Hunger - Part 2


Part 2


(Liz's POV)

You might think after spending the whole night having great sex with Max, that I would be exhausted, or even satisfied. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

All day in class, I couldn’t stop thinking about Zan, his beautiful body, and how much I wanted him. My classes were spread out throughout the day, and I would have gladly met Zan for a quickie, but he had a 9-to-5 job.

By the time school was over for the day I felt like I would go insane if I didn’t have him. It was after five-thirty by the time I left, and I headed straight for Zan and Max’s place.

I let myself in with my key, and Zan was pouring himself a drink. Obviously he had just gotten home. He was still wearing his work shirt and slacks, and he looked sexy as hell.

We were planning to have dinner, and then have each other, but I was so hungry for him I couldn’t wait.

When he saw me, he put his glass down and crossed the room with a grin. “Baby,” he growled.

I let him wrap me in his arms, but I used a hand on his chest and my body weight to push him backward toward the sofa. “Sit down,” I ordered.

He complied with a smile, pulling me with him, kissing me hard before falling back into the sofa. I stood over him and instantly stripped off my jeans and panties, and then straddled his legs, kneeling on the sofa over him.

My hands went to the fastening of his pants, and I fumbled with them for a moment, and then reached inside gripping him. I was too aroused for foreplay, and pulled his rigid cock out of his pants, leading it directly to my aching core.

With a single movement I enveloped him inside my throbbing pussy.

“Shit,” he hissed.

Obviously I’d surprised him, but he certainly wasn’t complaining.

I didn’t even pause in my motion, and as soon as he was completely inside I raised my hips. My hands rested on his shoulders so I could hold myself steady, and I started a furious pace, trying to ease the ache of my hunger.

He filled me again and again as I moved on him, and I moaned with the incredible pleasure.

Zan may have been surprised by my actions but he recovered quickly, holding my hips, helping me fuck him hard and fast.

“Oh baby,” he hissed. “You are so hot.”

His voice shook and I thought his usual control may have been broken by my unexpected actions. I loved that I could unsettle him, and I wanted to make him come with me.

Keeping my rhythm fast, I leaned in brushing his lips with mine. “Zan,” I gasped, “your big cock feels so good.”

He groaned, held me tighter and started pumping his hips up, slamming into me hard.

I dug my fingers into his shoulders as pleasure rushed though me. “Yes, Zan,” I moaned, “oh yes!”

We moved together silently, faster and faster, the only sounds, flesh hitting flesh and our rough breathing.

I arched back as the pleasure became unbearable. It changed the position of his solid length inside me, making him brush over my G-spot, and I flew over the edge instantly, crying out.

With a surge of satisfaction I watched as Zan pumped into me twice more and then grunted his own release.

We held each other tightly, breathing harshly. I rested my forehead against Zan’s, savoring the sensations.

After a few moments he pulled back slightly and smiled. “Damn baby, that was a surprise.”

I kissed him again. “I’ve wanted you all day,” I breathed. “I was going crazy wanting you. I even thought about coming to your office and fucking you on your desk.”

His smile widened. “So why didn’t you?”

I shrugged. “I didn’t want to interrupt you at work.”

“Interrupt me,” he choked. “Baby, anytime you show up at my office horny as hell, I’ll drop everything I’m doing to take care of you.”

I smiled back. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Leaning in I kissed him. “You know, I actually had something else in mind for tonight.”

“Mmmmmm,” Zan hummed, kissing me. “What was that?”

“Well,” I said slowly, “when I was with Max last night, he fucked me against the wall, and I could see us in the mirror.”

Zan smiled again. “And you want me to fuck in front of the mirror.”

“Not exactly,” I admitted, stroking down his chest. “Don’t get me wrong, I liked the mirror. But what I liked more was seeing Max’s body as he fucked me. It made me realize that no matter how we fuck, that I can never really see you. And it made me curious to see your body, and especially to see your big cock sliding inside me.”

A chuckle rumbled up from deep in his throat. “Baby, you are bad. It must be why I like you so much.”

He kissed me again more hungrily this time. “We might have to try a few positions, to see which works best, but I am sure we can figure something out,” he growled.

Once more he brushed my lips with his. “The first thing we have to do,” he said with a grin, “is to get you in the bedroom, and then get us both naked.”

With a smile I stripped my shirt over my head and unfastened my front closing bra, letting it fall to the floor. “Well I’m naked, and you are a bit overdressed.”

