal him - at 4:33 pm the gang activates the orbs - the signal from the orbs is received

- continued after the episode - Max sends Isabel and Michael after Liz - Ed infiltrates the Special Unit as Pierce - Max and Tess talk - Max, Michael, Isabel and Tess have a meeting at the Harding house - Max visits Liz

5/18/00 - Thursday - Ed leaves for Washington
5/19/00 - Friday - Liz decides to leave for Florida

5/28/00 - Sunday - Max goes to Maria

6/6/00 - Tuesday - Whitaker calls Pierce

6/23/00 - Friday - Liz thinks of Max - Max thinks of Liz

6/30/00 - Friday - Grant finds a cave with blue crystals inside

7/20/00 - Thursday - Courtney sees Michael and Tess

7/26/00 - Wednesday - Whitaker figures out something happened to Pierce in Roswell

8/3/00 - Thursday - Courtney gets a job at the Crashdown

8/5/00 - Saturday - Sacor researches Liz
8/6/00 - Sunday - Vanessa decides to hire Liz to get close to her

9/10/00 - Sunday - Liz returns to Roswell and tells Maria not to tell Max she is home

Skin and Bones 
9/11/00 - Monday - Whitaker arrives in Roswell - Grant finds Pierce's bones & takes them to the Sheriff - Congressional hearing closes down FBI Special Unit - Michael goes to the excavation site and finds a skin - Deputy Hansen finds Michael's knife in the desert
9/12/00 - Tuesday - Liz takes a job with Whitaker - Michael is questioned about the bones - Isabel 'investigates' Grant - Whitaker talks to the Sheriff and finds out about the bones - Michael is arrested
9/13/00 - Wednesday - Nasedo shows up - Brody finds the source of the signal - Liz and Max search Whitaker's office - Nasedo finds a piece of skin and is attacked
9/14/00 - Thursday - Max, Isabel and Tess go to the cyclotron and Max ages the bones - Brody buys the UFO museum - the gang has a celebration at the Crashdown - Max touches Liz giving her a flash - Nasedo comes to Max's house and dies

Ask Not
9/14/00 - Thursday - same day as S&B - Max realizes the connection between himself and Liz - the pod squad tries to heal Nasedo
9/15/00 - Friday - Kyle returns from football camp - Max meets the new owner of the UFO museum- Max walks Tess home and they find a skin - Max takes Tess to Valenti's house
9/16/00 - Saturday - Liz tells Whitaker that Pierce is not coming back - Max breaks into the back room of the UFO Museum and sees the pentagon-shaped device
9/18/00 - Monday - Whitaker learns the name Tess from Liz - Michael breaks into the UFO museum
9/19/00 - Tuesday - Max and Maria talk about Jack Kennedy and Liz and Tess - Max, Michael & Isabel go to the museum to kill the owner and learn about Brody's abduction
9/20/00 - Wednesday - The gang meet at the Crashdown and are all filled in about Brody - Max tells Liz he is 'coming for her'

10/15/00 - Sunday - whole episode in one day - Tess is kidnapped by Whitaker - Isabel celebrates her 18th birthday - Whitaker invites herself to Isabel's party - Michael confronts Courtney - Isabel rescues Tess, kills Whitaker and discovers the Granolith

Summer of '47
10/17/00 - Tuesday - whole episode in one day - Isabel shows Max, Michael & Tess the Granolith - Michael is given the assignment for history, meets Hal and hears his story - Michael show Maria the Granolith - Michael apologizes to Liz

The End of the World
10/23/00 - Monday - Liz, Maria and Alex visit Madame Vivian
10/23/2000 - Monday - Liz, Maria and Alex visit Madame Vivian- Future Max arrives - Max sings with the mariachi band - Future Max goes to the pod chamber and has a vision of his Liz
10/24/00 -Tuesday - Michael investigates Courtney - Liz goes to Tess and offers her help - Max asks Liz to the Gomez concert - Maria tells Alex, Michael is cheating on her - Liz tells Max she doesn't want to die for him - Future Max waits for Liz on her balcony - Future Max tells Liz that she must succeed or they will all die
10/25/00 - Wednesday - Maria tells Liz about Michael's betrayal, giving her the idea - Liz asks Kyle for help - Alex decks Michael - Michael discovers Courtney is a skin - Liz fakes sleeping with Kyle - Liz and future Max talk about her future and have their wedding dance - Tess and Max talk in the park - Future Max vanishes
10/25/2000 - Wednesday - Liz fakes sleeping with Kyle - Max sees Liz in bed with Kyle - Tess and Max talk in the park - Future Max vanishes

10/26/00 - Thursday - Kyle talks to Liz about the night before - Whitaker's death is announced the gang search Whitaker's office - Liz mourns the loss of Max's trust - Michael and Maria search Courtney's place - Max, Isabel, Tess and Liz go to Copper Summit - Max asks Liz what really happened with Kyle
10/27/00 - Friday - the gang arrives in Copper Summit and meet the Crawfords - Nicholas recognizes Isabel - Michael and Maria stake out Courtney's hideout - Liz watches Tess climb all over Max at dinner and leaves the house - Max follows Liz and she tells him she slept with Kyle - the gang stays with the Crawford's and Isabel talks to Nicholas about his sister - Michael, Maria and Courtney go to Copper summit
10/28/00 - Saturday - Nicholas briefs the Skins on the visitors - Whitaker's funeral - the husks are destroyed - Max considers Liz's behavior - Nicholas considers their next move

