Hunger - Part 5


Part 5


I woke up sandwiched between Max and Zan feeling warm and wonderful. I stretched a little, careful not to wake them and snuggled back into Max’s chest, my whole body tingling with satisfaction.

After I’d left their office, I’d gone back to their place and waited for them to come home a few hours later. We’d spent the whole night together making slow, sweet love, and fucking hard and fast. I couldn’t remember a better time.

Even though I now knew I loved them, I was able to hide it from them. But they had given me so much pleasure last night I swear I almost screamed it out when they’d both been inside me.

Luckily I’d caught myself in time.

I loved them, and even though I hadn’t realized it, I now knew it was the reason I’d hesitated moving in with them.

And I also knew that moving in with them was impossible. There is no way I’d be able to hide my love for them if we lived together. If I was with them all the time I’d forget myself and it would come out.

But I still had to get out of my apartment. I wanted to live alone. The same reasons applied, and I had even stronger ones now.

That meant I needed more money, and another job was the only way to get it. Of course it would mean spending less time with Max and Zan, but maybe what wasn’t a bad thing. I was addicted and I couldn’t go cold turkey, but maybe I could wean myself off them. Maybe I could eventually learn to live without them and the fabulous sex.

At that moment Max stirred, his hand stroking possessively over my hip and thigh. His eyes were only open a slit and he smiled at me sleepily. “Good morning, baby,” he whispered, leaning in to kiss my forehead. “Last night was wonderful.”

Zan’s voice behind me surprised me. I hadn’t realized he was awake. “It was fucking great,” he corrected. His hand tightened on my breast and he kissed my shoulder. “Best night I’ve ever had.”

“Me too,” I said softly.

“And you’re still here,” Max rumbled, “that makes it even better.”

Zan stroked over my breast. “See how good it will be when you move in?” he purred.

I took a deep breath. I had to tell them. “I can’t move in,” I said softly, looking into Max’s chest.

Max touched my face. “Why not, baby?”

“Is it something we did?” asked Zan, “or didn’t do?”

I shook my head. “No, you guys are wonderful, and I love being with you, but I just need my own space,” I finished lamely. It’s not like I could tell them the real reason. They certainly wouldn’t want me to live with them if they knew I was in love with them. They’d probably kick me out of bed and out of their lives.

Max looked at Zan over me, and I knew they were engaged in some kind of silent communication. After a moment he met my eyes. “Okay,” he said softly, “we respect that, but it means you need another job.”

I nodded, feeling kind of numb inside. I hadn’t expected them to give up so easily. Maybe it meant they were getting tired of me.

Zan kissed my neck again, still stroking my breast. “What about the club where we met?” he suggested. “They always have signs up looking for waitresses.”

“Cravings?” I asked, almost shocked. “But aren’t the waitresses prostitutes?”

Max’s eyebrows rose so high it was comical. “Of course not,” he protested. “Do you think we’d suggest a job like that to you?”

“No,” I assured him immediately. “I guess I just assumed if they worked in a sex club that they must be expected to service the customers.”

“They are legitimate waitresses,” Zan said, “and they only sleep with the customers if they want to, just like any other club.”

“The customers aren’t even allowed to touch the waitresses,” Max assured me, “just like any other club.”

“But,” I pointed out, “it’s not like there are signs saying that. A lot of the customers must think the waitresses are prostitutes and grab them.”

“No,” Zan said. “Every male customer is told going in the door to keep their hands off the waitresses, and there are bouncers to make sure. It is a very safe place to work.”

Max picked up where his brother left off. “The reason we suggested it,” he said, stroking the skin on my stomach, ”is that we know the base pay and tips are four to five times better than most places,” his hand moved slowly down to the juncture of my thighs, “so you wouldn’t have to work as many hours.”

“Plus,” Zan rumbled, circling his thumb over my nipple, “we could come and see you there.” He nuzzled my neck. “And take you in one of the private rooms, and fuck your brains out.”

I laughed. “And the boss wouldn’t mind?”

“No,” Max said huskily, his fingers reaching my clit. “It is a sex club, and you are allowed to do whatever you want with anyone you want.”

I gasped with arousal as the brothers touched me. “And you know this because you’ve bedded every waitress who ever worked there,” I teased.

“Not quite,” Zan teased back, “but we’ve known a few of them.”

“I’ll bet,” I said sarcastically.

“But you,” Max said, his fingers stroking my clit, “are the only one we ever wanted to keep.”

“And,” Zan continued his sentence, “the only one we ever asked to move in with us.”

I gripped at Max’s shoulder as I felt my lower lips dampen, and worked to think around the desire that was building inside me. “Okay,” I agreed, “it does seem like a good idea, but it doesn’t mean they’ll hire me.”

I gasped as Zan’s fingers found my core. “I mean, I don’t have any experience.”

Max kissed me quickly. “I’m sure that won’t be a problem,” he assured me, leaning down to kiss my breast. “You’re a college girl. How hard could be to take drink orders?”

Zan placed open-mouth kisses on my back as he caressed my lower lips apart. “Just go down and talk to them,” he urged, sliding two fingers inside me. “I know they’ll love you.”

“It’s Saturday,” Max said, talking around my breast, rubbing my clit faster, “let us take you down there tonight and maybe you’ll get a job just that quickly.”

I moaned with pleasure. “Okay,” I agreed. With the brothers working their magic on my body I would have agreed to just about anything, but it really was a good idea.

“Okay,” I said again, but after that I had a hard time thinking about anything but Max and Zan for a long time.


After dinner the three of us climbed into Max’s SUV and they drove me down to the club. It wasn’t that late and I didn’t know if the club would even be open. But Zan said he was sure someone would have to be there earlier to clean and for deliveries and to set up for the night’s business.

I sat between them on the front seat. Max drove and Zan had his arm around my shoulder. I’d put on a light jacket over a silk tank and wore an airy skirt that fell just above my knees. My legs were bare and Zan was taking full advantage of the opportunity to caress them.

“So why are you guys taking me down there?” I asked.

