Cravings Part 1


Part 1


(New York City)

It was a hot night. One of the hottest I had experienced since I moved to New York a few weeks ago. Hot and muggy.

I pulled my hair off my neck as I walked. I was starting grad school in the fall, but I had moved to New York early to take some summer classes. Today was Friday and the last day of midterms and I was meeting some people from school at a club.

I was looking forward to some fun. I had been working hard and I really hadn’t made any friends yet, so when some girls from my study group had suggested going to the club I had enthusiastically agreed.

I am a good student, but I like to have fun too and I really haven’t been much of anywhere since I moved here. The summer semester is short and intense and practically all I’ve done is study. Sure I’ve been to clubs back home, but I’m from a small town and I have always wanted to go to a New York club. According to my study group this club was one of the coolest around and I couldn’t wait to get there.

Like I said I haven’t done much since I’d moved to New York except study, but tonight was my chance to change that. Tonight was my night to have some fun.

I’d broken up with my last boyfriend a few months before I moved and I hadn’t had sex since then. I was horny as hell and I intended to find a gorgeous guy at the club tonight, take him home and fuck his brains out.

And because that was my ultimate goal I had dressed appropriately; black tank top, short black skirt and three-inch fuck-me heels. My makeup was heavier than usual too. I had added a generous amount of eyeliner and eye shadow to my usually bare eyes, that made me look sultry and exotic.

Damn it was a hot night! Where was this place? I just wanted to get there and go inside where it was air-conditioned!

These hot summer nights really suck.

I looked around as I continued. I was on the right block and I expected a lot of foot traffic, even a line outside, but the street just seemed normal.

I slowed my steps as I approached the next intersection. Perhaps I had gotten the address wrong.

Suddenly I noticed the faint glow of a neon light from a nearby alley and saw the sign I had been looking for. There in glowing red was the single word, Cravings.

There was no line, only a single badly sunburned doorman, and I actually had to flash my I.D. to get in.

I walked through the door and sighed when the cool air hit my neck.

There was a long hall with another door at the end and as I approached, I could hear the pounding beat of music. The sound got louder as I reached the door and it blared out when I opened it wide.

I was surprised by what I saw inside, but certainly not disappointed. The place was huge. It had obviously been a warehouse of some kind and rose two floors above my head. It was packed with people. There was a space where people were dancing on the main floor and I could see even more looking over the railings from the balconies above.

It was fairly dark, with the exceptions of the colored spotlights that traveled over the dance floor. Tables placed around the edges of the dance floor were draped in shadow and the walls behind them disappeared into the blackness.

The only other area that was lit was a large bar with seemingly every type of liquor displayed. A red neon sign hung on the wall behind it, running its entire length; craving : to want greatly : to yearn for : to have a strong or inward desire.

I walked farther into the room, my eyes scanning the crowd. I wasn’t sure how I was going to find the other girls and I looked around for several minutes without success.

Finally I decided they must not have arrived yet. I moved to the bar and ordered a beer and climbed up on a stool at an empty table, placing myself where I could keep an eye on the door.

I took a long drag on my beer, the cool liquid feeling so refreshing as it slid down my heat-parched throat. I should be looking for the girls but I my eyes automatically went to the gyrating bodies on the dance floor. It was hypnotizing watching the scantily clad men and women moving together, their bodies pressed closely, the dance mimicking sex.

My eyes were gradually growing accustomed to the darkness, and I noticed movement across the dance floor near the wall. At first it appeared to be two people making out, but as my eyes adjusted more I could see the outlines of their bodies. The man had the woman pressed against the wall. Her bare leg was wrapped around him and he held it in place as he thrust his hips into her.

They were fucking, right out in public!

I couldn’t take my eyes off them as the rhythm of his thrusts quickened and her arms tightened around him. He hammered into her, and her body arched as they both came.

I looked around to see if anyone else had witnessed their actions but it didn’t appear that anyone was paying attention. That’s when I noticed the others.

There were people all over the club in varying degrees of undress, doing all sorts of things, in pairs, threesomes and even more. Some were simply grinding together, some had hands up shirts and down pants, and some were just fucking.

With a smile I now realized why I’d had to show my ID to get inside. This was some kind of sex club.

The name of the club also made more sense now.

At the same time I realized that the girls from my study group weren’t going to show. They’d tricked me into coming here. Maybe they thought it would be funny to send a quiet, studious girl to a sex club. Maybe they were hoping to shock me, but I didn’t shock easily. And the fact that they weren’t going to show up didn’t disappointment me at all. With what I had in mind for the conclusion of the evening, it made things much easier for me to be alone.

I took another sip of beer and started looking around in earnest. There were so many guys, I was like a kid in a candy shop. Blonds, brunettes, tall, short, thin, well-muscled, I let my eyes travel over each of them as I searched for the perfect one.

Suddenly my attention was drawn by a voice at my shoulder.

“Can I buy you another beer?”

I turned toward the speaker and quickly let my eyes skim over him. He was probably in his early thirties, blond, attractive but just not what I was looking for. I flashed him a smile and lied easily. “Thanks, but I’m meeting someone.”

He nodded and moved away, and I continued my appraisal of the crowd. I wasn’t looking for attractive or cute or handsome. I was looking for drop-dead gorgeous, sculpted, take-your-breath-away sexy. A fucking machine.

Suddenly I felt someone watching me and I turned toward the sensation.

The crowd shifted and writhed like a living thing, making it difficult for me to see, but through the mass of moving people across the dance floor I spotted a well-muscled arm. Instantly I knew it was the man who was looking at me, because he was the only one among the people who was still.

Suddenly the words of the song playing caught my attention.

I like your pants around your feet
And I like the dirt that's on your knees
And I like the way you still say please
While you're looking up at me
You're like my favorite damn disease

I started to follow the arm upward to see the owner, but again the crowd shifted blocking my view. I leaned back trying to get a better look and caught a glimpse of his other arm, just as muscular and with some kind of tattoo.

I like the freckles on your chest
And I like the way you like me best
And I like the way you're not impressed
While you put me to the test
I like the white stains on your dress

Again the people moved and I saw a black shirt, dark hair, and a powerful leg encased in blue jeans.

I bobbed again the other direction, to get another look. No maybe the jeans were black. Yes, black shirt, black jeans.

I leaned forward wanting desperately to see his face and saw a black shirt tucked into blue jeans.

Wait. There must be two guys, but which one did the chiseled arms belong to?

And I love the places that we go
And I love the people that you know
And I love the way you can't say no

Suddenly the crowd parted to reveal the two most beautiful men I had ever seen. And not only were they beautiful, they were almost identical.

Holy hell! They were twins!

I couldn’t believe that two such incredible men were right in front of me, and not only was I looking at them, but they were looking at me.

I let my eyes slowly travel over them. One was more clean-cut, shorter hair, his face closely shaven. He was wearing a short-sleeved black button-down shirt with blue jeans. The other was scruffier, longer hair, a week’s worth of beard outlining his jaw. He wore a black t-shirt and black jeans and sported the tattoo.

But their chiseled faces were just the beginning. They were both built like gods, their bulging muscles clearly visible even beneath their clothes. They held themselves with confidence, even arrogance, and they were both so damn sexy I just knew they would be incredible lovers. I was completely mesmerized by them both.

And while I was examining them, they were examining me. Both of them looked at me hungrily, devouring me with their eyes.

There were definite differences between them, but they were equally beautiful, equally desirable. I wanted them both, and I had no idea how I was ever going to choose between them.

They must have been wondering the same thing because as they continued to stare at me, I could see them talking. Neither of them took their eyes off me as they spoke, and after a moment they must have come to some kind of understanding because they started toward me.

I felt a rush of pure desire. They were even more sexy walking. They moved like jungle cats, lithe and graceful. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them.

They stopped before me, one on each side, and the scruffier one spoke first. “Hey beautiful. This must be your first time here.”

I nodded. “Yeah. How did you know?”

The clean-shaven brother answered with a smile. “Because we would have seen you if you were here before.”

I couldn’t help a smile. “You guys come here a lot?” I asked, even though I suspected the answer.

They nodded, and the scruffier brother spoke. “Almost every weekend.”

I could just imagine the two of them picking up different women every weekend, taking them home and giving them pleasure, making them come again and again screaming their satisfaction.

The scruffier twin’s eyes moved over me. “What’s your name darlin’?” he rumbled.

I smiled. “Liz.”

The clean-shaven twin leaned in closer. “Hi Liz, I’m Max,” he motioned to his brother, “this is Zan.”

Zan smiled, moving closer. “We saw you looking at us baby.”

I nodded. “How could I not look?” I asked, looking at Zan and then Max. “I’ve never seen two such beautiful men.”

Max moved closer so that our bodies were almost touching, and his eyes roamed over me. “Liz,” he purred, “you are the one who’s beautiful.”

“Yes,” Zan agreed, reaching out to touch my arm. “You’re so sexy, so perfect.”

Max continued. “We saw you and we both wanted you, but neither of us would back down.”

I looked from Max to Zan. “So how did you decide?”

Zan shook his head. “We didn’t.”

Max’s fingers started caressing my other arm. “The way you were looking at us, we thought you might want us both.”

Their suggestion that I have them both probably should have shocked me, but it turned me on more than I thought possible. I couldn’t stop my eyes roaming over them, their handsome faces, their perfect bodies. They were so incredibly hot, so sexy.

I’d thought I would have to choose between them, but to indulge in them both was like a dream come true. I’d never considered having two guys, but with the two Adonises standing before me how could I possibly say no?

“You want us don’t you?” Max asked with a smile. “You want both of us.”

I felt a rush of liquid between my legs and my nipples instantly hardened. I nodded. “Yes, I like the sound of that.”

Zan eyes went to my breasts. “Oh yeah baby, you like it a lot.”

Max leaned in and kissed my cheek. “We’ll make it so good for you Liz,” he purred.

Zan’s arm slipped around my waist. “Just put yourself in our hands.” He licked my neck. “We’ll fuck your brains out.”

I couldn’t believe that Zan had said the same words I had used earlier, but it only made me want them more.

Max held out his hand to me. “Dance with us beautiful,” he said.

I didn’t hesitate a moment, and placed my hand in his. I stepped down off the stool and turned back to Zan with a smile. He took my other hand, and the three of us moved onto the dance floor.

Oh oh my my my
My man's up all night
Works me till I moan
Drives me out of my mind

I have never danced with two guys before and I wasn’t really sure how it was going to work. Max pulled me close, his hand resting on my waist. Zan pressed his body against my back, his hands going to my hips.

Why it's so hard
Must be made out of cold steel
Why it's so hard
C'mon drive my wheel


We started moving slowly, our bodies undulating to the beat of the music. They held me close and I could feel both of their generous, rock-hard erections. They wanted me as much as I wanted them and sandwiched between two such sexy men, I had never felt so beautiful or desired.

Just keep me burning
Just keeps me yearning
Put my whole body on fire
Burning whole body desire

I put one hand on Max’s shoulder, and reached back with the other wrapping it around Zan’s neck. The three of us moved together in perfect unison. I could feel their muscles flexing and straining and it made me imagine them naked, using the same smooth rhythm to thrust into me.


Max kissed my cheek and slid his hand across my jaw turning me to him. With a feather’s touch he brushed my lips with his, once, twice. He fitted his lips squarely to mine, kissing me, nibbling at my mouth.

Oh oh make me beg
Eats meat in my bed
Works me till I'm done
Mad dog can sure hunt

I felt Zan sweep my hair aside and his lips touched the back of my neck. His hand slipped under the hem of my shirt roaming over my stomach as he licked a trail down my spine.

Why it's so hard
Must be made out of cold steel
Why it's so hard
C'mon drive my wheel

I invited Max in with a flick of my tongue and he quickly took the opportunity to deepen the kiss. He thrust his tongue in my mouth and I met every stroke, every lick hungrily. I melted into him, quickly getting lost in the sensations. He was such a good kisser. I wanted him so much, wanted them.


Zan’s teeth scraped over my neck as Max continued to devour my mouth. A shiver of pure desire ripped through me and I was forced to break the kiss with a gasp. We all stopped moving.


“Let’s go over there,” Max suggested with a grin and a tilt of his head.

I nodded and slipped my hand into his, and Zan kept his arm around me as we went into a dark corner.

Zan turned me to him and grasped my head, taking possession of my lips. His kiss was harder, demanding, and I kissed him back hungrily.

Max took Zan’s former position behind me. His hands slipped under my shirt caressing my back as he started to kiss my neck.

Perhaps it shouldn’t have surprised me but I jumped when Zan’s tongue thrust into my mouth and I felt a brush of metal. For a moment I stiffened in shock but Zan continued the overwhelming kiss.

Then my brain started to grasp the implications.

Sure guys had gone down on me before, but I’d never had one with a tongue piercing.

I barely had time to consider how it might be different when Max’s hands slid around my sides, cupping my breasts. His teeth scraped my neck as he brushed over my tips and I couldn’t stop a moan of pleasure.

“Baby, you’re so damn sexy,” Max growled into my neck.

Zan stroked my tongue with his letting me feel the metal, perhaps giving me a preview of what was to come. His hand slid between us and dipped under the waist of my skirt, skimming slowly down my stomach and into my panties, going directly for my clit. My body jerked as he brushed over it several times, and then he delved deeper between my folds.

He broke the kiss and met my eyes, as he continued to stroke me. “You’re so fucking wet.”

I nodded.

He withdrew his hand and put his fingers into his mouth. “Mmmmm so sweet.” he growled.

And then it was like there was some kind of invisible signal between the brothers. Zan moved behind me again, his hands roaming over my back.

Max released me long enough to position himself before me. He met my eyes as his hands sneaked under my shirt again and took possession of my breasts. Holding my gaze he slowly stroked them over my bra, occasionally passing over my distended nipples with his thumbs.

He lowered his head as he continued to tease my breasts and I tilted my head up to meet his kiss.

Zan’s hands moved lower skimming over my ass, squeezing lightly. He caressed me, going even lower and then slid his hand between my legs.

I widened my stance to give him better access and he stroked me through my panties. Several times he brushed slowly over my clit causing moisture to pore from my aching core.

Suddenly he growled and a moment later his hands gripped my thighs and I realized that he was on his knees behind me. His teeth scraped across my ass and the next thing I knew his mouth was on me.

I jerked in reaction to the unexpected touch. Normally I’m not an exhibitionist and would never have allowed the intimate contact in public. But the atmosphere of the club, the fact that others were having sex all around us, and because I wanted the brothers so much, made me feel a bit reckless.

Zan twisted around to get in a better position and licked me through my panties, moving from my core to my clit and back again several times. With his hands he urged my legs farther apart, and when I complied he pushed my panties aside and closed his mouth over me. My whole body shook with pleasure as his tongue swirled through my soaking folds.

Max continued to kiss me as his brother pleasured me. His kisses were long and hard, thrusting his tongue into my mouth, stroking my tongue, sucking it into his mouth, mimicking what Zan was doing below.

Zan licked over my clit again and again causing surges of electricity to rush through me. Then he moved down and barely dipped his tongue inside me.

It felt so good and I moaned into Max’s mouth.

Zan licked a path back up to my clit and finally brushed it with his tongue piercing. My whole body jerked with the unexpected pleasure. Instantly he moved down and plunged his tongue deep inside me grazing my G-spot with the metal.

Another shock of energy rushed through me and was forced to break the kiss as I gasped. Max wrapped one arm around my waist holding me tightly and moved down to attack my neck.

Zan moved back up to my clit flicking it with his piercing. He gradually increased his pace as he changed directions, moving back and forth, and then up and down, the warm metal sending shocks through my sensitive flesh with each touch.

Suddenly he thrust his tongue into me again, starting a steady rhythm, making sure to brush my G-spot with the piercing in both directions. It was so incredibly pleasurable and my breath was coming in gasps as I quickly approached the edge.

Max devoured my neck, licking, sucking, biting, and as I got closer to climax his touch on my breast changed. He stroked over my hardened nipple with quick flicks of his thumbnail.

Zan must have realized that I was close too. He increased the speed of his strokes inside me and his fingers went to my clit, rubbing it in fast circles.

My body arched and tightened and Max pinched my nipple, and I came immediately. I was trying to be quiet but a moan escaped me and I collapsed into Max.

He held me easily and placed gentle open-mouth kisses on my neck. “Damn baby,” he growled, “that was so sexy.”

Zan licked up the rush of liquid between my thighs and kissed my clit before fixing my panties. He stood and pressed his body to mine, nuzzling the back of my neck. “I told you we’d do you right darlin’,” he purred arrogantly.

I reached behind to grasp Zan’s head and turned to place a kiss on his cheek. “Mmmmm,” I hummed, “yes you did.”

Zan smiled. “Come home with us baby,” he said.

Max kissed my cheek. “We’ll give you a night you’ll never forget.”

I nodded, quickly agreeing, glad that they wanted to continue in a more private setting. A quick fuck against the wall would be fun, but it would hardly satisfy the craving I had for the two incredible men. I wanted to feel their naked bodies pressed to mine, reveling in every sensation, savoring the experience.

“Let’s go,” I said.

They both smiled and wrapped their arms around me and we headed for a back door. A valet waited outside and Zan handed him a ticket. “We’ll take my car,” he said with a wink.

The man ran to get the car and Zan kissed the side of my head. “Bro,” he said looking at Max, “you have got to get a taste of her sweet pussy. I’ll drive and you can sample on the way home.”

Max pressed his lips to my temple. “What do you think baby?” he whispered. “Do you want my mouth on you?”

I nodded. The only thing I wanted more was one of their hard cocks filling my aching pussy, but I could wait until we got to their place.

“Oh yes,” I gasped, already feeling moisture on my lower lips again. “That’s exactly what I want.”

Zan’s car arrived a moment later, a low-slung black sports car that I didn’t recognize. I guessed there wouldn’t be much of a back seat, but we really didn’t need a lot of room.

Zan opened the door and pushed the seat forward, and Max helped me into the car before climbing in after me.

I went to settle myself in the small space, sitting like a proper lady should. But then I asked myself what the point was? Max wanted me, I wanted him, it would just be a waste of time to act demure.

I scooted into the far corner, hiking my skirt up and spreading my legs wide, exposing my lace covered pussy. I met Max’s eyes. “Come and have a taste.”

“Fuck!” I heard Zan exclaim from the front seat, as he started the car.

Max growled and lunged for me. He kissed me hard and his fingers slipped into my panties, stroking through my folds. I gasped as he broke the kiss a moment later, arching into his hand.

“Fuck Zan,” Max groaned, “you were right.” He held my eyes smiling, “She’s soaking wet.”

Pushing my panties aside, he dipped his head down taking a long lick. “So sweet and smoky,” he rumbled.

Max put one hand under my hips, lifting them to get better access and I arched up helping him. His mouth closed over me again, his tongue pushing just inside me. Several times he flicked into me lapping up the moisture, teasing.

But I was so turned on I could hardly stand it. I strained to meet the strokes of his tongue, and grasped his head to bring him closer.

He plunged his tongue deep inside me and I moaned with pleasure.

Almost instantly he withdrew, but I could feel his smile against my skin. “That’s what you need baby,” he growled.

“Yes,” I gasped breathlessly. “Yes, more!”

Max went to my clit using a long slow stroke of his tongue to caress me before he sucked my sensitive nub into his mouth. He grazed my clit with his teeth and then swirled his tongue around it, sending waves of pleasure through me.

I gasped when he released me, but he licked through my folds slowly returning to my throbbing slit. This time he didn’t tease. He stroked his tongue into me setting a steady pace, thrusting deep inside.

I ground my core against him as he tongue fucked me, my whole body shaking with arousal. I was so close, my back arched, just a few more strokes…

Suddenly he withdrew and I whimpered at the loss, looking down to see what was wrong.

His eyes met mine. “Baby you are so good I could taste you all night, but we’re home.”

I looked around. I hadn’t even noticed that the car had stopped moving. We were in a parking garage and Zan had twisted in his seat to watch us.

He smiled at me and Max took the opportunity to thrust his tongue back inside.

I arched up again as a surge of electricity shot through me.

His fingers went to my clit and flicked it quickly, matching the rhythm of his tongue. It only took a half dozen of his strokes to get me to the edge again and then he somehow held me there for long moments. My whole body shook and tightened and my hand fisted in his hair as he finally gave me release.

I cried out as the orgasm ripped through me. Max withdrew his tongue and gently kissed and licked my lower lips as I gradually came down.

“Fuck,” Zan said from the front seat, “baby you are so hot!”

Max emerged from between my legs with a smile and pressed a kiss to my lips. “Zan was right,” he said softly, “so sweet.”

Zan got out of the car and pushed the seat up to let us out. Max unfolded himself, backing out and then held his hand out to me. “Come on Liz,” he said with a wink. “We’ll show you our place.”

I took his hand and he helped me out of the car. I started to smooth my skirt down, but my legs still felt a little wobbly and I leaned to one side.

Instantly Zan caught me, lifting me in his arms. “Don’t pass out on us yet baby,” he said with a crooked grin. “We’re only getting started.”



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