10/29/00 - Sunday - whole episode in one day - Courtney tries on the new skin - activation of the greenis - humans disappear - Nicholas' troops come to Roswell - Tess hides the gang in the Crashdown bathroom with a mind warp - Liz goes to her room to escape the sight of Max comforting Tess - Courtney is captured by Nicholas - Max, Michael and Tess find Isabel at school and get captured by the skins - Liz and Maria tell Alex what happened

10/30/00 - Monday - Tess spreads the rumor about Kyle and Liz - Nicholas reports to Khivar - the dupes receive a message from Nicholas - Lonni and Rath convince Ava to help them - Lonni and Rath kill their protector - Lonni contacts Nicholas

11/6/00 - Monday - Nicholas tells Lonni about the Roswell Royal Four

Meet the Dupes
11/7/00 - Tuesday - Zan is killed - Lonni contacts Nicholas
11/14/00 - one week later - Tuesday - Nicholas meets the dupes and gives them info on the Roswell Royal Four - the science teacher tells about the supernova star - Queen Nedra offers Larek the use of Brody for the conference - the dupes steal a car and head to Roswell
11/15/00 - Wednesday - Brody tells Max about a signal in New York - the dupes talk in the car
11/16/00 - Thursday - Max asks Isabel about Vilondra - dupes arrive in Roswell - Max and Liz talk in the Crashdown - Lonni talks to Philip Evans
11/17/00 - Friday - Rath kisses Liz - Max tells Maria the meeting has been moved up - the dupes crash the meeting at the UFO museum
11/18/00 - Saturday - Lonni tells Max about Vilondra - Max confronts Isabel and decides to leave with the dupes - Max gives Liz back the knife and she warns him about he Granolith - the dupes, Max and Tess leave for New York

Max in the City
11/22/00 - Wednesday - Lonni and Rath meet Nicholas and take Tess and Max to 'the crib' - Maria hears the rumor about Liz and Kyle - Liz discovers Ava - Max sees the emissary - Liz tells Maria about Future Max
11/23/00 - Thursday - Thanksgiving - Brody arrives in New York - Lonni tells Max about the summit - Ava tells Liz about Zan
11/24/00 - Friday - Max calls Isabel about going home - the summit - Lonni talks to Nicholas - Max and Tess discuss the deal and the Granolith - Liz saves Max's life - Lonni and Rath make a deal with Tess - Max finds Tess - Tess and Max fly home - Lonni talks to Nicholas
11/25/00 - Saturday - Ava leaves, Tess, Max and Brody return - Max asks Liz if she slept with Kyle - Isabel and Tess talk about Liz's powers - Tess mind warps Liz

11/29/00 - Wednesday - Lonni, Tess and Rath decide on a course of action

12/3/00 - Sunday - Liz considers her friendship with Max

12/9/00 - Saturday - Alex's leaves for 'Sweden' - Tess mind warps Alex to decode the book

12/16/00 - Saturday - Liz considers the knife that Max returned to her

Roswell the Miracle
12/20/00 - Wednesday - the man is hit by a car
12/21/00 - Thursday - the ghost appears to Max - Alex comes out of the mind warp - after coming back from Las Cruses, Tess wants to get into the Christmas spirit with the Valenti's - Isabel helps Michael shop - Max goes to Liz for help - Maria discovers Brody's daughter when singing Christmas Carols
12/22/00 - Friday - Isabel leaves gifts at Michael's house - Amy meets Tess with the Valenti's at the grocery - Isabel hosts the Christmas pageant - Liz suggests to Max healing Brody's daughter - Tess invites Amy to Christmas dinner - Max tells the others he wants to heal Brody's daughter
12/23/00 - Saturday - Tess is cooking Christmas dinner - Max discovers Sydney is in the hospital - Max and Michael go to heal the kids
12/24/00 - Sunday - Michael gives Maria the gifts - Max decides to attend midnight services to see Liz

1/21/01 - Sunday - Tess and Lonni discuss Alex's progress - Tess considers Lonni's plan

To Serve & Protect
1/26/01 - Friday - The Ganderium Queen buries Laurie - Isabel has the first dream
1/27/01 - Saturday - Dan arrives - Max and Isabel tell the Sheriff about her dream - Valenti and Dan have lunch at Senior Chow's - Sean arrives - Isabel goes on the date with Grant - Isabel and Max tell the Sheriff about her second vision
1/28/01 - Sunday - Valenti finds out Melissa is missing and shows her pic to Isabel - meeting at Michael's apartment - Isabel dreams that Grant is the kidnapper - Max & Isabel tell the Sheriff - Tess, Rath & Lonni drop Alex off at the airport - Valenti investigates Grant and finds the body bag - Melissa turns up - Isabel dreams where the Laurie is and Max tells Valenti - Dan follows Valenti - Max, Isabel and Valenti find Laurie - Max and Isabel concoct a story to tell the police

