Never Underestimate Destiny - Part 36


Part 36


Max kissed Liz on the cheek. “Let go now,” he said. “Let’s go home.”

Liz released her hold on the connection, and immediately the six of them felt the flying sensation again, and then they were back in their bodies on Earth.

It took them a moment to get their bearings again, and they looked around to see the Skin army still around them, and it was full dark now.

Through the open connection with the Skin soldier, they knew that even in their frozen state, all of the Skins, Lonnie, Rath and Tess had witnessed Khivar’s defeat.

Max looked around at Nicholas and the peeling soldiers and made a small gesture with his hand, freeing them so they were able to move again. Surprise reflected on the faces of most of the soldiers, and some even showed fear.

Max spoke. “I’ll offer each of you a choice,” he said, turning so he addressed all of them. “You can die on Earth as your husks fail, or I will send you back to Antar, where you will spend the rest of your lives in prison.”

For a moment, nothing happened, but then one by one, the Skins started to kneel.

“Get up you idiots!” Lonnie hissed as she raised her hand. “Kill them!”

But Zan held out his hand. “No more, sister,” he said, and used the tremendous power rushing through him to drain her energy, and she slid to the ground unconscious.

The Skin soldiers continued to kneel until they were all down, leaving only Nicholas and Rath standing. For a moment Nicholas glared around at his surrendering troops, and muttered, “Cowards.” But then he knelt too. He was outnumbered, but if he stayed alive, there was always a chance to carry on his mission.

Rath looked at Max and Zan and raised his chin stubbornly. “I don’t kneel to anyone.”

Max shrugged. “I didn’t ask you to,” he said. “You and Lonnie don’t get a choice. We’re sending you to Antar where you will go to prison for treason.”

“This isn’t over,” Rath snarled and threw his hand out, sending a dozen balls of energy hurtling at Max and Zan.

Instantly Max’s green shield shot out and enveloped the energy balls, and the green wave continued across the space to where Rath was standing and wrapped around him. He struggled briefly as Max drained his energy, and then dropped to the ground next to Lonnie.

Tess was still standing a few feet away from the group and Max turned to her.

“Why?” she asked with a hurt expression. “Why did you exclude me? I’m part of this. I’m your wife.”

Max shook his head. “You haven’t been my wife for a long time, and you’ve never really been part of us. You could have been. We tried to include you, but you lie and plan and manipulate to get what you want.”

“But you have to see,” Tess argued, “that you need me. With me in the group we will be even stronger.”

She walked forward until she was standing a few inches from Max. “And I will be with you completely,” she said, reaching out to touch his arm. “I’d never make you share me. I’ll be devoted to you and only you, and I’ll be here for eternity.”

“I don’t love you,” Max said. “I never did, even when we were married.”

“You did love me,” Tess said angrily. “You’ll remember in time, and – “

Max cut her off. “No, Tess. I do remember, and I will never love you.”

For a moment she looked lost, but then shook her head. “No, you love me. You’re just confused. Liz has you wrapped around her finger by giving you sex.” She let her voice drop to a purr, as she held his gaze, “But I can give you that too. I can give you anything you desire.”

Max held her eyes. “Including leading our enemies right to us.”

“What?” Tess asked horrified. “No, of course I didn’t.”

Michael spoke up. “Tess, we know you’re the one who told Lonnie and Rath where we were. You were working with them. You even told them Liz and Zan would be alone that night at the Crashdown. You nearly got them both killed,” he spat.

“No,” Tess said, holding out her hand and backing away. “I didn’t. I wasn’t working with them.”

Ava stepped forward. “You did,” she said simply. “I felt it in your head when we were practicing a while ago, and I told the others.”

Isabel spoke. “I had Alex check your phone,” she said. “You weren’t very smart about it. You didn’t even try to erase the calls from the memory.”

Tess focused back on Max. “Okay, okay, I called them, but don’t you see I did it for us?” she said.

Max looked at her incredulously. “For us?”

Tess nodded. “Yes, Max, for us, for you.”

She reached for him but he pulled away, and she continued hurriedly, thinking she was losing him. “Max, you didn’t understand that the summit was the most important thing. It might have been the only chance for us to go home. So I called Lonnie and Rath and told them to come here.” She looked around the group and then back to Max. “But I only pretended to be working with them so we could kill them and it would be safe for us to go to the summit.”

