Appetite - Part 3


Part 3


Sometime during the night I was aware Zan had joined us in bed. His warm body was pressed against my back and his arm was draped across my leg. Hot puffs of his breath tickled my shoulder, and I could tell from the slow, even rhythm that he was deeply asleep.

I was still tired and my eyes closed heavily as sleep overcame me.

When I awoke again, sunlight filtered in through the closed curtains and Zan was gone. But Max was still next to me.

We were facing one another, our naked bodies pressed closely together. My head rested against his muscular chest and his legs were tangled in mine. I deeply inhaled his intoxicating scent, becoming instantly aroused.

The skin of his chest was so surprisingly soft beneath my hand. It was a wonderful contrast to his steely muscles and his already hard cock I could feel pressed into my stomach. I let my fingers trail over his arm as I nuzzled his chest. I loved feeling his muscular body against mine. Oh how I wanted him!

But as much as I wanted him, I wanted a shower more.

I could see the bathroom just beyond him and I decided to take a quick shower while Max was still sleeping. Carefully I disentangled myself from him and scooted out of the bed. I let my eyes roam over him as I padded toward the bathroom. He was so beautiful.

I shivered with desire. Maybe I should wake Max up and we could have a shower together.

With a smile I left the door ajar, knowing he would hear the water running and join me. He didn’t get much of a turn yesterday, and I intended to make it up to him.

I turned on the water, making sure it was nice and hot, and stepping under the spray I quickly washed my body and hair. I was just finishing when I heard the bed creak. Max was waking up.

I faced the door, letting the water sluice over me, planning to give Max a show. I closed my eyes and slowly started to move my hands over my body. With one hand I brushed over my breasts, slowly caressing my skin. My other hand went lower, across my stomach to the juncture of my thighs, going directly for my clit.

I brushed over my nub again and again, my hips automatically moving in time to my strokes. I gasped and gripped my breast, my nipples hardening. My head arched back as the sensations washed through me, and I rubbed my clit faster.

“That’s my job baby,” Max’s gruff voice interrupted me.

I stopped my action, and slowly opened my eyes, meeting his gaze through the glass shower door. He was standing naked just inside the room, his huge erection jutting out. I smiled seductively. “Then come over here and get to work.”

A hungry, predatory look crossed his face, his eyes skimming greedily over my body. He held my gaze as he came forward, entering the shower and sliding the door shut behind him. He closed the distance between us, placing his hands on the wall on either side of my head.

Slowly he pressed his body to mine, so that we touched from knees to chests. The water from the shower rolled over him, accenting his magnificent physique, making me want him even more. His erection pressed against me and I shivered with desire.

He lowered his head and brushed my mouth with his, once, twice. His lips nibbled and teased, and then pressed more firmly as he deepened the kiss. I opened my mouth, inviting him inside. His tongue stroked mine, the kiss becoming quickly heated.

As he continued the kiss, one of his hands tangled in my hair. The other slowly skimmed down my body, cupping my breast. He brushed over my nipple, causing it to harden before he moved lower.

His fingers trailed across my stomach, sending shocks of electricity through me. He reached the juncture of my thighs, delving into my curls before finally reaching my clit.

With a feather’s touch he stroked me. His motion across my nub varied, moving back and forth and then in circles, and I was forced to break the kiss as I gasped. My hands went to his shoulders, and his lips found my neck.

He brushed over my clit as he licked and sucked my neck. His prickly overnight beard grazed across my delicate skin, bringing a gasp to my lips.

I trailed my hands down his chest, skimming down his sides, trying to pull him closer.

Max kissed my ear. “Do you want me baby?”

I dug my fingers into his back. “Oh yes!”

He pushed his knee against my thigh, widening my stance. “Let’s see how much,” he whispered.

His fingers slid deeper, parting my folds and skimming over my core. “Baby, you’re always so wet,” he growled.

“That’s because I want you so much,” I gasped.

Max pressed a hard kiss to my lips. “Well I didn’t get to taste you last night.” He nipped at my chin. “So I’ve definitely got to have one now.”

He placed open-mouth kisses down my neck and chest, licking, and grazing my skin with his teeth and stubbly beard. When he reached my breast he didn’t tease as I expected, but took my soft mound into his mouth. He sucked me hard, rapidly flicking his tongue over my nub.

I wound my hands around his neck, gripping his head, holding him to me. It felt wonderful, but I wanted more.

And as if Max could hear my thoughts, he suddenly left my breast and moved lower. His teeth scraped across my stomach as he knelt before me. His hands went to my hips and he looked up meeting my eyes. “Hold on to me baby.”