We Are Family
1/28/01 - Sunday - same as last of TSAP - Valenti, Max and Isabel are interrogated - Isabel thinks about Grant
1/29/01 - Monday - Laurie escapes from the hospital - Alex returns - Agent Duff arrives - Michael finds the crystals - Laurie shows up at the Valenti's - Alex's slide show - Tess and Kyle hear Amy defend Valenti in the convenience store - Laurie sees Michael and runs - Agent Duff recovers Laurie and interrogates Valenti
1/30/01 - Tuesday - Max asks Kyle to get the crystals - Max and Liz talk in the eraser room - Kyle gets the crystals - Valenti is suspended - Max studies the crystals
2/1/01 - Thursday - Amy takes Valenti on a day out - Liz and Sean have the 'grow' burger
2/2/01 - Friday - Tess offers to move out of the Valenti house - Isabel and Michael go to investigate the sanatorium

Disturbing Behavior
2/2/01 - Friday - same day as last of WAF - Michael and Maria stake-out the Sheriff's station - Laurie escapes and Maria and Michael save her from the killer
2/3/01 - Saturday - Valenti is woodworking - Max still studying the crystals - Duff questions Isabel - Grant finds the rifle - Maria, Michael and Laurie on the road trip - the crystals sample Max's hand - Max gets Liz to help with the crystals - Grant attacks Valenti - Liz examines the crystals - Isabel talks to Grant
2/4/01 - Sunday - Michael, Maria and Laurie arrive at the Dupree house - Isabel tells Max and Liz about the water table in Frazier woods - Michael and Maria get thrown out of the Dupree house - Isabel calls for Larek through Brody - Larek considers how to help Max

How the Other Half Live
2/4/01 - Sunday - same day as last of DB - Michael and Maria stake out Dupree house - Valenti and Duff search Grant's truck
2/5/01 - Monday - Larek tell the group about the Ganderium - Tess tells Lonni about the Ganderium - Maria finds out about the Dupree's finances - the group digs in Frazier woods - Laurie tells Michael about her grandparents - Kyle and Alex are trapped in the cave - The Ganderium Queen returns to the woods to defend the hive - Grant kidnaps Isabel - Max tells Michael how to kill the Ganderium - Isabel calls Michael to warn him - Valenti wonders what to tell Duff - Ganderium queen is killed - Valenti and Agent Duff talk - Isabel talks to Grant's body - Tess calls Lonni - Lonni and Rath decide to keep Tess alive
2/6/01 -Tuesday - Maria and Michael get Laurie a lawyer

Viva Las Vegas
2/15/01 - Thursday - Michael has the nightmare and tells Max he wants a vacation
2/16/01 - Friday - Michael complains that everyone is going on the trip - Liz decides to go too - the gang goes to Vegas - Liz and Tess argue - Max and Michael go to jail - Maria auditions for a strip club - Maria tries to find out what happened between Michael and Max - Max has a vision of marrying Liz - the gang has a fancy dinner together - Max comes back to see Liz
2/17/01 - Saturday - Valenti shows up - Liz contemplates the time that she and Max spent together

3/22/01 - Thursday - Kyle asks Jim to sell his car

Off the Menu
4/13/01 - Friday - Brody gets some of Larek's memories - Tess brings Max a gift - Brody takes Max, Tess, Amy, Maria and Sean hostage - Brody remembers where Max first met Tess on Antar - Michael explains why alien cooked food is bad - Liz delivers food and Brody takes her hostage - Max tells Tess that he still loves Liz - Sean is stabbed - Max heals Brody - Sean asks Liz out - Tess mind warps Amy - Max asks Tess about her new ability
4/14/01 - Saturday - Maria returns Brody's picture - Max admits he remembers Tess

4/15/01 - Sunday - Liz and Sean go on a date

Heart of Mine
4/24/01 - Tuesday - Sean kisses Liz
4/25/01 - Wednesday - Max tells Michael he remembers their world - Max and Liz agree to go to the prom as friends and he tells her about his memories
4/26/01 - Thursday - Alex refuses to take Isabel to the Prom - Kyle asks Tess to the Prom - Maria and Liz find out about Michael's other woman - Tess helps Max with his memories - Liz sees Max and Tess hug - Sean takes Liz bowling - Tess tells Max that she remembers him - Isabel gets Alex to take her to the prom
4/27/01 - Friday - the gang meets at the Crashdown - Prom - Liz asks Max to let her go - Kyle tells Tess, she is like a sister to him - Liz tells Maria to go to Michael - Max and Tess kiss

Cry Your Name
4/29/01 - Sunday - The translation is finished - Alex remembers what Tess did to him - Kyle hears Alex in Tess' room - Tess mind warps Alex and kills him - Max tries to heal Alex but fails - Liz vows to find out what really happened to Alex - Sheriff Hansen decides that no investigation is needed for the accident
4/30/01 - Monday - Lonni tells Tess to wait about the translation - Kyle's birthday - Liz starts to investigate - the kids make a memorial at school - Isabel tells the others she is going to college - Liz takes the picture to Valenti - Liz goes to Max's house and they reminisce about Alex - Michael stays with the DeLucas - Isabel dreams of Alex
5/1/01 - Tuesday - Alex's funeral - Max confronts Valenti who shows him the file - the group fights about the cause of Alex's death - Tess tells Lonni that Liz is investigating - Lonni and Rath discuss Tess' fate - the delivery guy brings Liz the binary code