Leaning forward he took my breast into his mouth. “Mmmmm, yes you are baby,” he purred. “And it is so damn sexy to see you naked and impaled on my cock while I’m still dressed.”

He kissed the side of my breast. “Fuck the bedroom, I think I’ll just have you again right here.”

I giggled, knowing he was teasing me. “Oh no,” I said, pushing at his chest. “I want you naked too.”

“Oh yeah,” he said with a grin, “you did beg me to fuck you in front of the mirror.”

Suddenly he lifted me off his cock and took me in his arms, carrying me into the bedroom.

He put me on the bed and with a teasing grin started to take off his own clothes.

First his hands went to the buttons on his shirt, and he slowly unbuttoned them as I watched.

I would have been more than happy to help him and got up on my knees, but he stayed out of my reach.

Each button he released revealed a little more of his sculpted chest and my eyes traveled greedily over it. Even though I had just had him, the sight of his naked chest made me want him all over again. And by the time he was finished I was soaking wet and breathing hard with need.

Next, his hands went to the fastening on his pants and he grinned as he let them fall to the floor. Then he hooked his thumbs in his boxers and pushed them down, exposing his whole beautiful body to me, and showing me that he was hard again.

He winked at me as he took a step closer. “See anything you like baby?”

I reached out to him. “Everything.” I purred.

Stepping into me, he kissed me hard. His hands went to my breasts stroking, squeezing, and then moved down my body, across my stomach.

His lips moved to my throat, and I was vaguely aware that he climbed on the bed and moved behind me. As he devoured my neck, his hands continued to smooth across my skin.

I jerked in surprise as Zan’s fingers slid across my clit, and my body arched back into him automatically.

Again and again he stroked over my nub, rubbing it in circles, building speed quickly. I moaned with pleasure, allowing him total control as he brought me closer to orgasm.

Suddenly I felt the tip of his erection at the opening of my soaking core, and with a single thrust he was inside.

I climaxed instantly, but Zan didn’t even give me a moment to recover. He plunged inside me again and again as he continued to stroke my clit, and whispered harshly in my ear. “Look at us in the mirror baby,” he growled. “Watch me fuck you.”

My eyes slid to the mirror, and for the first time I realized we were reflected in it. Zan had positioned us so that we were perfectly aligned. But I had to smile. He had placed himself behind me, so he could see my body.

Not exactly what I’d asked for. I would have complained, but he was doing such incredible things to me, I could barely think.

“Zan,” I gasped.

He must have anticipated what I was trying to say, and he cut me off, purring in my ear. “Can you see my cock, baby? Can you see me sliding inside you?”

Pinching my hard nipple, he thrust into me even more forcefully, making me whimper. “Yes, Zan,” I moaned.

His eyes met mine in the mirror, and a wicked grin lifted one corner of his mouth. “I know you love me to fuck you good and hard from behind,” he growled. “It’s making you so wet.”

And he was right. It was as if his words made my eyes focus on where we were connected. His erection was slick with my juices, and I watched fascinated as he pumped into me faster and faster.

His hand continued to rub my clit quickly as he filled me again and again, and seeing it in the mirror as it was happening seemed to make every sensation more intense.

It only took moments for me to climax again.

Instantly Zan stopped his motion, holding me tightly as we gasped for air.

I leaned back against him, turning my head and resting it on his chest. “Fuck Zan,” I breathed harshly, “that was really good, but not what I asked for. I couldn’t see your body at all.”

He kissed my forehead. “I thought we might have to do some experimentation to get it just right.”

I could hear the teasing tone in his voice. He’d planned this, of course. He was still hard, and still inside me.

“We’ll just have to try again,” he purred. “I have another position in mind that will let you see me.”

“What’s that?” I asked suspiciously.

He pushed gently between my shoulders. “Down on all fours, baby,” he ordered with a grin. He was loving this.

I did as he said, leaning down, so I was on my hands and knees, and looked up into the mirror before me, noting with pleasure that I could see Zan. His body was revealed to me from his head, across his bulging arms and pecs, down to his sculpted abs, and lower to where he we were still connected.

My body blocked the rest of him, but I barely had a chance to focus on us, and then Zan was fucking me again.

Gripping my hips, he pulled out and slammed back inside with such force that my whole body shook.

The sudden activity made me cry out with unexpected pleasure. My back arched and I pushed back into him to meet his next thrust.

He set a quick pace, pumping into me faster and faster, groaning with the effort, and I greedily watched it all in the mirror.

His body was displayed perfectly to me, and it made me want Zan more knowing this beautiful man was the one giving me so much pleasure. The only disappointment was that I couldn’t see him thrusting inside me.

