Soaring With Angels - Alt End #3 Part 3


Alternate End #3
Part 3


Liz screamed, sitting up as she finally came awake, her eyes darting around the room.

She recoiled in horror as she saw movement.

But relaxed when she saw it was simply Jaetus rising from a nearby chair, and she realized almost instantly that it was the next morning and she was safe. It had only been a really intense dream. No, not a dream she corrected herself, a vision.

“Max!” she gasped.

And as if she had conjured him, Max burst into the room. “Liz!” he said anxiously.

“I had a vision!” Liz exclaimed. “It was Khivar! And he was killing you!”

Max crossed to the bed and sat next to her and touched her face gently. “What did you see?”

“It was like Khivar just appeared out of the shadows in our room,” Liz said. “He had a sword and swung it right at you and I couldn’t move or speak.” She reached up a shaking hand to his face. “It was horrible. I was watching it happen but I couldn’t do anything to help you.”

Max took her in his arms. “It will be okay,” he promised. “We’ll stop Khivar before he has a chance to get that close.”

He stroked her hair as he softly spoke. “Are you sure it was really a vision, Liz? You’ve been under a lot of stress. Maybe it was just a bad dream.”

“No,” Liz insisted, “it was a vision. I know it was real.”

“Okay,” Max soothed, “but Khivar never had that kind of power before.”

Liz pulled back to meet his eyes. “I don’t know about that, but it was real. I’m sure of it.”

Max nodded. “Do you remember anything else?”

“It seemed so real, like it was happening,” Liz said shaking her head, and her eyes snapped to his as she suddenly remembered. “It was the first day of the conference. That’s when it happens.”

Max stroked her cheek. “Liz that’s when you said it happened last time, remember? When you made up the other vision. Maybe this was just a dream.”

“No,” Liz said, shaking her head. “I mean yes, I made that up before, but this was real Max.”

Max kissed her forehead. “Okay, but I want Seris to check you out.”

“I don’t need…”

“What if it was planted somehow by Khivar?” Max asked. “We have to make sure he didn’t do something to you again. Please Liz.”

She nodded and Max looked over her head motioning to Jaetus with a jut of his chin.

Jaetus bowed and quickly left the room to get the healer.

Liz knew it would make Max feel better to have her checked. But Khivar hadn’t sent the vision to her. She knew it with absolute certainty. And it was her one chance to save Max.

“Max you have to have Seris put back the connection with Isabel,” Liz said.

“What?” Max asked incredulously. “Absolutely not.”

“But Max we haven’t made any progress finding Khivar and Isabel,” Liz argued. “If we put the connection back…”

“No Liz,” Max said. “It’s too dangerous.”

“Max,” Liz started again, but she trailed off as Jaetus returned with Seris.

“Your Majesties,” Seris greeted them with a bow.

“Liz had another vision,” Max said. “And I just want to make sure she’s okay.”

Seris approached Liz with his hands outstretched. “May I, your Majesty?”

Liz nodded and Seris cupped her head, forming a connection easily. He searched her mind quickly but thoroughly and released her. “You are fine,” he said. “No one else is in your mind.”

Liz met Max’s eyes and spoke in his mind. Can we talk now?

Yes, Max answered the same way, and he continued to hold her eyes as he spoke aloud. “Thank you, Jaetus, Seris. Leave us now.”

Liz waited until they were alone. “Max, we both know that I get these visions for a reason. It’s so we have the chance to do something about them, to change what was going to happen. And this might be the only chance we have to save you.”

“And we will,” Max said.

“Max it’s only a few days until the conference,” Liz argued. “And we haven’t made any progress finding Khivar and Isabel. We need any help we can get.”

Max shook his head. “But using you to try and find them is not an option,” he said softly. “It is so dangerous and we don’t even know if it would work.” He stroked her cheek. “We have other alternatives that we are still working on. I have a meeting in half an hour to check on the progress.”

“I want to be in the meeting,” Liz said.

Max searched her face looking for signs of fatigue. He was still worried but he thought that it might put her mind at rest to be included. Liz always felt better when she was working to fix a problem. After a brief moment he nodded. “Okay.”


Isabel entered the room where Khivar was checking the details of the plan. She stopped next to him. “Are you sure this is going to work?”

Khivar nodded. “It’s a good plan.”

“So were a lot of our other plans,” Isabel said angrily, “but somehow Max has escaped them all. He even survived the war, and every attempt we have made on his life.”