It's too Late and It's too Bad
5/9/01 - Wednesday - Maria and Liz are investigating at Alex's
5/10/01 - Thursday - Maria is setting up the yearbook page - Max, Tess, Michael and Isabel discuss if Liz could be right - Tess and Max talk about the kiss at the prom - Liz convinces Sean to break-in to the school - Valenti tells Max what Liz did
5/11/01 - Friday - Michael tells Isabel she can't go to college - Max tells Liz to stop investigating - Tess takes Max to the observatory
5/12/01 - Saturday - Maria tells Liz to stop investigating - Liz apologizes to Sean
5/14/01 - Monday - Max tells Isabel she can't go to college- Max and Liz fight about her leaving town - Jens at the Swedish embassy identifies the photo of the building - Liz goes to the airport to leave town - Max goes to the observatory and Tess finds him

Baby It's You
5/15/01 - Tuesday - day after ITLAITB - Max wakes up with Tess in the observatory - Max follows Tess home and Kyle sees them kissing - Tess 'discovers' she is pregnant - Maria agrees to help Liz investigate - Kyle gets Isabel to dream walk the playboy bunny - Tess tells Max she is pregnant - Liz asks Tess about mind warping and Max verbally attacks Liz
5/16/01 - Wednesday - Maria and Liz go to the University of Las Cruses - Max tells Michael, Tess is pregnant - Rath warns Lonni that Liz and Maria are on the way to the University - Michael decides to follow Liz and Maria - Liz and Maria talk to a student who knew Alex - Max and Tess go to the pod chamber - Maria and Liz chase Leanna
5/17/01 - Thursday - Isabel uses her powers to get back at Max - Liz meets the computer professor - Lonni sets up the rental shack - Liz discovers the computer program Alex was using - Max discovers the baby is sick - Maria, Liz and Michael find the book translation at the rented house - Max tells Isabel, Tess is pregnant - Michael arrives with the translation - Lonni tells Tess to get Jennifer (aka. Leanna) back to school

5/18/01 - Friday - Max starts the Granolith for the trip home - Max and Liz go to kill Leanna - Jim and Tess talk about the baby - Liz stops Max from killing Leanna - Isabel says goodbye to Alex - Max tells Liz about Tess and going home - Maria and Michael get together - Kyle starts remembering about Alex and Tess mind warps him - Max and Liz say goodbye - Tess discovers that Max kissed Liz - the gang destroys the Jeep
5/19/01 - Saturday - Amy starts to remember - Liz helps Kyle remember - Liz, Kyle and Maria go to the pod chamber - Michael decides to stay - Liz and Kyle expose Tess - Tess goes off alone in the Granolith
5/19/01 - Saturday - Tess leaves in the Granolith

continued after the episode - Liz tells everyone about future Max - Max apologizes to Liz and Isabel and reports the Jeep stolen - the group goes to see Larek
- Brody tells the gang that Liz is Ava - Tess arrives - the gang agrees to meet tomorrow - Nicholas shows Khivar the Granolith - Lonni warns Tess to keep her mouth shut - Liz wonders about her other life - Isabel talks to Alex - Lonni confronts Nicholas - Max and Michael go to the pod chamber to get the book and orbs - Maria and Liz talk - Max and Michael talk about hot alien sex - a figure watches them from the shadows - Isabel has a disturbing dream

5/20/01 - Sunday - Nicholas tells Khivar about Lonni's plan - the gang meets to talk to Brody - Nicholas offers Tess a deal - Khivar send his people to gather information - the gang has a meeting - Michael thinks about Liz and Maria - Max and Liz talk and discover a connection - Isabel has another dream
5/21/01 - Monday - Max and Liz go to the U of Las Cru - Kyle and Isabel talk - Don tells Max and Liz that the book will have to be retranslated - Maria visits Alex's grave - another meeting at Michael's - Isabel has a disturbing dream walk
5/22/01 - Tuesday - Lonnie tells Nicholas that she still has cards - Max and Michael look through Tess' stuff - Liz dumps Sean - Max stashes the bankbooks in a safe place - Michael and Kyle make plans to watch a game
5/23/01 - Wednesday- Max asks Isabel for help - Maria and Liz talk about Sean - Max shows Isabel his memories - Maria and Brody talk about Alex
5/24/01 - Thursday - Michael helps Mrs. Parker with the groceries - Liz wonders about her other parents - someone watches Liz on her balcony - Maria and Max talk about Liz

5/26/01 - Saturday - the Jeep Is found - Sean watches Liz in the Crashdown - Michael and Maria talk about their relationship
5/27/01 - Sunday- Isabel tries memory recovery

5/29/01 - Monday - Jim gets a job - Mr. Evans offers to buy Max and Isabel a new Jeep
5/30/01 - Wednesday - Max asks Liz to the movies

6/2/01 - Saturday - the group practicing powers at the quarry - Isabel and Kyle talk about his powers
6/3/01 - Sunday - Max and Liz go to the movies - Isabel sees the fog in the kitchen - Khivar decides to pursue a new plan - the Leptes leaves for Antar
6/4/01 - Monday - the gang attempts memory retrieval - Khivar watches the new skins being created - Isabel tells the gang about her weird dreams - Tess worries about her deal with Khivar

6/16/01 - Saturday - Jim asks Amy to dinner

6/23/01 - Saturday - Sean asks Mr. Parker where Liz and the others are

6/26/01 - Tuesday - Michael sees someone messing with his motorcycle

6/28/01 - Thursday - Amy has a memory flash and Sean witnesses it
6/29/01 - Friday - Diane asks Max about Tess - Sean looks for info on Max
6/30/01 - Saturday - Liz feels someone watching her as she cleans the Crashdown
7/1/01 - Sunday - Nicholas tells Lonni, Rath and Tess not to mess with the new troops - Philip talks to Max about Tess

