Appetite - Part 6


Part 6


The next morning I woke up to Max and Zan’s hands roaming softly over my body.

“Good morning baby,” Max said with a smile.

Zan kissed my shoulder. “We love sleep next to you, but even better is waking up with you.”

I let my eyes roam over them both. Their magnificent, naked chests were exposed and their hair was wet, rumpled and sexy. Max had a towel wrapped around his waist, and Zan was wearing boxers. They’d both obviously just come from the shower. “Mmmmm. Me too.”

Max chuckled. “You’d better stop looking at us like that.”

I put my hand on his chest and bushed my fingertips over his pec. “Why?”

Zan grazed my shoulder with his teeth, and gently smacked my bare ass. “Cause if you don’t get out of this bed right now and go take a shower, we’re all going to starve to death.”

He got out of bed. “We’re going to make you breakfast while you get ready.”

Max smiled. “And then since it’s our last day here, we have something special planned.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What’s that?”

Zan winked. “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

I reached for Max, and he kissed me quickly before rolling out of bed. Zan tossed him a pair of boxers and I caught a glimpse of sculpted ass as Max dropped his towel to put them on.

And then they were gone.

I showered and dressed quickly and went downstairs to the kitchen. The guys had the table set and breakfast ready for me. Zan pulled out my chair and Max served me, and everything was wonderful.

But they refused to answer my questions about their plans.

After we finished eating Zan gave me another cup of coffee while they cleaned up. They only wore boxers and I watched their beautiful bodies as they moved around the room. Their powerful muscles, bunched and flexed, making me imagine them moving while they worked to bring me to completion.

Moisture pooled at my core. Damn they were so sexy!

I was sure whatever they had planned would involve sex, and I was so ready.

I tried again to get them to talk. “So, this surprise…”

Zan turned toward me with a grin. “Max, don’t you love how she is always so eager?”

Max nodded. “That is one of the things I like the best about her.”

“I think you’ll like this surprise,” Zan said.

I nodded. “Me too. I loved the handcuffs and vibrator.”

Max’s eyes roamed over my body. “You think it has something to do with sex?”

I held his gaze as I dipped my hand between my legs, brushing over my clit. “I hope so, because I am so ready to get fucked.”

“Shit baby,” Zan growled, his eyes following my movements. “You are going to get fucked alright.”

Max dropped to his knees before me. “Zan and I are going to have a contest to see how many times we can make you cum before you either beg us to stop, or pass out.”

My eyes widened in surprise and Max smiled wickedly. “What do you think baby?”

I nodded eagerly, my body already reacting. I felt a rush of liquid between my thighs, my nipples puckered and my heartbeat increased.

Max kissed me quickly, his hands going to the hem of my shirt. With a single motion he pulled it over my head and reached to cup my naked breasts. “So beautiful,” he growled.

He kissed me as he stroked over my breasts, caressing, flicking his thumbs over my hard nubs.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing him greedily, trying to pull him closer.

His lips left mine and he took my breast into his mouth, sucking hard. His tongue laved over my nipple, causing me to arch into him.

Suddenly he gripped my ass and lifted me onto the table. He kissed down my stomach as he quickly unfastened my jeans. His thumbs hooked into my pants and panties and I lifted up to help him strip them down my legs.

His eyes went directly to my core, and he smiled as he met my gaze. “I knew you’d be wet for me baby.”

I nodded. “I want you so much.”

His fingers brushed through my folds and he leaned in to take my mouth in a searing kiss.

I opened my mouth eagerly, stroking his tongue with mine, and grasped his neck, pulling him closer.

He stroked over my clit, rubbing it in circles, gradually increasing the speed. His lips kissed a path down my chin to my neck, grazing my delicate skin with his teeth.

I was so aroused that it only took moments for me to approach climax. My hips started to move, lifting into his hand. I wanted him inside so badly.

“Max,” I gasped.

He growled, rubbing my clit harder, and sucking my neck. His other hand went to my breast and he brushed over my nipple again and again.

Moisture poured from me, and he increased his pace on my clit. I writhed under his touches, quickly approaching the edge.

“Max,” I whimpered.

He pinched my nipple and I came instantly.

The orgasm rushed though me, my body jerking with the electrical sensations. But Max didn’t allow me to come down.

He pulled my hips to the edge of the table and then his hot mouth closed over my core. I cried out as he touched my over-sensitized flesh.