Khivar pulled her into his lap and kissed her hard. “Don’t you trust me, my love?”

Isabel frowned. “Of course I trust you, but this is taking too long. I want it over. I want Max dead.”

“Just a few more days,” Khivar promised.


Liz sat in the meeting with a growing sense of helplessness. They had made no progress in finding Khivar and Isabel, and none of the ideas discussed gave her much hope.

They had exhausted every lead, searched every one of Khivar’s known properties, interrogated every prisoner and every one of Khivar’s allies. They had searched and re-searched every inch of the palace, and cleared every person who worked there. They had consulted every psychic and seer, used anyone who might be capable of contacting or tracing Khivar and Isabel. Max had even tried contacting his sister, but none of it had done any good. Even worse they were running out of ideas.

Liz knew they were all trying but they were also quickly running out of time.

Her own brow was creased in concentration as she tried to think of anything new, anything they hadn’t already tried. Anything to save Max.

Max watched Liz throughout the meeting growing more and more worried about her. He could see how stressed and frustrated she was. It had been a mistake to include her, and when they took a short break Max pulled her aside.

“Liz I want you to get some rest this afternoon,” he said softly.

“No Max,” she said adamantly. “I want to help. Maybe I can think of something…”

“You aren’t completely well yet,” Max said. “You’re not back up to full strength and you’ll only make yourself weaker if you keep stressing yourself like this.”

“Please Liz,” he urged, “I can’t concentrate when I’m worried about you.”

Liz felt a rush of guilt and frustration. Max was worried about her health, but she was worried his life. She felt torn between the two emotions, but the concern she could see in Max’s eyes and feel through their connection made up her mind. She nodded. “I’ll get some rest.”

Max placed a gentle kiss on her forehead. “Thank you.”

He motioned for Jaetus who escorted Liz from the room. Max sank back down into his chair with a sigh of relief. He knew Liz was concerned for his life and he was too, but he was even more concerned with Liz’s safety.

Max wasn’t convinced that Liz’s dreams were visions of the future. He knew Liz believed in her visions absolutely and normally he trusted her judgment almost more than his own. But her mind had been under so much stress for so long, and she had been given so many visions by Khivar and Isabel that Max didn’t know if Liz could tell what was real and what was simply a nightmare. Liz had certainly seen enough horrible things to give her nightmares for years, not to mention the fact that she had nearly killed him herself.

That was one of the reasons that he wanted her to skip the meetings and take it easy. If her visions were real, Max knew that she would get more out of them if she was calm, relaxed and rested. But he hadn’t said anything to Liz because he didn’t want to add to her already enormous amount of stress.

But, Max reminded himself, even if Liz’s visions were real it didn’t change anything. They were doing everything they could to stop Khivar.


The next day Liz walked slowly through the palace with Jaetus at her side.

Max had once again convinced her to stay out of the meetings. She had argued with him briefly but reluctantly agreed to do what he said because she knew how worried he was about her. But she had so much nervous energy that she felt she had to get out of their room.

But even though she wasn’t in the meeting, she couldn’t shut off her worry for Max. She’d had the same vision last night too of Khivar killing Max and it had made her even more anxious. The conference was in two days and they were running out of time. Liz’s mind whirled with ideas as she walked, some they had already tried, some that were improbable, but at this point she was willing to try just about anything.

They walked in silence for a long time with Liz deep in thought and eventually they found themselves back in the domed atrium. Usually the atmosphere was so calming and soothing to her, but Liz was so worried that she barely noticed the beautiful surroundings.

Suddenly she turned to Jaetus as an idea occurred to her. “What about Khivar and Isabel’s things that were in the palace when we captured it,” Liz said excitedly. “We’ve searched them but maybe someone could get a flash off of them. Or what about the cells where Isabel and Khivar were held? It’s likely that one or both of them were thinking about their plans while they were there. Especially Khivar. He had to be thinking about what he was going to do to me.”

Jaetus nodded. “I am sorry, your Majesty, all of those things have already been attempted.”

Liz’s face fell and she suddenly looked exhausted. Jaetus noticed the change immediately and motioned to a nearby bench. “Perhaps you should sit for a while, your Majesty.”