Zan kissed my head. “We have an interest in your job search,” he said, as his hand stroked up my inner thigh. “The sooner you get enough money for your own place, the quicker we can both spend the night.”

“Plus,” Max added, “we’re regulars. Maybe we can put in a good word with the manager.”

I giggled. “I don’t think so. That’s going to look real good, me bringing my two lovers in to give me a recommendation,” I teased. “I’ll go in by myself, and you guys can wait in the car.”

Zan shrugged. “Whatever you say, baby. We’re just trying to help.”

Max pulled into the back parking lot and for the first time I noticed the exterior of the building. It was a plain brick structure and I could easily see it had been a warehouse before it was a club.

Max parked in a space close to the door and turned off the engine. He turned to me. “Good luck, baby,” he said with a wink, and kissed me quickly.

Zan opened his door and got out, helping me out of the car. He grinned. “Go get ‘em, baby.”

I kissed him and headed inside.

The lights were on and it looked surprising different, and it was even bigger than I had thought. The walls were bare brick, and there were several private rooms that I could see on the two additional floors.

The bar was a lot less colorful without the blazing neon but I could still read the word and definition on the wall. craving : to want greatly : to yearn for : to have a strong or inward desire.

There were a few hallways I hadn’t noticed on my last visit that led away from the main room, and a huge mirror several yards long hung almost the entire height of one story against a wall.

A shiver of reaction rushed through me. This was the place where I had met Zan and Max so it was appropriate that it be the job that allowed me to be with them.

Suddenly I felt a little nervous. I really wanted this job. Max was right, the extra pay would allow me to work less hours and spend more time with him and Zan.

I was surprised to see several people were in the building. Some were apparently checking the sound system, some were cleaning, and several men were bringing boxes of liquor out of a storeroom. I approached them. “Is the manager here?” I asked.

One of the men stepped forward, a good-looking man in his thirties. “What can I do for you, darlin’” he drawled.

“I was wondering if you’re hiring,” I said.

He nodded. “There’s a waitress position open. You interested?”

“Yeah,” I said excitedly.

“Okay,” he said, motioning to the bar. “Come over and fill out an application.”

He pulled out a bar stool for me and stepped behind the bar, bending down momentarily and then straightening up with the paper application. He handed it to me with a pen. “Would you like a Coke or something?”

I smiled. “A Coke would be great.”

He deftly poured the drink and put it on the counter before me. Obviously he’d been a bartender at one time.

“When you’re finished,” he said, motioning to the application, “just get my attention. We’re about to open up.”

I nodded, smiling. I liked him and I thought he’d be nice to work for.

When I was about half-way done with the application, the neon around the bar turned on and the lights in the club dimmed. Music started to play and the spotlights twirled around the dance floor.

Two women, who I assumed were waitresses hurried out of the back, and I wanted to stop them and ask how it was to work there but then people started coming in the front of the club. It was opening time.

A couple of people joined me at the bar but most of them went straight to the dance floor and started moving sensually to the music. The pounding beat echoed through me, flooding me with memories of the only other time I’d been in the club. The night I’d met Max and Zan.

I remembered the first time I’d seen them across the dance floor, how sexy they’d looked, how much I wanted them. And then they had approached me, offering both of their beautiful bodies to me.

Desire rushed through me and I focused on the people moving on the dance floor as I thought of the dance I’d shared with the brothers. They’d touched and kissed me and I’d felt like a sex goddess with two such beautiful men worshiping me.

And then they had taken me to their place, giving me the most incredible night I’d ever experienced. I shivered just thinking about it. My whole body felt hot and my core clenched and dampened.

Shit, I was turned on. I wanted to get back to Max and Zan to satisfy the desire building inside me.

Quickly I finished the application and went in search of the manager.

The club was filling up rapidly and it took me a few minutes to spot him.

He spied me coming toward him and took the paper from me, glancing briefly at it. “You’re in luck,” he said. “The owners are here and they can interview you tonight.”

Motioning down a hallway with a jerk of his head, he smiled. “The door at the end, on the right. I told ‘em you’re coming so they’re expecting you.”

“Thanks,” I said with a smile.

I did want the job, but even more I wanted to go back to Max and Zan to ease the ache inside me. I just hoped this interview didn’t take too long.

I stopped at the door and knocked, and a muffled voice from inside called for me to come in. Pushing the door open, I stepped into the room, but stopped in confusion.

Max was sitting behind the desk and Zan was causally leaning against it.

My brow creased. “What are you guys doing here?” I asked. “You’re not planning to talk to the owners about me?” I said exasperatedly.

Zan rose, coming to me and putting his arm around me. “Come inside,” he said, closing the door behind me and leading me over to the desk.

Max came around the front of the desk. “We have a confession to make, baby,” he said.

And suddenly I was wary. Had they figured out I was in love with them? Were they going to tell me it was over between us?

“What’s that?” I asked nervously.

Max cleared his throat. “We suggested you get a job here because, well, we own the place,” he said sheepishly.

“What!?!” I gasped, looking from one to the other. “You own…” I shook my head. “But you never said anything before.”

“Nobody knows,” Zan said. “Only the manager and a couple of the employees. We thought it might affect our reputation in the business world.”

I nodded. “And you thought I’d tell?” I asked incredulously.

“Of course not,” Max assured me. “We just weren’t sure how you’d take it.”

“Yeah,” Zan said. “Coming here is one thing, but owning the place…” he trailed off as he saw the expression on my face.

I was smiling and shaking my head. “It doesn’t matter to me,” I said. “Nothing illegal goes on here. It’s safe and clean, and how could I possibly complain when it brought me you two.”

I kissed Zan and then Max, but pulled away quickly. “So about this job,” I started. “This is just a way for you to give me money and pretend like I’m earning it while I’m really in here fucking your brains out.”

“Not at all,” Zan said, stroking my arm. “It’s a legitimate job, and it’s yours if you want it.”

“But the fucking our brains out part does sound interesting,” Max said with a wink.

I couldn’t help but smile. “You guys,” I said, shaking my head.

For the first time I glanced around the office and I was amazed to see that one whole wall was a large window that looked into the club. I could see everything that was happening on the dance floor and I realized it was the other side of the mirror I’d noticed earlier.

