Mouth of an Artist Part 3


Part 3


At six o’clock exactly I was ready to go. Freshly showered, hair washed, and wearing the requested skirt I sat at my dressing table applying some lip gloss when Zan walked in.

I watched him in the mirror as he came up behind me.

His eyes raked over me and sparkled with satisfaction as he wrapped his arms around me. “You wore it,” he purred. “Thank you baby.” He nuzzled my neck. “You look incredible.”

“Thank you,” I said, meeting his eyes in the mirror. I twisted in his arms and he kissed me thoroughly before pulling back with a smile. “Hmmmm,” he rumbled, rubbing his lips together, “strawberry?”

I laughed and brushed the smeared lip gloss off his face.

He kissed me again quickly. “Just give me five minutes and I’ll be ready to go.”

As he walked toward the bathroom he stripped off his t-shirt and jeans. He took a quick shower and emerged patting himself dry with a towel.

I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he quickly moved around the room dressing himself, covering his beautiful body one article of clothing at a time. He pulled on boxers, blocking my view of his chiseled ass, and then a pair of black jeans covered his muscular legs. Sitting down he put on socks and boots and I watched his back flex and cord. Then he crossed to the closet and pulled out a deep blue shirt. He slung it around his shoulders and his beautiful chest disappeared from my view a little more with each button he fastened.

He turned to me with a knowing smile. “If you don’t stop looking at me like that, we’ll never get out of here.”

I smiled. “Well you covered up all the best parts.”

Crossing to me he kissed me quickly. “Not all the best parts,” he said with a wink.

Zan held his hand out to me. “Ready angel?”

I nodded and took his hand and he helped me to my feet. His eyes raked over me again. I was wearing a red silk tank top, his favorite color on me. I could tell he was pleased and I was glad. I wanted him to be happy.

We went downstairs and got in a cab Zan had waiting, and it took us to my favorite restaurant. It was a busy Friday night but he had made reservations and we were seated immediately at a quiet table in the back.

My skirt fell to about mid-thigh when I was standing, but seated it is a bit shorter and Zan’s eyes lingered on the length of my legs. He scooted his chair nearer to mine and snagged the leg of my chair with his foot pulling me to him until our knees touched under the table.

A smile crossed his face as his hand went to my knee. “That’s better,” he purred. ”Now I can touch you all I want.”

I couldn’t help but smile back. He was in a playful mood and I loved it. Maybe whatever had been bothering him was over.

We lingered over dinner, talking softly, laughing, sharing each others’ meals. Zan’s hand was on me almost the whole time, resting on my knee, skimming over my back, sliding down my arm.

Afterward, we ordered a dessert to share. Zan leaned in offering me a taste on his fork, and then he deliberately smeared a little on the corner of my mouth. “I’m sorry baby,” he said with a smile. “Let me take care of that.” He dipped his head and kissed it away.

“Mmmm,” he hummed, wrapping his arm around me. “I don’t know what’s sweeter you or the mousse.” He placed another kiss on the corner of my mouth. “But it is definitely my new favorite way to have dessert.”

We were having so much fun that we lost track of time and had to hurry to make it to the movie. But it was only a few short blocks to the theater and it was a warm night so we decided to walk.

Zan wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close into his side. He always kept his hands on me in public. I knew it was partially because he always wanted to touch me, and partially to show his possession of me. And I was so relieved that he was doing it tonight. It meant that Zan still considered me to be his.

We walked into the dark theater just as the previews were starting and stood in the back for a moment for our eyes to adjust. It was an older theater, with a large screen and good sound, but it had been built before stadium seating.

We were surprised to see that there were only seven other people in attendance. One group of three sat toward the front in the middle and two couples sat a few rows behind them.

“Hmmm,” Zan whispered teasingly, “it’s a good thing I bought tickets in advance, or we might not have gotten in.”