He plunged his tongue deep inside me several times, drawing a moan from me. Immediately I was aroused again.

Suddenly he withdrew and slowly licked though my folds, gathering the moisture. He moved from my core up to my clit, sucking it into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue.

I tried to move my hips, but he held me tightly, continuing his slow exploration. He traced the outside of my lower lips, delving slowly deeper.

He brushed over my core, and I held my breath waiting for him to come back inside.

And he didn’t disappoint. His tongue thrust into me again, setting a quick rhythm.

I spread my legs wider, giving him better access, as I gripped at his head. “Oh yes!”

His tongue pushed deep inside me, the soft texture stroking my inner walls so deliciously. He used his fingers to expose my clit and his thumb stoked over it quickly.

He felt so good, and it only took moments until he pushed me over the edge again.

He withdrew immediately, kissing my clit before emerging from my legs. He kissed his way up my stomach, stopping to take each breast into his mouth briefly before he reached my lips.

I kissed him hard, holding him to me. The orgasms were incredible, but I wanted more. I thought he would fuck me now, but he pulled back.

“That’s two baby,” he said with a wink, “and we’re only getting started.”

He stepped back, and instantly Zan replaced him between my legs. I sat up, reaching for him, lifting my lips to his. He kissed me hungrily, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I wrapped my legs around him, and tugged at his boxers, almost desperate to have him inside.

“Fuck me Zan,” I moaned, as I finally pushed his boxers down his hips.

Zan smiled, but didn’t speak a word, and then his lips met mine again.

One of his hands grasped the back of my head, holding me, and the other slid down my body. He passed over my breast, pinching my hard nipple, before moving lower. He went directly to my clit, brushing over it as he continued to devour my mouth.

He rubbed me hard and I moaned into his mouth. My hips started to move against his hand and I felt a rush of liquid escaped me.

His hand moved slowly up and down, caressing me in long strokes from my pussy to clit. Again and again he touched me, and I was quickly building to another orgasm.

He pressed me back onto the table as he ate at my mouth. Suddenly he plunged two fingers inside and I gasped in surprise.

Zan chuckled and took my breast in his mouth. He licked over my nipple, his tongue piercing a hot brush of metal over my sensitive flesh. I arched into him and he thrust his fingers into me, setting a quick rhythm.

He made sure to stoke over my G-spot both directions and moisture poured from my core, allowing him to slide easily. Within moments I was shivering on the edge of another orgasm.

He left my breast and dipped down, sucking my clit into his mouth. It only took one brush of the metal stud in his tongue and I flew over the precipice.

I whimpered as I came, my body jerking. But Zan didn’t allow me any time to recover either.

He held my eyes as he withdrew his fingers, and put one and then the other into his mouth and sucked them clean. “So sweet.”

Then he winked at me and dipped his head again, his hot mouth closing over my pussy.

I gasped at the unexpected contact, and reached down to grasp his head.

His tongue slowly traced my lower lips, and then lapped at my core, gathering the moisture before he plunged inside.

I moaned with pleasure, and he thrust into me again and again.

Suddenly he withdrew and went to my clit. His metal stud brushed over it quickly from side to side, sending shocks of electricity through me. My body started to move under him as my pleasure built.

He reached up to grasp my breasts, flicking his thumbs over my nipples. His tongue pushed back inside me, stroking deep.

I gasped as his tongue piercing hit my G-spot, and he concentrated on it, stroking over it again and again. It felt so incredible and I quickly approached another climax. I grasped his head tighter, holding him to me and lifted my hips into him. I was so close.

My breath came in quick pants, and when he pinched my nipples I came instantly.

He kissed a path back up to my neck, lingering on my throat, sucking my skin. He nipped my chin and then moved to my mouth, taking my lips in a hard kiss. As he devoured my mouth he pulled me up until I was sitting on the table, pressed hard against him.

I wrapped my arms and legs around him, wanting him even closer.

Zan’s lips left mine and he kissed my neck near my ear. “Are you ready to fuck now baby?” he growled.

I nodded. “Yes Zan,” I moaned, wiggling against him. “Come inside.”

I thought he would take me on the table, but when his hands gripped my hips, he didn’t enter me as I expected. Instead he lifted me and walked us back to a chair. He sat down, settling me on his lap and kissed me quickly again. He squeezed the globes of my ass, and pulled me closer so that my core was pressed against his erection. “I want you to ride me baby,” he said with a wink. “Ride me good and hard.”

