Never Underestimate Destiny - Part 37


Part 37


Liz stretched and yawned as the morning sun filtered through her windows, feeling sated and complete after the incredible night with Zan and Max. They were still in her bed and she was being held between their two bodies.

Liz had lost count how many times they’d had sex, as her incredible men wrapped her in a haze of desire bringing her to mind-blowing climaxes again and again.

Between the marathon lovemaking sessions, they’d taken time to just be close, touching, kissing and talking about their future. Then Max or Zan would recover enough to start the whole thing over again.

Finally, exhausted, they’d all fallen into a deep sleep.

Reaching out she smoothed her hand over Max’s chest, kissing him softly, and then turned to Zan, doing the same. They were both still deeply asleep and hardly moved as she touched them.

It was so good to finally relax completely, knowing they were safe. There were no more enemies trying to kill them, and all of her friends and loved-ones were alive and safe and happy.

And suddenly she had the overwhelming urge to write it all down.

She hadn’t even thought about her journal for a long time, hadn’t considered writing in it at all. So many things had been happening, and so much was uncertain that she couldn’t face reliving it by writing it out.

But now everything was settled, and she wanted to put it all on paper.

Carefully she slid out of bed, not wanting to wake Zan and Max, and wrapped herself in a robe.

For the first time in months Liz silently removed the loose brick out of her wall and withdrew her diary. Crossing the room as quietly as she could, she carefully raised the window and climbed out her onto the balcony.

She sat in the lounge chair and settled the journal in her lap. It was where she had written her first entry in the journal just a year and a half ago.

So many things had happened it that time it didn’t seem possible.

Max had healed her and told her his secret and they’d fallen in love, but it certainly hadn’t been easy. They had been kept apart by so many things, Tess and Nasedo, the Special Unit, the aliens’ destiny, then finally Future Max.

It seemed at times that the entire universe was against them.

Liz paused in her thoughts to look back inside at her two loves. Zan and Max were still peacefully asleep in her bed.

She couldn’t believe how far the three of them had come so quickly. She certainly would have never guessed that she would find love and be so incredibly happy.

It had only been a little over a month ago that Future Max had come to her, and she thought she would never be happy again. But now she was in a relationship with the two most incredible, beautiful men in this or any other galaxy.

She didn’t know exactly what their future would be, but she did know that she didn’t want to hide her relationship with Max and Zan.

It was unorthodox sure, but there had to be a way to help people accept them together.

First, she thought, they needed to introduce Zan to her parents, and come up with some kind of story to explain his resemblance to Max. Perhaps they could tell everyone he was Max’s brother, or twin.

But that was the easy part. Explaining that she was dating both of them would be a bit harder. She knew that her parents and Max’s would be worried about one or both of them being hurt in a relationship like theirs, and there was really nothing she could do to reassure them. They would just have to see that it worked for the three of them, and maybe then they could accept it.

And then what would happen when they moved in together, and when started having children, and… she let her thoughts trail off. Maybe she was thinking about it too much. Surely her parents would be happy for her when they saw how happy she was.

She guessed they would just have to figure out each situation as it came along.

The three of them had a lot of uncertainly ahead of them, but that was okay. They would face it together.

There was still a ton to do on Antar, of course. There were trials for Khivar, Lonnie, Rath, Tess and the Skins, and the entire planet was getting a new form of government.

The Antarian people wanted Max and Zan to rule, but when they’d discussed it last night between rounds of lovemaking, neither of them really had any interest in doing that. For now at least they would be content to stay on Earth and take the occasional trip to Antar in spirit only.

She knew they wanted the best for Antar, but they deserved to have a life too. They’d already sacrificed their happiness and their life for their home planet, and she would make sure it didn’t happen again. They would only be as involved as they wanted, and she would support any decision they made.

Letting her eyes roam over them one more time, she couldn’t help but smile. Their beautiful, muscular bodies were displayed before her, and she was pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to get very much written before she was tempted to join them in bed again, so she’d better get started.

Turning back to what she’d come out to do, she smoothed her hand over the journal, and was surprised to find it still felt so familiar. For a long time, it had been the only source for her most private thoughts, things she couldn’t even tell Maria, and she had missed it.

She’d stopped writing months ago when things had gotten so crazy with the FBI, and then Tess and Nasedo came, and her life had become too painful to record when she’d lost Max to the Special Unit and given him up to allow him to follow his destiny.

But now she wanted to go back and capture all of the good times and the bad that led her to this point.

Opening the diary, she started flipping through the pages to find the place where she’d left off. She smiled as she looked at pages, each memory so precious to her, but suddenly the book leapt in her hands. The pages turned on their own, fluttering past in a whir of motion until the journal was open to the very last page, and Liz stared in amazement as words slowly appeared.