Max shook his head. “Without telling us,” he said. “And what about Zan and Liz? Collateral damage?”

Tess stepped closer, giving him her best sex kitten look. “Max, you are the King, not Zan. He’s just a reject. With Zan gone you are the undisputed King, and I knew when Liz was out of the picture that you would realize how good we could be together.”

Isabel spoke up, “Tess, do you know how crazy that sounds?”

Tess’ eyes stayed on Max and she started to push her power into him. “Tell them, Max. It’s not crazy. It was all for you.”

Max felt her feeble power and pushed it aside with a thought. He held her eyes and nodded. “You kept telling me you’d do anything,” he said wearily. “I just didn’t realize how far you’d go.”

“I meant I’d do anything for you, Max,” Tess said, thinking she was getting to him. “Even things you didn’t want to do. You were raised human and you have these human values holding you back, but you’ll see eventually that I am right. It will all be okay.” She reached toward him, but he stepped back.

“You set up Zan and Liz to be murdered,” Max said angrily. “Nothing will ever make that okay.”

She knew now that her power wasn’t having any affect on him, and she tried to reason with him. “But Max,” she started, only to have him cut her off again.

“Tess, I love Liz,” Max said. “I am bonded to Liz. If you would have killed her, it would have killed me.”

Tess’ brow creased. “You can’t be bonded to Liz, she’s just a human.”

Zan shook his head. “Liz hasn’t been just human since the day Max healed her.”

Tess looked around at the six angry faces in front of her and finally felt defeated. She knew she could never mind warp all of them. “What are you going to do to me?”

Max spoke up. “I promised you I would send you to Antar when I could,” he said. “So you will go back and stand trial, and the Antarian people can decide what to do with you.”

Smiling, Tess raised her head proudly. She was going back to her people and they would be merciful. And she could wait and plan, and eventually Max would turn to her, and she would be ready. “When do I go?” she said eagerly.

He motioned to where the Skins were kneeling. “You go now.”

She frowned. “In the Skins ship?” she asked.

Max shook his head, “I thought I’d just use the Granolith,” he said.

He motioned again to where they Skins were. “Go Tess.”

She looked like a lost little girl as she stood before him, her eyes wide. “I’ll wait for you,” she said.

“Just go,” he said dismissively.

“Wait,” Isabel said, and went up to Tess, who thought Isabel meant to embrace her, but stopped when Isabel put a hand to her head.

“What are you doing?” Tess asked.

Isabel was silent for a moment as she concentrated, and then smiled. “Nothing, nothing at all.”

They parted and Tess joined the Skins while Isabel returned to the others.

“What did you do?” Michael asked.

Isabel shrugged, “I just took those pesky memories of the Granolith out of her head. The less she knows about it the better. She can’t ever tell anyone about it now.”

“Good thinking,” Max said.

“So how are you going to use the Granolith to send them home?” Ava asked. “Do you remember it?”

“Only a little,” Max admitted. “And from what I remember, you have to have a crystal and program it, and …”

Michael cut him off, “But we don’t have a crystal and we don’t know how to program it even if we did.”

“Yeah,” Max said, “But I think with all this power we have, we can just activate the Granolith from here and tell it what we want to do.”

Michael shrugged. “Okay, we’ll back you up.”

Max and Zan took Liz’s hands again and the three of them used the power still flowing through them to concentrated on the Granolith. Zan and Liz had never even seen it before, and didn’t know where it was, but they just allowed Max to guide them, and before they knew it, the three of them were standing in the small room with the enigmatic machine.

Briefly, they looked at each other, noticing that they were transparent, but then turned their attention to the center of the room.

“So that’s the Granolith,” Zan said as he walked around it. “It does look kind of familiar.”

Max knelt before it, placing his hand on the base, and imagined all of the enemies in the field being transported to Antar, and arriving safely in the room they had just left.

And as soon as he removed his hand, the Granolith began to swirl with lights. At first they moved slowly, but they quickly built into a mass of lights, moving toward the top of inverted cone shape. The brightness grew in intensity until the whole room was filled with light. Then it burst out of the top of the Granolith and Max, Liz and Zan let themselves fall back into their bodies.

They were just focusing on the scene before them when a circular light flashed around them, encompassing all of the Skins, Lonnie, Rath and Tess. It swirled like a tornado, going faster and faster and then jumped into the sky, taking all of them with it.

