Arms of an Artist

TITLE: Arms of an Artist

AUTHOR: Roswell Oracle

RATING: ADULT for language and sexual situations

CATEGORY: UC, L/Z (Awakened Dreamer) - Liz & Zan POV - AU no aliens

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Any additional characters or situations not mentioned in the show are the creation of my dementia.

To all my betas and friends who have helped with this fic and are continuing to help. Ellie, Erina, Katie, Amy, Ashley and Novelette Thanks guys!

Inside of You by Hoobastank
Moonlight Serenade, music by Glen Miller, lyrics by Mitchell Parish

This story switches back and forth from Liz's POV (in regular type) to Zan's POV (in italics).

SUMMARY: Zan smut!
Liz is a straight 'A' student at NYU. Zan is a bad boy artist.
This is the sixth & final story in The Artist Series - Nude Studies. It's not necessary to read the other stories first but this one will make more sense if you do.

STATUS: Complete - Feb/2014

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Feedback for Arms of an Artist


This installment of the series is just as sexy, satisfying, and sensual as the last 5. Your knack for making your reader feel as sexy and wanted as your lead characters makes me shiver. The sheer amount of lust and love in your stories provokes excitement in your audience with each word- each descriptor meant to entice, excite, and enthrall. Zan is deadly passionate and skilled where Liz is wildly uninhibited yet studious- the pair is a sexual appeal to any bookworm, partier, and sexually-driven-creature that exists. Can't wait for more.
- Egyptian_Kiss


Thrilled you got a chance to update! Fantastic stuff! I can't say enough how much I love this story. It's such a guilty pleasure.

Amazing!! Have I told you lately how much I adore Zan? He's just so perfect. Perfectly imperfect and perfectly perfect. I love that.

What made the whole part for me was Zan's POV. I love the way he loves Liz. It's just the sweetest must amazing thing. All the little things he does for her, the way he touches and thinks of her and just wants to make her happy. It all makes me love him more and more. Yeah, I'm super jealous of Liz.
- Alien_Friend


God I love how you write Zan! He's so rough around the edges and yet incredibly romatic towards Liz. Ahhh, the perfect man!
- janetfl


As always ... I love how Zan is with Liz in the throws of passion! *sigh* That was sensational as always. I've missed these two dearly. Zan is so romantic. Once again super jealous of Liz. Zan is one amazing man.

Fantastic stuff!!
Eagerly awaiting more.
- Earth2Mama


I've only ever read one other liz/zan fic - for the longest time i was strictly m/l.

But then I found this!!! Since then I've read the other fics in your artist series and check this thread almost everyday for an update. I was so happy when I saw one was coming up.

I LOVE this story. So hot! So wonderful. Zan is rough and tumble but smooth and sweet all at the same time. Totally amazing.
- trulov


Great ending! Thanks for this great story. Your Zan is just amazing.
- saori_1902


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