I felt a rush of liquid from my core, and I couldn’t help but smile. He was so damn sexy.

I put my hands on his shoulders and moved my hips, sliding against his hard length. I grazed his lips with mine. “I’ll ride you hard,” I rasped. I put my feet on the rails of the chair and lifted up so the tip of his cock pushed against the entrance to my core.

I met his eyes. “I’ll grind you into the chair.”

“Oh yeah darlin’, he growled.

He kissed me hard as he pressed my hips down, impaling me on his erection. We both groaned with the sensation.

I really just wanted to fuck him, but it was my turn to tease. I squeezed his cock hard with my inner muscles, as I settled onto him, taking him completely inside.

“Oh fuck Liz!” he rasped. “Fuck, you feel so good!”

I bowed my head, kissing him hard as I started to undulate my hips. I was soaking wet, and his cock moved easily inside me, inching out and in.

But even though the pace was slow his bulbous head hit my G-spot both directions and I knew I wouldn’t last long.

I braced my feet more firmly against the rails of the chair, to get more traction, and increased my pace. I rolled my hips taking Zan’s thick length to the hilt. The pleasure was so incredible.

I broke the kiss as I gasped for air, and Zan’s mouth went to my breast.

The position kept him so deep inside me and the orgasm built quickly. I panted as the pleasure became overwhelming, my body arching back.

Zan’s hands tightened on my hips, helping my rhythm, grinding me hard against him. “Fuck baby,” he groaned, “just like that.”

His cock brushed harder against my G-spot and I was becoming desperate to come. I dug my fingers into Zan’s shoulders as I increased my pace even more. My toes curled around the rail of the chair as I moved, and my breath came in quick gasps.

I leaned back even farther as I approached the edge and started losing control of my muscles.

Suddenly my eyes landed on Max. He was standing to the side, completely naked, stroking his erect length as he watched us.

Max held my gaze, his eyes burning with desire. Another rush of liquid poured from my core as I realized how much watching Zan and I fuck, was turning him on.

I tightened my arms around Zan’s neck, grinding my hips against him as I held Max’s eyes. Even though I was fucking Zan, I still wanted Max, and he knew it.

He smiled wickedly, winking at me and I came instantly.

I arched back, my body spasming as the waves of pleasure ripped through me.

Zan held me tightly against him, his hot mouth roaming over my neck and chest. He licked a line between my breasts, sucking the delicate skin, and suddenly I realized he hadn’t come.

His hands tightened on my hips and he started thrusting up into me hard and fast.

My core was still pulsing around him, and I groaned with the sensation. Each orgasm made me even more sensitive and it only took a handful of his strokes before I was gasping in pleasure.

He pounded into me, and I couldn’t seem to do anything but arch my back, angling my hips to take him as deep as possible.

I clutched at his back, my short nails raking his skin.

He growled and took my breast into his mouth, sucking hard. My breath came in quick pants as I rapidly approached climax. He was so big and he felt so good inside. “Oh fuck,” I breathed.

I arched back farther. Just a little more.

Zan seemed to sense my urgency and he held me tighter as increased his pace even more.

With a few more strokes my whole body clenched. I could feel him shaking and I knew he was close too.

His length jerked within me and then I flew over the edge.

He groaned as hips surged against me twice more emptying his hot seed.

I laid my head on his shoulder, breathing hard, and he wrapped me in him arms, pressing my shaking body to his.

His hands stroked over my back, soothing me. “Shit baby,” he rumbled.

My whole body pulsed with the orgasm. “That was so good,” I whispered.

I looked up, meeting Max’s eyes again.

Heat for me, burned in his gaze, and a smile lifted his mouth. It was a sexy, knowing smile, anticipating that he would have me soon.

I couldn’t stop my eyes roaming over every inch of his sculpted body. He was so beautiful, standing there naked, his thick cock in his hand. Damn how I wanted him!

My core clenched around Zan.

He chuckled, kissing my neck hard. “Get over there and fuck Max,” he rumbled. “I need a few minutes before I’m ready for you again.”

He slapped my ass playfully and helped me lift off him.

His softening length slid out of me and the sensation drew a moan of pleasure from me.

He smiled. “I love how uninhibited you are baby.” He kissed me quickly. “Nothing is more fucking sexy than a woman who isn’t afraid to show her pleasure.”

I smiled. “Why should I hide it, when you fuck me so good.”