The beat of the music throbbed through the window, the floor and through my body, making me vibrate from head to toe. Speakers in the room pumped in the actual song, but I didn’t even notice what was playing.

I focused on the people outside. Some moved sensually, swaying to the music, kissing slowly, some were grinding together, hands roaming over each other, and others were simply fucking.

I was so turned on already and all I could think about was sex.

And it seemed the guys were thinking the same thing.

Max wrapped his arms around me from behind, pulling me against him, and Zan fitted his body to the front of mine. Zan caressed my arms as Max started to kiss my neck and I could feel both of their erections pressing against me. Being held between them made me shiver with desire.

I put one hand on Zan’s shoulder and reached back, cupping Max’s head.

Zan leaned in kissing me slowly, and Max’s hand slid under my shirt and up to caress my breast. I let myself melt into them. I wanted them so much.

“Actually,” Zan whispered between kisses, “I’ve been thinking about having you in here for a while.”

“Mmmmm,” Max hummed, “me too. But you’re wearing way too many clothes.”

He released my breast and pulled my shirt over my head in one quick motion, and Zan worked on the zipper on my skirt.

As they removed my clothes the words of the song playing jumped out at me.

And if the pussy good I'll fuck ya a week straight,
And meet ya at ya crib and fuck you on ya lunch break,
Cuz I'mma stay up in dat pussy till your numb babe,
And put tears in your eyes and a smile on ya face

And I'mma treat you like a big girl okay,
And I can tell you even then I can see ya legs shake,
And at that point imma give it to you all the way,
Cuz I'mma make you wanna fuck me erryday,

I had to smile. I was so addicted to the guys I wanted them inside me all the time.

It only took moments with Zan and Max working together until I was naked.

Their hands roamed over my body, seeming to be everywhere at once. Zan’s lips were on mine and Max’s were on my neck, and I could feel both their erections pressing against me. It would be so easy to put myself in their hands and let them have their way with me, but I wanted to give them something first.

Zan started to unbutton his shirt, but I stopped him with my hand on his. I broke the kiss with Zan, leaning in to nuzzle his cheek, as I reached back to touch Max’s face. “I want to play first,” I said with a grin.

“What did you have in mind?” Zan purred.

“Sit down,” I ordered, kissing Zan on the cheek and then turning to do the same to Max.

“You’re next,” I assured him.

They both smiled, knowing exactly what I was going to do, and Zan took a seat in the office chair behind the desk.

I sank down on my knees before him and finished unbuttoning his shirt, taking my time. I worshiped his sculpted chest with my hands and mouth, paying particular attention to his nipples. They were hard with arousal and I stroked over them with my thumbs before taking one, and then the other into my mouth.

Zan groaned but I didn’t linger. I wanted to get to the main course.

Since we’d returned from the weekend at their summerhouse we’d fallen into a sort of routine. Whenever I went down on one of the brothers, the other brother went down on me at the same time. And Max was already behind me, kissing my shoulder blades, his hands smoothing over my back.

It wouldn’t take long before his mouth was on me and I hardly be able to think.

I went for Zan’s belt and buttons on his jeans, making quick work of them as Max’s hands brushed over my breasts. Oh shit it felt good.

Reaching into the opening in Zan’s boxers I grasped his hard length, setting him free. I love feeling the ultra-soft skin of his cock and smoothed both hands over him before bringing him to my mouth.

I kissed his tip, bringing a growl from him, and then slid my tongue down his thick shaft and back up, licking over his head.

I’d gone down on guys before, but I’ve never really liked it. But with Max and Zan I can honestly say that I love having their cocks in my mouth almost as much as I like them in my pussy. I didn’t get off of course when I’m going down on them, but it doesn’t matter. I love the feel of them, the moans and groans I could get out of them and I especially love giving them pleasure.

And then I realized. It was because I loved them.

Gripping the base of Zan’s hard cock, I closed my mouth around him and slowly moved down, taking as much of him inside as possible. I didn’t tease, but set a steady pace, swirling my tongue around him as bobbed my head up and down his length.

And as I started on Zan, Max was working his magic on me. His thumbs stroked over my nipples as his kisses continued down until he reached the small of back. Gently he bit each of my ass cheeks and then I felt him between my legs.

With a quick glance I saw him laying beneath me and I sped up on Zan, knowing in a moment I was going to have a hard time concentrating. I was soaking wet and so aroused that I knew I wouldn’t last long.

Max winked at me as he grasped my hips, spreading my legs and lowering me onto him. I thought he might tease, but he pushed his tongue deep into my throbbing pussy.

It felt so good that my back arched, and I paused in my rhythm on Zan.

“I’ll get you back for that bro,” Zan promised with a growl.

Max’s answering chuckle hummed against my outer lips, making me arch into him again.

I couldn’t help by smile. When the brothers got competitive, I always got more orgasms.

I picked up my pace on Zan as Max’s mouth closed over my clit. His swirled his tongue around it, sending shocks of pleasure through me, and I thought he might linger, but he moved lower. Slowly he licked around my pussy lips, tracing the edges, and then suddenly he plunged into me again.

This time he didn’t pause, but stroked into me again and again, hard and deep, tongue fucking me.

His hands pressed on my hips, holding me down, spreading me as wide as he could, and it felt so amazing that I started to move on him, my hips grinding against him as I rode his tongue.

I felt his fingers slide forward and then he was brushing my clit with short, quick strokes. Once again I arched into him, but I was careful not to lose my rhythm on Zan.

I could feel his cock twitching in my mouth. He was close.

I concentrated on taking him as deep as possible, letting his bulbous head brush against the roof of my mouth, but it was hard when Max was doing such amazing things to me.

I squeezed Zan hard, tightening my hand and mouth as much as I could. I felt like my whole body was tightening, and realized it was. I was close too.

Max tongue inside me brushed my G-spot and I came, sucking Zan’s cock hard, making him explode into my mouth. I drank him down greedily, wanting every drop I had caused.

Finally he stopped and I let him slide out of my mouth, kissing his tip. I laid my head on his thigh as I worked to catch my breath.