I shoved at him playfully and Zan wrapped me in his arms kissing me quickly. He motioned to the back row on the side and I agreed. I really didn’t care where we sat. I noticed that the seats put us about as far away from the others as we could get, but I didn’t dwell on the thought.

Zan started touching me again as soon as we sat down, and then I realized why he had chosen the seats. Lifting the armrest out of the way he put his arm around my shoulders, pulling me into his side. I snuggled into him and he kissed my head as he rubbed my arm.

As the movie started his other hand squeezed mine and then moved to my knee, gently stroking the skin of my knee and thigh.

We hadn’t even been watching for half an hour when we found out why no one was in the theater. The movie was terrible. It had gotten several good reviews and Zan and I both wanted to see it but it was so bad it was almost funny.

I could tell when Zan lost interest in the movie because his hands started to wander more. His hand that was wrapped around me went from caressing my arm, to rubbing my back. He started at my bare shoulder and went across to my spine, tracing the line down and back up for several minutes.

It was so nice having him touch me and so soothing but also arousing at the same time. I turned to him and pressed a kiss to his chin as I put my hand on his chest.

On his next downward stroke Zan slipped his hand under the hem of my shirt to touch my bare skin. With a feather’s touch he slowly caressed my back in circles, working his way up and down and across, teasing every inch until I was shivering with arousal.

Then his hand slid around to my waist, smoothing up my side. His fingers trailed over my stomach and across my ribs. He stopped just below my breast and brushed back down before reversing direction. Several times he repeated the action, each time stopping a little nearer to my breast and finally he stroked up the side.

He kissed the side of my head, as he slowly traced the edge of my breast again and again. His lips trailed down my face, placing kisses near my eye, on my cheek. When he reached my jaw he grazed it with his teeth, following the line to my ear. He nuzzled my neck just below my ear and moved lower to the curve of my shoulder.

Suddenly Zan’s hand brushed over my satin covered breast. The action surprised me and my body jerked, arching into his touch.

A growl of approval escaped his lips and he sank his teeth into my shoulder. His hand slipped into my bra cupping my breast. With his thumb he slowly drew ever-smaller circles until he finally reached my nub. It hardened to his touch as he brushed over it again and again, and I nearly cried out when he used his short thumbnail to gently graze over the tip.

He continued to caress my breast but it obviously wasn’t enough for him. His other hand went from touching my knee to roaming dangerously high up my thigh.

My miniskirt rode up quite far, exposing the majority of my legs to him, and Zan took full advantage. His hand started at my knee, circling it with his thumb before he slowly brushed over the sensitive skin on the inside of my thigh and then back again. With each pass his hand moved up my leg higher and higher until it disappeared under my skirt.

The rough skin of his hand against my thigh sent shivers of desire through me and I found myself spreading my legs to give him better access.

Zan sucked the delicate skin of my neck hard as he reached the juncture of my thighs. His fingers skimmed over my panties grazing my clit and I felt a rush of liquid.

He felt it too. “Oh baby,” he groaned, his teeth sliding over my ear. His fingers brushed my panties again, lingering over my core.

I shuddered against him and spread my legs wider, holding my breath waiting for him to really touch me.

And he didn’t disappoint. He pushed my panties aside and his fingers slid through my slick folds. Starting at my core, he slowly moved up until he reached my clit. My body jerked and I gasped as he brushed over my sensitive nub.

Zan kissed my neck hard as he continued to stroke me. “Liz, you’re driving me crazy,” he growled.

“I’m not doing anything,” I protested in a soft whisper. He brushed me with his fingers again causing another gasp. “You’re the one driving me crazy.”

He took my earlobe in his mouth. “You don’t have to do anything, baby,” he purred. “Just by existing, by being near me you make me hungry for you.”

Zan brushed my clit again. “And I have to have a taste right now.”

I knew what he meant, he intended to go down on me right now.

We were in a theater with other people and I was somewhat shocked, but the thought of Zan’s mouth on me was overwhelming. It was almost pitch dark, I argued with myself, the other people were nowhere near us, and their attention was on the movie. Even if they did happen to look back all they would see was the light of the projector. It was exciting to think we could do it so close to the people and they wouldn’t know a thing. But…

“Zan,” I started, not really sure what I was going to say.

