Queen of Pain

TITLE: Queen of Pain

AUTHOR: RoswellOracle

RATING: Mature/Adult for language, violence, & sexual situations

CATEGORY: UC, Liz-centric, Liz/multiple partners

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Any additional characters or situations not mentioned in the show are the creation of my dementia.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: A huge "THANK YOU" goes out to AlienFriend for letting me bounce ideas off her, air my paranoia, and for beta-ing the story.

CREDITS: Some situations and dialog from Departure

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AUTHOR'S NOTE: WARNING! This is a dark, angsty story, dealing with the loss of love and one person's reaction to it.

SUMMARY: Liz leaves everything she knows behind trying to escape the pain of the past.

Pretty much everything in the show has happened up through the beginning of the episode Departure. Tess is pregnant with Max's child. Alex is dead and Liz has investigated. Liz and Max went to the University to kill Leanna, but Liz stopped him.

We pick up the story on their way home.

STATUS: In Progress

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Feedback for Queen of Pain


Don't stop there! I love this! I loved all of your stories and wouldn't mind to read this story even though I am dreamer all the way, but I don't mind something different.

Wow! Just wow!! I totally love this!!! Keep writing! You got me edge of seat wondering what Zan is going to do.
- Evans3


Beautifully written story......but it still breaks my heart.
- keepsmiling7


I LOVE how you portray Zan. All the ways he is portrayed in your stories, he ends up being the Alpha Male that I find very attractive. After reading chapter 12, all I can say is "HOLY COW!"

I just had to stop and post to let you know that This is the Zan that I think is so.... ummm, what adjective should I use?...Hot, sizzling... !!!

Please update soon. I'm so hooked on your work.
- ZanEnthralled


Such a gorgeous story. I love how you write. I've been a fan of yours for years and I've read all your stories on your website. I've been waiting with bated breath for each part of "Queen of Pain". I'm an awakened dreamer and your Zan is my favorite. I'm totally addicted to this story!
- Tashchen


My god it felt as though I was right there with them. The way you portray her pain is so real & utterly heart wrenching it's impossible not to feel as if its happening to you as a reader.

I'm on the edge of my seat here dyin to know exactly what he's up to. I've said it before, no one writes Zan the way you do. It's like you've made him your own, seriously other versions pale in comparison.

This was so beautifully written, realistic & raw.
And I cannot wait for more
Amazing as always
- jake17


Nominations & Awards

***Roswell Heaven***

March 2017 - for:

Favorite Vision of Max
in a UC fic
Best Romantic Scene
in a UC fic
Zan and Liz dancing.

Best Smut Scene
in a UC fic

Voted 2017

Zan and Liz dancing together.


March 2016 - for:
Best Heart of Mine Fic
aka Best UC or Slash fic
Favorite Vision of Zan
in a fic
Best Dramatic or Sad Scene
in a UC fic
When Liz broke and opened up and told Zan why she was punishing herself.
Best UC/slash Fanfic Banner
in a fic

Voted 2016

When Liz broke and opened up and told Zan why she was punishing herself.


for October 2015


March 2015 - for:
Best Heart of Mine Fic
aka Best UC or Slash fic
Favorite Vision of Liz
in a UC/slash fic
Favorite Vision of Zan
in a fic
Best UC/slash Banner that Fits or Tells the Story

Voted 2015

for Best UC Banner that fits or tells the Story

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