Soaring With Angels - Alt End #4 Part 5


Alternate End #4
Part 5


Max turned to Liz. “I’m so sorry Liz. I thought we were safe now. I thought I had the power to protect us. I wanted to give you and our son a good life.” His anger rose with every word he spoke, building his power until his eyes burned with a blue flame. “I’ll fight to the death to protect you but…”

Liz cut him off. “I love you Max and if this is how it ends, then at least we’re together.” She gripped his hand tightly, her power building to meet his. “And we’ll fight together. I’ll combine my power with yours and we’ll do everything we can to save each other and our son.”

Max kissed her forehead. He could already hear the sounds of blaster fire outside. It was only a matter of moments. “I love you so much, Liz.”

“And don’t forget us,” Khivar said. “Isabel and I are able to combine our powers too. Maybe the four of us together…”

“That’s it!” Max exclaimed, cutting him off. “There are four of us. Maybe we could all combine power and form our own four square!”

Khivar nodded. “It’s possible. You and Liz are bonded, as are Isabel and I. And you and Isabel have the bond of family, of blood. It is definitely worth trying.”

Shots sounded closer and Darius and his men took up defensive positions around the door.

“We need to hurry,” Isabel said. “What do we do?”

“We all join hands,” Khivar said, “and we form a connection.”

Max was already holding Liz’s hand and he reached for Khivar’s.

Khivar gripped Isabel’s hand and reached for Max’s, taking it in a firm hold. Their eyes met as the connection opened between the four of them.

Thoughts and feelings passed through the bond; memories of the past, and of other lives, feelings of love, hate, betrayal, and understanding. But uppermost in the connection was the power. Their individual power flowed together, combining and multiplying until it was rushing through and around them like the wind of a hurricane.

It was unlike anything Max had ever felt, even with the additional energy of the Granolith. Again, time around him seemed to go into extreme slow motion. But this time he wasn’t alone, Liz, Isabel and Khivar were with him, all working toward the same goal, and it felt incredible.

Max was easily able to pinpoint each of the men inside and outside the building, automatically separating the priests from his troops. He felt invincible, as if nothing could stop the four of them working together. But he knew he had to be cautious. The power could be deceptive and could seduce him into acting rashly.

Tentatively Max released a small amount of the energy, sending his shield out around them. He watched it closely in his mind as it easily passed by his own men and slammed into the priests who were trying to enter the building. Max was aware of each man’s life-force as his shield touched them and he counted over six hundred priests as they were lifted off their feet and thrown back, their lives extinguished instantly.

He sensed the other priests hesitate outside the building and took the opportunity to release a larger amount of energy into his shield. It traveled out even faster and drained the life from over two-thousand men.

It was working, but it was taking too long and Max was worried that when the rest of the priests arrived there would be too many for them to defeat. So far their energy seemed to be holding up, but none of them had any idea how long it would last.

The next burst of energy Max focused at the incoming ships. He used his shield to slam several of the larger ships together and they exploded in the air, raining debris down over the city. Max sensed over six thousand men in the ships that went down, but there were still more than ten thousand surrounding them.

And with the last burst of power Max started to feel fatigue closing in on him.

He heard Liz’s concerned voice in his mind. Max?

I’m fine, he lied. He could feel her fatigue too and briefly wondered if it would hurt the baby, but he pushed his worry away. Right now he had concentrate on keeping them all alive.

Max felt a push of invigorating energy that came from Isabel and Khivar.

Wait for the ships to get closer, Khivar suggested in their combined minds. Make them collide so they will fall onto the priests outside the building.

Max agreed with a thought and concentrated on sending out small bursts of his shield to kill any priests who got close to the building. For several long minutes he waited, dispatching a few thousand more men until the ships were finally close enough.

He was feeling the strain of using the power so heavily but they were so close to succeeding and there was no way he was going to let Liz down. Also there was no way he was going to let his mother and Jaetus win.

Max thought of all the terrible things that had happened over the last fifty years because of their lies and greed; the suffering, the continual wars, the millions of deaths, including his parents on Earth, Alex, Maria, Michael. The anger built up in him quickly and he let it take over. Max used the fury rushing through him to add fuel to his flagging energy and pushed the sensation of fatigue aside.