Max withdrew his tongue and started to kiss and lick my lower lips as he lazily continued to stroke my clit. “So sweet,” he growled between kisses. “I could taste you all day.”

Zan stroked my hair. “That was amazing, baby,” he rumbled. “I swear it’s better every time,”

I smiled, glad that I could give him so much pleasure.

After a few minutes, Max emerged from between my legs and I reached out to touch his face. “Your turn,” I said with a wink.

“Where do you want me,” he asked with a grin.

I looked around and motioned to a second office chair behind the desk. “How about right there?” I asked teasingly.

His smile widened. “Just like I’ve fantasized about many times,” he purred.

I got up, kissing Zan’s chest and then his lips before I turned to Max. I followed the same routine, unbuttoning his shirt and taking my time on his chiseled chest.

Kneeling before him I scraped my teeth over his hard nipples before laving them with my tongue. My hands wandered over his shoulders, down across his pecs and over his washboard abs before finally reaching his belt. It only took me seconds to free his erection from his boxers and I stroked his velvety length.

Leaning in I kissed his head, licking around his entire tip, and then I kissed and licked down and back up. When I reached the top again I parted my lips, taking his whole length slowly inside.

Immediately I started to move up and down on him, devouring him, taking him as deep as I could.

“Shit, Liz,” he groaned.

I was aware that Zan was watching us, but he suddenly got up and moved behind me. Tossing his shirt aside, he pressed his naked chest to my back as his lips met my neck.

“You are so fucking sexy, baby,” he growled.

His hands smoothed over my back and sides as he licked a path down my spine. I shivered with desire as he reached the small of my back. Gripping my hips he made a quick movement, dipping down between my legs.

Automatically I sped up on Max, knowing Zan was going to do everything in his power to break my concentration.

His mouth closed over my clit and his tongue stroked across it slowly. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but he lingered on my nub for long moments. I started to relax, focusing more of my attention on taking care of Max, and then Zan slid two fingers inside me.

A whimper of reaction escaped me as he hit my G-spot, but instead of moving on, he concentrated on it, rubbing his fingertips over it again and again.

I arched into his hand, gasping around a mouthful of Max. It felt so incredible.

Direct stimulation of my G-spot always made me come quickly and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I picked up my pace on Max, attempting to finish him.

Zan pumped his fingers into me faster, stroking the sweet spot inside me quickly and I felt an incredible orgasm building. My rhythm on Max faltered as the pleasure became too much and I stilled on him as I suddenly came apart.

But Zan didn’t stop, not for a moment. He continued pumping his fingers into me.

I took deep gasps of air around Max, attempting to catch my breath. I tried not to feel the wonderful things Zan was doing to me, but my body started to move with him, riding his hand.

Once again I sealed my mouth around Max, enveloping him as I took him deep inside. He growled with the contact, grasping handfuls of my hair. He was getting close.

And that was good, because I wondered if I’d be able to make him come before Zan brought me again.

I gripped Max hard with my hand pumping up and down on him quickly, using my tongue to swirl over his head and shaft. My body arched again, but I didn’t stop my rhythm and I tasted a drop of salty essence as Max’s cock jerked. He was coming.

I sped up even more, but suddenly Zan sucked my clit hard and I came again.

I had to stop and gasp for air and I was getting tired. G-spot orgasms always seemed to tire me out, and Zan still didn’t give me a break. His fingers rubbed over me again and again and already I could feel myself building up again. Oh shit, it felt so good. I wanted to just give myself over to the sensation, but I wanted to finish Max more.

Gripping his shaft hard, I started a quick pace, bobbing my head on him, taking him as deep as possible. I sucked him hard and made sure his soft head brushed the roof of my mouth. I had to only moments to make him come.

My body seemed to have a mind of it’s own, riding Zan’s hand, grinding on him to make sure he hit the right spot.

Max groaned again and his hands tightened in my hair just as his cock jerked again. I sped up even more, keeping my mouth tight around him, and he finally came, hips bucking into me as he emptied himself.

I swallowed him down, stroking him lightly with my tongue until he was spent. Letting him slide out of my mouth I caressed his softening shaft with my hands and placed a kiss on his tip.

He panted heavily, stroking my hair, but my body was still strung like a bow. Zan’s amazing fingers had me on the edge again and my hips pumped on his fingers.

This time I allowed my body to arch into him as I felt the climax coming. “Oh shit,” I gasped.

Suddenly he withdrew his fingers and I whimpered in anguish. I was so close.

“Zan,” I moaned.

But he didn’t make me wait. He simply shifted position enough to plunge his tongue into me.

He stroked into me hard and deep as his fingers rubbed quickly over my clit. His hands gripped my hips, holding me down on him, spreading my legs wide so he could go as deep as possible.

My hips moved on him, matching his rhythm and my hands grasped for something to hold.

Max took my hands in his, holding them tightly and my eyes snapped to his. He was grinning, watching my body move as his brother brought me to another incredible orgasm.

I couldn’t help thinking how sexy he looked, and how much I wanted him inside me.

And then I came again, arching back as my whole body tightened, squeezing Max’s hands, and Zan’s head between my legs. It was amazing.

I collapsed forward onto Max’s thigh, gasping for air. His hands stroked over my neck and back as Zan caressed my thighs and ass.

He kept his tongue deep inside me as my inner muscles clenched around him, and withdrew it as they slowed. Then he proceeded to kiss and lick every inch of me as if he were trying to memorize me.

And as incredible as the orgasms had been, I was definitely hungry for more. I was ready to feel one of their big, thick cocks filling me, and I wanted it now.

Finally Zan emerged from between my legs and I cupped his face, kissing him lightly before I turned to Max, kissing him too.

I stroked over both of their chests. “You are both so good,” I purred, “I never get enough of you.”

Zan grinned. “You never have to go without, baby,” he rumbled, grasping his hard cock. “One of us is always ready for you.”

I kissed Max again before turning my attention to Zan. “Strip,” I ordered.