7/4/01 - Wednesday - the new skins arrive
7/5/01 - Thursday - Isabel recovers another memory - Brody tells Maria that he was tracking an anomaly

7/7/01 - Saturday - the gang has a video night at the Evans - someone goes through Liz's things - Maria and Liz talk - Isabel talks to Alex

7/12/01 - Thursday - Sean confronts Liz with what he's learned about Max - a mystery man offers to help Sean
7/13/01 - Friday - Liz and her mom talk about Max
7/14/01 - Saturday - someone searches Michael's apartment - Isabel sees Liz's memories of Future Max - Michael and Max talk about Max's son - Liz practices her astral projection - Sean tries to follow the gang but he looses them - Liz worries that the gang will try to stop her from developing her astral projection

7/16/01 - Monday - someone searches Max's room - Liz practices her astral projection

7/20/01 - Friday - Max meets the new guy at the UFO museum - Jim and Kyle talk about Tess and the aliens - Ryan and Max go to eat at the Crashdown
7/21/01 - Saturday - Kyle proposes to Isabel that they be buddies

7/25/01 - Wednesday - Sean confronts Liz and Max in the Crashdown and Ryan is a witness - John urges Sean to follow the gang on Saturday - someone watches Sean and John
7/26/01 - Thursday - Maria and Kyle talk about their parents' relationship - Ryan asks Max about Sean
7/27/01 - Friday - Tess wonders what could have been between her and Kyle - Liz comparing her data on her astral projection experiments
7/28/01 - Saturday - Sean follows the gang to the quarry - Kyle tells Liz she looks exhausted - Sean watches the gang through binoculars - Kyle gets the whole story out of Liz - Sean sees Max and Michael using their powers - Kyle convinces Liz to tell Max - Sean calls John for an explanation - John confronts the gang in the quarry, taking Liz hostage - someone else watches the events in the quarry - Max sends Isabel, Michael and Kyle to search John's motel - Liz, Maria and Max talk to Sean - Isabel, Kyle and Michael take all of John's possessions - the gang and Sean have a meeting at Michael's house and Max and Liz talk - Sean and Maria discuss Max and Liz - the rest of the gang discuss Liz's dreams and possible premonition - Isabel thinks about how being an alien has screwed up her life - Max and Liz talk about her powers - Diane sees Max and Liz together
7/29/01 - Sunday - Sean apologizes to Liz and assures her he will keep their secret
7/30/01 - Monday - Michael and Maria talk - Max worries that he hasn't remembered Liz - Maria and Liz talk about her fears that Michael is the killer

8/2/01 - Thursday- Liz tells the gang that they should get to know Sean

8/10/01 - Friday- Isabel, on campus buying books, meets Hale - Michael practicing extra
8/11/01 - Saturday - Khivar watches the new troops training
8/12/01 - Sunday - Michael worries that he can't protect his friends
8/13/01 - Monday - Isabel sees Hale in class and he asks her to lunch - Max tells Liz he is afraid of losing her - Amy asks Maria what happened the night of the blackout at the UFO museum

8/18/01 - Saturday - the Evan's buy Isabel a car - Maria starts to pull away from Michael

8/26/01 - Sunday - the gang gathers for a pre-school celebration - someone watches from outside
8/27/01 - Monday - Michael gives Ryan the third degree in school - Nancy tells Liz that she is concerned about her future
8/28/01 - Tuesday - Isabel goes to Hale's house and learns about his past

8/30/01 - Thursday - Michael tells Maria he is serious about his education

9/8/01 -Saturday - Max asks Liz to the Homecoming dance

9/10/01 - Monday - Hale asks Isabel on a date - Michael admits that he has a soft spot for Ryan

9/14/01 - Friday - Maria gets flowers from Michael asking her to the Homecoming dance
9/15/01 - Saturday - Hale and Isabel's first date

9/17/01 - Monday - Kyle asks Isabel to the Homecoming dance - Michael asks Max about Maria and Brody's relationship

9/21/01 - Friday - Michael and Max confront Isabel about her date - Jim Valenti is reappointed as Sheriff
9/22/01 - Saturday - Homecoming - Max picks up Liz and her parents talk to him - Jim asks Amy to help him celebrate being reappointed as Sheriff - the gang has dinner together before the dance and Isabel introduces Hale - Max realizes that he doesn't deserve Liz - Hale and Isabel kiss - Liz tells Max that she wants to be with him and they kiss - Michael worries about Maria's friendship with Brody - Max and Liz reaffirm their love for one another - Kyle remembers that he loved Tess - Max asks Liz to have a picnic with him - Liz's mom confronts her about her relationship with Max - Isabel visits Alex's grave - someone watches Isabel - Liz projects to Max's room
9/23/01 - Sunday - the gang hangs out at the Crashdown - Max thinks about his connection with Liz - Hale and Isabel talk about Max and Liz's relationship - Michael asks Liz if she will tutor him
9/24/01 - Monday - Max and Liz get caught making out at school - Michael asks Ryan about Brody and Maria

9/28/01 - Friday - Liz is concerned that she doesn't remember anything about her other life - Kyle tells Liz that he remembered he loved Tess
9/29/01 - Saturday - Michael talks to Maria about her relationship with Brody