But he pressed his lips to mine, cutting me off.

He kissed me so hungrily, licking and nipping at my lips. I melted into him, returning the kiss and invited him to deepen it with a flick of my tongue against his lips. Immediately he took advantage and trust his tongue into my mouth.

His tongue dueled with mine as his fingers continued to slowly stroke my clit. I imagined his mouth on my lower lips repeating the actions he was currently inflicting on my mouth; his tongue tasting me, stroking me, plunging inside. I shivered with the images, and each of his touches broke down my resistance a little more until it was completely gone. And as if Zan could sense my surrender his lips left mine and he kissed a trail down my chin to my neck.

“Nobody is going to know a thing,” he whispered.

He knelt down in front of me and pulled my hips to the edge of the seat. His warm hands slid up my legs and under my skirt going directly for the waistband of my panties. I lifted up as he tugged at them, helping him slide them off.

Zan smiled as he gripped the scrap of lace and pressed it to his nose briefly, inhaling deeply, before he stuffed it in his shirt pocket.

Perhaps I would have protested more if I hadn’t been so worried about him and our relationship. But as it was I wanted him so much, and I was so happy that he wanted me that I didn’t care about being a little reckless.

Leaning in he pressed a wet, open-mouth kiss on my thigh and trailed his tongue across my skin until he reached the juncture of my thighs. He didn’t tease, his mouth closed over my damp core and his tongue dipped barely inside.

My body jerked with the unexpected touch and I sighed with the pleasure.

Zan laved my lower lips, swirling his tongue through them, greedily lapping the moisture pooled there. Again he dipped his tongue inside me, causing another rush of liquid. His growl of satisfaction against my delicate skin sent a jolt of electricity through me.

His hands stroked my thighs, urging them farther apart. I obeyed immediately putting my feet up on the seats in front of me. The action also tilted my hips giving Zan better access.

“That’s it baby,” he growled in approval. He looked up at me, his smoldering gaze meeting and holding mine before he returned to his task.

He continued to caress my thighs as he went directly to my clit. His hot mouth closed over my nub and he stroked it with his tongue several times before moving lower again.

His tongue traced the edge of my lower lips slowly, taking his time, savoring. He stopped occasionally to nip at them with his lips, sucking the delicate skin into his mouth.

I writhed with pleasure, unable to stay still under his practiced mouth. Zan knew all my most sensitive places, exactly where and how to touch me. He could drive me wild in so many ways.

On the next pass he let his tongue slide deeper brushing over my core. The soft touch sent a surge of electricity through me and I arched into him.

He brushed over my core again, and then pushed his tongue deep inside. I though he was finally going to give me relief, but he withdrew and moved up again.

With his thumbs he parted my folds exposing my clit, and his mouth went directly to it. He stroked over it again and again, slowly building his speed and soon I was on the edge. My breath came in pants and I gripped at his shoulders silently urging him to finish.

Suddenly his chin stud grazed over my clit. I jumped under him and he moved back down taking a long lick from my core up to my clit.

Again he laved my sensitive nub with his tongue, using quick back and forth strokes and then up and down. I squirmed and felt another rush of liquid from my core. Zan immediately moved down and quickly lapped it up with several long licks before thrusting his tongue back inside.

His teasing was driving me crazy. My core ached with need and when he filled it again I felt the start of a flutter. I was so close. I slid my fingers into his hair attempting to keep his mouth where I so desperately needed him.

He withdrew his tongue and I panted harshly waiting to see what he would do. My hands twisted in his hair and Zan growled. I wasn’t sure if it was from pain or acknowledgement but he plunged his tongue back inside.

I whimpered with relief as he set a steady pace, thrusting his tongue into me fast and deep. I arched up trying to keep pace with him.