Again he threw out his shield, angling it so it crashed in the side of one ship, sending it tumbling into the four others. The ships were engulfed in a huge ball of fire and fell on the bulk of the remaining priests on the ground. A tremendous explosion rocked the ground as the ships hit, sending the remaining survivors flying.

Max almost collapsed in relief. He still sensed around three thousand priests outside but he used another large burst of power and easily ended their lives.

We did it, he said needlessly through the connection. We really did it.

He released Khivar’s hand and turned to Liz.

She threw her arms around him. “I knew you could do it Max.”

Now that the danger was past Max’s fatigue came rushing back and he wobbled a bit on his feet. Instantly Khivar was at his side, a strong arm gripping Max’s, supporting him and helping him to a seat.

Liz sat beside him concerned. “Max?”

General Darius and the other men in the room also came forward.

“I’m okay,” he assured them with a smile. “I just feel like I’ve run a marathon.”

“That was amazing, Max,” Isabel said.

“Yes,” Khivar agreed. “I’ve never seen or heard of anything like that.” He shook his head. “The power, the incredible power.”

General Darius and his men dropped to their knees bowing low. “Your Majesty.”

Khivar joined them, kneeling before Max. “You are incredibly powerful. You care about and protect your people, risking anything for them. You truly deserve the title of King, your Majesty.”

Max shook his head. “Please get up, all of you.”

He reached his hand out to Khivar. “Please get up. That makes me really uncomfortable, and besides we’re family.”

Khivar nodded and took his hand, letting Max help him to his feet.

Max looked around. “This isn’t over yet. Mother and Jaetus will be expecting their priests to check in.” He focused on General Darius. “Get one of the priests’ communicators and we’ll send them the message they are expecting.”


Jaetus grabbed for his communicator when it sounded. “Report!”

A voice answered through the communicator. “We’ve lost a lot of men, your Excellency…”

Jaetus cut him off. “What about the King, and Isabel and Khivar?”

“They are dead,” the voice said. ”They are all dead.”

“But Liz is still alive, as I ordered?” Jaetus demanded.

“Yes, of course, your Excellency.”

Jaetus smiled. “Is she still unconscious?”

“Yes,” the voice answered.

“Good,” Jaetus said with satisfaction. “Bring her back to the palace, along with the bodies of the King, Isabel and Khivar.”


Darius switched off the communicator. “So far, so good.”

Max nodded. “We have to be careful. We still don’t know what they’ve done with the Granolith, or if they have access to it’s power.” He focused on Darius. “How many loyal troops can you contact?”


Jaetus turned off his communicator and tossed it aside so he could take Kasha into his arms. “It’s finally over my love! We are finally free!”

“Yes!” Kasha exclaimed. “I am rid of the bastard’s offspring once and for all!”

Jaetus smiled. “We just have to make sure that Max’s body is too damaged to clone, and then we’ll only have Liz to deal with.”

Kasha smiled wider, her voice dripping with sarcasm as she spoke. “Liz has lost her bonded mate, she’ll be practically incapacitated with grief. With a little friendly persuasion and some mind warping, it will be easy to sway her to do whatever we want, until her untimely end.”

Jaetus nodded. “Yes, after losing the reborn King Zan to Khivar’s treachery, it will be so tragic to lose his wife and only child to Khivar’s remaining supporters.”


Max, Liz and the others quickly donned priests robes and wrapped up four bodies to deliver to the palace. Then the altered one of their ships to look like a transport the priests used, and within a few minutes they were underway.

“We’ll just keep this simple,” Max said. “Jaetus will want a report of what happened so we will be brought before him. Our loyal troops will shut us in with Jaetus, and take up positions outside so we won’t be outflanked by priests.”

“We’re all tired,” he continued, “but we have to end this now. We won’t get another good chance like this where we can take them by surprise.”

Everyone nodded agreeing and Max turned to Liz. She was so tired, he could feel it through their bond, and he was worried about her.

Max took her in his arms and gently rubbed her back. “Are you okay?”

Liz nodded, trying to reassure him. “I’m tired, but I’ll be fine.”

Max kissed her forehead as he spoke through their bond. I was so scared when they took you. I thought I might lose both of you. He inhaled the fresh scent of her hair. It feels so good to have you in my arms again.

I was so scared for you too, Liz said, and the baby. I was completely helpless and I didn’t know if I would ever see you again.

But we’re together now, Max said, and after we arrest Jaetus and my mother we really will be safe.

