Appetite - Part 2


Part 2


I took a quick shower and changed clothes, putting on a lacy thong under my shorts, but forgoing the bra beneath my shirt.

Max’s huge SUV returned in less than the hour they had given me and I was glad. I had just finished getting ready and I rushed down to meet them.

Max took me into his arms kissing me thoroughly. His hand slid into my hair and his tongue pushed into my mouth. I reached up to grasp his shoulders kissing him back hungrily. His taste and smell enveloped me, making me remember the pleasure of the last time we were together.

Oh how I wanted them!

Max and I ate at each others’ mouths until we were forced to break apart.

He smiled. “Mmmm, hey baby.”

Zan slipped his arm around my waist and nuzzled my neck. “Are you ready Liz?”

“Yes,” I said breathlessly.

Max released me and took my case and Zan led me to the back door, opening it. I stopped in surprise when I saw inside. The back seats had all been taken out of the SUV and the floor was covered by blankets and pillows.

I turned to Zan with a raised eyebrow, and he smiled.

Max spoke softly behind us. “Zan gets to have you first this time.”

Zan squeezed my ass pulling me closer against him. “And I couldn’t wait baby.” He kissed my neck again. “I know you want it too,” he said arrogantly. “We’ll fuck while Max drives.”

I reached down and brushed his already hard cock through his pants. “Oh yeah,” I said. “That’s exactly what I want.”

“Fuck,” Max growled. “I am so jealous.”

I winked at him. “You’ll get your turn.”

Max smiled and got into the front, putting my case on the passenger’s seat with their luggage.

Zan helped me in the back and I sat on the blankets. I’d noticed from the outside the windows were a very dark tint that prevented anyone from seeing inside, but I really didn’t care. I wanted Zan so much I was past caring about anything else.

Zan climbed in and shut the door behind him with a grin. “We’ve got a whole hour baby, and I plan to fuck you the whole time.”

I smiled at him. “Where do you want to start?”

He crawled toward me, holding my eyes. “First I’m going to taste every inch of you.”

He slipped off my sandals and tossed them aside. His hands slid slowly up my legs pushing them apart. Settling between my legs, he brushed his fingers over my clit. “Especially your sweet pussy.”

Gripping my hips he scooted me forward so that his erection pressed hard against me. “Then I’m going to slide inside and fuck you so good.”

His hands went to the hem of my shirt and slowly pushed it up. “And I’m going to make you cum again and again.”

I shivered with arousal, his dirty talk driving me wild. I reached up pulling his head to mine kissing him hard.

He kissed me back, thrusting his tongue into my mouth, the metal of his piercing a forgotten surprise. Lifting my shirt higher, his hands stroked over my distended nipples, making my body jerk.

Zan broke the kiss as he pulled the shirt over my head and tossed it aside. He grinned. “No bra. What a bad girl.”

I smiled. “You said I wouldn’t need any clothes.”

He growled and dipped his head going directly for my breast. His hot mouth closed over me, sucking my tender flesh, and he quickly flicked his piercing over my nipple.

I moaned with the exquisite pleasure and grasped at his head.

He nipped and sucked at my breast and I ground my center against him.

Suddenly he withdrew and I moaned with disappointment. He smiled and stripped his shirt over his head. “I’m not going anywhere darlin’,” he said with a wink.

I reached for him and he kissed me hard. His naked chest pressed against my breasts rubbing my sensitive peaks. I wrapped my arms around him, my hands greedily roaming over the sculpted muscles on his back.

He kissed me deeply, lingeringly before nibbling a path down to my neck. His teeth grazed across my throat drawing a gasp from me.

He moved lower, over my collarbone, placing open-mouth kisses across my chest. Briefly he took my other breast into his mouth, using his tongue stud to circle my nipple. As he continued lower his hands traced along the underside of my breasts. He licked at the skin of my stomach and dipped his tongue into my navel.

I arched into him and his hands went to the fastening of my shorts. “Mmmm,” he purred against my skin, “you taste so good, just like I remember.”

He unbuttoned my shorts and pressed a kiss to my lower stomach. “I have to see if the rest of you is just as good.”

He slowly lowered my zipper and pressed a kiss to the skin he had just uncovered. His fingers hooked into the waistband of my shorts and I lifted up to help him take them off.