He growled. “Give Max his turn. And then I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

I kissed him. “I can’t wait.”

I put my hand to his shoulder to steady my wobbly legs as I stood, and he kept a strong grip on my waist.

I met Max’s eyes and he winked, motioning with a jerk of his head. “Come over here baby. You’re mine now.”

I didn’t hesitate a moment.

Why would I? I was so ready for him!

I crossed to him and he cupped my cheek, kissing me softly. “Mmmmm. Baby, watching you fuck is so sexy.”

I nipped at his chin as I reached down and squeezed his hard cock. “But having me is even better.”

With a growl he spun us and pressed me hard against the wall, his body fitting to mine. He took my lips in a kiss, devouring my mouth.

I kissed him back hard, opening to him as I wrapped my arms around him. His thick length was pressed between us and I wiggled my body against him

His tongue stroked into my mouth, as his hand slid down my body. I was so sensitive from the multiple orgasms that my skin jumped with electricity everywhere he touched me.

He brushed over my breast and down my side, sliding around to my back. Continuing lower he skimmed over my ass and across my thigh. He gripped my leg, lifting it and wrapped it around his hip, opening me to him.

As he continued to kiss me, he reached down, leading his hard length between my legs. He rocked against me, sliding his erection through my soaking folds.

I moaned at the exquisite sensation. “Yes Max,” I gasped. “Take me now.”

He moved his hips faster, pressing his cock hard against me. “Is that what you want baby?”

I gripped at his shoulders, digging my fingers into his muscles. “Come inside,” I moaned, growing desperate for him. “Fuck me.”

He smiled. “I love it when you beg me to fuck you.”

He thrust up, slamming into me.

“Oh yes!” I gasped.

He held my leg tightly, keeping me in place as he started a furious pace, fucking me against the wall. He pounded into me so hard that he nearly lifted me off the floor with each thrust.

And I loved it!

“Harder!” I gasped. “Harder Max.”

He complied immediately, growling with his effort.

He slid inside me to the hilt with each stroke, filling me completely. Our skin slapped together, adding an extra erotic sound to our fucking.

I felt my core start to flutter around him and suddenly I came.

He paused, pushing deep inside.

I thought he was giving me a moment to recover, but he gripped my ass, lifting me against the wall.

I gasped in surprise, wrapping my legs around him, and he grinned wickedly. Immediately he started to move again, pounding into me.

I angled my hips and his cock stroked over my clit as he slid inside. So much sensation was almost overwhelming. “Max,” I whimpered.

“That’s right baby,” he growled. “I’m the one fucking your brains out.”

His thick length filled me again and again and I couldn’t stop the sounds of pleasure escaping me. “Yes,” I squeaked. “Oh Max!”

My eyes slid shut as I reached the edge, my fingers digging into his muscled shoulders. I came hard, my whole body shuddering, but still Max didn’t stop.

He groaned and his rhythm faltered briefly as my core clenched hard around him. But he continued his motion, his deep strokes quickly building speed.

The orgasm washing through me seemed to build, catching fire with each of his movements in and out of me.

I couldn’t seem to get enough of him, and my hips moved furiously in time with his, working to meet his thrusts. Our bodies were covered with sweat and slid easily together and within moments I was on the edge again. High-pitched mewing sounds were forced from my throat, the pleasure almost unbearable.

Max’s body start to shake. “That’s it baby,” he growled in a strangled voice. “Let me see you cum again.”

He pressed me harder into the wall, increasing his pace even more, pounding into me.

I cried out with each of his thrusts, the end approaching faster than I ever thought possible. The climax ripped through me, causing my muscles to clench and my whole body to jerk and spasm.

Max collapsed against me with a groan of male satisfaction, burying himself to the hilt as he came.

My head fell forward onto his shoulder as my body seemed to turn to rubber. The electricity of the orgasm rushed through me sending shocks through my muscles as I gasped for air.

We breathed heavily together for a handful of minutes.

Max was the first to move, nuzzling my neck, placing soft kisses on my ear. “Mmmmmm, Liz,” he whispered. “I love having you.”

I kissed his cheek. “You fuck me so good, you can have me whenever you want.”

He kissed me quickly. “I’m going to take you up on that baby.”

He pulled out of me, setting me on my feet. But my knees swayed and Max kept his hands on my hips to steady me.