She accepted his help and turned to him when he took a seat beside her. “Jaetus, I’ve never felt so helpless in my life. We won the war, wiped out Khivar’s army, but we still weren’t able to defeat him. Nothing we try works, all of our ideas are useless, and I don’t understand what my visions are trying to tell me. It’s like we’re all just sitting here waiting for Khivar to come in and kill Max.”

“How can Khivar have this kind of power?” Liz asked incredulously. “How can he be blocking us so effectively, hiding so well?”

She shook her head. “And the one thing that might help us Max won’t even try.” Tears started in her eyes. “I know he’s worried about me, but he’s going to die. Using me might be our only chance to save him and he’s so stubborn that he won’t even consider it.”

Jaetus spoke softly, attempting to calm her. “We are all concerned for the King, and we are all doing our best to protect him.”

Liz shook her head. “And what comfort will that give us if Khivar kills him anyway?”


Khivar let his eyes trace Isabel’s sleeping form next to him in bed. She was so beautiful and treacherous just like in her last life.

He smiled. He had wanted her from the moment he had seen her, and when he had discovered how much she hated her brother he had included her in his plan to take the throne.

And she had done everything in her power to help bring Zan down. She had told Khivar of her brother’s strengths and weaknesses, and kept him apprised of Zan’s activities and schedule. She had given him guard rotations, alarm passwords, door codes, anything she could to help. And with her assistance what could have dragged into a costly war had seemed to end with their surprise attack against the palace. They had easily captured the palace, slaughtered most of Zan’s men, brought Zan himself to his knees and executed him.

Everything seemed to be going their way.

But the Granolith couldn’t be located, and then Vilondra had been assassinated. Then the rumors started of the rebirth of the Royal Four, and a new war started that had continued in one form or another for more than fifty years.

Khivar didn’t mind wars, they were necessary. But he was tired of the endless irritation of Zan and his supporters, and now Max. Khivar had spent more of his life than he’d liked obsessing and plotting about how to rid himself of Zan. So he could understand Isabel’s frustration and desire for it to finally be over.

But she’d admitted to him how much she’d loved Max on Earth, how they had been everything to each other for so long. And even though he knew that she remembered hating him in her other life, Khivar wondered if she was truly committed to their course of action.

Perhaps she anxious for Max to die because she was afraid that if she had too much time to think about it she would change mind. And if Isabel did change her mind, Khivar knew she would turn on him in an instant.


Max had been in meetings all day long, and then he’d had a late dinner with Liz, his mother, Jaetus and a few of his generals. Afterward he and Liz went to their room and he was so glad to finally be alone with her.

He reached for her but Liz backed away from him, avoiding his embrace. Max was momentarily stunned. Liz had never withdrawn from him, never denied him, not once, and immediately he opened their connection wide. He knew she had been upset earlier but through their bond he felt the full extent of her emotions.

Liz was terrified of losing him, terrified that he would die and there was nothing she could do about it.

He stayed where he was but held out his hand to her. “Liz,” he whispered.

Tears started in her eyes and spilled down her cheeks as she shook her head. “I’m so scared.”

He nodded and took a step closer. “I know.”

More tears rolled down her cheeks. “I don’t know how to help you, what to do.”

Max took another step toward her. “We’ll figure it out. It will be okay.”

Liz shook her head again.

He closed the distance between them and slowly reached up to touch her face. Liz tried to pull away but he gently cupped her head and forced her to meet his eyes. “It will be okay.”

A sob broke from her and she threw her arms around him as he took her in a tight embrace. He held her while she cried, sending his love through their bond as he caressed her hair and back.

As Max attempted to comfort Liz, anger built up inside him. They had suffered so much, sacrificed so much and still it wasn’t over. After the war, the deaths of their friends and family didn’t they deserve to live their lives in peace? Didn’t they deserve a happy ending? Instead every day they lived under the constant stress and fear that they could be murdered in their beds.

But as long as Khivar and Isabel were alive, Max thought angrily, they would never be safe.

He was aware that Liz’s tears had stopped and her small hands started to wander over his back. She placed a kiss on his neck, grazing his skin with her teeth.

“Max,” she gasped.

Immediately the anger he felt transformed into passion and he grasped her head in his hands, kissing her hard. Liz kissed him back hungrily, thrusting her tongue into his mouth and instantly fire rushed through them, consuming them both.

With a growl Max grasped her hips lifting her against him and Liz wrapped her legs around him. He held her with one hand and started on the buttons on her shirt with the other, while he walked them to the bed.