Minutes later they arrived at the palace and put up the hoods on their robes before exiting the ship. Their men carried the bodies and their group was escorted into the throne room where Jaetus and Kasha were waiting. They stood regally before the King and Queen’s thrones, hands grasped, with a look of pure maniacal glee on their faces.

A shiver of reaction raced down Max’s spine. This was the room where he had died in his last life as he had searched for the power of the Granolith to aid him. And he wondered at the coincidence.

Suddenly the doors slammed shut behind the four of them and Jaetus’ face twisted into maniacal laughter. “You can drop the pretense Max,” he said. “We knew who you were the moment you stepped off the ships without the fake Granolith.”

Max pushed his hood back, aware that the sounds of a battle had started in the hall outside. “Fake Granolith?” he asked.

“Of course,” Kasha said. “We are going to tell everyone that Khivar and Isabel took the Granolith and Liz, so obviously they both have to be returned to the palace along with your bodies.”

Jaetus laughed again focusing on Isabel and Khivar. “I must admit it was quite a surprise that Max didn’t kill you. We thought he would torture you to death trying to get you to tell him where you had Liz.”

“I almost did,” Max admitted. “But their answers didn’t make any sense.”

Jaetus smiled. “Well now we will have the pleasure of seeing you die.”

Isabel shook her hood off as she stepped forward. “But why?” She focused on her mother. “We’re your children.”

Kasha laughed, her beautiful face twisted with hatred. “Even though I conceived you and gave birth to you, I never considered you my children. You were simply a means to an end.”

Isabel gasped and involuntarily stepped back.

Kasha’s eyes hardened and she lifted her chin regally. “I was a high priestess in the Order of the Angel, as were my ancestors for thousands of years before me. That is where I met Jaetus and that is where we made our plan to rule Antar.”

“Yes,” Jaetus continued. “Our order has served the royal family for generations and we decided that we were tired of being servants to a line of simpering Kings who never think past their own planet. There is a whole universe out there!” he exclaimed. “With our people’s powers, we could conquer it all! Every planet, every star system! We could have an empire!”

A smile briefly crossed his face before he returned to his story. “So we planned for Kasha to seduce your father and marry him. He was the heir to the throne, and when his father died, with a little help from us, she became Queen. We decided she would bear two of his children, one male of course to inherit the throne, and we would work to turn them against each other.”

“It was so easy,” Kasha said triumphantly. “I would whisper in Zan’s ear that Vilondra was jealous and evil, and then I would do the same to Vilondra about Zan. You hated each other so much, and we knew it would only be a matter of time until one of you did something. So I killed your father, forcing the young Zan to assume the throne, and forcing Vilondra to act against her brother.”

Kasha’s brow creased. “But Zan’s power grew much greater than Vilondra’s and we feared that she would be no threat to him. So I subtly pushed her toward an up-and-coming political, one of Zan’s advisors, and a very powerful man in his own right, Khivar. He was handsome, charming, his power rivaled Zan’s, and I knew he wanted Vilondra.”

Jaetus shook his head. “And Vilondra’s stories about her evil brother, along with a few well-placed mind warps were all it took to convince Khivar that Zan was evil and a danger to Antar. We anticipated a huge civil war where Zan, Vilondra and Khivar would all be killed, leaving Kasha the only member of the royal family alive to take over the throne.”

Kasha frowned. “But Khivar was stronger and more prepared than we anticipated. He took the palace by surprise and killed Zan.” She shook her head. “Khivar and Vilondra would have been declared King and Queen and simply taken over, ruining all our plans. At the time we knew the priests were no match for Khivar, so we came up with a backup plan. I killed Vilondra and cloned her and the others and sent them to Earth.”

“We sent the Granolith to Earth too, because at the time we were unable to completely use it, we weren’t strong enough. But we didn’t want it to fall in Khivar’s hands. The best option was to send it to Earth with Zan. We knew he would keep it safe and bring it back to us when he returned.”

Jaetus nodded. “Then we spread the rumor that the four of you had been sent away to be reborn, to prepare to take back Antar. We knew Khivar would do everything in his power to get Vilondra back and kill Zan again, so we simply waited.”

“We set up the cloning to take forty years to buy us time to build up the number of priests, and build up our strength. Also we spread rumors of Khivar’s evil and treachery across the star system. So Khivar’s energy was focused on Earth, and fending off the attacks of the other planets and Zan’s supporters. That made it easy for us to forge our priests into one of the greatest fighting forces Antar has ever seen.”