I was so focused on him that I hadn’t realized he was quickly pushing me to the edge. But on his next stroke, one of his hands slid down to my clit and with a feather’s touch he brushed over it.

Electricity rushed through my body and I gasped as my elbows buckled.

My eyes met his in the mirror and his grin widened.

He stroked my clit circles as he thrust into me, faster and faster, and I pumped my hips to meet him.

My instinct was to close my eyes and give myself over to the pleasure, but I didn’t want to miss a moment and stayed focused on us in the mirror.

Zan’s muscles strained and knotted, glistening with sweat, and I knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He was holding on by sheer will, making sure I came first.

He slammed into me twice more, pinching my clit and I screamed my release.

On his next deep thrust, he followed me, collapsing on top of me as his hips continued to pump into me until he was empty.

“Oh shit,” he panted, hugging me tightly, “that was good,”

Again he stroked over my clit, sending more surges of pleasure through me, making me shake and shiver in his arms.

He chuckled and kissed the skin between my shoulder blades. “How was it for you, baby?”

“Amazing,” I breathed, still gasping for air. Now my eyes were closed, but I could still picture his body as I’d watched him. “I loved seeing you. I just wish I could see you and your cock at the same time.”

A soft growl escaped him as his teeth scraped over my skin. “Well,” he started, “I can think of another position where you could see both.”

This time I was the one to laugh. He’d been holding out on me. “So this experimenting?”

He kissed my neck with another deep chuckle. “You made me wonder about the mirror too, and I got to have you more times.”

Suddenly he pulled out of me and turned me so I was on my back under him. I squealed with surprise, but automatically spread my legs, wanting to feel him close, and he lowered his body, fitting us perfectly together.

He brushed my mouth with his. “I love having you like this,” he purred, kissing me again. “I have access to your luscious lips,” he kissed me more deeply, “I can see every reaction on your face,” his tongue stroked mine, “and see in your eyes how much you are enjoying me inside you.”

His now soft cock was pressed against my core. He wasn’t in the condition to ‘have’ me at the moment, but I knew what he meant. Face to face made sex seem so much more intimate.

I reached up to cup his cheek, bringing his lips down to mine. He kissed me hard, growling into my mouth. His hand found my breast and slowly stroked over my nipple, sending even more shocks of pleasure through me. Automatically my hips started to move against him.

Our tongues stroked together as he flicked my hard nipple with his thumbnail.

He started to move with me and the ache between my legs quickly grew in strength again. His lips descended to my throat and he started to suck and nip my sensitive skin.

I grasped at his back, holding him close, wanting him inside again. I could feel his cock hardening and arched my hips.

Zan pulled back, grinning down into my face. “Having you like this is always good, but a fast, hard fuck is really good too.”

He lifted himself off me and climbed off the bed. I sat up, frowning at him in confusion. “Zan?”

I wanted him so much I could hardly think straight and he was leaving?

A wicked grin raised one corner of his mouth, as he reached toward me, gripping my hips. “I’m just following your orders,” he purred.

With a growl he pulled me around and toward him until I sat on the edge of the bed. I thought he would take me there, but again he turned away.

He spoke over his shoulder as he quickly gathered all the pillows from the bed. “I think this position will give you everything you want,” he said.

Stepping between my legs, he pressed his body to mine as he arranged the pillows behind me.

“But I can’t see the mirror,” I protested.

His eyes met mine. “No mirror this time, baby,” he said with a wink. “You’re going to see the real thing.”

He motioned behind me with his chin, “Lean back.”

I did as he said, settling back on my bent arms, resting against the pillows. I was in a sort of reclining position, and I could instantly tell that Zan was right. I could see down the length of my body, and when Zan was fucking me, I’d be able to see all of him as well.

Barely did he give me a moment to consider it though before he was leading his hard cock to my core.

I watched in fascination as he placed the bulbous head at my opening and slowly pushed forward. His hard length slid inside me, inch by inch and I gasped with the incredible feeling. Somehow seeing him fill me seemed to make the sensations more powerful.

When he was completely inside, he stopped.

From where we were joined, I let my gaze roam up his magnificent body before I met his eyes. The position was perfect. I’d be able to see all of him. And then I noticed that his grin had been replaced by a look of sizzling sexuality.

“How’s that, baby?” he growled.

He hadn’t even started moving inside me but I was already breathing hard, my heart pounding. Seeing him was turning me on so much.