I gripped his shoulders and he lifted my leg, setting my foot on a shelf, opening me wide to him. His eyes skimmed my exposed sex for a moment, a satisfied smile lifting the corners of his mouth.

“You are so damn perfect baby,” he rumbled.

His fingers brushed over my clit, barely touching me. He pressed a kiss to my lower stomach as he slowly parted my slick folds.

I practically held my breath waiting for him to continue, but suddenly he dipped his head and plunged his tongue deep inside me.

I thought he would tease, or take his time, but he immediately started eating at my pussy like he would never get enough. His tongue thrust into me again and again, hard and fast, only stopping occasionally to lick and suck at my lower lips, gathering the moisture he created.

His hands gripped my thighs, pushing my legs wider as he continued his assault. He took my clit into his mouth, sucking it hard, grazing it with his teeth. I cried out, digging my fingers into his muscles as my knees nearly buckled.

He left my clit and licked back down to my core. With a feather’s touch he circled the edge, fluttering his tongue over me.

I moaned with the pleasure, desperately needing more. Holding him tightly I moved my hips, grinding my aching core against him.

With a low chuckle he grasped my thighs tighter and plunged his tongue back inside.

A whimper escaped me as he thrust into me deeply. He set a quick rhythm, surging inside again and again. He angled his tongue so the tip brushed my G-spot with his every stroke.

The pleasure sent shocks of electricity through me, making my body shake as I quickly approached climax. I tilted my hips, trying to get even closer to him, and opened my legs wide. “Max!” I gasped.

Suddenly his thumb was on my clit, rubbing it hard. He timed the caress with the strokes of his tongue.

I dug my nails into his shoulders as my whole body arched. I felt my core start to clench.

Max must have felt it too. He plunged his tongue deep into me and pinched my clit, and the orgasm ripped through me.

I came moaning his name. “Oh Maaaaax!”

He continued to hold me firmly, kissing and licking my lower lips as the pleasure washed through me. His tongue swirled around through my folds, making sure to cover every inch.

Slowly he kissed his way back up my body, paying special attention to each breast before standing before me. Pressing his body to mine he kissed me hard.

His hand slid down my chest and across my stomach, brushing over my clit. “Baby your sweet pussy is the best I’ve ever had.”

He stroked through my folds skimming over my core. “I love touching you, and tasting you, and there is nothing better than being inside you.”

I smiled and reached down to grasp his erection, squeezing him lightly. “Then come inside.”

He smiled and kissed me as he reached to turn off the water. Taking my hand, he led me out of the shower and pulled a fluffy, white towel off the rack. He wrapped it around me, gently drying my skin.

He skimmed the towel over my back and chest, rubbing my breasts briefly before moving lower. Kneeling before me he pressed a kiss to my stomach before drying it, and continued down one leg. Traveling back up the other leg he surprised me by quickly drawing his tongue through my lower lips and across my clit.

I shivered with arousal and he stood before me, taking me in his arms. “Baby, I have to make sure you’re dry. I can’t have you catching cold.”

He moved behind me and rubbed the towel over my back and down my ass. Suddenly the towel was gone and his hands moved over me.

I met his gaze in the mirror. “I think I’m dry now,” I gasped.

He smiled as he pressed our bodies together and pushed me against the bathroom counter. “I’m not so sure,” he said teasingly. “I’d better check.”

His hand traveled down my thigh and he lifted it so my knee rested on the counter. He nuzzled my neck as his fingers brushed over my core. “Oh no baby, you’re soaking wet.”

I smiled. “Then you’d better keep me warm.”

He bit my shoulder. “I think I can do better than that darlin’,” he growled.

I felt his erection pressing against my core a moment before he pushed inside. Slowly he sank deeper until his entire length was within me.

I reached back grasping at his head. “Oh you feel so good!”

His arms slid around me, and he nuzzled my neck as he grasped my breasts. “Do you like me inside Liz?”

“Oh yes,” I gasped, meeting his eyes in the mirror. “You’re so big and hard, and you do the most incredible things to me.”

He smiled, holding my eyes. “Oh yeah baby.” He kissed my neck. “And I’m going to do you again and again.”

One of his hands teased my nipple, as the other slid down my body. Slowly he skimmed over my stomach, circling my navel before moving on to my clit. I thought he would start to move, finally fuck me, but he stayed still, completely sheathed within me.

His fingers brushed over my clit, barely touching me. With his other hand he caressed my breast, stroking my nipple.

Shocks of energy surged through me and my body arched.

“Mmmmmm, that’s it baby,” he growled as his eyes skimmed over my body in the mirror. “That’s what you like.”