Kasha continued. “So when Max returned to Antar we helped him defeat Khivar and Isabel, but we couldn’t let him assassinate them. We needed them to be the villains and take the blame. So we rescued them from the execution and kept them hidden until we needed them.”

“We were simply going to kill Max and Liz in the palace and blame Khivar and Isabel, but Liz’s pregnancy changed our plan. We decided to use Liz and the baby to lure Max to the building were Khivar and Isabel were hiding. We thought at least some of you would die, and then our priests would finish off the survivors. The official story would be that the priests had arrived too late to save Max and they killed the traitors Isabel and Khivar.”

Jaetus smiled. “Liz would have been the only survivor, discovered out of harm’s way in a back room. We would have allowed her to have the baby, and persuaded her to name Kasha as regent to help her rule. And in time Liz and the baby would have been assassinated by more of Khivar’s followers, allowing Kasha to assume the throne.”

Jaetus’ eyes focused on Liz. “But now that you know the whole truth, I’m afraid you will spend the rest of your pregnancy in an induced coma. It will be reported that you were mortally wounded in the fighting. Of course before you succumbed to your injuries you requested that your body be kept alive to allow the baby to come to term, and you also requested that your husband’s mother be named as guardian and regent.” He smiled. “It’s a tragic story really, one that will touch the hearts of our people.”

“Of course your child won’t live past its first birthday,” Kasha continued with a smile. “But by then Jaetus and I will be married and expecting our own child, a son, who can inherit the throne.”

Isabel spoke up. “There is no way you would get away with that.”

Jaetus laughed. “No one has questioned us so far.” He motioned to Kasha. “Poor Kasha, her whole life has been beset with tragedy; losing a husband, then two children and then a grandchild. The people will rally around Kasha and put her on a pedestal for her strength, resilience, and her tireless devotion to Antar. They will probably insist that she take the throne.”

“It’s a good plan,” Max admitted. “Excellent even, and it probably would have worked if you had succeeded in killing us.”

Jaetus smiled. “It isn’t over yet.”

Max barely felt power building around them before it burst forth from Jaetus, throwing them all back across the room and into the wall.

For a moment Max was surprised. Jaetus never had that kind of power before. His mother and Jaetus must be bonded he reasoned, and perhaps they could share energy, but together they were much more powerful that Max had ever imagined.

Automatically Max reached for Liz to help her up. At the same time he opened their bond to combine their power, but he was practically overwhelmed with her fatigue. The extended stress combined with her pregnancy was exhausting her, and Max didn’t think she would have the strength to form the four square again.

Max was tired himself and certainly not at his full strength. He didn’t know if he had the power to stop Jaetus and his mother. Maybe with Khivar’s help…

Suddenly Max realized the Khivar was on the floor cradling Isabel. She had been knocked unconscious during the attack and Max had no idea if he and Khivar could share power without his sister to help form the bond.

Max felt another burst of power from Jaetus and had just a split second to put up his shield in front of them.

Jaetus’ power hit the shield and pushed it back a few inches but Max held on. Jaetus and his mother had a lot more power than Max thought, a tremendous amount, and Max knew he wouldn’t last long. He had to go on the offensive and attack them before his power was exhausted.

Max sent out his shield toward Jaetus and his mother intending to pull the life from them like he had so many others, but Jaetus met Max’s power with his own. It crackled and arched through the air like a flash of lighting, colliding with Max’s shield. Max was able to hold on for a moment, but then his shield disintegrated and Jaetus’ power hit him square in the chest. He was thrown back into Liz and they both fell to the floor.

Jaetus laughed. “An excellent plan indeed.”

He raised his hand toward Max, building his power but before he could fire, a burst of energy came from Khivar. Jaetus easily pushed it back at him, causing Khivar to dive aside to avoid being hit by his own power.

Max had started to despair that they were no match for Jaetus and Kasha, until the last blast of Jaetus’ power hit him. Instantly Max had recognized the feel of the power. It wasn’t just Jaetus’ and Kasha’s power, they was using the Granolith’s energy to enhance their own.

Jaetus had been projecting a mind warp, blocking Max from feeling the Granolith, and Max realized that the Granolith was in its room and had probably never even left there. But now that Max could feel the power of the Granolith again, there was nothing Jaetus could do to stop him.