“That’s good,” I gasped.

Zan pulled out about half-way and surged back into me. “Just good, baby?” he hissed. “I’ll fuck your brains out.”

I gasped again. He wasn’t teasing any more, and I had no doubt that he would do exactly what he said.

“Yes,” I breathed.

Instantly he started moving, gripping my hips tightly. I thought he would take me fast and hard, but he inched out, and then slowly pushed back inside, watching my face the whole time.

My eyes flicked from his gaze to his beautiful body, and then down to where we were joined. I couldn’t stop looking. Not only was every one of his muscles straining and flexing, showing off his sculpted body to perfection, but I could also see his big cock glistening with my juices, sliding into me.

He filled me so perfectly, and the sensations inside me were amazing, but watching it happen right before my eyes was like nothing I’d ever experienced.

“Oh Zan,” I moaned, “that feels really good.”

He grinned, drawing my eyes up to his face. “I’m liking the view myself,” he said.

“Are you?” I gasped.

As he continued inside me, his eyes roamed over my body, lingering on my breasts. One of his hands went to my stomach and slowly skimmed across my skin. He moved down to my clit stroking over it with his thumb.

“I never get tired of looking at your body,” he growled, “especially when I’m inside you.”

The sensations were building in me quickly, and my hands fisted in the blanket on the bed. My inner walls started to pulse around Zan’s cock, but I really needed more.

And it was as if Zan could read my mind.

His hand returned to my hip, and he clutched me tightly as he suddenly quickened his pace, pounding into me.

I gasped with the unexpected motion and the additional pleasure rushing through me. Again and again he slammed into me, building speed with every thrust.

He’d said he wanted a fast, hard fuck and he was keeping his promise. I could barely catch my breath I was so aroused, and I was sure it would be over quickly.

My whole body shivered in anticipation each time he pulled out, and then exploded with pleasure when he thrust inside, stretching me, stroking my inner walls.

And seeing him up close was so much better than halfway across the room in a mirror.

His muscles corded and flexed with his motions; his arms and shoulders straining as he held my hips, his pecs and abs bunching, becoming even more defined, and then relaxing into their usual carved beauty.

I wanted to reach out and touch him, run my hands over his rock-hard body as he pounded into me, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to see all of him if I did. So I settled for bending my knees, and resting my feet against the edge of the mattress to give myself some traction.

As he surged inside me, I strained against the edge of the bed, lifting my hips to meet him.

His grip on my hips tightened almost painfully, and I noticed for the first time that while I was looking at his body, he was looking at mine.

I saw his eyes flick from my breasts, bouncing to his rhythm, down my body to where he and I were connected. Harsh growls escaped him with every thrust and I saw his eyes widen as I arched back in pleasure, unable to contain myself.

He sped up even more, his strokes becoming shorter as he stayed deep inside me. Every muscle in his body corded with his effort as he pounded us both to the edge.

I felt my orgasm coming, and fought to keep my eyes open, so I could see his every reaction.

Zan must have felt it too because as he slammed into me, a wicked grin lifted one corner of his mouth.

We were both covered in sweat, trying to hold our positions, trying to give each other a show, but as we approached the end, our bodies started to lose control.

I shook from head to toe, barely able to get my muscles to work, and even though Zan didn’t slow his pace, his movements became jerky.

His hips thrust into me even harder, and I cried out. “Oh fuck, Zan!”

One more of his deep strokes and I came apart screaming his name. “ZAN!!!”

The haze of the orgasm started to wash over me, but I fought to see through it as Zan pounded into me. Every muscle in his body tightened and knotted and his face hardened as he came into me. I watched as he bucked into me several more times, spilling his seed

It was so beautiful that it seemed to heighten and elongate my own climax, knowing he had gotten just as much pleasure as I had.

When I was sure he was spent, I reached for him, wrapping my arms around him and pulling him down on top of me.

We were both gasping for breath and I let my hands wander over his back. It had been wonderful seeing him, and I’d do it again, but I also missed the body-to-body contact.

And I’m sure Zan did too because he was stroking my skin as if he couldn’t get enough of it under his hands.

After a moment I caught my breath enough to speak. “That was amazing,” I breathed.

He nuzzled my neck. “It was pretty good for me too,” he teased.

I smacked his bare ass playfully. “Just pretty good?” I asked, pretending to be offended.

“Well,” he growled, “we can always do better.”

Zan kissed me, purring with satisfaction. “There are a few other positions we could try,” he suggested with a wink. “After all, you are mine, all night long.”



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