The six of them stood in the complete darkness and finally let the connection between them drop. There was silence all around them for a few moments, and then slowly the sound of crickets began to emerge.

It was over.

They looked at each other, and started to smile.

It was Michael who spoke first. “Whooooohoo!” he whooped, punching the air. “Anybody else feel like celebrating? I hear a pizza calling my name!”

“I’m in,” Ava called out, “but we have to get Maria and Kyle.”

“And Alex,” Isabel said.

Michael turned to Liz, Zan and Max, “You guys in?”

As tired as Liz had been a few minutes before, she now pulsed with desire for her two men, and she could clearly feel their need for her. It was like the power had just been waiting for them to be safe before it turned into sexual energy.

“Um,” Liz started, looking at Max and Zan, “you know, I’m a bit tired. I think I’ll just go to bed early,” she said, squeezing Zan and Max’s hands.

Zan and Max nodded vigorously.

“Yeah,” Max said, “I’m really tired too.”

“Exhausted,” Zan agreed.

Michael raised an eyebrow, but just let it drop. Isabel was right. He really didn’t want to think about how they would be celebrating.


Max, Zan and Liz climbed into the front seat of Zan’s car and he reached for the ignition, but Liz put a hand over his.

“You know,” she said, “my parents aren’t due back until tomorrow night, and the Crashdown is closed, so if we go to my house, we are guaranteed not to be disturbed.”

Max kissed her neck. “You always have the best ideas,” he said huskily, “doesn’t she Zan?”

“I certainly can’t argue,” Zan agreed, pressing his lips to hers. “Having a whole house to ourselves will be so nice for once.” He started the car and pulled out onto the road.

“It’ll be great not having to worry that someone could walk in on us,” Max said, stroking her arm.

“And we won’t have to worry about Liz making too much noise when we make her cum,” Zan teased.

Liz blushed a little, but she wasn’t really embarrassed. “What about you two?” she teased back. “You’re not exactly silent.” Reaching out to Max and Zan at the same time, she stroked over the matching erections she knew she’d find, making them both groan.

She smiled. “See what I mean?”

Instantly the three of them felt a surge of desire that nearly took their breath away.

Liz’s whole body felt like it was throbbing and melting from the inside out, and she continued to stroke Max and Zan through their jeans because she couldn’t get enough of touching them.

“Hurry,” she said. “I can’t wait much longer for you.”

Zan sped up, trying to keep his concentration on the road despite the wonderful feeling of Liz’s hand on him. He wanted to touch her too, but was at a disadvantage having to focus on driving.

But Max’s hands and concentration were free and he cupped Liz’s head, turning her so his lips could meet hers. He kissed her hungrily as his other hand slipped under her shirt and into her bra. His palm slid over her breast, making her nipple immediately jut to a taut point and making her moan into his mouth.

Zan stopped the car at a red light and immediately Liz turned to him. Grasping her face with both hands, he kissed her deeply, his tongue dipping into her mouth again and again.

“It’s turning,” Max said, and eagerly reclaimed Liz’s lips when Zan released her.

Before Zan stepped on the accelerator, his hand slid between Liz’s legs going directly for her core, and very softly he brushed the tips of his fingers over her.

Liz tried to continue stroking Max and Zan, but their hands were very distracting and she found herself slowing her pace on them as the desire built in her.

Max left her lips and kissed and nipped his way across her neck and she felt herself turning to jelly in his hands. “Oh,” she gasped, as he found a particularly sensitive spot on her neck.

Zan continued to touch her, sliding up and down, from her core to her clit, and Max’s thumb flicked over her nipple as he attacked her neck. It felt like heaven, and she wondered if they would bring her to orgasm right in the car.

But just then, the car slowed and came to a stop, and Zan turned it off. He brushed over her clit one more time and then said, “Let’s take this inside.”

Liz was surprised to see that they were at the back door of the Crashdown, but she was so glad. She needed her men so much.

Getting out of the car, she went to the door to let them in, but fumbled in her purse for the keys.

Zan was too impatient to wait and put his hand over the lock and it released with a snap. They went inside and he relocked it the same way.

Immediately he turned to Liz, pressing her against the door, kissing her hard. He slid his knee between her legs, and leaned into her and she made a sort of whimpering sound that enflamed him.

With a growl, he lifted her and she wrapped her legs around him. He couldn’t wait any longer to have her. Reaching down with one hand, he worked on freeing himself from his jeans as they kissed hungrily. Liz was desperate for him and he had to be inside her to give them both relief.