Zan striped them down my legs and tossed them aside. He gripped my foot and kissed the instep, licking and kissing his way up my leg. He nipped at the back of my knee, and continued more slowly up the inside of my thigh.

I gasped, panting with anticipation as he approached my core. I wanted his mouth on me so desperately and I felt a rush of liquid between my legs.

He kissed the hollow of my thigh and his tongue traced a line along the edge of my panties. His fingers brushed over my core. “Baby you’re wearing a thong.”

“Yes,” I said breathlessly.

He looked up to meet my eyes. “Turn over and let me see that sweet ass.”

I didn’t want to turn over, I wanted his mouth on me, but I knew he was just teasing, drawing out the pleasure with the anticipation.

I turned over as he wanted and immediately his lips pressed against the small of my back. “Beautiful,” he purred. His teeth grazed over both globes of my ass before he started kissing up the line of my spine. His knees pushed against my thighs splaying them even farther.

He kissed my shoulder blades and then my neck. His hands went to my thighs opening me even wider to him. His erection pressed into my center, grinding against me as he bit my neck near my ear.

I moaned and started to rock back against him.

Zan moved with me grinding his cock into my lace-covered flesh. He licked the shell of my ear. “You like that baby?” he growled. “Do you want me to fuck you like this?”

“Yes,” I gasped. “Fuck me now.”

He pressed hard against me. “Not so fast darlin’,” he said. “I haven’t even had a taste yet.”

I shivered as his hands smoothed across my hips and he gripped the thin string of my thong. He tugged it up drawing it tight, rubbing over my clit. His tongue licked back down my spine and when he reached my thong he started pulling it down.

His teeth sank gently into my ass. “You’re soaking wet for me aren’t you baby?” he growled. “I can smell it.”

I nodded. “I want you so much.”

He kissed his way down my leg following the scrap of lace as he stripped it off me.

“Turn back over and show me,” he ordered.

I obeyed him instantly desperate for his touch, and spread my legs wide in invitation. I was dripping wet and I knew my lower lips would glisten with the moisture.

Zan’s eyes roamed over my exposed sex greedily. “You’re beautiful baby.” he purred.

He moved to the side and turned to the front seat with a wink and shit-eating grin. “Can you see this Max?” he asked. “Can you see her beautiful pussy?”

I looked to the front and saw Max’s eyes in the rearview mirror. His predatory gaze traveled down my exposed body and widened in arousal. “Fuck!” he exclaimed.

Zan smiled wider and turned back to me. He dipped his head and I held my breath hoping he was finally going to put his mouth on me.

He went directly to my inner thigh kissing and sucking my skin, slowly moving closer to my core. His hands pushed my legs wider. I felt his tongue tracing a line along the hollow of my thigh and I gasped and writhed beneath him.

His lips left my skin and his hot breath puffed against my center. “Baby, you’re soaking wet.”

I couldn’t stand his teasing any more. “Touch me!” I gasped.

He blew cool air against my core, and with a feathers’ touch his fingers grazed over my clit.

My body jerked and I gasped as electricity ripped through me.

His fingers brushed me again and suddenly his mouth was on me. I whimpered in relief almost climaxing with the pleasure.

A rush of liquid poured from my core and he lapped it up, his tongue piercing grazing my over-sensitive flesh. “Mmmmm,” he growled, “even sweeter than I remember.”

Immediately he returned to my clit and sucked it into his mouth. His tongue swirled around my nub and my body lifted into him. He grazed my clit with his teeth and then released it.

Slowly he placed kisses down my lower lips, moving to my aching center. He sucked and licked my folds parting them, delving more deeply.

I held my breath as he reached my core, anticipating more teasing, but he plunged his tongue inside. I arched into him. “Oh yes!”

He stroked deep into me several times before withdrawing to lap up my juices. I squirmed under him, silently begging him to continue.

He returned to my clit, brushing the metal stud rapidly over it, sending shocks of electricity through me. I was so aroused that I quickly approached climax. My breath came in gasps and my whole body tensed.

Suddenly he plunged his tongue into me again. He stroked deep inside several times as his fingers went to my clit rubbing it rapidly. Then his piercing hit my G-spot as he pinched my nub and I came instantly.