Suddenly his thumb brushed over my clit, rubbing it in fast circles. He continued to push inside me while he increased the speed and pressure on my clit.

My body jerked and I felt the orgasm quickly approaching. Just a few more of Zan’s touches…

I came suddenly, my inner muscles clenching around his tongue as my whole body stiffened. I was careful to stay quiet, but I couldn’t stop a sort of low moan that escaped my lips.

Zan withdrew his tongue but continued to kiss and lick me, lapping up every drop of the moisture he had caused. He stroked my thighs slowly easing me down from the release.

After a few moments Zan retook his seat next to me and wrapped me in his arms. The shivers from the incredible orgasm continued to wash through me and he nuzzled my neck and placed soft kisses on my face as my breathing returned to normal. I leaned against him and sighed with satisfaction, but there was still an underlying ache and hunger.

Now don’t get me wrong. Any orgasm with Zan is wonderful, and I love him to go down on me. There is nothing more pleasurable than his mouth, teeth and tongue on me, and he always brings me to climax. But without his beautiful cock inside me, I always feel like something is missing. It’s like my body craves the solid length of him and I can’t achieve complete satisfaction until I come with him buried deep within.

Vaguely I started to become aware of my surroundings again. When Zan’s amazing mouth was on me everything else had faded into the background, but now I noticed that the music was getting louder and the credits had just started to roll. The movie was over and we had missed most of it, not that I cared.

Zan held me and we waited until everyone else in the theater left. He pulled back enough to meet my eyes as he started to caress my breast. “Angel I want you so much.” He kissed my cheek near my ear. “Let’s go home where I can fuck you properly.”

I nodded, agreeing instantly. There was nothing I wanted more.

We hurried out of the theater but there were no cabs to be seen. It really wasn’t surprising considering it was a Friday night but I groaned with disappointment, shivering against him. I needed Zan so much and I didn’t want to wait another minute.

He embraced me, pulling me close so I could feel his erection, and kissed my forehead. “We’ll take the subway.”

Going down on me in the theater had made both Zan and me so hungry for consummation and we couldn’t stop touching each other as we hurried to the subway. We walked quickly with arms wrapped around each other. Zan kept me pressed into him and I felt like I couldn’t get close enough, leaning my head on his chest and letting my hand rest low on his hip.

Deeply I inhaled his scent, his soap mixed with the smell that is Zan. I could feel his solid muscles flexing as we walked and I imagined him naked above me, thrusting into me, every one of his muscles straining to bring us both to completion.

When we had to stop to cross the street he brushed the unruly tendrils of hair out of my face before he cupped my cheek and kissed me tenderly. With a look, a kiss, a word, a smile, Zan makes me feel so loved, and sexy, and desired.

He kissed my cheek and then moved closer to my ear. “Baby,” he growled softly so only I could hear, “I can’t wait to strip you naked and taste every sweet inch of you.” He licked my ear as he pulled me closer. “Then I’m going to jam my raging hard-on into your soaking pussy and fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

I shivered against him. “Zan,” I gasped. Obviously he was as aroused as I was.

He kissed my neck near my ear. “Are you ready for me to take you darlin’?” he whispered. “Are you wet for me? Is your pussy aching for me to fill it?” He pulled back enough to meet my eyes. “Are you ready to get fucked?”

His eyes were burning with desire and I couldn’t look away. “Oh yes Zan,” I gasped.

And he must have liked what he saw in my eyes too because his gaze suddenly took on a predatory gleam. He looked like he would eat me alive, and I couldn’t wait.

When the light changed we crossed the street and descended the stairs into the subway, going to the platform to wait for the train. Zan embraced me from behind, pressing his hard cock into my ass, making the material of my skirt brush my naked skin. My panties were still in his pocket and the breeze felt so cool against my wet lower lips it only aroused me more.

Zan had his hands on me, one wrapped low around my hips holding me against him. The other hand was on my shoulder, his thumb brushing the bare skin of my neck and arm. I knew he wanted to touch me other places but he kept his hands relatively still. As much as we enjoy semi-public sex, Zan would never knowingly expose me or our sex life to others.

