Soaring With Angels - Part 1




(Friday - May 4th, 2001)
(The Granolith Chamber)

“Go!” Max spat. “This isn't over, Tess.”

Tess stumbled back, frightened by the harshness of Max’s tone. She had done things he considered terrible, she’d killed Alex and betrayed them all, and she was surprised that Max was letting her leave. Even though she had reminded him of his son she was carrying, for a moment she thought he would kill her anyway.

She reached up to touch the cool surface of the Granolith, her salvation, with tears of regret in her eyes. Everything could have been so different if Liz hadn’t of interfered, and Tess had no idea what would happen now.

Tess felt a strange sensation and suddenly she was inside the Granolith. The room started to shake and pieces of rock fell from above. She took a final look at Max as he ducked outside and the Granolith closed a protective covering around itself.

Tess was enclosed in an inner chamber within the Granolith and she could see the outer hull spinning faster and faster. She closed her eyes and sank to the floor, dizzy with the speed of the rotations and glad she wasn’t spinning too. Her stomach was already lurching with fear about going to Antar.

Part of what she’d told Max was true, Khivar wasn’t her enemy. She’s remembered that much from her other life, but neither she nor Nasedo had ever made a deal with him to return to Antar, and Tess didn’t know if she would be welcomed or imprisoned.

She’d hoped that by returning the Granolith, and Max, Isabel and Michael to Antar, that Khivar would believe she was on his side. But now it was just herself and the Granolith. Granted Khivar wanted it, and Tess hoped it was enough.

The Granolith suddenly surged into the air. The speed left Tess breathless, and she slipped into unconsciousness.


The six of them stood outside the pod chamber, each caught up in their own thoughts.

Isabel was the first to break the silence. “What happens now, Max?”

Max answered automatically. “I have to save my son.”

Liz glanced at Max, studying his profile briefly, before turning away. They needed to talk, but this wasn’t the time or place.

Isabel spoke up again, “We need to get to Valenti before he gives that recording to Mom and Dad.”

Max nodded and looked to Maria. “Why don’t you take Isabel, Liz and Kyle home first? Michael and I will stay here and clean up.”

Maria nodded and she and Kyle and Isabel headed toward the Jetta.

Liz went to Max. “There are some things I need to tell you, but we’re both tired. How about you come over tonight? My parents are gone for the weekend and I’m closing the Crashdown early.”

Max smiled briefly as he reached out to touch her arm, and nodded. “Okay, I’ll see you later.”


Max and Michael picked through the rubble in the pod chamber. The Granolith had actually melted most of the rock, causing what looked like a lava flow. Everything was destroyed; the pods, the healing stones, the destiny book and the orbs, all melted in the Granolith’s exhaust.

Max picked up a rock and threw it hard. “Damn it, everything’s gone! How am I supposed to get my son back? Tess took our only ride back and without the orbs we can’t even call Antar to get another ship!”

“There’s always Brody,” Michael suggested.

Max turned angry eyes to him and nodded. “Brody.”



Tess had awoken just a moment before to find herself being dragged backwards into an ornate room, by two large men in uniforms.

“Where am I?” she asked. “What’s happening?”

Neither of them answered or even glanced at her as they dropped her to the floor and stepped back.

Tess rubbed her back where she had hit the ground, but was startled when a booming voice erupted from behind her.

“Tess, I presume?”

Tess whirled around to see a tall, golden-haired man on a throne, and recognized him instantly. She had been brought before Khivar.

Nodding Tess climbed shakily to her feet.

“What are you doing here, and why shouldn’t I just kill you now?” Khivar asked.

“I brought you the Granolith, to prove my loyalty. I had a plan to bring Max, Isabel and Michael with me, as a gift to you and Antar, but at the last moment it fell through.”

Khivar studied her. “And why would Max agree to return to Antar now? He was quite resistant to the idea just a few months ago at the summit.”

Tess nodded. “I made Max think that we had slept together and I was pregnant with his son. Then I told him the child couldn’t survive on Earth. We had to return to Antar to save him. That’s why Max agreed to come home.”

Khivar’s eyebrow rose. “But you aren’t carrying his child?”

“No,” Tess said. “I couldn’t risk really sleeping with him, Max might have seen my plan.”

“But when Max changed his mind, you came anyway?” Khivar asked.

“I had to,” Tess said. “Max found out that I betrayed him and he would have killed me if I’d stayed.”

Khivar nodded. “And how do I know that this isn’t just some elaborate plan to plant a spy in my midst?”

Tess shook her head. “Interrogate me, take my memories, but I swear to you I am not like them. I am loyal to you and the republic.”

Khivar’s eyes narrowed. “That’s what you claimed in your last life, before I had you put to death.”