He was already half-way there anyway, and simply pushed his open pants and boxers to the floor before he discarded his shoes, and I watched greedily as his beautiful body was revealed to me. Sure I had seen him a hundred times before, but I never got tired of looking at their sculpted perfection.

As he was taking off his clothes, I realized that I recognized the first few notes of the new song that had started playing. I’d heard it at club once a few years ago and the pounding beat and sexy words had struck me immediately. I’d asked the DJ what it was and he’d told me it was an old 80s song by a band called Vicious Pink.

When Zan was naked, I pointed to the chair where he’d been sitting before. “Sit down,” I ordered, “I’m going to grind you into it.”

“Shit,” I heard Max growl, but I didn’t take my eyes off Zan, and he held my gaze with a grin as he sat.

I swayed my hips to the beat of the song, moving sensually, and mouthed the words as the singer started.

When you look at me that way
There's nothing left to say
Am I getting through to you
D'you know what I want to do

I moved closer, leaning over him, brushing his lips with mine. He reached for me, but I danced away.

You send shivers down my spine
Can't you guess what's on my mind
I want you so so much
I'm burning up with love

I climbed on top of him, finally letting him touch me, and straddled his legs as I continued to mouth the lyrics.

Feel my passion, feel my fire
Feel the heat from my desire
Feel the softness of my skin
Oh baby come on in

I lowered my hips, pressing my core against his hard cock.

Take me now
Take me now
Make sweet love to me

I used his shoulders to steady myself and I started to move, rocking my hips so my slick pussy lips slid across the length of him.

Hey your kisses feel just right
It's you I want tonight
I'm trying to make you see
You are the only one for me

I kissed him quickly and reached between us, gripping his rigid shaft, stroking him.

So let's waste no more time
Move your body close to mine
Baby don't you see
That you can fill this need in me

In one quick motion, I lowered my hips down taking in all of him inside in a single stroke.

“Oh yes,” I moaned.

He felt so good inside me that for a minute I didn’t move, I simply savored the sensation of being so full with him.

But Zan wasn’t idle. Immediately his hands started stroking over my skin, his lips feathering along my neck. He cupped my breasts, brushing his thumbs over my hard nipples before his hot mouth closed over me. Gently he nipped at my breast and when his teeth closed over my hard nub, I felt a jolt of electricity all the way to my clit.

Instantly I started to move on him.

I didn’t bounce up and down, but rotated my hips on him, keeping him deep inside.

“Zan,” I gasped, “you feel so good.”

He gripped my hips, releasing my breast long enough to speak. “Shit yes, baby,” he growled. “Ride me good and hard.”

I sped up, grinding on him faster and harder, and Zan’s hands slicked up and down my sides, his palms brushing over the tips of my breasts.

I shivered as the pleasure rushed through me and arched back changing the angle. His cock inside me brushed my sweet spot and I whimpered.

“That’s it, baby” he growled. “Fuck me good and hard and together we’ll get you there.”

One of his hands rested in the small of my back, holding me close and the other went to my clit, rubbing it in fast circles. His mouth closed over my breast and he flicked his tongue across my nipple.

I sped up again feeling the orgasm coming. I arched back even more, grinding down on him.

He pinched my clit and I flew over the edge, my hips stilling on his, keeping him deep inside. I rested my head in the crook of his neck, breathing hard.

His hands slicked over my back, as he rumbled in my ear. “I told you we’d get you there, baby,” he rumbled, kissing my neck. “And I’m going to get you there again.”

Just as he spoke the words I realized he was still hard inside me. He gripped my ass and stood, surprising me and I wrapped my legs around him. He was still deep within me, and taking me with him, he walked the few steps to the desk.

Placing me on the surface, he settled me on the edge so my legs were spread as wide as possible. With a wink he pulled out just an inch and then pushed back inside, drawing a moan of pleasure from me.

Leaning in he kissed my cheek as he whispered in my ear. “Now you’re going to get fucked,” he hissed.

He started pumping into me hard and fast and I gasped with the power of it. He held me tightly to him, so our bodies barely separated except where his cock was pistioning into me. His head rested in the crook of my neck and his teeth scrapped my skin.

I still hadn’t come down from the last orgasm completely and I was building up quickly again. I gripped at his back, my fingers digging into his muscles.

My inner walls fluttered around him, as he pounded into me. It felt so good, but I needed just a little more.

But Zan seemed to know exactly what I needed, and he reached down, stroking lightly over my clit. My body jerked with the electricity rushing through it and I gasped with the power of it.

Incoherent words tumbled from my mouth. “Oh shit, Zan, yes, oh, oh, yes!”

He rubbed my clit in fast circles as he slammed into me even harder. My whole body tightened, my inner muscles clamping down on Zan’s cock, and I flew over the edge.

“Fuck, Liz! Fuck!” Zan groaned, thrusting into me twice more as he came deep inside me.

We panted together as we came down from the incredible pleasure.

His lips brushed mine. “You are so good, baby,” he purred. “Your sweet pussy is so soft and tight.”

I smiled as I touched his face. “You’re the one who’s good,” I said, kissing him quickly. “You fuck me so well. You always seem to know exactly what I need.”

He winked. “I’ve had a bit of practice.”

He kissed me harder. “You chose to be with us, baby, and you’re always so hungry for us. We love how much you want us, and we always want to make sure that you’re completely satisfied.”

His finger stroked over my clit, making me gasp. “Nobody can take care of you like we can,” he purred, holding my eyes.

I wasn’t sure what to say. It seemed like such a strange way of putting it, but one thing was for sure, they did take care of me sexually. I stroked his neck. “You do keep me satisfied. You guys give me so much pleasure and so many orgasms, I think I’ll pass out.”

Zan chuckled. “Well you’re still conscious, so you must be ready for more.”

With another kiss he pulled out of me. “Max is waiting for you, baby.”

My eyes slid to Max, and I saw that he was naked and ready for me, and I wanted him just as much. Zan was right. When I was awake all I wanted was them inside me.

Would I ever get enough of them? I didn’t think so.

Again the words of the song playing jumped out at me.