We stood on the platform for what seemed like forever and I could practically feel Zan’s desire vibrating through him. He moved his hips slightly, rubbing his erection against my ass. His head was pressed against mine, and his lips brushed over my hair, occasionally pressing kisses to my temple.

It was like torture wanting Zan so much, and knowing he wanted me just as badly, and not being able to do anything about it. His cock was separated from my aching core by just two thin pieces of material. I thought I would go insane.

Finally the train came and Zan led me to the last car. It was late and there were only a few other passengers seated in the front of the car, so we went to the back were we could be alone. Zan grabbed a newspaper someone had left and I though he was going to put it on a seat so I could sit down. But he maneuvered me to the rear of the car and embraced me from behind, taking hold of the last bar. Then he turned us so we were facing the front, with me between him and the bar. His arm wrapped around my waist, and pressed against me, holding us both steady as the train started to move.

He handed me the newspaper and spoke softly into my ear. “Baby open the paper to the middle.”

I thought it was a strange request. I could barely concentrate with his thick erection pressed against me, but I thought maybe he was right and the news would help keep our minds off sex until we made it home.

I leaned against the bar, trusting Zan to hold me, and with both hands opened the paper.

With his free hand he pushed my hair to one side and pressed his lips to my neck. “A little lower,” Zan breathed into my ear.

I lowered the paper.

“A little more,” he growled.

Again I lowered it.

“Perfect,” he said.

I tried to skim the page for something interesting to read, but Zan’s hand on my bare ass nearly made me jump. “Ohhh.”

“Shhhhh angel,” he whispered into my neck.

I gripped the paper realizing that he had intended it as a shield, and it was completely blocking what was happening behind it.

Zan’s hand cupped my ass, wandering over my skin, his feather’s touch making me shiver with need. He kissed my neck again and licked a path up to my ear. “Spread your legs, Liz,” he growled.

I felt a rush of liquid between my thighs and complied immediately. Oh how I wanted him to touch me!

Zan’s fingers slid between my legs, brushing slowly over my slick folds. “You’re so wet,” he groaned, “so ready for me.” His teeth sank into my neck briefly. “I love how you are always so wet.”

He stroked over my clit and my body stiffened as I sucked in a silent breath. His light touch was driving me crazy, and my damp slit was throbbing with need. His fingers pushed between my lower lips parting them and he skimmed over my hot core before moving back to my clit. He brushed my nub again and again, my juices making his clever fingers slide easily, building my orgasm.

He kissed my neck again and whispered into my ear. “I want you so much baby.”

I nodded, unable to speak.

Suddenly the train pulled into a station and Zan removed his hand. We watched the doors open and one person exited, and two more got on. They turned in our direction, and I could practically feel Zan scowling at them.

He can be pretty scary when he wants to. Zan’s appearance, the tattoos, the piercings, his attitude can be intimidating to those who don’t know him. And his attitude is not an act. Growing up on the streets gives him a hard edge, the arrogant certainty that he can take care of himself, the knowledge of his place in the world and the will to fight desperately to defend it. He has a glare that will chase away all but the toughest. The subway passengers obviously thought so too. They took one look at Zan and then turned away to sit in the front of the car.

The train started and I expected to feel Zan’s hand on me again, but instead his thick cock slid across my lower lips. I gasped in surprise, “Zan.”

He kissed my neck hungrily as he led his hard length to my core and so slowly pushed himself inside.

My whole body shook with the pleasure of having him inside. “Zan that feels so good,” I whispered.

“Oh yes baby,” he rasped into my neck. “Your sweet pussy is so warm and tight.”

Slowly he withdrew almost all the way and then inched himself back inside. I couldn’t believe that we were so brazenly having sex on the subway with people just a few feet away. But I wanted Zan so much that I didn’t care.