He laid her down without breaking the kiss and they pulled at each other’s clothing. Max threw Liz’s shirt and bra aside pausing briefly to palm her breasts and stroke her hardened nubs. Then he moved down to her pants deftly working the fasting.

While he was busy with Liz’s clothing she had unbuttoned his shirt and he stripped it off before reaching for her pants again. Liz lifted her hips and he pulled off her pants and underwear in one motion, tossing her shoes aside before quickly divesting himself of his remaining clothing.

His instinct was to take Liz hard and fast but he fought the urge because he wanted to show Liz how much he loved her. He settled over her pressing their naked flesh together, groaning with the sensation. But the way Liz was grasping at him he could tell that she was practically desperate for their joining.

She raised her knees aligning her already wet core with his hard length.

Max held her eyes as he reached down to hold her hips steady and thrust inside. Liz wrapped her legs around him pulling him even deeper and squeezed her inner muscles around him. The small amount of control that Max had left dissolved and he withdrew from her almost all the way before plunging back in.

Liz gasped with pleasure and the sound enflamed Max even more. There was nothing he liked more than giving Liz pleasure and he was greedy for the sounds of her ecstasy. Automatically his increased his pace pistoning into her again and again.

Their anger, fear and frustration merged together through their bond coming to the surface. Max growled as he increased his pace again slamming into her harder and faster.

Max felt their emotions building along with their orgasms as they had so many times before. He and Liz not only found physical satisfaction and release in one another but their strong emotions were also shared and at least temporarily assuaged.

Liz’s hands grasped his back attempting to pull him closer and she raised her hips to meet his every thrust. “Oh yes Max!” she gasped.

He could tell she was close and he reached between them rubbing her clit in quick circles. Soft whimpers escaped her and she arched into him, her whole body tightening. Max smiled and kissed her hard not decreasing his rhythm until he pushed her over the edge.

Liz cried out as she came, her short nails digging into the muscles of his back and Max groaned as he pumped into her two more times before achieving his own release. He buried his head in her neck, deeply inhaling the sweet scent of her hair.

For long moments they simply laid together basking in the sensations and the emotions shared through their bond.

Max cupped her cheek and kissed her neck near her ear. “I love you so much Liz.”

Liz’s arms tightened around him. “I love you too Max.”

She touched his face and Max immediately met her eyes. Liz didn’t want to spoil the moment but she was growing desperate. “Max, I want you to help me get a vision.”

He shook his head. “Liz I…”

“Please Max,” she cut him off.

“You know I don’t like you putting so much stress on yourself,” he said. “And the added pressure of trying to get a vision…”

“Max please,” she begged. “I need to feel like I’m doing something.”

Max could hear the desperation in her voice and he reluctantly nodded.


Liz couldn’t sleep.

No matter what she did she couldn’t get rid of the horrible foreboding feelings.

Making love with Max had briefly chased away all of her fears, but now that he was asleep it all came rushing back. Liz had hoped that the power Max pushed into her would trigger a new vision like it had so many times before, but this time nothing had happened. How was she supposed to save him when she didn’t know what to do?

She shifted restlessly and Max’s arm tightened around her. Even in sleep he was trying to protect her, but it just reminded her that she couldn’t protect him. After everything they had tried, all of their planning and precautions, her visions still showed Khivar killing Max.

Carefully Liz disengaged herself from Max’s embrace and slipped out of bed. She didn’t want to wake him with her restless ponderings. Silently she crossed to the nearby chair where Jaetus sat while he looked after her. She took a seat and let her eyes roam over Max’s sleeping form.

She loved him so much and she couldn’t believe that she had let Khivar convince her that Max was evil. Max wasn’t perfect, and he had done things that he regretted, they both had, but he was a good man. She knew Max felt he needed to make it up to her for keeping things from her, but Liz didn’t know how she would ever make up for the fact that she had believed he was evil and attempted to kill him.

Max had forgiven her instantly and even tried to take all the blame on himself, but for Liz it wasn’t that simple. It deeply disturbed her that Khivar had been able to turn her against Max so easily.

With her eyes she lovingly traced the strong lines of his handsome face. She might not ever get over her guilt about doubting Max, but the first step in her absolution was to save Max’s life.

Suddenly the room around her started to dim, and Liz watched in horror as the shadows along the wall began to come to life. They swirled and rolled, like clouds in a stormy sky, folding together and coalescing to create a huge dark mass in the corner of their room.