It took a lot of power to control the Granolith, and Kasha and Jaetus barely had enough even with their powers combined. Max simply reached out with his mind and wrested control of the Granolith away from Jaetus without him even being aware.

“And now you die,” Jaetus said laughing again. He knew his next burst of energy would kill Khivar and Isabel and then he would focus on destroying Max. He gathered his strength and directed a deadly amount of energy at them, but the power didn’t leave his hand.

Shocked, he looked down at his hand, not understanding what had happened. Then he became aware that the power was still building up in his body, but he didn’t seem to be able to stop it.

Again he threw out his hand willing the power to destroy Khivar and Isabel, but again nothing happened. He roared with rage, something was wrong with his power, or the Granolith.

Suddenly his eyes snapped up, and just as he suspected Max’s glowing blue gaze met his. A feeling of pure terror rushed through Jaetus. Max had regained control of the Granolith and would use it to destroy him and Kasha.

He was shocked that it was after everything, years of planning and execution, that suddenly everything was at the end. Their plan had failed, and they would die.

Jaetus could already feel the power building in his body to a critical level, and through their bond it would destroy Kasha too. He turned toward his love cupping her face as he held her eyes. Her skin glowed with the power growing up inside her and he thought she had never looked so beautiful. When she started screaming he clasped her to his chest and squeezed his own eyes shut against the pain.

Max wanted to torture them, he wanted them to pay for all of the deaths they had caused, for all of the misery. But he knew that nothing he could do to them would make them sorry, and no punishment would ever equal their evil. So he ended their lives quickly, burning them from the inside, and soon nothing was left but a pile of ash.

Then Max sent out his power exterminating the lives of every priest in the palace. The sounds of fighting ceased around them and everything returned to a peaceful silence.

Quickly Max turned to Liz, checking her and the baby for injury, and when he didn’t find any damage he helped her to her feet. Then he went to Khivar and Isabel, healing them both for the second time that day.

General Darius burst into the room, his eyes going directly to Max and Liz. “Are you all right, your Majesties?”

Max nodded. “It’s over. It’s finally over.”


Max sent troops to the temple of the Order of the Angel to secure it, and they discovered that the few remaining priests had fled. They were declared outlaws and traitors to the crown and Max knew they wouldn’t get far.

Then Max, Liz, Isabel and Khivar had given a short press conference explaining to the people of the five planets everything that had happened. Then the four of them had given their promises to work together to bring a better future to everyone.

Max invited Khivar and Isabel to live in the palace, wanting to keep his remaining family close, and they agreed.

Isabel hugged him tightly. “I’m so glad we were wrong about each other.”

“Me too,” Max agreed.

Khivar reached a hand out to Liz. “I am happy to know that your faith in your husband was well placed. If we would have listened to one another sooner…” he trailed off.

Liz knew what he meant, and stood on tiptoes to give him a quick kiss on the cheek. “We’ve all lost people Khivar and we’ve all suffered. But the best we can do now is never forget, and make a better future.”

Khivar smiled. “You’re right.”

Isabel and Liz hugged and Khivar turned to Max extending his hand. “You have a remarkable wife,” he said.

Max shook Khivar’s hand and looked to Liz where she stood with his sister. “She’s the person I was looking for in both my lifetimes, and I’m so lucky to have found her.”


Even though it was mid-morning Max took Liz to their room because neither of them had slept the night before.

He carried her through the door and closed it behind them with his powers before setting her gently on the bed.

“Max” she said with a smile, “you really don’t have to carry me everywhere.”

Max brushed the hair away from her face. “I told you to get used to it.”

Liz wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down to her for a kiss. It started out sweet and tender but quickly became heated, hungry.

Max grasped her head in his hands and thrust his tongue into her mouth deepening the kiss. He groaned with the sensation of being with her. When she had been missing he had wondered if they would ever be together again.

He trailed kisses across her chin and down to her neck. Liz gasped with pleasure as she threaded her fingers into his hair holding him to her.

Max placed kisses even lower as he slid his hand into her shirt. He pushed aside her bra and grasped her breast, stroking over her hardening nub with his thumb.

Liz arched into him, moaning her pleasure.

Suddenly Max pulled back. “I’m sorry Liz. I know you’re tired. I just missed you so much and I…” he trailed off.

Liz continued, knowing what he was going to say. “You wondered if we’d ever be together again.”