Again and again he slowly stroked in and out. His free hand slid under my shirt and cupped my breast, stroking my hardening nipple with his thumb.

The sensations were incredibly pleasurable but the slow pace was driving me insane. I was so aroused that I was almost desperate to come. “Faster Zan please,” I whispered fiercely. “I need more.”

A low growl escaped his throat and he whispered close to my ear. “Angel I want to fuck you hard and fast like you need. I want that so much, but if I did everyone would know what we’re doing. I have to keep the pace slow.”

The train pulled into the next station and Zan pushed deep inside me, halting his motion. The doors slid open and no one got on or off our car.

Zan moaned frustratedly into my neck. “I was hoping the people would get off this car, then I’d just bend you over right here and fuck you so good, making us both cum before the next station.”

I gasped, his dirty words arousing me even more. “But they’re not getting off,” I whispered.

Zan groaned softly again. “Apparently no one is ‘getting off’ angel.”

The train started again, the jerky motion pulling Zan out of me a few inches and slamming him back in. I was unable to stop the small whimper of pleasure the action caused.

“I know baby,” Zan whispered as he started his slow motion again. “I know you need to cum.”

“There are seven more stations until we get home,” I whispered. “Thirty minutes at least.” My hands holding the paper were starting to shake and I wondered how much longer my body could take the excruciatingly pleasurable torture.

“It’s okay Liz, you don’t have to wait that long,” he rasped. “The next station is less than five minutes, and right at the top of the stairs is a preppy bar.”

His hard cock inched into me again causing me to shudder in reaction. I understood his words but I didn’t understand how that helped our present problem. “A preppy bar?” I gasped.

Zan nodded. “Clean bathrooms.”

Then I understood. Zan was going to take me in the bathroom and fuck me. Another shiver racked my body as he pulled out again. “Oh yes Zan,” I eagerly agreed. My breath was coming in pants just anticipating the act.

He continued to slide slowly in and out of me until we were pulling into the station. Then he withdrew completely, and I barely stopped the moan of disappointment from his loss. My aching core felt so empty without him.

I heard the soft rasp of his zipper and felt his hands smoothing down my skirt as we stopped. I dropped the newspaper and Zan’s hand around my waist propelled me forward and off the car.

When we reached the stairs, Zan pushed me ahead of him. “You’re not wearing panties remember angel?” he asked. “And no one gets to see that sweet ass but me.”

Reaching the top of the stairs, I didn’t even need him to tell me which direction to go. The preppy bar was lit up with miles of neon and the music was so loud that you could hear it even through the closed door.

We went inside and I was surprised to see how many people were there. They sat and stood everywhere, bodies pressed together, barely leaving enough room for us to enter. Zan pushed through the crowd, trailing me behind him as we made our way to the back.

He stopped us outside the Men’s room and pushed open the door, quickly checking inside before he pulled me in. I noted vaguely that there was someone in one of the stalls when we walked past, but I didn’t care. It was fairly dark inside and the music was so loud that you could probably set off an atom bomb and no one would notice. Zan led me to the stall at the end and locked us inside.

We stood facing each other for a moment before Zan growled. He suddenly lunged toward me, grasping my head in both hands before our lips smashed together. We ate at each other’s mouths hungrily, tongues dueling together, teeth grazing sensitive skin.

As the kiss continued I reached for the front of his pants and pulled down his zipper, and slipping my hand inside I freed his erection, caressing the soft skin. He groaned into my mouth and suddenly lifted me against the wall and surged inside. I was so aroused that I cried out, unable to stop the sound of my pleasure at being filled by him again.

He immediately started a quick pace, pounding into me furiously. I braced my legs against the side of the stall behind him, arching into each of his thrusts, knowing neither of us would last long. Each of Zan’s powerful surges made the whole stall shake and the orgasm that was building inside me was practically taking my breath away.