It was in a familiar hand, but slightly different, more mature if she had to classify the change, and she knew immediately who had written it.

Future Max.

Tears pricked her eyes as she realized it was the only thing that was left of him, and she started to read his final message.

My Dearest Liz,

If you are reading this then you must have defeated Khivar, saved Earth, and you’ve probably just come from your bed where Zan and Max are sleeping.

Don’t be surprised. I just know you so well.

My Liz only wrote in her journal when she was happy, and never recorded the bad times until they were over. So I knew you wouldn’t find this until the world was safe and you were happily together with Zan and Max. And I know you just came from their bed, because my Liz usually wrote after we made love, when I was asleep.

First, I want to say I’m so sorry I had to deceive you, and for all the pain I caused you. I knew it had to be done, but it broke my heart. Taking away your hope, and seeing you so upset was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I can never apologize enough. I just hope you can forgive me because it was all my fault.

Tears started to pool in Liz’s eyes but she continued to read.

I love you Liz, more than anything, and I wouldn’t have traded the time we had together. But my love for you was selfish and possessive, especially after we made love the night of the Gomez concert and our souls were bonded. I would have never accepted anyone to join us, never allowed anyone else to love you, even Zan. And that’s what had to happen for us to defeat Khivar.

Nicholas actually gave me the clue when he had us tied up in the school and was trying to steal the location of the Granolith from my mind. He said in my other life he would have been no match for me. It didn’t even occur to me what he’d said until years later, and we started to consider why we were being defeated so easily by the aliens that invaded Earth, and why we were so much less powerful in this life.

What my Liz and I figured out was that souls aren’t meant to be divided as the cloners did to us. The soul can live in two people and they will be just fine, but we were weakened because we weren’t complete. We would never gain the amount of power that we used to have, and could never defeat Khivar.

By the time we’d figured it out though, it was too late for us. Even if I could have accepted him, the Zan in my world had been killed by Lonnie and Rath years before.

I’m sure you’ve already figured it out, my love, but that’s why I kept you and Max apart, and sent Zan to join you. We had to stop you bonding with Max until you had time to fall in love with Zan too and then you would bond with them both. I knew things would fall into place after that. It was meant to be, the three of you.

They were created from one man, and have the same genetic material. Of course, they are different from him and from each other because of their upbringing and life experiences, but they are the same man at their core. You couldn’t help falling in love with both of them.

And through you Liz, your power of connection, Zan and Max’s soul is whole again and they are more powerful than Khivar could ever imagine.

I wanted so badly to tell you all of this when I was with you, but I knew it would be impossible for you to accept. How could you believe that you were meant to love and be with two men? You would have thought I was crazy and fought against it. But I knew if you were introduced to Zan, neither of you could help yourselves, just like we could never stay apart.

I’m sorry I had to cause you so much pain, but it was the only way we could think of to open all of your hearts to the truth.

Don’t worry about Michael and Isabel. Even though they won’t have the connection to Lonnie and Rath and will never be able to access their full powers, they can live happy, fulfilled lives and never know they are missing anything.

Tess liked to use the word ‘destiny’ to try to get what she wanted, but you being with Max and Zan is true destiny. It’s a love story written in the stars generations ago about a young, lonely King from a far away planet, and a smart, beautiful waitress in a small southwestern town. And even though he died before she was born, it wasn’t what destiny had in mind. They were meant to find each other through space and time, and with a little help and time travel we’ve finally set it right.

I’m just glad you’ve found the love you deserve, and I know the three of you will be happy together the rest of your lives.

I’ll always love you, Liz Your Max from the future

Liz clutched the diary to her chest and sighed, looking up at the stars. “You were right, Max,” she said out loud. “Your plan worked. We even went beyond what you intended and completed the four square. We gained more power than we ever thought possible and beat Khivar and saved Antar and Earth.”

“And with Max and Zan I am happier than I ever thought I could be.” Tears spilled out of her eyes and ran down her cheeks. “I’m just so sorry that you and your Liz had to sacrifice everything. I’m sorry your time together was cut short, and your Zan never knew love in his short life.”

But even as she spoke the words, she knew she was wrong. A warm, loving feeling filled her heart. The three of them were out there together, she just knew it, united forever.

A shooting star arched across the dark sky just like the night Future Max had left her, and Liz knew that somewhere he and his Liz and their Zan were in a loving embrace, smiling down at her.

She smiled too. “Even if you think you know what will happen,” she whispered, “you can never underestimate destiny.”



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