I moaned my completion and Zan growled.

His mouth continued to move over me collecting every drop of moisture. When he was finished he looked up to meet my eyes, a crooked grin lifting one side of his mouth. “Baby, you taste even sweeter when you cum.”

He leaned back and his hands went to the fastening on his jeans. With a single motion he pushed his pants and boxers down his hips, and then tossed them aside.

My body was still humming with the orgasm, but I watched eagerly as his impressive length was revealed. Finally he would be inside me.

He moved over me with a smile, pressing our bodies together, his erection at my core. I thought he would tease me some more, but he only paused for a moment before slowly entering me.

“Oh!” I gasped, grabbing at his back.

His grin widened at my surprise and he pushed inside to the hilt. “I forgot how fucking tight you are,” he said with a groan. “Mmmm baby, I really missed this.”

I nodded. “Me too,” I admitted, wrapping my legs around him. “You feel so good!”

He started to rock his hips slowly against me, barely moving his cock in and out. “Do I feel good inside you baby?”

I moaned with the exquisite feelings he was causing. “Oh yes,” I gasped. “So hard, so big!” My fingers sank into the muscles of his back as I lifted my hips in time with his.

Suddenly I realized there was music playing and the lyrics reached my brain.

Break me down
You got a lovely face
We're going to your place
And now you got to freak me out
Scream so loud
Getting fucking laid
You want me to stay

He kissed me hard as he continued to undulate his hips. His tongue pushed into my mouth dueling with mine. I could taste myself on him, and it made me want him more.

I reached down grabbing his ass, urging him to go faster.

You're a crazy bitch
But you fuck so good I'm on top of it
When I dream
I'm doing you all night
Scratches all down my back to keep me right on

He broke the kiss with a deep chuckle. “Oh no baby,” he rumbled. “We have lots of time.”

His hips rocked against me slowly, barely moving his cock an inch or two inside. The motion also caused his erection to brush over my clit both directions. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and with just a few of his strokes I was shivering beneath him.

Get the video
Fuck you so good
Get the video
Fuck you so good

As Zan continued his casual pace he dipped his head and took my breast into his mouth. His tongue leisurely circled my peak, moving ever closer until I was gasping with anticipation. I arched into him and he finally brushed over my nipple, drawing a moan of pleasure from me.

Switching sides he gave my other breast the same thorough attention, using his tongue stud to flick quickly over my hard nub. After a moment he left my breast and licked a path up to my neck. His mouth brushed over my sensitive skin, stopping occasionally to suck and nip.

Baby girl
You want it all
To be a star you'll have to go down
Take it off
No need to talk
You're crazy but I like the way you fuck me!

He slowly slid in and out, maintaining his rhythm as he devoured my neck. His teeth grazed across my throat before he paused sucking my skin hard. It would leave marks, but I didn’t care.

I was approaching climax, but not quickly enough. My instinct was to speed up the pace and I raised my hips and grasped at his back. “Fuck Zan!” I gasped.

He chuckled again and kept his motion the same, but he reached up cupping my breasts. Using his thumbs he caressed them slowly, occasionally flicking across my nipples with his nails. Jolts of electricity surged through me and I arched up whimpering my pleasure.

You're a crazy bitch
But you fuck so good I'm on top of it
When I dream
I'm doing you all night
Scratches all down my back
Come on!
You keep me right on
You're crazy but I like the way you fuck me!

I angled my hips as his cock continued to rock inside me. He sucked my neck hard as he pinched my nipples, and I dug my fingers into his back as I finally came.

He placed kisses over my breasts as I rode out the orgasm. “Baby, you are so good,” he rumbled. “Even better than I remember.”

I smiled. “You’re not so bad yourself.”

One side of his mouth raised in a smile. He leaned down and kissed me thoroughly. Eventually his lips left mine and moved down slowly across my neck and chest. Finally his mouth closed over my breast flicking my nipple rapidly with his tongue.

Suddenly he pulled out of me and effortlessly flipped me over, his body covering mine. His knees splayed my legs wide, opening me to him completely, and his still-hard cock pressed against my core. His teeth grazed my neck near my ear. “Are you ready to get fucked Liz?”

“Yes,” I gasped, rubbing against him.

Pushing just his tip inside he paused, biting my neck. “Good and hard just like you want it.”

