Soaring With Angels - Part 13




(Thursday - August 30th, 2001)
(Evans’ House)

Liz awoke with a gasp and automatically reached for Max, shaking him. “Max, wake up.”

He turned to her instantly concerned. “What’s wrong?”

Liz shook her head. “I’ve been trying to concentrate on the vision I had, to see if I could get anything else out of it.”

Max nodded.

Liz’s brow creased. “I was thinking about it last night when we went to sleep,” she said, “and maybe I saw more of it or maybe it’s a different vision.”

Max cupped her cheek, looking into her eyes anxiously. “What did you see?” he asked softly.

“Still a lot of stuff I didn’t understand,” Liz said meeting his eyes, “but I saw Khivar and Isabel.”

“What?” Max asked incredulously. “You mean Khivar and Vilondra.”

Liz shook her head. “No, it was Isabel.” A look of confusion crossed Liz’s features. “Maybe it hasn’t happened yet, I really couldn’t tell.”

“And they were together?” Max asked.

Liz shook her head. “No, not like you mean, but I think Khivar is trying to contact Isabel in her dreams. Trying to seduce her to come back to him.”

“That bastard,” Max growled. “We need to talk to Isabel, now.”

He got out of bed and quickly dressed and Liz did the same. Together they went to Isabel’s room and Max knocked on the door.

After a moment, Isabel called out sleepily. “Come in.”

Max opened the door and he let Liz precede him into the room.

Isabel sat up in bed when she saw Max and Liz, and a shiver of fear raced up her spine. Had they discovered the truth about her and Khivar? “What’s going on?” she asked, careful to keep her voice even.

Max spoke. “Isabel, Liz had a vision last night. She thinks Khivar is trying to contact you in your dreams, trying to turn you against us.”

Isabel was shocked but she hid it well. She hadn’t planned on telling Max and Liz anything about her supposed dreams for a couple of days yet, but this was a perfect opportunity. She let a little of the fear she was feeling show in her face and nodded. “Yes, you’re right.”

Max was instantly angry. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

Isabel shook her head. “I didn’t realize until just now.” She saw Max relax and continued. “I’ve been having dreams about a man, but I thought they were just dreams.”

“How long have you been getting these dreams?” Max asked.

“I’m not sure,” Isabel said. “A few weeks maybe.”

“And what happens in these dreams?” Max asked.

Isabel sighed. “Just regular stuff. We take walks in the moonlight, we go to restaurants, we dance. He knows me so well, knows what I like, and he accepts me for who I am. He says he loves me and we can be together forever.” She looked at Liz, “You know, he’s the perfect guy we all dream about. But I should have known something was wrong, because the last couple of weeks it’s been different.”

“Different how?” Liz asked.

“Well, he knows I’m an alien and he started to talk to me about Antar and my past life.” Isabel shook her head. “I’ve never had a dream like that before. I thought it was just memories starting to come through that were getting mixed up in my dreams.”

“And he never told you his name?” Max asked.

Isabel shook her head. “No. I never even thought about it.” She looked at Max anxiously. “What are we going to do? I don’t know how to keep him out of my dreams.”

Max shook his head considering. “Obviously this was Khivar’s plan from the beginning. Kill me and Michael, and convince you to go back to him. But now that his troops are gone he might get desperate and do something stupid.” Max focused on Isabel. “Let him into your dreams, act like nothing is wrong and try to learn anything you can from him, but be careful not to make him suspicious. We don’t know what kind of powers Khivar has or what he could do to you.”

Isabel looked away from Max so he wouldn’t see the triumph in her eyes. It was too easy. Everything was falling into place. She nodded. “I’ll try.”


As soon as Max and Liz left her room, Isabel reached for her cell phone and dialed Khivar. When he answered she whispered into the phone. “Somehow Liz had a vision about you visiting me in my dreams, and Max and Liz confronted me about it.”

“Are you okay?” Khivar asked concerned.

“I’m fine,” Isabel assured him. “It was actually a really good way for them to find out. I told them what we agreed about you contacting me in my dreams, and just like we thought Max wants me to try and find out more from you.”

Khivar released a tension-filled breath. “Good, but we’ll have to move ahead quickly. Everything is converging. Max, Liz and Michael are getting more powerful. Max is pressuring you to try increasing your power. Not to mention that Liz could have another vision revealing our plan.”

“I know,” Isabel said. “I was really scared when Max and Liz first came into my room. I thought they had figured out everything.”

“You don’t have to do this, Isabel,” Khivar said. “We can just leave, and we’ll find another way.”

For a moment Isabel was tempted, remembering what Max had done to Tess, but she pushed her fear aside. “No, we both know this is the best way. I’ll be careful.”


(Monday, September 3rd, 2001)

Song Playing: Breathing by Lifehouse

Max woke up before the alarm and turned to Liz at his side, placing soft kisses over her face to wake her up. She stirred, wrapping her arms around him and he kissed her lips. “Wake up Liz.”

Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled as he kissed her cheek. “Max,” she sighed.

“School starts today,” he said softly, stroking her cheek. “Are you sure you want to change your last name on all the records? I would understand if you don’t want to tell everyone we’re married, and avoid all the explanations.”

Liz shook her head. “I would never hide our love and never deny that we’re married.”

Max smiled. “I know, but you know how high school kids can be. They’ll be talking about us, rumors will spread. I just want to spare you that.”

Liz pressed her lips to his. “Max I don’t care what anyone says. I love you and I want the whole world to know.”