He bit my shoulder as he rubbed my clit faster. It felt so good, but I wanted him so much, it just wasn’t enough. I tried to move my hips, but he held me in place with his body, pressing me into the counter.

He increased the speed and pressure on my clit and I whimpered with need. “Max,” I gasped, “fuck me now!”

His eyes held mine, and he smiled. “Not yet baby.”

I grasped at his arm around me as my body tightened. I was so turned on that moisture was pouring from my core. In the mirror I could see my juices glistening on Max’s cock where it entered my body.

He continued to rub my clit hard and fast while he stroked my nipple. His lips moved over my neck, kissing and nipping.

My core started to flutter around his hard length. Instead of moving inside me, he was a constant, solid presence, and it was incredible. I had never felt anything like it.

I couldn’t seem to stop my body’s reactions. I whimpered with each of his strokes, and my muscles jerked. My core squeezed him rhythmically harder and harder.

He pinched my nipples as he sucked my neck, and I finally flew over the edge. My inner muscles clamped down on his erection and I moaned my pleasure.

“Oh fuck baby,” he growled.

He kissed my shoulder and continued to stroke my body as the orgasm washed through me. My core pulsed around him and he didn’t even let me catch my breath before he started to slowly withdraw.

I was so sensitive inside that his movement drew a whimper from me.

He splayed one hand across my stomach and the other between my breasts. When he was almost all the way out he stopped.

My eyes flew to his in the mirror. A cocky grin raised the corners of his mouth. “Now you’re going to get fucked.”

I nodded eagerly and my gaze dropped to where he was joined with me. “Fuck me Max,” I gasped.

I watched him plunge inside, quickly finding a rhythm. His length appeared and disappeared within me, coated with my moisture. The sensations were incredible, but watching him sink deep into my core was driving me wild.

It only took minutes of his powerful surges to bring me to climax. My whole body clenched with the power of it, but Max didn’t stop. He didn’t even slow his pace, but continued to hammer into me hard and fast.

I gasped for air, but my body moved, straining to meet his. Again and again I watched his cock thrust inside me, quickly pushing me to the edge.

An incredible orgasm was building within me, but I wanted more. I looked up to meet his eyes. “Harder Max!” I demanded. “Harder!”

“Oh fuck!” he groaned.

He slammed into me, practically lifting me off the counter with the power of his surges. I moaned with each of his thrusts. It felt so good!

“Is that what you want baby?” he growled.

“Oh Max yes!” I cried out.

I arched back, grasping at his head, holding him to me as our bodies moved in tandem. With a half dozen more of his surges I reached the edge again.

My movements became jerky as my body tightened, my breath coming in quick gasps. I couldn’t do anything but hold on to him.

In and out, in and out, I watched his cock in the mirror. Suddenly my vision blurred and I came apart screaming.

Max growled as he came, pushing deep inside me.

My body shook with the pleasure and Max held me tightly, nuzzling my neck. I was completely satisfied and boneless, and I was pretty sure that I couldn’t have stood without his support. So I simply leaned into him, enjoying the feeling of his warm, hard body pressed to mine.

We both worked to catch our breath, our eyes meeting in the mirror.

A smile crossed Max’s face. “Now that was a good fuck,” he said.

I grinned in response. “Yes it was.”

He kissed my shoulder as he pulled out. His hand smoothed down my leg and he gently lowered it to the floor. His arms went around my waist, turning me to him.

Our lips met in a languid kiss. His hand tangled in my hair to hold me to him, and my hands wound around his neck. It was the kiss of two well-satisfied people, slow, deep and sensual. Our tongues stroked softly together, breath intermingling, as if we couldn’t get enough of one another.

We separated gradually, but Max still held me within his arms. “Mmmmm,” he rumbled. “I have never had anyone like you Liz. I am so glad we found you again.”

I nodded. “So am I.”

He smiled suddenly. “I’m going to take a real shower this time,” he said with a wink. “Do you want to join me?”

I shook my head. “We’d never make it out of the bathroom,” I said with a laugh. “And I really need some breakfast.”

He kissed me again quickly. “Well it’s your loss baby.”

I grabbed a fluffy robe hanging on the back of the door as Max stepped back into the shower. Now that I’d had him, and he’d satisfied me so well, all I could think about was coffee.

I went downstairs and looked around, trying to decide where the kitchen might be. But the wonderful aroma of freshly brewed coffee led me in the right direction.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I realized Zan must have made the coffee, but his presence in the kitchen surprised me. He was sitting at the table with a cup in front of him.

“Good morning baby,” he greeted with a smile.