He had pants undone and pushed down in just a few seconds, and then reached for the fastening on Liz’s jeans only to feel bare skin.

He had a clear thought that Max had simply dissolved her jeans and panties so he could be inside her more quickly. And as he sent a thanks to Max, he plunged into Liz.

As Zan filled her, Liz gasped with pleasure, arching back, and Zan held her tightly as he started to pound into her.

Liz was so desperate for him, she couldn’t get enough and worked her hips in time with his thrusts, meeting him and taking him as deep as she could. His lips found her neck, kissing and nuzzling her. She was so aroused that she thought she’d climax quickly but she just seemed to go higher and higher.

She grasped his strong arms, watching his muscles bulge as he worked to hold her and bring them both pleasure. The sleeve of his shirt rode up, exposing his tattoo, and her fingers trailed across it. She couldn’t help thinking that Zan was so strong and loving, and suddenly images filled her mind, and she knew they were from Zan.

Through his eyes she saw the first time he had seen her and felt the emotions that had filled him. He’d watched her through the window while she was cleaning the Crashdown and he’d known instantly he was in love.

Then he’d felt the connection between them and it taken his breath away. This beautiful, dark-haired girl was the one he’d been looking for all of his life and it meant everything to him that he’d finally found her.

Liz remembered that she’d been attracted to Zan instantly too, and could even feel him, but she’d denied her feelings for a long time because of Max. But finally she had to admit that not only did she desire Zan, she loved him just as much as she loved Max.

Zan’s next thrust into her brought her back to the present and she gasped with the power of it. The love and desire she felt for Zan along with being able to feel him through the connection made their joining even more intense.

She grasped at his back trying to bring him closer, needing even more of him. “Yes, Zan,” she moaned. “More!”

He sped up again and suddenly she felt Max’s mouth close over her clit. She cried out, meeting his eyes where he stood a few feet away.

It was an impossible position that could only happen with the help of their powers.

As Zan filled her again and again, Max’s tongue swirled over her clit, adding even more to her pleasure. She bucked against Zan, arching back as she got closer to the edge, unable to control her body.

Max licked her in time with Zan’s thrusts, and when she felt like she couldn’t take any more pleasure, Max sucked her nub hard, and the orgasm took her.

Zan held her tight as he slammed into her a half dozen more times, growling his exertion and extending her pleasure, and then he exploded into her.

Liz and Zan panted hard, trying to catch their breath. Zan leaned his head against her shoulder and she wrapped her arms around his neck. “That was amazing,” she breathed.

She felt Zan’s love her enveloping her, and knew he could feel the same. They truly belonged together.

It felt like she was floating on a cloud of pleasure and she never wanted it to end, but she couldn’t help looking over at Max. As much as she had wanted Zan, she wanted Max now.

Zan gave a low chuckle and kissed the side of her head. “You just can’t get enough of us can you, baby?”

He’d obviously heard her thoughts and Liz smiled. “Never,” she said.

Zan pulled out of her and set her on the floor and she rushed into Max’s arms. Their lips crashed together and he used a jerk of his hands to pull the edges of her shirt apart, sending buttons scattering across the room. With a twist of his fingers, he had the front opening of her bra undone in a second and she dropped her arms to discard her final piece of clothing.

Grasping one of her breasts, her stroked over her silky mound as he walked her the few steps back to the sofa, lowering her down and covering her body with his. Settling over her, he left her lips to take one perfect breast into his mouth, his tongue sliding over her distended nipple.

Liz gasped as his rough jeans rasped over her sensitive core and reached between to get rid of the final barrier. She started to undo the button, but thought it would take too long and instead just used her powers. Grasping the waist of his pants, she pushed at them impatiently.

Without taking his mouth off her breast, Max lifted up a little and reached down a hand, helping her get rid of his pants. When they were down far enough, he looked up to meet her eyes, and thrust home into her.

“Oh yes!’ she moaned, arching up to meet him.

Zan had done an incredible job of pleasuring her, but she was completely ready and hungry for Max.

And he didn’t disappoint her. He slammed into her hard, setting a quick pace that practically took her breath away.

She knew how turned on he had been in the car and then watching her and Zan together had driven him wild, and she was getting the benefit.

Grasping at his back, she thrust her hips up to meet him, knowing neither of them would last long.