Song Playing: Falling Angel by Duran Duran

Liz paced nervously in her room waiting for Max. She didn’t know what his reaction would be when she told him about the visit from the Max from the future, but she had to tell him. Tess had left the Royal Four again, and this time she had taken the Granolith with her.

A sudden knock at her window, made Liz jump and she crossed to slide up the pane and allow Max to enter.

He climbed through the window and they stood silent for a moment.

Max had assumed that Liz had asked him over to talk about Tess and the baby, but as he looked at her, he could tell something else was on her mind. “What is it Liz?”

Liz sat on her bed and offered Max a seat next to her with a wave of her hand. She sighed. “I told you last night that I never slept with Kyle, but I didn’t tell you why I let you think I did all these months.”

Max’s brow creased in confusion. “I assumed that you did it so I would reject you and follow my destiny.”

Liz nodded, “Yeah, but that’s not all.” She took a deep breath. “Last year on the night when you sang to me with the Mariachi band, I had a visitor.”

Max nodded, encouraging her to continue.

“He told me never to tell anyone that I had seen him, and he told me about the future.”

“What do you mean he told you about the future,” Max asked. “He was an alien?”

Liz nodded. “He was you, from the future. He told me that he’d used the Granolith to come back in time so he could stop the world from being taken over by Khivar.”

Max shook his head. “And how did he do that?”

“He said that in his time Tess had left the group, making you weaker, and we had to stop her from leaving. But the only way to do that was to make you fall out of love with me, so you would be with Tess.”

“What?” Max asked incredulously, rising from the bed.

“He said you and I had gotten married and it had driven Tess away, so this time I had to make sure you were with Tess to save the world.”

Max shook his head angrily. “That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. We were together so the world ended? Tess doesn’t have that kind of power to defeat Khivar.”

Liz shook her head. “I don’t know what happened after she left, Max. I just did what you told me to do.”

Max’s anger was growing by the moment. “Did what I told you to do?” he barked. “How about all the times when I told you I didn’t care about destiny and all I wanted was you? You certainly didn’t listen to me then! But you seem to listen to everyone else where our relationship is concerned. You left me at the pod chamber after the message from my mother, even though we had just declared our love. And you threw away everything we might have had and pushed me to Tess because some guy who looked like me said you should?”

“Max,” Liz said, rising from the bed, “it was you. He told me that you were coming with the Mariachi band, that you spent a week learning the lyrics from Mr. Delgato at the hardware store. How would he know that if he wasn’t you?

Max shook his head. “It’s not like it was a secret, Liz. Anybody could have found out. That doesn’t prove a thing.”

“Max,” Liz started, but Max cut her off.

“Damn it Liz, you don’t even know who he really was. It could have been a mind warp, or a shape shifter, a psychotic delusion of some kind. It could have been Khivar himself, but you just did what he said.”

Liz turned introspective. “It could have been a psychotic break. It felt like the world turned upside down when I heard that message from you mother. For a while I though I would go crazy without you. Maybe I did.”

Max dismissed her words, continuing. “And even if it was true, you should have come to me and let me make my own choice. We could have figured it out together, fought together. But you took the decision away from me and did what you thought was best for us all.”

Liz’s anger rose to meet Max’s. “I thought I was saving the world.”

His face twisted with anger and he took a step closer, yelling at her. “Liz the martyr, saving the fucking world. What about us?” he roared. “Didn’t our love mean anything that you can just throw it away so casually, not once but twice? Do you know how hard it was watching you walk away from me that day at the pod chamber, loving you so much? And then you left me here to deal with all of this alien crap and my experiences in the While Room, while you hid in Florida the whole summer. But I was so sure we would work it out when you came back. I love you so much you are like a part of me, but then I found you in bed with Kyle. I hated you for that!”

Liz stepped closer bringing their bodies together, yelling back at him. “And you think I don’t hate you for sleeping with Tess? For getting her pregnant? I was so furious that I went to Sean last night. I was going to sleep with him to get back at you for breaking my heart, but I just couldn’t.”

Max grabbed her shoulders. “Well how do you think I felt when I was screwing that whore? That day you were leaving for Sweden, walking away from me again, and I have never felt so alone in my life. I thought you had really stopped loving me and it felt like my heart was dying. I just wanted to hurt you, and hurt myself as much as I could. That was the only thing I was thinking when I was with Tess, how much pain I was causing us both. I really haven’t felt alive since I saw you in bed with Kyle.”

Song Playing: Alive by POD

Liz reached up and grabbed Max’s face bringing it down to meet hers. She raised up on tiptoes and kissed him hard, putting all of the months of frustration and anger into the kiss.

Max kissed her back, grinding his lips against her, as if he would never get enough of her. And then he suddenly pushed her away.

Breathing hard he raked a hand through his hair. “What the hell are you doing Liz?”