I nodded. “Fuck me now.”

He slammed into me and I cried out. His lips touched my back between my shoulder blades. “That’s what you like isn’t it baby? My big cock inside you.”

“Oh yes,” I moaned. “I love your cock. Give me more.”

He started to move. “I’ll give you all you want darlin’.”

His first two strokes were tentative but then he found his rhythm. He surged into me hard and fast, his entire length sliding in and out.

He felt so good, so right, and I wondered briefly how I had denied myself.

He was so big, and the friction inside me was incredible. In and out, in and out, our skin slapping together with the power of his surges. My body was already sensitive from the other orgasms, and I was quickly building to another.

His teeth sank into my shoulder and I arched back whimpering my pleasure.

“Louder baby,” Zan growled. “Let Max hear how good I’m fucking you. It will drive him crazy.”

His knees strained against my thighs, opening me even wider. He pumped into me harder, filling me completely with every surge.

“Oh yes!” I cried out. “Oh so good!”

He grasped my breasts and stroked my nipples quickly, sending surges of electricity though me. My core started to pulse around him and a half dozen more of his powerful strokes sent me over the edge.

I came screaming his name. “Zaaaaaan!”

My body clenched around him as the orgasm ripped through me.

“Fuck baby!” he groaned. He pushed completely inside me and halted his motion, but he still didn’t come.

He held me tightly as we both worked to catch our breath. For several minutes he placed soft, warm kisses over my neck and shoulders as he continued to stroke my breasts.

I couldn’t help but smile. Zan was still hard and I knew he would take me again.

Eventually he pulled out and lifted me gently in his arms. He sat back against the wall and turned me toward him, settling me in his lap.

The orgasm was still washing through my body, but when his lips touched mine I kissed him back hungrily. His hand slowly traveled over my breast, down my stomach and between my legs. Gently his fingers stroked my clit. Again and again they brushed over me, the pressure and speed gradually increasing, and within moments I was rubbing against his hand.

He lifted my hips, impaling me on his still-hard cock and I groaned with the sensation of being filled again. As he continued to kiss me I started to move, rocking my hips. I squeezed his cock with my inner muscles and he groaned.

“Liz! Oh fuck!”

One of his hands moved to the small of my back holding me to him and the other gripped my hip. I lifted up letting him slide out almost completely before taking him back inside. He thrust up into me meeting my rhythm.

I could tell he was holding on to his control by a thin thread and I increased my pace. At this angle I easily took the length of him inside, and every stroke of him in and out hit my G-spot perfectly. I arched back with the pleasure. “Zan you feel so good! So big!”

Our movements became frantic as we rapidly approached the edge. Zan grunted his exertion and my breath came in quick gasps. My motion started to falter as my body clenched and shook.

Zan’s hands tightened around me, and his teeth sank into my shoulder. He slammed into me even harder. My inner muscles squeezed his cock hard and we climaxed together.

We both cried out with the power of the orgasm. I collapsed against Zan’s chest and he rested his head on my shoulder. His hot puffs of breath tickled my skin as I worked to catch my own.

If this was an indication of what was to come, I didn’t know if I would survive the weekend. But what a way to go!

I kissed Zan’s chest, grazing my teeth over his tattoo. “I don’t know how I lived without this the last two months.”

Zan smiled. “Me either baby, but we can definitely make up for lost time this weekend.”

I smiled. “We just got off to a good start.”

He returned my smile as he squeezed my ass. “Mmmmm, yes we did.” He kissed me quickly and winked. “I may not be able to walk.”

I laughed as I stretched languorously. I felt so good, so satisfied.

Zan’s hands brushed over my breasts again. “Baby you are driving me insane with that hot little body.”

“But you just had me,” I said with a smile. “Several times.”

He kissed my breast and then my lips. “I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you.”

“Me either,” I said. I kissed him and lifted up, letting his softening cock slide out of me.

He groaned. “But I definitely need a little time to recover.”

I giggled and sat down beside him, wondering where my clothes had gone.

For the first time I looked out the window and noticed our surroundings. We were on a private road just emerging from the trees into a clearing. There was a huge white beach house next to a lake and Max stopped the car in front.