Zan chucked from where he sat watching us, and my eyes went to him. He lounged in the chair arrogantly, leaning back, giving me a perfect view of his sculpted body. The black ink of the tattoo on his chest stood out against his paler skin. His cock was hard again, jutting out from the dark nest of hair.

“So baby,” he said with a grin, “have we worn you out already?”

It was a challenge, and I accepted it eagerly. I let my eyes roam over his body, down to his rigid shaft before meeting his gaze again. “I haven’t said stop yet.”

Max’s hand stoked over my breast. “Go get him baby.”

Zan stood as I approached him, his eyes raking over me. He smiled. “Your whole body is all flushed with sex.”

He reached out to pull me against him. “But we can do better.”

I trailed my hand over his pec, tracing the line of his tattoo. “Show me.”

He cupped my head, kissing me as he pulled me backward, into the living room. His lips devoured mine as he pressed me back into the soft arm of the sofa. His tongue pushed into my mouth and he reached for my breast, stroking over my nipple.

I pressed my body against him, already wanting him desperately.

Suddenly he spun me in his arms. He held me tightly, and his erection pressed into my ass. One of his hands splayed across my stomach and the other gripped my breast.

His hand slid down my stomach and between my legs, stroking over my clit, and causing me to jerk in reaction. He lips went to my ear. “So fucking sexy,” he growled.

A shiver of desire ripped though me as I anticipated him taking me.

He continued to brush over my clit as his other hand smoothed down my leg. He gripped my thigh, lifting it so my knee rested on the arm of the sofa.

A moment later I felt his thick shaft between my legs. He started to rock his hips, his erection brushing against my slick lower lips.

“You love it when I fuck you from behind,” he breathed.

I reached back to grasp his neck. “I love you to fuck me any way. But you feel even bigger from behind.

His hands tightened on me and he started to slowly push inside. He bit my neck. “Do I baby?”

“Yes,” I gasped. I was so sensitive inside that I could feel every inch of him. “Oh you feel so good.”

My body jerked as the tip of his cock brushed over my G-spot. He bit my neck again. “And you cum so fast.”

He started to move slowly, just a few inches in and out. He concentrated on my G-spot, drawing his bulbous head over it again and again, until my body was shaking.

His fingers stroked my clit, drawing a moan from deep within me. I tried to move, but he held me tightly.

“Just put yourself in my hands baby,” he growled.

His thumb circled my nipple as he continued to brush my clit.

My body arched as the pleasure built rapidly. “Zan,” I gasped.

He kept his pace inside me slow, his strokes shallow and measured, but his fingers moved over my clit more quickly, rubbing it in fast circles.

I came as the tip of his cock drew across my G-spot again, but Zan didn’t even pause. He slid completely inside me, and then slowly started to withdraw.

The orgasm was still pulsing through me, and his motion only made it more intense. I cried out, as his length caused the most amazing friction inside me.

He continued to move slowly, but this time sliding his cock almost completely out, before changing directions and pushing back inside. His teeth grazed across my shoulder, stopping for the occasional nip, as his thumb stroked over my nipple.

It felt so good, but his leisurely pace was driving me wild. I gripped his neck even tighter. “Zan,” I gasped, “fuck me.”

He chuckled and his fingers brushed over my clit again.

My core clenched around him, pulsing powerfully. He groaned, but didn’t falter in his pace.

Despite his slow rhythm, I was so sensitive from the other orgasms that I quickly reached the edge again. Shocks of electricity raced through me, my body jerking against him, and when he pinched my nipple I came instantly.

Zan paused briefly, holding me tightly as my body shook, but suddenly he bent me forward. He gripped my hips, pushing me hard against the sofa and I knew he was finally going to fuck me good and hard.

I slid my raised knee farther along the arm of the couch, opening myself more to him, welcoming him.

He withdrew and slammed back inside, causing me to gasp with pleasure.

“Is that what you want baby?” he growled.

“Oh yes,” moaned.

He started to move, finding a fast rhythm almost instantly. He pumped into me, slamming our lower bodies together as he filled me again and again. Each of his powerful surges pushed me into the sofa, lifting me up until I was standing on tiptoe.

The position aligned our bodies perfectly, and I took him easily to the hilt. But I was bent over the arm of the sofa, and I had no traction. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything but allow Zan complete control.

Not that I was complaining.

Without any urging from me, Zan increased his pace, hammering into me so hard and fast that he took my breath away.

I realized that he must be close. Both he and Max had incredible stamina, but neither of them could last forever.