I lick my chops and your tasting good
I do whatever i want to, to ya
I'll nail your ass to the sheets
A pelvic thrust and the sweat starts to sting ya
I fuck like a beast

I couldn’t help but smile. Every song I’d heard in the club was about sex. I looked from Zan to Max, pointing up at the speaker. “Did you guys buy a collection of the greatest songs to fuck to?”

They both laughed.

“Didn’t have to,” Zan said, kissing my head. “The DJ picks the music.”

Max crossed to me. “But it is appropriate,” he said with a grin, stepping between my legs, and brushing his palm over my breast. “It certainly can set the mood.”

I nodded as a shiver of desire rushed through me. “Oh yeah,” I agreed.

He kissed me. “You’ll have to do a dance like that for me sometime,” he said, his voice low and thick with arousal.

I smiled. “I have the perfect song in mind,” I said. “That same band has another song.” I pressed my lips to his, whispering against them. “You’re my fetish. When you’re near me my whole body aches.”

“Mmmm, baby,” he rumbled, kissing me hard. “I can’t wait to see that sexy, little body of yours dancing around again.”

I giggled. “I have the song at home on my ipod.”

“But for now,” he said, trailing off as he kissed me again. Gripping my ass, he picked me up and walked us over to the glass wall. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and he pressed me into the cool glass. “I’ve been thinking about having you against this window since the first night we met,” he rumbled.

I was surprised. “That long?” I asked.

He nodded, plunging into me. “And I’m finally having you here,” he purred.

Immediately he started moving, thrusting into me, filling me completely. He set a leisurely pace, taking his time.

Leaning in he kissed me as our bodies moved together. I threaded my fingers into his hair, holding him close and he growled into my mouth.

I’d had so many orgasms that it wouldn’t take me long to come again, and I felt my inner muscles already starting to pulse around Max’s cock.

I moved my hips to meet his thrusts, taking him even deeper inside, and broke our kiss as I gasped for air. “Oh Max,” I moaned, “you feel so good.”

And it was like my words broke his reserve. He thrust into me faster and faster, pounding his hips into mine, groaning with the effort.

I gripped him even harder as the pleasure flashed through me, my fingers digging into his muscles. “Oh shit,” I whimpered. “Yes, Max!”

I could hear our skin slapping together, and Max buried his head into my shoulder, going even faster.

“Aahhh,” I cried out, my whole body arching as I came apart in his arms.

He stopped immediately, pushing inside me, and held me as I gasped for breath.

“Beautiful, baby,” he purred, brushing my lips with his.

Slowly he pulled out of me, and I whimpered in disappointment as he put me on my feet.

“Don’t worry,” he said against my lips. “We’re not finished yet.”

Max spun me in his arms, pressing me against the window with his body. He held me in place and I could feel his erection as he started to kiss my neck.

I could see into the club through the one-way mirror, and fascinatedly examined the patrons.

People were in various states of undress moving sensually, dancing, grinding together. Lips were everywhere on exposed skin, kissing, tasting. Mouths enclosed breasts and cocks. Hands disappeared up shirts, down pants, and between legs. Bodies came together, fucking against walls, on tables, and one couple right in the middle of the dance floor.

One of Max’s hands slid up my body cupping my breast, and the other moved down, going directly for my clit. He stroked both my nubs gently, as he spoke in my ear. “All those people fucking,” he said, obviously looking out into the club, “Do you like to watch them?”

I moaned slightly, still aroused, and started to move against his hand.

“I like watching,” I said, my voice deep and sensual. “But I like you fucking me much more.”

With a single thrust he buried his rigid shaft completely inside me, grunting with the effort. “Well now,” he hissed, “you can watch them while I fuck you.”

Again he started out at a fairly slow pace, withdrawing almost all the way before filling me again. For long moments he kept the same rhythm, and I suddenly realized that he was matching the beat of the song that was playing.

I hadn’t paid attention to it until that moment, but it was immediately familiar to me. Songs to fuck to indeed, I thought.

Just then Max’s lips brushed my ear as he hissed the words of the song.

I wanna fuck you like an animal
I wanna feel you from the inside
I wanna fuck you like an animal

“Yes,” I gasped. “Fuck me harder, Max.”

He sped up immediately, thrusting into me hard. His hand still grasped my breast almost painfully and he stroked over my nipple with his thumb. The other hand dipped between my legs, two fingers rubbing my clit.

There was nothing I could do pressed up against the wall. I couldn’t move or help him, or even touch him. But I was building up quickly, gasping for breath, my hands grasping at the glass, trying to find anything to hold on to.

So I did as Max said and watched the people outside.

The couple in the middle of the dance floor caught my eyes first. The man’s hips were in a frenzy of movement as he fucked into the woman, and she was arched back in obvious ecstasy.

A naked woman was sprawled across a table with a crowd surrounding her as a man went greedily down on her.

And then I noticed a couple pressed against the glass a few yards down from us. The man had the woman pressed against the mirror, her leg held around him as his hips thrust into her. It reminded me of when Max had fucked me against my bedroom wall just days ago.

Max continued to pound into me, and he suddenly growled into my ear. “The night you came here you could have ended up with anyone,” he whispered harshly, “but we got you first.”

He slammed into me even harder almost lifting me off my feet as he rubbed my clit in fast circles. “You belong to us,” he growled. “You’re ours.”

Neither of the guys had ever talked like this before, never mentioned belonging or ownership and it sent a shiver of arousal through me. Max sounded jealous, possessive. It reminded me of Zan’s strange words earlier.

Something was going on. Were they worried that because I wouldn’t move in with them that I was leaving them, or I didn’t want them anymore? Or maybe they thought I would move on looking for a more conventional relationship.

But more than anything I wanted to belong to them. I reached back awkwardly, grasping his neck, and I answered him without thinking. “Of course I’m yours,” I panted as he pistioned into me. “I only want you and Zan.”

He growled again, a sort of grunt of satisfaction. “Yes!”

With just a few more of his pounding thrusts I came, crying out with the power of it. He slammed into me once more and then groaned his completion. His hips surged into me a few more times, his cock twitching as he emptied himself.

He stopped deep inside me and we panted together.

“Max,” I moaned contentedly, “that was amazing.”