Liz met his eyes. “You’re right Max. I should have told you what happened and given you a choice, and I shouldn’t have walked away from you. I was a coward. We could have faced everything together.”

Liz shook her head. “We’ve both done and said things we regret. But I love you so much it actually hurts when we’re not together. I am sick of sacrificing us for everyone around us, for the greater good. Can’t we just be together because we want to be, because we are in love? Don’t we deserve to be happy? Is it too much to ask after everything that has happened for us to put aside the blame and the hurt and start over?”

Max’s face softened, “I want that more than anything.” He dragged Liz into his arms, devouring her lips.

But it wasn’t enough for either of them. They craved the joining of bodies, the most intimate connection. They tore at each other’s clothes, hands roaming hungrily over each part of newly exposed flesh, and barely breaking their kiss they were both naked in moments.

Max pulled back and they looked into each other’s eyes as he lowered Liz onto the bed. He pushed a knee between her legs and she opened herself to him, welcoming him. And without any preamble he surged inside her with a single powerful thrust.

Max felt something within Liz tear and he almost withdrew, but as their bodies had joined he also felt the familiar rush of their connection. Through the bond he could feel Liz’s emotions and even though she was in a little pain, she didn’t want him to stop.

He held her eyes as he withdrew almost all the way from her body and then thrust into her again. Liz was so tight and warm around him and he felt her pleasure through the connection as he felt his own, and it almost caused him to explode.

Again he withdrew and surged into her, and Liz gasped with pleasure.

In their joined minds they saw all of the pain they had both experienced over the past year. They shared every harsh word, every hurt feeling, every perceived betrayal. Their anger returned and burned together, combining to push them both into a frenzied rage.

With a growl Max increased his pace slamming into Liz’s welcoming heat. He wanted to pound the images and feelings out of his head by losing himself in her. And he could feel that Liz wanted the same thing.

Liz’s anger flowed through her as Max pounded into her almost painfully, but she didn’t mind the pain. In fact, it heightened her pleasure, and with each of Max’s powerful thrusts, she felt sensations within her building, straining toward a climax as her anger also increased. She wrapped her legs around Max, changing the angle of his penetration and moaned with the sensations of pleasure. And digging her short nails into his back, she encouraged him to go faster as she gasped his name. “Max.”

He understood her urgency because he could feel through the connection that she was close, and he felt the first twinges of his own orgasm. He increased his pace and reaching between them stroked her clit quickly.

And with only a few more thrusts Liz came hard, screaming his name.

Her velvety walls pulsed around his cock, bringing him with her, and he surged into her a final time, emptying his seed deep within her. “Liz,” he groaned, as he collapsed onto her. He felt his anger release with his orgasm and knew that Liz’s had done the same.

Their lovemaking had been about passion, anger, and mutual need, and maybe that should have worried them. But it had also been about healing the rift between them. And for both of them it was making love, because no matter what had happened, they did still love one another. They always had, they always would.

The thoughts flew through their connected minds so quickly that neither Max nor Liz was sure in whose mind they originated, but it didn’t matter because they both agreed.

Max propped himself up on one elbow to look into Liz’s eyes. Her legs were still entwined comfortably with his and he was still buried deep within her, neither of them wanting the connection to end. Gently he pushed the strands of damp hair off her forehead. He thought she had never looked more beautiful than she did at that moment, flushed with passion and obviously well loved by him. “I love you Liz, no matter what I’ve always loved you.”

Liz smiled and reached up to touch his face, “I love you too, and now that we’re together, we’ll never let anything or anyone come between us again.”

Max took her hand and pressed his lips to her palm. “From now on we come first and everything else is a distant second.”

Liz nodded. “I like that.”

Max touched her face gently, “Liz, I want to apologize…”

Liz pressed her finger to his lips, stopping his words. “I felt all of your pain and regret in the connection. You don’t need to say it.”

Max kissed her finger and nodded. “And I felt yours, but that’s not what I was talking about. I’m sorry that our first time was so…” he trailed off, looking for the right words.

“Energetic?” Liz supplied.

Max shook his head, “I was thinking…”

Liz finished his sentence, “Rough.” She smiled at the surprised look on Max’s face. “I heard it in your thoughts.” She shook her head. “And don’t try to apologize for our lovemaking. I wanted it that way as much as you did.”

“You’re incredible Liz,” Max said with a smile.

Song Playing: Sweet Surrender by Sarah Mclachlan

Liz felt Max’s long shaft harden inside her again and she tightened her legs around him, pushing him deeper within her. “So do you think this connection is a permanent thing, or is it only because you’re inside me?”

“I don’t know,” Max admitted, “but I’m not ready to test it yet.” He brushed his hand across her breast. “Do you want to try this again? And this time we’ll take everything nice and slow so we can savor every moment.”