In the background I heard people enter and exit the bathroom, going about their business. Over the pounding music I could hear shouted words, the occasional rush of water. I didn’t hear anything to make me think that anyone knew was going on practically right under their noses. The music was masking our activities, but at that moment I really didn’t care. I was so close to the edge that all I was concerned about was Zan’s hard length surging inside me.

As Zan continued to pound into me, my whole body shook, and I couldn’t stop a moan escaping. I suddenly felt as if I had no control over my muscles and one of my legs slipped off the wall. Zan held me easily and I grasped at his back as I braced my leg against the toilet. “More Zan,” I gasped in between breaths. ”Fuck me harder!”

“Oh baby,” he growled, increasing his pace, “you’re so fucking sexy!”

He pulled out again and thrust back in, slamming our lower bodies together so hard that I knew I would have bruises tomorrow. But I didn’t care about that either. It felt so good. He did it again and my body jerked and tightened. On the next thrust I felt the flutter low in my body, my inner walls starting to pulse around his cock.

His next thrust pushed me right to the edge. My breath came in quick gasps and my fingers dug into the muscles of his back. I wanted to beg for more, beg for release, but I was incapable of speech. And it didn’t matter anyway because two more of Zan’s powerful thrusts finally set me free. My whole body spasmed and I arched into him crying out.

My core clenched powerfully around Zan’s length and he came growling his release. His hips jerked against me several times as he his hot seed erupted into me, then he collapsed onto me holding us against the wall. My whole body went limp as the energy of the climax washed through me. I couldn’t seem to stop my other leg sliding off the wall and my head dropped onto his shoulder.

Zan kissed my cheek and his fingers stroked through my hair. “Was it worth the wait angel?”

“Mmmmm,” I hummed, my whole body boneless and sated. “It was soooo goooood.”

He kissed my neck and I could feel his smile. “I’d say fucking amazing,” he rasped.

My core continued to squeeze his cock for several long minutes, but the pulses were growing slower and fainter. And as my heartbeat and breathing returned to normal I was able to move again. I wrapped my arms around him. “I certainly won’t argue with you when you can make me feel like this.”

He kissed my neck again. “This isn’t exactly what I had in mind for tonight.”

“I’m not complaining,” I said. I stroked the back of his neck. “But you should put me down, I must be getting heavy.”

Zan pressed his forehead against mine. “Baby you barely weigh anything. And putting you down would take me out of your beautiful pussy.”

I kissed his cheek. “I like you inside too, but we can’t stay here all night.”

Zan groaned and pulled out of me, setting me on the floor. “You’re right,” he said and pressed a quick kiss to my forehead. He fastened himself back into his pants and straightened my skirt. “Let’s go home.”

I was surprised by his sudden change. “Okay.” He turned to the door. “Um Zan, can I have my panties back now?”

The corner of his mouth lifted in a smile as he turned back to me. “No,” he said patting his pocket with a wink. “I think I’ll just hold on to these.”

“But Zan,” I objected, reaching toward his pocket.

He intercepted my hand easily and lifted it to his mouth. “There’s no reason to put them on angel. I saw all kinds of cabs outside the bar. We’ll be home soon and you’ll just have to take them off again when we get there.” He squeezed my rear with his free hand. “And I like knowing your bare ass is hanging out and I’ve got such easy access.”

I gasped in surprise and he kissed my hand again. “Besides, just a minute ago you said you weren’t going to argue with me.”

I opened my mouth to object again and Zan stopped my words with a lingering kiss. His tongue thrust inside my mouth brushing against my own, caressing, soothing. And by the time he pulled away I had pretty much forgotten what I was going to say.

“Let’s go home angel,” he said.

I nodded.

Zan smiled and cracked the door open looking around briefly before moving to the outer door. Again he looked around and then motioned to me. We exited the bar as quickly as possible and got a cab outside.

He wrapped his arms around me and I snuggled into his side during the ride. Neither of us spoke, and after a few minutes we arrived at our building. The ride up in the elevator was also silent, and as we reached our door I suddenly realized that the thing occupying Zan’s mind had returned.



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