Max nodded.

“I thought the same thing,” Liz admitted.

She reached up to touch his face. “Don’t stop, Max. I am tired, but I’m never too tired to be with you.” She started to unbutton his shirt. “I know we have our whole lives together but I want you now.”

Max smiled. “Anything you want my love.”




Ten months later the five planets were celebrating the news of the birth of the prince and heir to the throne of Antar.

Liz had been in labor for several hours, but the whole time Max had been at her side, easing their son’s entrance into the world.

Alexander Michael Evans was pronounced healthy and placed in his mother’s arms. Max gazed lovingly at his wife and son. He had never felt so happy or so proud.

The three of them spent several quiet moments together. Max could hardly take his eyes off his son or Liz. They were both so beautiful to him and he never wanted the moment to end. But there were others waiting to meet the new baby.

Max kissed Liz’s forehead and then Alex’s. “Are you ready to face the crowds?” he asked Liz.

She nodded, tired but glowing with happiness. “Yeah.”

Max opened the door and invited them in with a wave.

Isabel and Khivar entered first, Isabel’s own belly starting to show her pregnancy.

Next came Nancy and Jeff Parker.

They had been shocked when Max and a pregnant Liz had shown up on their doorstep. But it was nothing to how shocked they had been when Max and Liz told them the whole truth. There had been tears and apologies on both sides, and when Max suggested that the Parkers return to Antar with them, they readily agreed.

And behind the Parkers came Kyle, Jim and Amy.

Amy and Jim had gotten married not long after Max, Liz and the others had left Earth. Jim had expected to keep the aliens’ secret from Amy, but he was relieved when Max and Liz had shown up on his doorstep and allowed him to tell her the truth.

It had seemed to make Maria’s death easier for her, knowing not only had there been a reason behind it, but that the one’s responsible had been discovered and would not be able to cause any more pain.

The Parkers, Jim, Amy and Kyle had been on Antar for more than six months and they had all decided to make it their home.

The Parkers wanted to be close to Max and Liz and the baby.

Things had never been the same for Jim since he lost his job as Sheriff and he was glad for the change. And he and Amy had joined Max’s staff.

Kyle had also been at loose ends. He’d been so lonely after his friends left and he had often wished he’d gone with them. But since he had been on Antar he had found his true calling. Kyle had taken over the temple of the former Order of the Angel and was bringing Buddhism to Antar. He had also met a beautiful, sweet woman, the daughter of one of Max’s advisors and he had never been happier in his life.

Max sat with Liz on the bed cradling her against his chest as they watched the proud new grandparents holding the baby. The official and unofficial aunts and uncles crowded around too, eager for a glimpse.

Max smoothed his glowing hands down Liz’s arms, pushing his healing and rejuvenating energy into her, and easing her pain away.

Liz snuggled into his chest. “So is it because of the old meaning of the name that you didn’t want to call the baby Zan?”

Max kissed her head. “No, I don’t mind the meaning,” he said softly. “I just thought it was time for a change.”

Liz looked up into his face with a puzzled expression on her face. “You don’t mind?” she asked confused. “I thought Zha’an meant angel of death.”

Max looked at her with surprise. “No,” he said, shaking his head. “Where did you get that idea?”

“Khivar told me,” Liz said, “when I talked to him in his cell. He said in the ancient region where your ancestors came from the name Zha’an was derived from two words that meant angel of death.”

Max shook his head again. “I wonder who told him…” he trailed off, and he and Liz both spoke at the same time.


“No,” Max continued, “the name Zha’an was always one word and it simply meant angel.”

He kissed her head again. “And I didn’t need to name our son Zan to remind me. I have two angels in my life even though neither of them officially carry the name, our beautiful son and you Liz.”

He kissed her tenderly on the lips. “You are my friend, my love, my angel. I love you more than anything, and I’ll love you until the day I die.”

Liz touched his face. “And I love you with all of my heart and soul.”

Max smiled. “Some people never find happiness,” he said, “but I am the luckiest man in the universe. Every time I look at our son, or hold him; every time I see your beautiful face, or kiss you, and especially we make love, I am soaring with angels.”

and through it all she offers me protection
a lot of love and affection
whether I’m right or wrong
and down the waterfall
wherever it may take me
I know that life won't break me
when I come to call she won’t forsake me
I’m loving angels instead



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