He twisted in the seat. “Fuck you two are loud. Listening to you, and the few glimpses of Liz’s body I got in the mirror was driving me crazy.” His eyes burned with desire as they met mine. “And when I saw you riding Zan I swear I nearly crashed the fucking truck.”

Zan chuckled as he kissed my cheek. “Just wanted you to hear what you were missing bro.”

Max’s eyes roamed over my body almost like a caress before he met my gaze. “Well you’re mine now,” he growled.

My breath caught and I was instantly aroused again. He looked so dangerous and sexy I wanted him immediately. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he got out and stalked around to the back passenger’s door where I was seated.

I twisted toward him as he opened the door and he gripped my hips pulling me to him so he was between my legs. He kissed me hard, holding my head with one hand, and freeing his cock with the other.

Suddenly he thrust inside me and I moaned with the pleasure.

“You’ve had enough foreplay, haven’t you baby?” he growled. “You just want me to fuck you.”

“Oh yes Max,” I gasped. There was nothing I wanted more.

He grasped my hips and set a furious pace, hammering into me until it was almost painful. But I loved it, loved that I could turn him on so much, loved that he wanted me so much.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and arched up to meet his thrusts.

Max’s powerful surges buried him to the hilt and our skin slapped together. I knew I would probably be sore, but it was worth it. His huge cock stroked my over-sensitive walls so deliciously and an incredible orgasm was building inside me.

He growled as he increased his pace and I grasped at his back, digging my fingers into his straining muscles. My breath came in quick, high-pitched whimpers that I couldn’t seem to contain.

I was so aroused and I knew I wouldn’t last long. My whole body shook with the power of the climax building inside me.

Max growled again as he hammered into me. “Liz, you’re so fucking tight!” he groaned in a strangled voice.

He increased his pace again and I thought I would pass out with the pleasure. My vision started to blur and I couldn’t seem to do anything but hold on to him. “Oh yes!” I whimpered breathlessly. “Max! Max!”

A few more of his thrusts pushed me over the edge, taking me by surprise. “Oooooh Max!” I moaned.

My body clenched around him, my inner muscles clamping down on his cock. He buried himself deep and came with a groan. His hips surged against me a couple of times as his length jerked inside, emptying his hot seed.

Max held me tightly and kissed my forehead as I attempted to catch my breath. “Mmmmm baby, that was definitely worth the wait.”

I slid my hands under his shirt, caressing the smooth skin of his back. “Yes it was,” I purred, the satisfaction evident in my voice.

He held me a few more minutes before he pulled out and fastened himself back in his jeans. Leaning forward he kissed me as his fingers stroked through my lower lips. “Your sweet pussy is even better than I remember,” he rumbled.

Again he kissed me as he effortlessly lifted me into his arms.

“I’m naked,” I protested.

He chucked. “Don’t worry,” he said with a wink, “I’ll take care of you.”

He called back over his shoulder. “And Zan can get his naked ass out of the truck and bring in the luggage.”

Easily he carried me to the house, unlocking the door and taking me upstairs. We went into a bedroom and he placed me in the large bed. I watched greedily as he quickly discarded his clothes, revealing his magnificent body to me.

He smiled wickedly when he saw me looking at him. “Mmmmm baby,” he rumbled, “what you do to me.”

He slid into the bed next to me and pulled the blanket over us before taking me in his arms. “I really missed you Liz.”

I let my hands roam over his chest. “I missed you too.” I kissed his pec, grazing his nipple with my teeth. “I really missed your body, how you feel inside me, how you fuck.”

His hand cupped my breast and he flicked my nipple.

I gasped, but a yawn caught me by surprise, and I unsuccessfully tried to stifle it. “I’m sorry,” I said embarrassed.

Max smiled. “It’s okay baby,” he rumbled. “We already wore you out.”

He kissed my forehead. “Go to sleep,” he whispered. “We have plenty of time tomorrow.”

I rested my head against his chest and closed my eyes. I was sleepy; completely relaxed and languorous. I smiled, incredible sex will do that every time. I released a deep breath, loving the feeling of his warm body wrapped around mine. “You smell so good,” I said sleepily.

His hands roamed over my back soothingly. “Go to sleep Liz.”

I drifted off quickly, my last conscious thought of the two beautiful brothers and how lucky I was to have them.



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