My breath came in quick gasps as he pistoned into me. I was so close. “Zan,” whimpered.

He groaned, increasing his pace again, and I knew I was right. He was going to cum, and so was I.

His cock jerked inside me and it pushed me over the edge. My whole body clenched, and Zan climaxed a moment later. His hips pumped against me twice more as he emptied his seed into me.

He pressed his body to mine, wrapping me in his arms. His hot breath puffed against my shoulder as he gasped for air. “Mmmmm baby,” he groaned. “You are so good.”

I sighed, covering his hands with mine. My whole body hummed with satisfaction. “Zan, you are the one who is good.”

He kissed my neck as he pulled out of me. “I would stay inside you all the time if I could.”

Reaching up, he grasped my breast, as he slowly turned us to the side. And for the first time I noticed Max, where he was leaning against the wall watching us.

I saw Max’s eyes roam over my body, as Zan stroked my breast.

Zan kissed my neck again, “But I bet Max wants another turn.”

Max grinned. “Unless we’re wearing you out baby.”

I was getting tired, but there was no way I would deny them. I shook my head. “More,” I said greedily. My eyes went to Max’s thick erection. “I want more.”

Max’s smile widened, and he held my eyes as he grasped his cock. “Of course you do baby.”

My breath caught as I watched him stroke himself.

He crossed to us and pressed his body to mine. Even though I was being held between the brother’s sexy bodies, I wasn’t really sure if I could stand on my own. I wrapped my arms around Max’s neck to steady myself just in time, as my knees swayed to the side.

Max chuckled and gripped me tighter, as his lips nuzzled my neck. “I can’t wait to have you again,” he whispered.

His hands started to roam over my body, each touch making me shiver in reaction. I was so sensitive that my skin jumped as his fingers caressed me. He brushed over my hard nipples and I jerked against him.

Again he chuckled. His hands went to my waist and he lifted me against him. He kissed me quickly. “I’m going to take you upstairs,” he growled.

He kissed me again harder. “And fuck you til you pass out.”

His words were driving me crazy. I wrapped my legs around him and kissed him as he walked us toward the stairs. “Hurry,” I moaned.

I held his face, licking and sucking his lips, grinding my soaking core against him. My whole body pulsed with arousal, and I wanted him inside now.

Max kissed me back, opening his mouth, his tongue darting out to stroke mine. He made it up the first six steps and then suddenly lowered us. “I can’t wait,” he groaned. “I have to have you now.”

He kissed me hard as he braced his hands against the stairs. He arched above me, letting the stairs take his weight, only allowing his lower body to touch mine. And with one thrust of his hips, he was inside, and slowly inched himself in to the hilt.

I whimpered with the exquisite sensation, digging my fingers into his back as he filled me.

I expected him to set a fast pace, taking me hard, but he only withdrew a couple of inches before pushing back inside.

He continued to kiss me as he rocked inside. Almost his entire length stayed within me and I gripped him tighter with my legs. He felt so good!

After a moment he changed his motion, starting to rotate his hips, so it was like he was stirring around in my core. He was so deep inside, and with every circle he brushed against my clit.

It was like nothing else I had ever experienced and I grasped at his shoulders as I quickly built to climax.

I started to move my hips, matching his rhythm, grinding against him. I ate at his mouth, not wanting to break the kiss, and we took deep gasping breaths as our lips brushed together.

Max growled, and sped up his motion. His body shook and I could tell he was concentrating hard not to come.

He pushed hard against me, his cock grazing my clit with his every movement.

My fingers tightened in his back as my legs clamped around him, my whole body jerking as I came.

Max sank deep inside me, growling, but he didn’t come. He buried his head into my neck, breathing hard.

But he only gave me a moment to recover. One of his hands cupped my neck, and the other gripped my ass. “Hold on to me baby,” he rumbled.

With a single motion he lifted me against him, while still buried deep inside. He carried me up the stairs and into the bedroom, careful not to let himself slide out. He laid me gently on the edge of the bed, leaning over me and kissing me quickly.

He reached behind him and gripped my ankle, unwrapping my leg from his waist and bringing it around to the front. Holding my eyes he kissed my instep and then the back of my knee before raising my leg to his shoulder.

He repeated the process with my other leg, and then grabbed my hips, pulling me hard against him.

I gasped, and Max smiled and winked. “Now you going to get fucked.”

He withdrew almost all the way, and then slammed back inside, immediately setting a fast pace.