He nuzzled my neck, brushing his lips against my skin. “We are always amazing together,” he said breathily.

For long moments we stood there as Max’s hands caressed my body, and I noticed that all three of the couples I was watching had found their completion as well.

And then Zan was on my other side, kissing my cheek.

Max pulled out of me, kissing my neck, and Zan fit his lips to mine. He kissed me hungrily, possessively, turning me to pull me against him. A moment later he broke the kiss and spoke against my lips. “You’re so perfect,” he whispered.

I shook my head cutting him off. “I’m not perfect,” I protested.

Max kissed my neck again. “But you’re perfect for us,” he said huskily.

“We’re perfect together,” I said, smiling with complete satisfaction.

Zan nodded. “Exactly,” he said, watching me closely. “The three of us belong together.”

I gave him a questioning look and he held my eyes.

“We have another confession, baby,” he said seriously.

I wasn’t sure what to think. “What’s that?” I asked apprehensively.

Max kept his arm around me but came to stand next to Zan, so I could see them both.

“Liz,” he started, “we’ve done something and we don’t know how you’ll take it.”

Zan nodded. “But just give us the chance to explain.”

The nervousness I’d felt earlier had returned and was starting to choke me. Were they cheating? Surely not. They were in bed with me so much I couldn’t imagine them having any free time to meet anyone else, much less sleep with them. Did they want out of the relationship? Or was it something else?

My eyes flicked from one to the other waiting for them to speak.

“Liz,” Zan said softly, “Max and I have fallen in love with you.”

I gasped, hardly believing what I was hearing.

Max rushed on. “We love you, baby,” he said quickly, “and that’s why we want you to move in with us.”

“We know it’s against the rules,” Zan said quickly, “but all we want is to be with you, and nothing else has to change.”

Max nodded. “We don’t expect you to love us back, just stay with us.”

Tears started in my eyes and both brothers rushed to comfort me.

“Liz,” they said in unison, both hugging me, “don’t cry, baby.”

I hugged them back tightly, finally finding my voice. “I love you,” I choked out. “I love both of you, but I’ve been too scared to say anything.”

“Liz!!” they both said at the same time again. Their lips seemed to be everywhere at once; my cheeks, my neck, my lips.”

I was so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling. After all my anxiety there was nothing to worry about. They loved me. They both loved me and wanted to be with me.

Max’s lips found mine and I kissed him tearfully. Cupping my cheek, he stroked my skin with his thumb. The kiss was soft and tender, and even though I could still feel the hunger in it, I could also feel the love.

If I hadn’t been so worried about losing them, I might have felt it sooner.

Zan stroked my hair, and I turned my lips to his. He kissed me lingeringly and I felt more tears in my eyes.

I pulled back, a million questions rushing through my head. “When did you figure out you loved me?” I asked curiously.

“The last day at the summer house,” they both said at the same time.

I couldn’t help but smile. “All the way back then?”

Max nodded. “We were breaking our own rules and we didn’t know how you would react, so we kept it to ourselves.”

Zan touched my arm. “So to have you close to us and in our lives more we asked you to move in.”

“But I refused,” I said.

“Yeah,” Max said. “And we kept asking ourselves why you wouldn’t move in with us even though that’s what we all wanted.”

Zan continued. “But we couldn’t come up with a good answer. We thought maybe you wanted your freedom, or maybe you though we were offering you charity. Whatever the reason, you were adamant, and we were getting desperate.”

“So we decided to just tell you the truth,” Max finished.

I nodded. “You planned to tell me today?”

Max stroked my shoulder. “We decided there should be no secrets between us, and then we would give you the choice. You could have this job that would make you independent, or you could have the two of us, bodies, hearts and souls.”

I put my arms around both of them, kissing their cheeks as I hugged them tightly. “That’s no choice at all.” I said, as more tears gathered in my eyes. “It’s exactly what I’d hoped for, but never thought would happen.”

They hugged me, stroking over my back, and I felt a profound sense of belonging and love.

Max nuzzled my neck. “Come on, baby,” he purred. “We’ll take you home.”

I nodded. It was exactly what I wanted.

We dressed quickly and left through their private entrance. Zan wrapped his arm around me as we drove to their place and I rested my head on Max’s shoulder as I touched both their thighs.

When we walked in the front door I realized that I had already started to think of their place as home.

“You’re here with us,” Zan said, as if he could read my mind. “It’s where you belong.”

With a smile, Max swung me up into his arms and carried me into his room, with Zan following close behind. He put me on my feet and they pressed me between them.

“Let us pleasure you, baby,” Max purred.

Zan kissed my cheek. “Let us show you how much we love you.”

How could I say no?

Slowly they removed my clothes, their hands and lips roaming over each new exposed area of skin.

Zan’s lips moved from my neck across my shoulder, and down the line of my spine.

Max’s hands stroked my stomach as he took one of my breasts into his mouth.

My shirt, bra and skirt were already gone and Zan slipped two fingers into the waistband of my panties and stripped them down my legs. His teeth scraped over the globe of my ass and he kissed down one leg and up the other, following the path of his hands.

As he stood he lifted me and took me to the bed and placed me in the middle, and then he and Max climbed in on opposite sides.

Max kissed me gently and I felt hands caressing me as Zan’s mouth closed over my breast. Someone stroked across my collarbone and down between my breasts, and at the same time another hand circled across my stomach. It seemed like hands and lips were touching me everywhere at once.

Hands slid across my chest and shoulder, down my arms and legs. Fingers found my clit, stroking me slowly, and a hand cupped my breast. Max’s lips left mine and moved to my neck, kissing, sucking my sensitive skin. He dipped his head, briefly taking the tip of my breast in to his mouth, licking over my hard nipple and then he pulled away.

I watched as he stripped his clothes off, revealing his magnificent body to me. I still couldn’t believe how lucky I was that I ended up with two such beautiful men who loved me.

Max saw me looking at him and smiled, joining us on the bed again, and at the same time Zan got up. I turned to him and he kissed me softly before starting to take off his own clothes.