Max cupped her cheek, his hand sliding up into hair as he lowered his lips to meet hers. The kiss was so sweet, so tender, and then Liz saw images from Max’s mind.

She saw him as a child, and felt how lonely he had been, how out of place he had felt knowing that he was different. But then he saw her at school and was instantly drawn to her. And even though he didn’t have the words for it then, he realized later that he’d loved her from that moment.

Over the years, he had to keep his real self hidden, but just seeing her made him feel less alone. He lived for the times he would catch a glimpse of her or be lucky enough to talk to her. It was everything to him.

And then when he revealed his true self to her and she not only accepted him but wanted to be with him. It was more than he even could have hoped for.

Liz had a big crush on Max for years, but she never thought such a handsome and intelligent guy would be interested in her. It had all changed when he’d saved her. After that, she’d really gotten to know him, and discovered that he was the most kind and wonderful person, and she’d fallen so deeply in love.

Max moving inside her brought her back to the present and she gasped, “Max, oh Max!” She felt a rush of love from him and wrapped her legs around him, needing him even closer.

And as Max had done, she felt Zan through the connection a split second before his hot mouth closed over her clit.

Immediately her body reacted with an additional rush of pleasure, making her arch back as she met Zan’s eyes from where he was watching them.

His tongue flicked over her clit, up and down and she felt her whole body tightening. Max felt so good inside her, holding her so close as he pounded into her, and Zan was doing such incredible things to her with his tongue she didn’t know how she could stand it.

And then she felt Zan’s fingers inside her, along with Max, and they rubbed over her g-spot. “Oh!” she cried out. It was like nothing she’d ever imagined, there was so much pleasure.

Zan stayed in time with Max’s thrusts, and licked her clit with quick strokes. She arched back as the edge approached, opening to Max more, and he slid even deeper.

Her hands fluttered against his back and she gasped for air, wondering if you could pass out from pleasure, and then Zan sucked her clit as Max slammed into her and she flew over the edge.

Max pounded into her a few more times before he growled his release.

He rested his forehead against hers, breathing hard, and kissed her softly.

Liz could feel every inch of them pressed together and she still held Max inside her, but she could also feel Zan’s head resting against her inner thigh as if he were laying between her legs. His hand stroked her lower lips and his tongue lazily licked over her clit, making jolts of electricity rush though her.

Reaching up, she stroked Max’s face. “Incredible,” she said.

She met Zan’s eye and held out a hand to him. He crossed the few feet and knelt down, taking her hand.

“Sooooo,” she said, “I guess you guys have been thinking of ways to use our powers in bed.”

They both smiled.

“We don’t even have to ask if you liked it,” Max said, stroking over her breast.

“And we’ve got all kinds of other things to try out,” Zan said, using his powers to lick her clit again.

Liz shivered with desire knowing she was in for a long and pleasurable night. “I love you both so much,” she said, coming to a quick decision. “So in November when I turn eighteen, we’re going to move in together.”

She could feel that Max and Zan were surprised but pleased, and she continued, “It’s not just about the sex, even though it is wonderful…” she trailed off as they smiled. “Okay, it’s not only about the sex. I need to be with you. I need to be close to you, and I want our lives together to start as soon as possible.”

“We’ll still be in high school,” Max pointed out.

Liz shook her head. “I don’t care. I don’t care what anyone thinks. We’ll work it out.” She looked from Max to Zan, “I am so lucky to have you and I just want to be with you.”

Zan kissed her hand. “We are the lucky ones baby.”

Max nodded. “I’ve loved you since the day I saw you when we were eight,” he said, “and I couldn’t imagine anything better than what we have.”

Zan touched her face. “And I never thought I’d find anyone to really love, but not only did I find you but you love me too. It’s more than I ever dreamed of.”

Liz watched as Zan’s erection started to grow again, and a rush of need ripped through her. With a chuckle, Max kissed her and pulled his softening length out of her, helping her up.

She looked from Zan to Max smiling. “I want to take our time and kiss you both all over,” she purred, “and show you how much I love you.”

Standing behind her, Max wrapped his arms around her, stroking her body as he met Zan’s eyes over her head. “I think it is time we take this upstairs, if we can make it that far,” he said.

“I don’t know,” Liz said, reaching out to Zan, “I’ve always wondered what it would be like on the stairs.”



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Part 36
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