I was so sensitive inside, and his every movement sent shocks of electricity through me. Each orgasm was coming more quickly and I knew I wouldn’t last long.

I wanted to move my hips and meet his thrusts, but the position didn’t give me any leverage. I reached down, my fists gripping the sheets. “Faster,” I moaned.

He surged into me again and again, and I watched his eyes roam over my body. His gaze lingered on my breasts, as they bounced to the rhythm of his thrusts, and then moved down to where we were joined.

I saw his eyes widen. It was turning him on to watch his cock sliding in and out of me.

“Max, you feel so good,” I gasped.

He leaned forward, bending me and opening me more to him as he increased his pace. “Mmmmmm baby, I love being inside you,” he groaned.

His body started to shake and I thought he must be close, but suddenly he reached down and stroked my clit and I flew over the edge.

I cried out with the electricity surging through me, and my core clenched around him.

Immediately he pulled out. He sat on the bed, taking me into his arms, and pulled me into his lap as he settled us back against the headboard. He held me tightly, and it was a good thing, because my muscles didn’t seem to be working.

He kissed my temple as his hands smoothed over my body.

Each of his touches caused my skin to jump, my muscles jerking and shaking in reaction.

My eyes went to a movement near the door and I saw Zan standing just inside, watching us. I noticed he was hard again and he grinned as our eyes met. He reached down and took himself in hand, pumping his cock as he winked at me.

Max kissed my neck as he brushed over my breasts and down to my hips. He lifted me easily, and I realized for the first time that he hadn’t come as his cock pressed against my core.

Slowly he lowered me onto his thick length, and my body vibrated with arousal and exhaustion.

Max wrapped his arms around me and bent me forward as he got to his knees. He started to move inside me, with long, slow strokes.

“Oh Max,” I whimpered.

I tried to move with him, but my whole body was shaking and my muscles felt like rubber. I grasped at his hands where they held me, and my head rolled back onto his shoulder.

Max stopped his motion and leaned down to kiss my neck. “Do you want me to stop baby?” he whispered.

“No,” I gasped. “Don’t stop.”

Max spoke over my shoulder. “Zan, you’d better get over here bro,” he said. “She isn’t going to last much longer.”

My eyes met Zan’s again and a cocky grin lifted his mouth as he crossed to the bed.

Max’s teeth grazed my ear. “You want Zan, don’t you baby?” he growled. “You want us both.”

I nodded eagerly, my eyes never leaving Zan’s. “Yes,” I said breathily. “I want both of you.”

Max pulled out of me, but continued to hold me tightly as Zan crawled across the bed toward us.

Zan cupped my cheek, taking my lips in a sizzling kiss.

My arms felt so heavy, but I was able to lift them and wrap them around his neck.

Zan kissed a line down my chin, to my neck as he pressed his body against mine.

Max’s hands smoothed up my sides, and his lips wandered over my back and shoulders.

Being pressed between the two sexy brothers, with their mouths and hands pleasuring me was the best thing I had every experienced. It felt so good I was practically purring.

Zan continued to kiss my neck as he grasped my hips and lifted me, impaling me on his erection.

I sighed and rested against him, my body trembling, my core already starting to pulse around his cock. Max was right. I was exhausted, but I wanted them so much, and I wasn’t about to say stop.

Max’s hand smoothed down my back and across the globe of my ass. His fingers caressed over my opening, stroking me as his teeth grazed my neck. Slowly he inserted a long finger, and then another, stretching me deliciously.

I shivered in anticipation as he withdrew, knowing his thick cock would soon fill me.

His bulbous head pushed against me, and he gripped my hips to hold me steady as he inched inside. “Oh fuck!” he growled. “Shit!”

He had been holding on to his control by a thread and I knew my tight passage was driving him crazy.

When Max was completely inside me Zan groaned too. “Fuck baby,” he said in a strangled voice, “you feel so tight like this.”

I could tell from the tone in his voice that he was extremely aroused. None of us would last long.

They felt so good inside, filling me completely.

Max’s hands slid up my body and took possession of my breasts. He flicked over my hard nipples with his thumbs.

Zan gripped my hips and slowly started to withdraw. When he was almost all the way out, he changed directions and pushed back inside.

And that is when Max started to move.

The unexpected sensation made me gasp.

Max’s cock pushed Zan’s hard against my G-spot and I cried out as pleasure rushed through me.