10/5/01 - Friday - Jim takes Kyle to buy a new car

10/13/01 - Saturday - Michael talks to Amy about her weird dreams

10/17/01 - Wednesday - Liz remembers a dream that saves her and Max - the gang and Sean discuss Liz's dreams

10/27/01 - Saturday - Michael and Maria look for costumes

10/31/01- Wednesday - Halloween - Max gives Liz the necklace he bought two Christmases ago - Isabel warns Michael not to reenact Braveheart - Liz leaves Max and he talks to Isabel and Hale - Diane tells Liz that she's glad Liz and Max are together - Max has a memory of Liz - Isabel tells Hale that Liz always comes first with Max - Max shows Liz his memory - Diane sees Max and Liz together - Diane tells Philip about Max and Liz

11/16/01 - Friday - Isabel invites Hale to Thanksgiving dinner
11/17/01 - Saturday - Jim tells Kyle he is going to propose to Amy

11/20/01 - Tuesday - Liz gets a call that the translation is finished - Max and Liz talk about their apprehensions as they get the e-mail - Michael and Max read the translation

11/22/01 - Thursday - Thanksgiving Day- Isabel and Hale declare their love - Sean, Kyle and Maria discuss how their lives will change if Jim and Amy get married - Isabel visits Alex's grave to say goodbye

12/1/01 - Saturday - Kyle gets powers

12/18/01 - Tuesday - Nicholas reminds Lonni that the deal is only for her and not Rath - Rath overhears Lonni and Nicholas' conversation and decides to make a deal for himself - Jim and Amy discuss the new living arrangements
12/19/01 - Wednesday - Liz tells Max about her dream - the gang checks out Kyle's powers - Larek tells the gang that the skins ship returned to Antar months ago - Liz tells Max that she would help him investigate to see if Tess is still on Earth - Max tells Jim about the possibility of new skin troops on Earth

12/21/01 - Friday - Rath shows up at the Crashdown with a deal for Max and a gift for Liz - Jeff listens to the conversation from the back room - Isabel and Hale discuss how nice it is to be without the group - the gang decides to see what Rath has to offer - Jeff decides to confront Liz when she gets home - someone notes Rath's presence - Rath takes the gang to the nursing home where Alex has been since his 'death' & Max heals Alex - Isabel agrees to ditch the gang again so she and Hale can go out the next night - Max tells Isabel that Alex is alive
12/22/01 - Saturday - Alex's return from the dead makes Jeff forget about his talk with Liz - Isabel tells her mother how guilty she felt about Alex's death - the gang goes to see Alex - after the others leave, Liz and Maria tell Alex about Isabel and the deal with Rath - Isabel tells Hale about Alex's return - Valenti tells Hansen Alex is alive
12/23/01 - Sunday - Isabel tells Alex about Hale - someone watches them through the window - Lonni confronts Tess
12/24/01 - Monday - Hale offers to help Isabel with her Christmas duties and she reluctantly invites him to Alex's welcome home party - Ryan sees the gang decorating the Crashdown for Alex's party and Isabel invites him
12/25/01 - Tuesday - Christmas - Jim gives Amy a new car for Christmas - Hale and Alex meet - Max deduces that Liz predicted Alex's return - Hale gives Isabel a gift - Alex talks to Michael and Maria about Hale - Max and Liz exchange gifts

1/01/02 - Tuesday - Jim and Amy get married - Khivar receives some information - the gang make a toast to stay together
1/02/02 - Wednesday - Nicholas tells Tess that they know who she really was and she tells them she is pregnant - Alex returns to school - Tess uses Max's son to make a deal - Lonni sees Tess leaving the ship - Isabel tells Hale she can't study with him because she is seeing Alex

1/04/02 - Friday - Liz tells Max that she is giving up college to be with him

1/10/02 - Thursday- Lonni and Rath confront Tess about what she's told Nicholas

1/14/02 - Monday - Liz has a dream - Isabel starts to pull away from Hale

1/16/02 - Wednesday - Lonni attempts to steal the Granolith

1/25/02 - Friday - someone emerges from a concrete grave

2/01/02 - Friday - Liz has another dream - someone arrives at the pod chamber - Max and Liz go to Nasedo's cave and meet Cuerena - the gang tells Cuerena the story of their lives - Liz is worried that Cuerena is the Serena future Max told her about

2/04/02 - Monday - Serena moves into the Harding house and Max sends her to Copper Summit for recon

2/06/02 - Saturday - Jeff asks Liz about Rath

2/20/02 - Tuesday - Max and Michael talk about Serena and Liz's powers

2/27/02 - Tuesday - the gang hangs out at the Crashdown and Hale confronts Isabel about their relationship - someone watches them
2/28/02 - Wednesday - Liz has a bad dream - Khivar orders an attack - Diane sees Liz's ring and insists the she come to dinner
3/01/02 - Thursday - Hale and Isabel go on a picnic - Max and Liz go to meet his parents for dinner - the Valenti family has dinner at the Crashdown and Rath calls Michael to warn of an attack - Max's parents start the questioning - Hale and Isabel are attacked - Michael and Kyle battle the attackers at the Crashdown and Ryan helps - Max, Liz and Serena take care of the skins at the Evan's house - Isabel and Hale are victorious and she calls Michael to warn him - Michael talks to Ryan - Liz suggests that they keep future Max, the capabilities of the Granolith and Rath's loyalties to themselves - the whole story is revealed to Hale, Amy, the Evans and the Parkers - Hale tells Isabel he still loves her - Michael tells the gang about Ryan - Khivar tells Nicholas to put the troops on hold - Jeff asks Liz about Max and Rath - Rath calls Max to congratulate him on surviving
3/02/02 - Friday - the gang talks to Ryan - Lonni and Nicholas discuss the nature of their relationship - Max and Diane talk about his connection with Liz
3/03/02 - Saturday - Isabel tells Hale she would rather be with him than the gang - Max tell Liz his worries about Isabel