She gasped in horror and tried to cry out, but no sound came from her throat. Uselessly she tried to push herself out of the chair but her muscles wouldn’t obey. Just like before she was forced to watch helplessly as Khivar formed out of the inky substance and stepped forward with an enormous sword. He took the few steps to the bed and raised the sword over his head, but he paused and met Liz’s eyes, smiling evilly before he violently swung the sword down toward Max.

Liz jerked as she came out of the vision, nearly falling out of the chair. Even though she knew it hadn’t really happened her eyes automatically went to the bed and to Max, and a sigh of relief escaped her seeing that he was still safe. But her relief instantly turned to anger, frustration and a bone chilling fear.

A tear spilled over Liz’s eyelid and rolled down her face. She had been so desperate to get a vision and now she wished she hadn’t. It had held nothing useful, no miraculous solutions. Instead it seemed like the vision was mocking her, showing her that she powerless. Showing her that Max was going to die and there was nothing she could do about it.

No, she thought angrily, brushing away her tears, she wouldn’t just give up. Max was alive and she was going to do anything she had to do to keep him that way.


The next morning Liz didn’t argue with Max at all when he asked her not to attend the meetings. She had to be away from him to do what needed to be done. And she needed Jaetus’ help.

Now she only had to convince him to go against the direct order of his King.


Max was glad that Liz hadn’t insisted on being with him this morning. He had a plan about how to find Isabel and Khivar but he didn’t want to get Liz’s hopes up incase it failed, especially because of how upset she had been last night.

Instead of the meeting he had told Liz he was attending he went to the Granolith room where General Darius was already waiting for him.

“Your Majesty,” Darius greeted him. “Are you ready?”

Darius was the closest thing he had to a friend besides Liz, but the General treated him with a reverential awe and refused to drop his formal manner even when they were in private. Max sighed wearily. “Darius I don’t know what we’re going to do if this doesn’t work. Liz had another dream of my death last night and we’ve tried everything else that we can think of.”

“Of course it will work, your Majesty,” Darius said confidently. “You are much more powerful than Khivar. It was only through trickery and deceit that he was able to overtake you in the first place.”

Max met his eyes. “And what makes you think that he won’t succeed the same way again?”


Liz walked with Jaetus through the palace. Outwardly she was sedate, but inside she was buzzing with nervous excitement and a touch of fear. She could probably execute her plan alone but it would be much easier with Jaetus’ help.

She waited until they were in a remote part of the palace and alone before she broached the subject. Taking a seat on a convenient bench, she motioned for Jaetus to sit next to her.

Liz met his eyes. “Jaetus, I had the same dream last night. The dream where Khivar kills Max in our room on the first night of the conference.”

Jaetus’ brow creased. “The dream has not changed?” he asked incredulously. “Even after all of the extra security precautions we have put in place.”

Liz shook her head. “Somehow Khivar still gets into the palace and kills Max. I’ve seen it, lived it every night. We’re running out of time. Unless we do something Max is going to die tomorrow night.”

“But what do you suggest, your Majesty?” Jaetus asked.

Liz gripped his hand. “I want you to help me connect with Isabel.”

A look of horror crossed Jaetus’ face as he furiously shook his head. “I cannot. The King has given orders, he has forbidden…”

Liz cut him off. “Max is in denial. He is more concerned for my life than his own. But Jaetus you know better than anyone that without Max your whole planet will fall. Khivar will take over again and this time there will be no one to save you. Max has no heirs. If he dies Khivar will make sure his line ends, he will make sure that Max doesn’t come back again, and your Order will have failed in its mission.”

Jaetus sat silent, obviously pondering what she had said, and Liz continued. “Isn’t it your duty to protect your King in any way possible?”

A tear escaped Jaetus’ eye and trailed down his cheek as he nodded. “You are right, your Majesty. We must do anything we can to save the King.”

He held her eyes. “You are not from Antar originally or even of royal lineage, but you deserve the title and the respect more than any other I have met. You would do anything for your husband, including sacrificing your life.” He knelt before her and kissed her hand. “In what way may I be of service, my Queen?”


Max sat down and closed his eyes concentrating, reaching for the power of the Granolith. He was going to attempt to contact Isabel again using the additional energy of the Granolith to hopefully enhance the connection.

Momentarily he let his thoughts wander to Liz. She was so sure that he was going to die by Khivar’s hand tomorrow. But he had tried not to think about it, instead trying to stay positive and concentrate on ways to defeat Khivar.