Zan kissed my head as he continued to move. “Two big cocks inside you, just the way you like it baby.”

“Oh yes,” I moaned.

At some unseen signal, they increased their pace, one pushing inside as the other pulled out. Zan’s tip brushed against my G-spot with every stroke in and out, and Max continued to caress my breasts. Liquid poured from my core, and soon my body was shivering uncontrollably.

I was building to an incredible orgasm, but I needed more. Even though my muscles didn’t want to obey me, I concentrated on wiggling my hips to meet their strokes.

“Shit darlin’,” Max groaned.

I increased my pace, helping them slide in and out, in and out. It felt incredible, but I still needed more.

I put my hands on Zan’s shoulders and started to lift my hips, causing them to both slide out, and then I lowered myself, taking them back inside.

They both growled.

I increased my pace, pumping my hips up and down.

Zan’s hands tightened on my hips. “Oh baby,” he groaned. “Ride us good and hard.”

I was so close, but I still wanted more. I pressed my head to Zan’s shoulder and moved even faster, pistoning up and down, taking them into me as fast and deep as I could, grinding down onto them.

Max pulled at my nipples and Zan reached down to stroke my clit.

I felt as if I were floating, my hands and feet went numb, and darkness started to close in on the edges of my vision. With only a couple more thrusts I came hard. Whimpers were forced from me as my body arched and spasmed.

My core squeezed Zan’s cock powerfully, and a groan came from deep inside him as he climaxed. His hips bucked against me, as he emptied his hot seed.

Max came at the same time, his cock jerking deep inside me. “Oh shit!” he growled.

They collapsed against me, holding me between them. And it was a good thing, because I didn’t think I could move. I allowed my eyes to slide shut and simply concentrated on the sensations.

The three of us gasped for air, and Zan and Max’s hot breath puffed against my shoulders.

My whole body pulsed with the incredible power of the orgasm, and I felt completely satisfied and languorous.

“That was the best fuck ever,” Zan groaned.

“It’s always good with Liz,” Max said.

I kissed Zan’s neck. “You two always make it incredible.”

Max kissed my shoulder and pulled out of me. Then he wrapped me in his arms, holding me against him, lifting me so Zan could slide out.

My eyes snapped open in surprise. I couldn’t stop a whimper of reaction as they left my body, and a shiver tore through me.

Max kissed my head. “Shhhhh baby. Just relax.”

He laid down, taking me with him, still holding me tightly. His chest pressed against my back, his body curving around mine, and one hand captured my breast possessively.

Zan got into the bed on my other side and pulled the blanket over the three of us. He cupped my cheek, kissing me tenderly. “Just rest baby,” he whispered.

I put my hand to his chest, fitting my head into the hollow of his neck. My eyes slid shut and I released a deep breath.

Max and Zan’s hands slowly stroked over my skin, caressing me. It was so soothing. My breathing slowed and I felt myself drifting to sleep.

Vaguely I heard Zan’s whispered voice. “So how many was it?” he asked.

Max chuckled, but I didn’t hear his answer.


When I woke up, I was still in the same position nestled between the beautiful brothers. It was the most incredible feeling, having a warm, solid man on each side.

I moved slightly, stretching.

Max’s hand slid down my arm. “There you are baby.”

Zan smiled. “We really wore you out this time.”

“How long was I asleep?” I asked.

Max kissed my cheek. “About four hours,” he said softly.

Zan’s smile widened. “We really did fuck you unconscious.”

I smiled and snuggled into Zan’s chest, reaching back to cup Max’s head. “You guys have been so wonderful this weekend, spoiling me and giving me the time of my life. I never wanted it to end.”

Zan kissed me. “That’s what we had in mind baby.”

Max cupped my breast and kissed my neck. “We wanted to show you how good it can be with us. So you’ll never even think about leaving us again.”

I flexed my fingers into Zan’s chest. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“That’s good,” Zan said, “because we’re not letting you go.”

We showered and dressed, and reluctantly packed up. None of us wanted to leave. It had been a wonderful weekend.

I wasn’t sure how we were going to continue our affair in the real world, but the brothers obviously intended to try.

They wanted me, and I definitely wanted them. We would figure something out.

The three of us walked down the stairs and out to the car. I couldn’t help thinking about what had happened on the drive up, and I wondered what they had in mind for the return trip. I looked from one brother to the other.

Max winked at me and suddenly tossed the keys to Zan. “You’re driving home bro.”



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