3/29/02 - Friday - Isabel has strange dreams
3/30/02 - Saturday - Ava decides to return to Roswell - Isabel misses practice and Liz tries to explain her behavior to Max

4/07/02 - Sunday - Ava comes to the Crashdown and the gang tells her who she really is - Kyle is glad that Ava decided to stay

4/09/02 - Tuesday - Maria, Liz and Alex discuss his relationship with Isabel

4/12/02 - Friday - Jim and Kyle discuss his feelings for Ava
4/13/02 - Saturday - Michael helps Amy pack and they discuss his relationship with Maria

4/19/02 - Friday - Hale and Isabel talk about plans for the summer
4/20/02 - Saturday - Hale asks Liz about her past life

4/24/02 - Wednesday - Max asks Kyle about his prom plans

4/26/02 - Friday - Senior Prom - Max and Liz talk about being together - Ava brings some movies to the Valenti house to watch with Kyle - Max dedicates a song to Liz - Michael and Maria talk about their future - Max and Liz cement
4/27/02 - Saturday - Max and Liz discover a strengthening of their bond - Isabel has another dream - Max wonders about the differences in his experiences with Liz and Tess - Maria asks about Liz's night with Max - Max and Liz go to Serena to ask about the bond

4/31/02 - Tuesday - Brody tells Max that he's disappointed there hasn't been more alien contact
5/01/02 - Wednesday - Max and Liz test their powers

5/11/02 - Saturday - Nicholas considers his relationship with Lonni - Rath sees Lonni with Nicholas - Max and Liz discover more aspects of their bond

5/15/02 - Wednesday - Rath asks Tess about the baby - Max tells Liz what Rath said about the baby

5/24/02 - Friday - Liz invites Max over to test their connections - Kyle and Ava discuss their relationship at Buckley Point - Max discovers the mind warp that made him want to make love to Tess
5/25/02 - Saturday - Max and Liz ask Ava to help them see through Tess' mind warps

5/28/02 - Wednesday - Max talks to Isabel about her behavior

5/31/02 - Friday - Graduation - celebration at the Crashdown

6/01/02 - Saturday - Isabel decides she want to take another step in her relationship with Hale - Tess is in labor - Isabel discovers Hale is Khivar
6/02/02 - Sunday - Tess names her son - Isabel decides to leave town while she figures out what to do - Hale discovers Isabel is skipping town - Liz awakes with a headache - Max says goodbye to Isabel - Isabel's plane explodes - Liz feels Max's pain and rushes to him - Max calls his parents to break the news - Liz finds Max at the airport - Nancy and Jeff help at the Evans' house - Max and Liz mourn and Liz tells Max his son was born
6/03/02 - Monday - Diane starts to plan Isabel's memorial
6/04/02 - Tuesday - Valenti gets the medical examiner's report that Isabel wasn't on the plane - Isabel awakes in Copper Summit onboard Khivar's ship - Max and the gang think that the skins took Isabel and vow to get her back - Khivar confronts Nicholas about his treatment of Isabel - Max asks Rath to see what he can find out - Michael looks for Hale - Max asks Liz to project to Isabel but she is blocked
6/05/02 - Wednesday - Isabel accuses Khivar of keeping her a prisoner - the gang finalize their rescue plan - Khivar shows Isabel the baby and asks her to go home with him
6/06/02 - Thursday - Rath calls Max to tell him the ship is gone - Nicholas tells Lonni, Khivar has ordered the execution of the Roswell group - Max contacts Larek and asks him to get a message to his mother - Max asks Liz to be there when he talks to his mother
6/07/02 - Friday - Max's mother contacts him through Brody - Rath tries to call Max - Max tells his mother Isabel is on Antar and to find out what she can - Rath tells Max the ship is back and about the troops coming and Max and Liz hope to use it to their advantage - Max tells the group the revised plan and sends the parents out of town for their safety - Liz's mom begs her not to go - goodbye scene with Max and his parents - goodbye scene with Jim and Amy and their kids - Max thanks Brody for his help and uses him to tell his mother they are coming home - Max proposes to Liz
6/08/02 - Saturday - Nicholas turns over command to Walt so he can have a last tumble in the hay with Lonni - Max and Liz get married - Rath calls Max to say the troops have left - Lonni attacks Nicholas and he mind rapes her - the gang takes control of the ship and call Rath to go with them - Nicholas realizes they’re stealing the ship - Rath arrives and the gang board the ship - Nicholas and Ida make it on board just in time - Max orders the destruction of the skin army - Nicholas and Ida witness the army's destruction - the gang search the ship - Raltos agrees to help them and they find Hale's skin - They arrive on Antar - Nicholas escapes through the ducts - the gang get a ride from Max's General Toaks - Nicholas chases them - Max tells Toaks about the prisoners - Nicholas looses the gang - Max and the others arrive at the hideout and he meets his mother - Brody gets a thank you message from the aliens - Max and Liz connect with the Granolith