“Hey Zan,” I said, smiling back. He was absolutely gorgeous. His golden eyes sparkled, and his hair hung rakishly over his forehead. He was naked except for a pair of black boxers and I couldn’t help letting my eyes roam over his exposed chest and arms.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and took a huge gulp. “Mmmmm, I needed that.”

I met his gaze. “So what are we doing today?” I asked.

Zan smiled and his eyes roamed over me. “Other than having you?”

I couldn’t help but smile as I nodded. “Well, you and Max did plan to come up here before you saw me, so you must have something in mind.”

Zan twisted slightly in his chair, making his muscles flex, and my breath catch. “We didn’t have anything specific in mind,” he said. “Closing up the house for the season, maybe some swimming and fishing.”

I nearly choked on the coffee I was drinking. I didn’t really know much about them, but they didn’t seem like the fishing types. I arched my eyebrow. “Fishing?”

His smile widened. “Well we don’t need to now,” he said with a chuckle. “We already caught what we really wanted.”

He cocked his head. “Come over here baby.”

I set my empty cup in the sink and walked to the table, intending to take a seat. But when I got near Zan, his arm snaked around my waist and he pulled me into his lap, so my legs straddled his. “That’s better,” he growled.

He kissed me briefly, and I could taste the coffee he’d been drinking.

Zan’s eyes skimmed over the robe I was wearing. My position caused the fabric to gap so that he could easily see I was naked beneath. His hand went to my neck, stroking down between my breasts, parting the robe to expose me to him even more. “So my little brother had you this morning?” he asked with a wink.

“Yeah,” I said with a smile.

His hand moved lower, between my parted legs, brushing over my clit. “And did he do you good baby?” he rumbled, stroking me.

I nodded. “It was really good,” I gasped, becoming instantly aroused.

He continued to brush over my lower lips and clit, holding my eyes as he spoke. “And how did he take you?” he growled. “In the shower? Did he fuck you against the wall?”

I shook my head, as my body arched into him. I grasped at his shoulders to steady myself. “No,” I said breathlessly. “He went down on me in the shower.”

He dipped his head, placing a kiss between my breasts. His other hand slid inside my robe, skimming down my side. He nuzzled the fabric open even more and took my breast into his mouth as he continued to stroke my clit.

He sucked my breast, flicking over my distended nipple with his tongue stud. My hips started to move against his hand as an orgasm quickly built within me. He rubbed my clit harder and released my breast, kissing my neck near my ear. “And where did he fuck you?” he growled.

“On the bathroom counter,” I gasped.

Suddenly he gripped my hips and stood up, kicking the chair back, and carried me to the counter. He set me down and pulled me forward, so I rested on the very edge, my legs splayed wide apart as I pressed hard against him. One of his hands went to the small of my back, holding me as he stripped his boxers off, and then he was inside.

I cried out as his hard length filled me.

His other hand grasped my head, pulling me to him for a hard kiss, as he started a furious pace, surging into me hard and deep.

I wrapped my legs around him, digging my fingers into his shoulders, lifting my hips to meet his every thrust.

We ate at each others’ mouths until we were forced apart, gasping for air.

He grunted his effort, hammering into me, his hot breath puffing against my ear.

My arms and legs tightened, holding him to me, wanting, needing him closer. I dug my heels into his ass, trying to get some traction. I couldn’t seem to take him deep enough, fast enough.

He seemed to sense my urgency and thrust into me even harder. His every surge buried him completely into my aching core. His fast, hard pace was building us both up quickly. Neither of us would last much longer.

I whimpered with the pleasure, unable to contain myself even if I wanted to. But I wanted Zan to know how incredible he was making me feel, and I knew he liked hearing it. “Zan yes!” I breathed harshly. “Zan!”

“Fuck baby!” he groaned, his arms tightening around me.

My hips arched into him again and again, and suddenly my muscles tightened as I flew over the edge. High-pitched breaths were forced from me as the powerful orgasm ripped through my body. I spasmed and jerked, my inner wall clamping down on Zan’s cock.

He surged into me twice more before growling his release. His hips bucked against me, jerking him in and out, as he spilled his hot seed. When his motion finally stilled, his length was sheathed completely within me.

Our bodies shook together, and I rested my head on Zan’s shoulder, attempting to catch my breath.

He still held me tightly, but gently stroked my hair. “Baby you are so good,” he panted.

“Mmmmm,” I breathed. “You were on fire.”

A movement across the room drew my eyes. For the first time I noticed Max standing just within the doorway, leaning against the wall. His eyes smoldered, and a grin raised the corner of his mouth. Obviously he had been watching us.

He winked at me as I met his gaze. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a better morning baby,” he said. “Fucking you and then watching you get fucked.” He shook his head. “What a great way to start the day.”



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