(Friday, September 7th, 2001)
(The Quarry)

It had been a crazy week for Michael. He, Liz and Max had started school Monday. Max had insisted on either himself or Michael being in every one of Liz’s classes to protect her. Michael didn’t mind that. It made him feel good to be useful. But it meant taking more difficult classes and he really wasn’t used to the amount of homework.

He was still working at the Crashdown, and there was the added stress of Khivar contacting Isabel in her dreams. And at Michael’s request, every night Max was overloading him with energy.

Michael knew it was making him more powerful. He was practicing his powers every day to gain better control and he was also trying to figure out what had changed in him. But the practice also made him feel more in control of his life, which seemed to be spiraling into chaos.

He raised a dozen rocks into the air with his powers and aimed at each one, destroying them before they hit the ground.

Michael missed Maria terribly, he ached for her, but she was dead because of him. He hadn’t been able to protect the one person who was most important to him. If he had been in better control of his powers or possessed the energy that Max had accessed, he would have been able to save her. Maria had been his friend and ally, his love, his anchor to the human world. But Maria was gone and all he could do now was concentrate on what he had left.

He raised more rocks into the air, swirling them around before slamming them into the cliff wall beyond.

Michael was grateful to Max for reminding him of his duties. Protecting his family, Max, Liz and Isabel, was his purpose in life now. He had felt completely useless after he had seen Liz using Max’s powers, but Max had made him see that Liz was especially vulnerable. She had a lot of power and she could access Max’s powers, but as Max had pointed out, Liz was too new to her power to be able to control it. Michael had eagerly taken up the responsibility of protecting Liz. It gave him a sense of usefulness, plus he knew it was what Maria would have wanted.

He aimed at various spots on the cliff’s rocky face and sent blast after blast of energy at them.

But he still felt that he needed to increase his power to be useful to Max and Liz. He had already failed Max and himself. Lonni and Rath had made several attempts on Max's life, Rath had kidnapped Max and Liz, the Skins had gotten Liz at the Crashdown when he was supposed to be protecting her, Maria died when he was protecting her.

He had let them all down. That was why he had insisted on Max overloading him with power every day. And it was working. Each day Michael could feel himself getting more powerful, gaining better control. It felt familiar and he knew that the power was starting to unlock his memories as well. He had never really cared about remembering his other life but if it would help him save his family then he was glad.

Again he took aim at a rock on the cliff and sent his power out, but immediately he could see that his lack of concentration had affected his targeting. The shot was going wide and Michael automatically moved his hand in the other direction, but he was surprised to see the energy obeying him. It changed direction slightly and hit the target precisely.

Surprised, Michael looked at his hand and at the target. He was getting more powerful. He had never been able to do anything like that before.

He took aim and fired again, this time deliberately changing the target as his energy traveled, and he watched it hit the new target with satisfaction.

The next time Max, Liz or Isabel needed him, he wouldn’t let them down.


(Evans’ house)

Isabel poured herself a glass of water and took a seat with Max and Liz at the kitchen table where they were doing their homework. “How was the first week of school?” she asked.

“Fine,” Max said, barely looking up.

“Busy,” Liz said. “I can’t believe how much homework we have.”

Max met Isabel’s eyes. “And how is your job?” he asked Isabel. “Keeping you busy?”

Isabel nodded.

Liz put a hand on Max’s leg under the table but he continued. “Too busy to work on your powers or spend time with your family.”

“Max,” Liz scolded him with the single word.

Isabel glanced at Max. She could still see the anger in his eyes but he was working to remain calm for Liz’s sake. Isabel looked to Liz. “I’ve already told you both that I don’t want help with my powers.”

Liz met Isabel’s eyes. “We understand that Isabel, but we’ve both been worried about you, especially now with your dreams.”

Isabel shook her head. “There haven’t been any changes in my dreams. He is the perfect gentleman, quoting poetry, holding my hand, trying to be my friend.”

Max scowled. “You haven’t learned anything useful?”

“No,” Isabel said. “But I did have an idea.”

“What’s that?” Max asked curious.

“Well,” Isabel started, “all those months ago, Liz told us that you came back in time to change things, but you never said how he came back. I just thought if we knew how, we could go back and change things.” She glanced at Liz. “We could bring back Alex and Maria,” her eyes shifted to Max, “and we could stop Lonni and Rath from killing our parents and stop Tess.”

Tears started in Liz’s eyes, and Isabel could see that she was getting to her. “So Liz,” Isabel coaxed, “did Max tell you how he came back? Is it something we could duplicate?”

Max put his arm around Liz and met Isabel’s eyes. “He didn’t tell her how he came back,” Max said. “He didn’t tell her anything.”

Liz waited until Isabel left to speak. “Max why didn’t you tell her?”

Max shook his head. “We agreed not to for everyone’s safety. And now that Khivar is visiting her dreams it’s even more dangerous. We don’t know what kind of powers he has. What if he was able to read it in her mind somehow? He has the Granolith, he could destroy us all if he found out the truth.”


Zan was exhausted from the battle, but kept his back straight and his chin at a stubborn angle as he was led through the palace in chains made of a metal his powers were useless to affect. He had fought with everything in him, but Khivar’s forces had overwhelmed him with their sheer numbers, wearing him down until he was too tired to continue the fight.

The troops took him into his own throne room and Zan’s eyes narrowed with hate as he saw Khivar with Vilondra beside him.

Zan stopped before them. “Traitors,” he hissed.

“It’s over Zan,” Khivar said. “You are finished and you may as well give us the Granolith.”

“Never!” