Cravings Part 2


Part 2


Zan insisted on carrying me all the way to their apartment and didn’t put me down until we were inside.

It was a big place, lots of open space and very modernly furnished, and it crossed my mind that Max and Zan had a lot of money.

Zan brushed his hand down my arm. “Can I get you anything Liz? A beer or something else?”

I nodded. “A beer would be perfect.”

Zan ducked into the kitchen and I turned to Max. “This is a great place.”

He tilted his head. “I’ll give you the tour.”

Putting his hand on the small of my back he motioned around. “This is the living room of course.”

He guided me to the room where Zan was just emerging. “And this is the kitchen.”

Zan handed me a beer, and then gave one to Max. “Getting the tour?” he asked, taking a swig of his own beer.

I nodded. “You have a really nice place.”

Zan smiled. “It’s even better with you here baby.” He winked. “And you haven’t seen the best room yet.”

“And which is the best room?” I asked with a smile.

He took my hand. “Right this way.”

We walked down the hall and stopped at the end. He motioned to a doorway on the right. “That’s Max’s room.”

He backed into the other room, pulling me with him. It was a large, spacious room, furnished much like the rest of the apartment, and the main feature was a huge bed.

Zan winked at me. “And this is the best room in the house.”

“And why is that?” I asked innocently.

A grin lifted one side of his mouth as he pressed his body to mine. “Because this is where all the fun happens baby.” Taking my beer he set it aside with his before leaning in and kissing me. He nipped and teased my lips for long moments before he moved down to my neck.

Max leaned against the door jam watching us for a moment. He took a long draw on his beer before setting it aside and pulling his shirt over his head. Then he joined us, pressing against my back as his lips found my neck.

I turned toward him letting my eyes greedily devour his beautiful body before I reached out to touch him. I went directly for his pecs, sliding my hands over his defined muscles, grazing over his nipples. He groaned with pleasure and I dipped my head to kiss his chest as my hands roamed over his stomach.

Zan’s hands slipped around my waist and his teeth scraped the back of my neck.

I turned back to him to see that he had removed his shirt too. They were both so sexy, so luscious, I couldn’t believe I was with them. “You are both so perfect,” I said.

I leaned in to give Zan’s sculpted chest the same treatment that I had just given Max’s, paying special attention to Zan’s tattoo. It was some kind tribal design over his right pec, and I licked and sucked at his inked skin eager to see if it had a different taste.

After a moment I reached for the fastening on Zan’s pants. “I want to see the rest.”

With a smile Zan allowed me to undo his pants but he held them up as he kicked off his boots. Then so slowly he pushed down his pants and boxers, to stand gloriously naked before me.

I reached out and grasped his rigid cock, stroking him gently. “So big and hard,” I purred.

He reached for me but I stepped back with a shake of my head and a smile.

I turned to Max and reached for his pants. “Your turn,” I said with a wink.

He kissed my head as I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I let them slide down his legs and grasped his erection through his boxers. “Mmmmm,” I rumbled.

Reaching into his boxers I grasped his hard shaft, stroking it gently. “Beautiful.”

Max pushed his boxers down and kissed my head again.

Zan pressed his body to mine. “I think someone here is extremely overdressed.”

“You’re right,” Max agreed with a smile.

Max grabbed the hem of my shirt and slid it up, brushing over my breasts as he pulled it over my head. He tossed it aside and his eyes went to my breasts that were barely concealed by the lacy bra.

At the same time Zan’s hands went to the fastening on my skirt and it slid down my legs to pool at my feet.

Their eyes roamed over me greedily and I was glad that I had worn my sexiest underwear, a matching black lace, bra and panties that were practically see-through. I knew they looked good on and the expressions on Max and Zan’s faces said they thought so too.

“So fucking hot!” Zan growled. His mouth closed over my neck at the top of my spine and he licked a path down, pressing his tongue stud into my skin.

Max dipped down to take my breast into his mouth, sucking and licking it through the material. He grazed my nipple with his teeth as he unfastened the front closure and pushed the straps off my shoulder.

I let the bra slide down my arms and Max groaned. “Baby.”

His mouth closed over my breast again as his hand went to the other.

Zan’s lips reached the top of my panties and he hooked his fingers into the elastic. Slowly he pulled them down, his teeth grazing over the globe of my ass, and all the way down my leg. When he reached my feet he lifted one and then the other, removing my shoes and the scrap of lace.

On the way back up he gently nipped at the back of my knee and then placed a kiss on the small of my back. “This is much better,” he growled.

“Mmmmm,” Max agreed, not even bothering to remove his mouth from my breast.

Zan’s hands roamed over my stomach as he started to devour my back. His lips nibbled along my spine following it up, sucking and licking my skin. When he reached my shoulder blades his teeth grazed over them and I arched into his touch.

Max’s tongue brushed over my hard nipple again and again, sending shocks of electricity through me. I groaned with the pleasure, wondering how much longer my knees would hold out, and grasped at his shoulders.

Suddenly his mouth left my breast. “Let’s take this to the bed,” he rumbled.

“Damn straight!” Zan agreed. He lifted me in his arms and took me to the bed, placing me in the center before he settled himself next to me. Immediately he took possession of my lips, kissing me hard.

Max joined us a moment later, sliding in on my other side. His mouth returned to my breast, sucking and grazing it with his teeth.

With one hand I grasped the back of Max’s neck, sliding my fingers into his thick hair. My other hand went to Zan’s shoulder, roaming over his back and arm.

And as they kissed me their hands traveled over my body, caressing me everywhere. I couldn’t tell who was touching me where, and it really didn’t matter. I felt like a goddess being worshiped by her devoted followers. It was so incredibly erotic, and it made me want them like I had never wanted anyone before.

Zan’s hand moved to my other breast, teasing with circles around my nipple for several long moments before finally grazing over it.

Max’s hand slid between my breasts, smoothing over my stomach and down my hip.

Zan’s finger flicked over my hard nipple and I was forced to break our kiss as a gasp of pleasure escaped me.

He bit my chin and placed soft nips down my neck and chest until he reached my breast. His technique was a little different than Max’s, harder, rougher. He sucked my rigid tip into his mouth stroking it with his tongue piercing.

When Zan moved down to my breast, Max moved to my neck. He devoured my delicate skin, licking and sucking. His hand went to my breast brushing over my nipple and his teeth sank into my neck.

My breasts were incredibly sensitive from the prolonged teasing and I arched up into the brothers.

Max spoke into my neck. “Mmmmm baby.”

Zan growled his approval and his hand slid down my body. He went across my stomach and briefly brushed over my clit before delving into my wet folds.

I spread my legs automatically, giving him better access.

With a feather’s touch, he slowly traced over my lower lips going deeper with every stroke. When he reached my core he circled the edge again and again teasing me.

I raised my hips pressing my aching core into his hand, rubbing against him. He growled and plunged two fingers inside.

I cried out with the pleasure and Zan bit down on my breast as he withdrew his fingers and pushed them back into me. After a few tentative strokes he set a quick rhythm.

Max’s hand moved down my body until he reached my clit.

I jerked in reaction and he spoke into my neck. “Oh you like that.”

“Yes,” I gasped. “More.”

Zan looked up at me smiling. “Anything you want baby.”

He thrust his fingers into me faster and Max stroked my clit in tandem.

Zan’s mouth returned to my breast and he rapidly brushed over my nipple with his tongue piercing. Max continued to kiss my neck and he flicked my other nipple with his thumbnail.

Zan angled his fingers inside me and brushed over my G-spot.

“Oh yes!” I cried out.

He made sure to stroke it both ways as he moved in and out of me. The pleasure was incredible because so much of me was being stimulated at the same time. It only took moments for them to push me to the edge.

Damn, they were good!

My breath came in quick gasps and my hips lifted into each of their strokes. Zan thrust into me faster and sucked my breast hard. Max bit into my shoulder as he continued to brush my clit.

I jerked and writhed uncontrollably as the electric pleasure rushed through me. Every one of their touches was like a live wire against my skin. My head thrashed from side to side and I felt my whole body tighten as my inner muscles clamped down on Zan’s fingers.

I didn’t even attempt to stop the moan of pure pleasure that escaped me as I flew over the precipice.

Zan left his fingers inside me as my core pulsed around them. “So fucking sexy,” he growled.

Max gently brushed over my clit with a soothing touch as I attempted to catch my breath.

The waves of the orgasm washed throughout my body, making me feel languorous and relaxed. My inner muscles still fluttered around Zan’s fingers but the rhythm slowed.

Zan stroked my G-spot once more, causing my body to clench, and then he withdrew his fingers. They glistened with my juices and he put them into his mouth. “Mmmmm,” he hummed, pulling them out. “So sweet.”

As I slowly came down, Max continued placing small kisses on my neck and Zan stroked my breast.

While they were pleasuring me, I really hadn’t been able to think about anything else, but now I was starting to notice my surroundings. And I didn’t mean the furnishings in the room, I meant the two men in bed with me.

It was incredible feeling the heat of two bodies, one on either side, their hands and mouths roaming over me, concentrating all their talent and experience on making me come. And even more incredible were the two huge erections pressing against me.

The orgasm they had just given me satisfied my lust for a moment or two, but my desire quickly rose again and my core ached to be filled.

I reached out to caress both of their chests. I wanted them so much. “So who’s first?” I asked, looking from Max to Zan. “I really need to get fucked now.”

“Shit!” Zan exclaimed. “Max, you’re a lucky bastard.”

I smiled and looked back at Max. “So you had this worked out before.”

Max smiled and nodded as his hand smoothed over my body possessively. “We decided at the club if you wanted us both that Zan would get to taste you first, and I would get to have you first.”

Zan kissed my shoulder and winked. “Don’t give it all to my little brother angel.”

He moved out of the bed and took a seat in a nearby chair. Obviously he was going to watch and surprisingly it really turned me on.

I turned back to Max with a smile. “So how do you want me?”

Max smiled. “Oh baby,” he kissed me softly. “I want you just as you are.”

He continued to kiss me as he moved over me; full, deep kisses, so sweet but so hungry.

I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around him as he settled between my legs. His thick cock pressed against my lower lips and I raised my knees to bring him closer.

His tongue stroked into my mouth tasting, teasing, devouring me as if he would never get enough. One of his hands slid down my body to gently cup one breast, and his thumb slowly traced the underside

It felt so good, but with all the anticipation I was practically desperate to have him inside. I wrapped my legs around him started to rock my hips. His erection slid against my slick folds and I moaned into his mouth.

He broke the kiss and started his own motion as he held my eyes. So slowly he pumped his hips, brushing his cock across my clit.

I gasped, and he smiled. “Is that what you want?” he whispered.

I lifted my hips in invitation. “Yes, come inside.”

He led his erection to my aching core and paused, meeting my eyes. “I love how you respond to me baby, and I love that you aren’t afraid to ask for what you want.” He grinned. “It makes me even hungrier for you.”

He pushed just his tip in me and it felt so good that I almost came. My inner muscles started to pulse and I arched up trying to bring even more of him inside.

But Max wouldn’t allow that. He pressed me to the bed, holding me down with his weight. “Not so fast baby.”

My wide eyes met his and he smiled again. He stroked my breast as he pushed inside another inch. “We’re going to take this nice and slow,” he purred.

Another inch inside and I grasped at his back. “You feel so good,” I gasped. “So big.”

He chuckled as he continued to sink deeper into me.

The sensation was incredible. I could feel every hard inch of him, and he was big. He filled and stretched me, and the friction was wonderful. I couldn’t wait for him to start fucking me in earnest.

He stopped when he was fully sheathed inside me. “Oooohhhh,” he groaned, “you are so tight.”

Leaning down he kissed me lingeringly as he slowly started to withdraw. He pulled out until just his tip was still inside and then reversed direction, inching himself back in.

Max kept the motion steady, but achingly slow. Every one of his long strokes buried him to the hilt, before he withdrew.

I tried to lift my hips to meet his thrusts, but he kept me pinned with his weight. I gripped his ass urging him to increase his speed, but he resisted.

He broke the kiss, nibbling a path down to my neck. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll get you there.” His thumb stroked over my hard nipple. “I’ll fuck you slow and thorough.”

As he continued to move he started to kiss and suck my neck. His lips moved languorously over my sensitive skin, stopping occasionally to graze me with his teeth.

It felt so good and I leaned my head back to give Max better access. I reached up burying my hand in his thick hair, holding him to me.

He kissed down the side of neck, gently biting my shoulder before he moved to my breast. His tongue swirled slowly around my tip several times, and I literally held my breath waiting for him to touch my nipple.

Max used a long lick of his tongue to graze over my nub, drawing a moan of pleasure from me.

“Mmmmm,” hummed against my skin, “you taste so good.”

He took my breast into his mouth sucking hard, to the same rhythm as his thrusts inside me.

I arched into him grasping as his back. Despite the slow pace the pleasure was incredible and I felt the orgasm building within. But my instinct was to increase the rhythm.

I knew it was no use asking Max to speed up, but I couldn’t stop myself. “Faster,” I gasped. “I need more.”

Max slowed his pace almost to a stop as he met my eyes. A smile crossed his lips. “I’ll give you all you want baby.”

He kissed me and stroked over my clit, making my body clench. His pace did increase slightly, but he still kept it slower that I wanted.

Max’s slow thrusts gave me time to concentrate on each sensation he was causing. I could feel every long inch of his cock as he slid in and out. His motion against my inner walls was so pleasurable and built so gradually that I was practically desperate to come.

His hot mouth returned to my breast sucking and licking my sensitive nub. Each of his touches sent a surge of energy through me straight to my clit.

Despite the slow pace I did feel myself approaching climax. My whole body pulsed and jerked, and my breath came in quick gasps. My head thrashed from side to side and my hands fluttered against his back. The pleasure was almost too much for me to bear.

Max pushed deep inside me and suddenly stopped.

I whimpered with disappointment. “Don’t stop,” I gasped, clutching at his back.

He grazed my breast with his teeth and looked up to meet my eyes smiling. “I’m not stopping baby, just taking my time.”

I grasped his ass tightly. I was so close, but I’m sure he knew that. He didn’t want me to come yet.

His hands went to my breasts cupping them, and he brushed over my tips. A shiver of reaction ripped through me and my legs tightened around him.

He placed a kiss between my breasts. “I love how much you want me,” he rumbled, “how you respond to my every touch. It’s so sexy.”

I felt my inner muscles start to pulse around his cock and I attempted to move my hips but he held me easily in place. “Hell yes I want you,” I gasped. “I want you so much.”

He pulled out a couple of inches and I cried out. The moments of inactivity made me even more sensitive inside.

Again he started a slow rhythm but this time he took some of his weight off me allowing me to move. I arched up meeting his thrusts, desperate to have completion.

Max continued to stroke my breasts and increased his pace slightly. In and out, in and out, drawing whimpers of ecstasy from me with his every movement.

My body was so aroused from the prolonged pleasure that it only took me moments to reach the edge again.

His body started to shake and I knew he was holding on to his own control by a thread. Reaching between us he stroked over my clit and my whole body tightened. I thought he would finally increase the pace and give us both relief but he maintained the languid motion.

The combination of the slow pace and him caressing my clit somehow drew out my pleasure. I gripped his back tightly as I gasped for breath. I was almost there.

My hips bucked against him and my core gripped him tightly. I dug my fingers into his thick muscles as my whole body tightened. He stroked into me again and rubbed my clit hard and I came with a moan.

A groan ripped through Max a second before I felt his hot come shoot into me, and he continued to growl as he emptied himself completely.

He collapsed on top of me as we both panted hard, attempting to catch our breath.

My inner muscles throbbed around him, but the pulses started to lessen, and gradually my body relaxed.

After a few moments his lips touched my neck. “I told you I’d get you there baby,” he whispered.

“Yes,” I agreed. “And you did it so well.”

I realized that my nails had sunk into the muscles on his back and I lessened my grip. “Sorry,” I apologized, caressing the area I had abused.

He kissed my neck again and looked up to meet my eyes. “Don’t worry about it Liz,” he said with a smile. “It’s proof that I fucked you senseless.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. He was so cocky, but so right.

Max smiled and his hand started to wander over my body. “I wish I could stay inside you all night baby,” he said, “but I know Zan wants his turn.”

He kissed me again and pulled out, settling next to me in bed.

I sat up and looked to Zan. He was slowly stroking his erection and I focused on the motion for a moment before meeting his eyes. “You like watching?” I asked with a smile.

He leaned forward and smiled back crookedly. “Darlin’ I like watching, but I like doing much more.” He winked. “And I am ready to do you.”

I raised an eyebrow. “What do you have in mind?”

Zan held his hand out to me. “I know you’re going to like it,” he said with a wink.

I placed my hand in his and he rose pulling me to my feet and against his body. Our naked skin came into contact and I gasped with the sensation.

He gripped my ass and whispered into my neck. “I’m going to fuck you good and hard.”

His words instantly enflamed me and I shivered in reaction against him. I wanted him so much.

“Yeah,” he growled, “you definitely like that.”

I scoured my short nails over his back and grazed his nipple with my teeth. “Fuck me Zan.”

He cupped my head and kissed me hard, his tongue piercing stroking inside my mouth briefly. “Baby you are so fucking hot!”

I reached down to grip his rigid cock. “Where do you want me?”

With an arm around my waist he led me to the foot of the bed, and embraced me from behind. He kissed my neck. “Right here baby,” Zan purred as he hands roamed over my breasts and stomach. “I want you right here.”

His hand smoothed down my leg and lifted it. He bent my knee and rested it on the footboard so I was more open to him.

He continued to kiss my neck as his hand roamed back up my leg to my hip. “I don’t really need to ask if you’re ready, do I baby?” he rasped near my ear.

His other hand went to my breast and he squeezed my nipple causing me to arch into him. “You were made for sex,” he growled, “beautiful, uninhibited, a goddess.” He bit my neck. “I know you’re soaking wet just thinking about my cock inside you.”

I turned my head to him. “So shut up already and fuck me.”

Zan chuckled. “Oh I’m going to fuck you all right.” He led his erection to my aching slit and with a powerful thrust buried himself to the hilt.

I groaned with the sensation of being filled once again. “Oh yes!” He was big, just like Max, and stretched my inner walls so wonderfully.

“Damn you are tight,” he growled triumphantly. “And so fucking wet.”

His hands brushed up my hips and over my stomach. One arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me to him, and the other took possession of my breast.

He withdrew a couple of inches and surged back inside a few times before settling into a quick rhythm. With each stroke he pulled out of me a little further until just his tip was inside, and then his whole impressive length would fill me again.

The angle of him inside me caused the head of his cock to graze my G-spot with each thrust. It was so pleasurable that I was soon shivering against him.

He gripped me tighter and pumped into me faster, and it only took a dozen more of his powerful strokes to push me to the edge. My body arched, and my fingers gripped his arm. I felt my inner walls start to pulse around him and my breath came quicker.

The orgasm ripped through me and I whimpered with the release, shaking uncontrollably.

Zan held me easily and I expected him to come, but he didn’t even slow his pace. He continued to stroke into me fast and hard. “There is no way I’m going to let this end yet baby,” he growled.

He reached down to my clit, rubbing it in quick circles.

Electricity shot through me and I arched into him.

“That’s it, stay with me baby,” he groaned, pleased by my reaction. “I’ll fuck you long and hard.”

He bit my neck and pistoned into me even faster. One of his hands continued to stroke my clit and the other caressed my breast.

His quick rhythm soon brought me to the edge again. Every stroke in and out hit my G-spot perfectly sending pulses of pleasure through me. I moaned with the sensations.

Zan clutched my breast almost painfully and then pinched my nipple, and I came again. I cried out as my inner walls clamped down on his cock, my whole body pulsing with the powerful release.

But Zan still wasn’t finished.

He paused in his rhythm long enough to bend me over. With one hand he gripped my bent leg opening me even further, and he wrapped his other arm around my waist.

Again he started a quick pace, holding me tightly. I was so wet from the orgasms that he slid in and out of me easily.

For the first time I noticed that Max hadn’t moved from his place on the bed and I met and held his eyes as his brother fucked me.

Max smiled back and his smile only grew wider as I quickly got caught up in the sensations Zan was causing.

My breath came in quick pants as my desire rose again. Zan’s hard length stroked my inner walls so deliciously, but each climax only made me hungry for more. I reached around to grab his pistoning ass. “Harder,” I gasped. “Jam that big cock into me harder!”

“Fuck!” he growled, obeying instantly. He didn’t slow his pace at all, but he pulled out of me almost all the way before slamming back inside.

The strength of his thrust nearly lifted me off the floor. “Yes!” I cried out. “So good!”

Again and again he pistoned inside me, the power of his surges burying him to the hilt. He groaned with the effort and I knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from coming this time.

He reached up to pinch my nipple again and I whimpered as the electricity shot through me. My whole body arched and tightened and my core pulsed powerfully.

“Yes baby,” he growled, biting my shoulder. “That’s what you needed.”

I was so aroused that I was beyond speech, but I gripped his sculpted ass tighter.

Somehow he increased his pace even more, hammering into me until he took my breath away. I gasped for air and Zan reached down to stroke my clit.

I came instantly, my whole body shuddering with the incredible pleasure. My core squeezed Zan’s cock powerfully and he finally loosened his control and allowed himself to come.

He growled, a sound of pure masculine pleasure as his seed shot into me. His hips surged against me a few more times before he stilled, his cock buried deep within. He held me tightly, his hot breath puffing on the skin of my shoulder.

“Damn baby,” he purred.

Again I met Max’s gaze as I attempted to catch my breath. His eyes sparkled with satisfaction as he lazily stroked his hard cock, and I realized he was anticipating his turn.

And even though Zan had just given me three incredible orgasms, and I felt like I could barely move, I definitely wanted Max again.

After a few moments Zan pulled out of me, lifted me in his arms and placed me facedown in the middle of the bed. His hand roamed over my back and he placed a kiss between my shoulder blades. “Baby that was fucking amazing.”

Max’s hand cupped my ass and he kissed the small of my back. “So fucking sexy.”

“Mmmmmmm,” I hummed. “You guys are incredible.”

“Baby you are the one who’s incredible,” Zan said. “I like watching you get fucked almost as much as I like fucking you.”

I rose up on my elbows and smiled at him. “So are you ready to watch me fuck your brother again?”

A light seemed to ignite in Zan’s eyes. “Oh yeah baby.”

I turned to Max. “How about you?”

He nodded. “I’m ready for you.”

I got to my hands and knees and crawled to him, straddling him, and inching forward I didn’t stop until my core was directly over his cock. I reached between us, stroking him several times before I led his hard length to my opening. Slowly I sank down, enveloping him, taking all of his thick erection inside.

Max grasped my hips, pulling me even closer to him. “Mmmmm baby, that’s good.”

He started to move his hips, but I put a hand to his chest, shaking my head. “No. This time I set the pace.”

A smile crossed his face. “You’ve got it.”

I let my eyes roam over the beautiful man I was impaled on. He was so perfect, so sexy and I wanted to devour every inch of him.

I leaned in to kiss him briefly before moving down to nip at his chin. Continuing lower I grazed his throat with my teeth as my hands went to his chest. I caressed his hard nipples with my thumbs and started to slowly rock on him.

And as I touched him, Max touched me. One of his hands rested in the small of my back, holding me to him, and the other moved over my body from my breasts to my clit.

It felt so good, and I was about to increase my pace when I felt Zan’s lips between my shoulder blades.

I gasped and arched back, and suddenly I knew what I wanted. I had two incredible men eager to please me and I wanted them both inside.

I’d tried anal sex before with my last boyfriend, and I had never really been into it. But somehow I knew it would be different with Max and Zan. I had to at least try it. I might never get the opportunity again.

Reaching back I grasped the back of Zan’s head, holding him to me. “I want you Zan,” I rumbled. “I want you in my ass.”

“Fuck!” the brothers said simultaneously.

Zan gripped my breast. “Are you sure baby?” he asked. “Have you done this before?”

I nodded. “I want you both to fuck me.”

Zan didn’t ask again. He reached over to the bedside table and took out some lube. “You are so small baby, we’re going to need this.”

I put my hands on Max’s shoulders to steady myself and leaned forward to give Zan more room.

I felt Zan’s hand on my ass a moment before his fingers touched my opening. He caressed the outside for a few strokes before slipping a lubed finger inside me.

It felt strange but good and I shivered in anticipation.

Zan pushed another finger inside stretching me and making sure I was ready for the larger invasion.

After a few moments he withdrew his fingers and I felt his cock resting against me. I concentrated on relaxing my body like my last boyfriend had taught me, and practically held my breath as Zan slowly pushed inside.

When my last boyfriend had ass fucked me I always felt uncomfortable, even a little scared. And even thought Zan’s cock was bigger it felt right, like he fit perfectly inside, and it felt really good.

Max started to stroke my clit as his brother filled me. It loosened me even more and Zan slid deeper. I felt his body start to shake. “Fuck!” he exclaimed. “Shit, you are tight!”

Max groaned. “Her pussy feels tighter too.”

Zan’s motion stopped. “Are you okay baby?”

I nodded. I had never felt anything so amazing as the two big cocks inside. “It’s so good,” I gasped.

I started to rock my hips experimentally. The motion pulled one out while pushing the other inside, and the sensation was incredible.

Zan’s cock pushed Max’s against my front wall and my G-spot, and every motion gave me so much pleasure.

As I worked to find a rhythm Max and Zan’s hands roamed over my body.

One of Zan’s hands rested on my hip steadying me while the other moved from my stomach to my breast. His palm brushed over my tip again and again as his teeth grazed the back of my neck.

Max continued to stroke my clit while his free hand teased my other breast.

I started to move faster lifting my hips off the guys, letting their cocks slide almost all the out before I lowered myself, taking them deep inside.

It was an entirely different sensation having them move in and out together. I could feel them both every inch of the way, and Max’s cock rubbed hard against my G-spot.

I moved even faster setting a steady rhythm and the pleasure built more quickly than I thought possible. I was so aroused that my juices flowed out of me, covering Max and Zan, letting them slide easily inside.

Oh, they felt so good.

They were so big and caused the most amazing friction within me. I could hardly tell where one stopped and the other started, but it didn’t matter. The sensations were starting to all blur together. I was on pleasure overload and I knew it couldn’t last much longer.

The continued stimulation of so much of my body sent shocks of electricity through me and soon had me shaking. My rhythm began to falter as my muscles turned to rubber. I felt my feet start to tingle and turn cold. I needed more but my body didn’t want to cooperate.

I stopped my motion, settling down on them. “Fuck me!” I groaned.

It only took them a moment to comply. Each one grasped a hip to hold me steady, and almost instantly they started moving and found a rhythm.

Zan kept my breast in his other hand, quickly flicking over my hard nub with his thumb as his lips traveled across my back. Max rubbed my clit in fast circles as he bit my shoulder.

They moved in perfect tandem, just like when we were dancing, and suddenly I realized this is what I had been craving since I had seen them. I’d wanted them both inside me, both touching and caressing me, both of them focused on making me come.

Our bodies were slick with sweat and slid easily together as they pumped into me. The pleasure was exquisite, I had never felt anything like it. They filled me so perfectly, like they were made to fuck me.

At some unseen signal they increased the pace and Zan pinched my nipple. I threw my head back as the pleasure became almost unbearable and cried out. “Oh yes!”

I reached back to grasp Zan’s neck. It felt like my head was so heavy and I rested it on his shoulder. My body tightened and bowed and Zan grasped both my breasts, pulling at my nipples.

He started to shake. “Fuck baby!” he groaned.

I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was struggling not to come.

Max growled, he was close too.

They continued to thrust into me, every stroke forcing high-pitched whimpers from deep inside me. I had no control over my muscles and panted harshly as the pleasure continued to build. My vision started to blur as I shook uncontrollably.

Max increased the speed and pressure on my clit for a moment, and then pinched it hard. My whole body clenched squeezing their cocks tightly and the three of us came together.

The guys erupted into me, groaning their pleasure, their hips jerking against me a handful of times before they stilled.

I came screaming. It was the most incredible orgasm that I had ever experienced. I literally felt like I was floating.

The three of us clung together, shuddering as the pleasure continued to wash through us.

Zan’s head rested on my shoulder, his quick puffs of breath tickling my skin.

Max’s head settled between my breasts and his fingers continued to absently-mindedly stroke my clit. Every touch sent another jolt of pleasure through me.

We stayed together for long moments as our breathing returned to normal, and our bodies rode out the incredible sensations.

Zan was the first to move and speak. “Damn that was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Max nodded agreeing. “Definitely.”

“How about you baby?” Zan asked me.

I smiled. “You two are the best I’ve ever had, without a doubt. I went to that club to get fucked and I couldn’t have made a better decision about who to have.”

Max smiled. “Did we live up to our promise to fuck your brains out?”

I kissed Zan’s cheek and then Max’s. “Mmmmmm yes. I’ve never been fucked so good.”

Zan stroked over my nipple. “Anytime baby.” He slowly pulled out.

I groaned sleepily. “You both feel so good, I wish I could have you inside all the time.”

Max kissed my chest as he pulled out. “Me too.”

Zan kissed my back. “You were made to be fucked by us baby.”

The three of us settled into bed exhausted. Zan spooned me from behind as I rested my head against Max’s chest. They continued to gently stroke me as I drifted to sleep.


I awoke after a couple of hours still nestled between the two beautiful brothers. Zan was at my back, his knee wedged between my legs, his hand covering one breast. Max and I were facing one another, his hand grasping my hip while my face was pressed into his chest.

I stretched languorously, feeling completely satisfied in every way. I certainly hadn’t exaggerated. It was the best fuck I’d ever had.

Carefully I disentangled myself from them, moving Max’s hand and Zan’s knee. Briefly Zan’s hand tightened on my breast, pulling me closer before he released me.

Slowly I scooted down and off the bed, and gathered my clothing. As I silently dressed, I let my eyes roam over Max and Zan’s gorgeous bodies. They were so handsome, so perfect in every way.

I smiled. It had been a wonderful night, but I wasn’t a fool. It’s not like the three of us could date, fall in love, get married and live happily ever after.

No, I didn’t have any illusions. There was no future for the three of us. It had been a wonderful fantasy but it was over.

I moved to the door but stopped to look at them one more time. I would always remember the night we had spent together but I would never see them again. Fantasies, cravings weren’t meant to be exposed to the light of day, they were better left to the anonymous night.

And opening the door I slipped out into the darkness.



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