But Max had to admit that he grew more worried as each day passed and Liz’s visions didn’t change. What if Liz was right? he’d asked himself again and again. Her visions had never been wrong before.

And Max had no illusions about Khivar and Isabel. If they did win, if they did succeed in killing him, they would have Liz executed as well. Without him she had no protection.

Max had given orders that if he died Liz was to be protected at all costs, but he knew it was hopeless. Khivar was more powerful than Jaetus and all of his Generals. They wouldn’t be able to hold Khivar off for long. Even if Liz somehow managed to escape she would be alone on an alien planet, and hunted the rest of her life.

Stubbornly he pushed the thoughts from his mind. This plan would work. He would find Isabel and Khivar and stop them before it was too late.

It had to work, he said silently to himself. It was the only way to save himself, and more importantly it was the only way to save Liz.


Liz and Jaetus sat facing one another on the floor in her room. She had only attempted contacting someone in this manner one other time, and that had been Max when he was in New York. She’d been scared for his life, just as she was now and she knew that had helped her form the connection. But this was entirely different.

Ironically it was Isabel who had helped her contact Max and save his life. But this time Isabel was out to destroy her brother, and Liz was attempting to contact Isabel to get into her mind and discover where she and Khivar were so well hidden. But more importantly she didn’t want Isabel to know she was there.

Liz reached for Jaetus’ hands. She knew he could help guide her on the first few unsteady steps of contacting Isabel, but she also wanted him there in case she got into trouble. Jaetus was powerful, the most powerful of the Order, that was why he was the leader, and Liz hoped that if things went wrong he could help her.

He met her eyes. “You are ready?”

Liz nodded and closed her eyes as she opened her mind to him, easily forming a connection. It was odd seeing the rush of images from his mind, but somehow comforting.

Rapidly Liz turned to her memories of Isabel. They were never really close but there were times when Liz had felt that Isabel had let her in. And one of those times was when they had saved Max. Liz focused on that night, on their shared desperation to save Max, on how it felt to have Isabel’s guidance in locating him.

Then she felt a gentle tugging in her mind as Jaetus’ attempted to direct her.

Liz felt herself getting lighter, just as she had that night. She had the sensation that she was floating out of her body, flying, but she had no direction and felt as if she were simply stumbling around in the dark.

Again she felt the gentle guidance of Jaetus’ mind redirecting her to focus on her memories of Isabel.

Liz concentrated harder, bringing the good memories into the front of her mind while reaching out, searching for Isabel. Suddenly she felt the rush of connection of touching another mind and she knew she was in. She kept her mind still for long moments trying to determine if she had been discovered but when she felt no alarm or acknowledgement of her presence Liz carefully started to probe.

It shouldn’t have surprised Liz that there was so much anger and hate for Max in Isabel’s mind, but it did. She knew Zan and Vilondra had hated one anther. But they were different people now and Liz just couldn’t understand why Isabel had turned so completely against Max.

So carefully Liz searched for any clue, any impression that might give her Khivar’s and Isabel’s current location, but every time she thought she was on the right track, she ran into a dead end. Frustrated she started again only to have her mind suddenly gripped.

At first she didn’t understand what was happening but then she felt Isabel’s presence. My brother send you to do his dirty work? Isabel asked.

Liz was so surprised that she didn’t answer. Obviously Isabel had known she was there the whole time and had been playing with her.

It was pretty stupid of you Liz, to think you could get into my head and I wouldn’t realize. Isabel said angrily. You haven’t been using your powers long enough to master anything this subtle. Max must be getting pretty desperate.

Max doesn’t even know. Liz said.

She felt Isabel smile. Of course. You did it on your own again, to save him.

Liz felt Isabel’s anger directed at her. How many times have you saved my brother’s worthless ass? Maybe we’ve been doing this the wrong way. Without you around to save Max, over and over again, he would have been dead a long time ago.

Liz was suddenly scared and tried to disengage her mind from Isabel’s, but she was held tight.

You can’t leave yet, Isabel said. Someone is here who would like to say hello.

Suddenly Liz felt another presence join them and she knew instantly it was Khivar. A rush of terror filled her as she remembered that he had almost made her kill Max.

Khivar’s deep chuckle filled her mind. If you think you’re scared now Liz, he said smoothly, just wait until I’m finished with you.



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