Liz nodded, gasping with pleasure as Max stroked her hard peak with his thumb.

He withdrew his cock from her so achingly slowly until just the tip of him was inside her, and then just as slowly he pushed back into her.

Liz shuddered with pleasure feeling every long, hard inch of him inside her.

Max continued his slow pace as he placed kisses all over her face. He brushed her lips with his, then moved on to her cheeks, her forehead, her nose, her eyelids, before returning to her lips.

With a feather’s touch, his hands smoothed down her neck and across her chest. He pushed a small amount of power into his hand causing a soft golden glow to follow his touch, stimulating each nerve he passed over. He continued caressing her skin, barely brushing her breasts as he moved lower across her flat stomach.

He touched and caressed every part of her knowing he would never get enough. Liz moaned and gasped with pleasure beneath him as he continued to touch her, and it was driving him wild. But he resisted the urge to increase his pace within her, he wasn’t ready for it to be over yet. And instead he kissed a line down her throat to take a perfect breast into his mouth.

Liz arched up into him as his warm, soft mouth enclosed her sensitive peak. Max slowly circled her areola with his tongue and she writhed beneath him, urging him to touch her hard, aching nipple.

Max laved her nub, gently grazing it with his teeth before moving on to the other. His hands roamed over her body touching and caressing as he continued his achingly slow pace within her.

Liz smoothed her hands over his well-muscled back and chest, brushing his nipples with her fingers

The sensations were almost painful as their mutual desire gradually built, fueled by each languid stroke. Max held her eyes as he continued to slowly push inside her, and Liz had never felt more loved in her life. She reached up to touch his face. “I love you so much, Max.”

Max smiled and brushed her lips with his own. “And I love you.”

Liz lifted her hips to meet his next stroke, changing the angle of penetration and he brushed over a sensitive spot inside her that made her gasp.

And sensitive to Liz’s reaction Max lifted her hips and concentrated on grazing the spot within her with each stroke. Even with the slow pace, Max felt her building quickly toward release. He looked into her face eager to see every expression as she came apart under him. And with a few more slow thrusts Liz exploded, crying out.

Max watched as she arched up into him, feeling her fingers grasping at his back, and seeing her pleasure pushed him over the edge too.

He stayed within her as they both worked to catch their breath, surprised that such a slow pace could exhaust them so much.

Long minutes passed and Max started to pull out of her, but Liz held him. “No, I like feeling you inside me.”

Max met her eyes nodding and reached up to cup her cheek. “You said your parents were gone, right?”

Liz nodded. “The whole weekend.”

“Do you mind if I stay?” He placed a kiss on her forehead. “It’s just all so new being back together and I don’t want to be away from you yet. I want to go to sleep and wake up with you in my arms.”

Liz reached up to touch his face, smiling. “There’s nothing I want more, Max.”

Max pulled out of her. “Don’t worry about not using protection,” he said. “I’ll take care of it.” He passed his hand over Liz’s lower body dissolving his sperm within her, wishing he had thought to do it another time. But he pushed the thought aside only wanting to concentrate on Liz and the moment.

Physically and mentally exhausted, they settled into her bed and Max spooned Liz from behind. He pushed a knee between her legs, opening her to him and guided his semi-hard cock into her soft heat, not wanting to be separated from her either, even in sleep.

Liz sighed in contentment as he settled within her, and tucked her head under his chin. Max wrapped his arms around her, cupping one perfect breast in his hand. With the other hand he clasped her small hand, and placed a soft kiss on her head, as he whispered sleepily, “Finally mine.”


(Evans’ House)

Isabel sat in her room looking out the window into the sky. She had spent a long night with her parents, having dinner and watching a video. Her father had questioned her choice of spending a weekend night with them but she had told them truthfully that she wanted to be there.

She’d laughed with them and watched them interact with each other, cherishing their warm, loving relationship. And it just reminded her of everything she had almost given up. Earth, her family and friends, and school, was all that she knew.

Isabel had meant what she’d said to Max about him being her home, but she hadn’t wanted to go to Antar, and she still didn’t. And she was so relieved that Liz had stopped them.

Everything had just happened so fast. Alex’s death, her feud with Max, discovering Max had a son, and finding out they could go home. She still didn’t understand the reasons for Max’s treatment of her, but she had put her anger aside when she witnessed his pain and he’d told her about his son. But Max hadn’t apologized to her and she still resented the fact that he had ruined her college plans. She resented Michael’s interference as well. As much as he fought with Max, Michael always agreed with him when it concerned her.

Even when Michael said he was staying on Earth and Max had said she could stay too, Isabel had agreed to go with Max. But now that she’d had time to think about it, she wondered if she were given the same choice, would she do the same thing again?



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