6/08/02 - Saturday - (Antar date - 2.28.23692) - Max and Liz get their memories back - Khivar has Isabel's connections with Max and Liz blocked - Rath asks about Liz and Ava - Khivar tells Tess that the gang knows her true identity - Khivar considers how to keep Isabel from her family - Max and Liz tell Nedra they regained their memories - Ava discuses her life with Maria and Kyle - the gang has a meeting about how to rescue Isabel - Khivar wonders about his relationship with Isabel - Max and Liz offer to help Michael recover his memory - Ava asks Rath what he remembers about his other life - Liz wonders if she will ever see her parents on Antar again - Isabel decides to go to Khivar - Liz assures Max that she still wants him
6/09/02 - Sunday - (Antar date - 2.29.23692) - Ava wonders about her parents on Antar - Michael recovers his memories - Isabel sees Tess - Michael wants to get rid of Ava but Liz objects - Kranon recovers a memory from Hale - Tess thinks about her relationship with Max - Alex and Maria ask Liz about her past life - Isabel asks Khivar to help with her memory - Maria worries that Michael won't love her anymore now that he has his memories back - Liz offers Ava a chance to recover her memory
6/10/02 - Monday - (Antar date - 2.30.23692) - Ryan tries to get Michael to join the Michael worshippers - Tess is reunited with Udac - Alex wonders if he has a chance now that Isabel knows that Hale is Khivar - Max and Liz consult the Granolith again

6/28/02 - Friday - (Antar date - 3.10.23692) - Max gets a message from the spy - Isabel wonders about Khivar - Liz can't sleep and goes to the library & Rath kidnaps her - Max figures out that Rath took Liz - Kyle tells Max that he heard Liz call out
6/29/02 - Saturday - (Antar date - 3.11.23692) - Rath offers Khivar a deal - Ryan tries to convince Michael to join them because Max has lost it - Rath thinks about his plan - Nicaron wonders about Isabel's memories - Michael tries to talk to Max - Isabel asks Khivar about her mother & she decides to marry him - Udac regrets that Tess is not the same - Nicaron goes to police a riot - Max has a dream of Liz and the necklace
6/30/02 - Sunday - (Antar date - 3.12.23692) - Khivar greets Liz - Alex discovers the transmitter in the pendant & suggests projecting a consciousness into Raltos and Hale to get info - Rath visits Liz - Khivar announces that Isabel is on the planet and they are getting married - Nicaron considers Tess' powers - Michael talks to Maria about their relationship - Kyle dreams of Liz
7/1/02 - Monday - (Antar date - 3.13.23692) - Kranon recovers memories from Raltos about Nicaron being a shape shifter - Michael thinks losing Liz will destroy Max and he tries to figure out how to get her back - Sean reminds Max that he isn't like Khivar - Michael tries to get the Michael worshippers to help - Maria talks to Max
7/2/02 - Tuesday - (Antar date - 3.14.23692) - Kyle tells Michael that he's dreamed of Liz for two nights - Nicaron visits Liz - Khivar and Isabel talk about the future - Tess discovers Liz - under Michael's instruction Kyle contacts Liz - Nicaron asks Tess to help him erase Isabel's memories - Max talks to Liz through Kyle
7/3/02 - Wednesday - (Antar date - 3.15.23692) - Rath confronts Nicaron about his position - Khivar tells Liz that he will erase her memories of Max - Max feels Liz's fear and becomes enraged and tells Michael he is going to get Liz - Max breaks through the block in the connection with Liz and tells her he is coming - Michael takes over Max's troops - Max travels toward the palace - Kranon and Alex broadcasts Nedra's message - Isabel sees the broadcast that shows Max is on the planet - Nicaron briefs Khivar about the broadcast - Kyle and Ava follow behind Max, helping the shape shifters - Liz worries that Khivar will come back before Max can get to her - Michael's troops let the former Michael worshippers into the city - Isabel confronts Khivar - Max takes down the shield on the gate and enters the palace - Kyle and Ava sneak into the palace - Max and Liz are reunited - Ava finds Udac - Tess takes the baby to Max - Cuerena enters the palace and finds Ava and Udac - Michael and Ryden reach the palace - Kyle follows his connection to Liz - Ryden and his men get into the palace through the secret passageway - Max's spy tries to assassinate Khivar - The battle for the front gate continues - Ryden and Rath make a deal - Max discovers that the baby is not his, Kyle is the father - Cuerena fights Nicaron - Tess escapes, Max sends Ava, Udac, Kyle and the baby to safety - Tess follows Max and Liz - Nicaron goes to warn Khivar that Max is coming - Max confronts Khivar - Larek joins the air battle - Ryden kills Rath - Max beats Khivar - Tess, Idos, Khivar and Nicaron escape - Max calls for Khivar's troops and Kathana to surrender and they find Cuerena still alive - the victory celebration, Max asks the people of Antar to work together and thanks Michael and Ryden - Isabel meets her mother - Liz thanks Alex and Sean and is reunited with her parents - Michael asks Maria to marry him - Kyle asks Ava to raise the baby with him - Alex tries to comfort Isabel - Max thanks Larek and they figure out that Kyle can see auras - Michael is reunited with his father - the gang discusses Tess and Khivar and their plans for the future

7/7/02 - Sunday - (Antar date - 3.19.23692) - Max and Liz talk to the Granolith and she shows them their other lives

8/17/02 - the gang returns to Earth - The End

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