As I watched Zan get naked, Max hands smoothed over my skin, his hot mouth taking my breast inside, sucking it. I wound my fingers into his hair and he lifted me up, his lips meeting mine.

His kiss was more hungry this time and as he devoured my lips, he pulled me forward until I was straddling him. My core pressed to his hard cock and I shook with desire. I couldn’t help myself. No matter how many times I had them, I wanted more.

Zan’s body pressed to my back and his lips found my neck. His hands slicked across my shoulders and along my sides before finally grasping my breasts.

My whole body seemed to pulse with need and my lower lips were slick with moisture. I started rocking against Max to ease the ache inside me.

Max gripped my hips and lifted me up, impaling me with one stroke.

“Oh,” I gasped in surprise.

He chucked, a deep, masculine laugh that sent shivers through me. His fingers found my clit again and he started stroking me.

“Are you ready for us both, baby?” he asked, speaking against my lips.

I nodded. “Yes,” I said breathlessly. I turned to see Zan. “I want you both.”

Zan kissed my neck. “Of course you do, baby,” he purred. “Nothing is better than when the three of us fuck.”

I reached back, cupping his cheek. “Then come inside,” I said.

Putting my hands on Max’s shoulders, I leaned forward to give Zan room. I felt his hands on my ass, and then his thick cock slowly filled me.

Max continued to rub my clit and I felt like I was already half-way to coming by the time Zan was completely inside. I shook with arousal.

For long moments neither of them moved. Hands and mouths traveled over my skin, kissing, caressing, licking nipping. It felt so good that I was soon gasping for air.

Max took my breast into his mouth, and Zan’s fingers replaced his on my clit, stroking harder. I arched back, my body becoming tight, my eyes sliding shut with the incredible pleasure.

A hand cupped my other breast, stroking over the nipple while two hands held my hips, pushing me down onto their cocks. My inner muscles pulsed around the two thick shafts inside me, and moisture poured out of my core.

I wanted to move, to feel them sliding in and out, but they held me tightly. They were going to bring me with simple touches first.

And I was close. Each stroke of their fingers sent electricity surging through me. My heartbeat and breathing sped up, and small, uncontrollable whimpers escaped me.

The thought flashed through my mind that they must have planned this, but then all thoughts were wiped away as the pleasure intensified.

Zan rubbed my clit in fast circles and Max sucked hard on my breast, his teeth grazing my nipple. The hand holding my breast pinched my other nipple and I came, crying out, my body jerking.

I leaned forward, resting against Max, and I felt Zan’s body press to mine, holding me between them.

But they barely gave me time to catch my breath and then they were moving. Zan grasped both my breasts and Max held my hips as they started to withdraw. Just a couple of inches out and then slowly back inside at exactly the same time.

Their cocks filled me so completely, Zan’s pushing Max’s against my G-spot, so it rubbed hard across it with every motion. It was the most incredible feeling.

I started moving with them, lifting up a couple of inches and then sinking down, taking them deep into me. I placed one hand on Max’s shoulder and reached back, grasping Zan’s neck.

Zan’s lips slid against my neck and shoulder as his body pressed to mine, and his thumbs stroked quickly against my hard nipples.

Max’s mouth met mine, and his tongue brushed mine as his hand reached between my legs finding my clit. He stroked over it with two fingers and I sped up, lifting myself off them and slamming back down.

They both growled and I knew I wouldn‘t last much longer either. I always came so fast when they were both inside me, and I’d had so many orgasms that I thought I might come with each of their touches.

I sped up even faster as I felt my climax coming. I felt like I couldn’t take them inside fast enough. My muscles started to shake with the effort and my body arched back as I flew over the edge.

I gasped for air, letting Zan and Max hold me between them as the incredible pleasure washed through me.

Suddenly I realized that the guys hadn’t come, just as they started moving again. I cried out, the moments of inactivity making me so sensitive inside. I felt like I was already half-way to another orgasm.

They pounded into me fast and hard, the only sounds those of gasped breath, groans of exertion and skin slapping together.

My muscles felt like rubber and I started to moan with each of their thrusts. I moved with them as best I could, grasping their necks to keep my hands from falling off them.

“Oh shit!” I panted as the pleasure became overwhelming.

My inner walls clamped down on them as my whole body tightened and jerked uncontrollably. Dark spots flashed before my eyes, I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath, and I screamed as a powerful orgasm ripped through me. “I love you!”

Max and Zan came right after I did, their hips pumping into me as the emptied their hot seed inside me.

Zan kissed my neck near my ear, whispering, “I love you, baby.”

Max cupped my cheek holding my eyes. “”I love you, Liz.”

They pulled out of me but kept me pressed tightly between them, their arms wrapped around me. I was so completely satisfied, but so tired I literally felt like I was going to pass out.

The three of us fell back into bed, exhausted. As usual Zan settled on one side of me and Max was on the other, so I was held in between my two lovers.

Pressing my head into Max’s chest, I reached back for Zan’s hand. For the first time in weeks I felt completely content and relaxed. It was heaven, and I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning we went to my apartment and packed up my few belongings and I officially moved in with them. They gave me my own room like they’d promised, and I agreed, for now, that I would forget about getting a job.

Of course I don’t know how all of this is going to turn out. It’s a new experience for all three of us, but we all want to make it work.

Can a girl love two men at the same time and make a relationship with them both? I don’t know. But I’m going to give it my best try. And somehow, together, I think we’ll make it work.

It was afternoon when I got all of my stuff put away in my new room, and Zan and Max came in, wrapping their arms around me.

“I think,” Zan said, kissing my neck near my ear, “that this room needs a good christening.”

“Oh really?” I asked teasingly.

“Oh yeah,” Max said with a grin, as his hand slipped under my shirt in back, touching my skin. “Zan’s right. We’ll have to have you on every piece of furniture in here, to make sure they’re broken in.”

Zan grinned. “I want to see you fuck yourself with the vibrator again,” he said with a wink.

“And,” Max added, “you still own me that dance.”

I smiled, knowing it was going to be a long, pleasurable afternoon. “Where are we going to start?”

They both spoke at the same time. “The bed.”




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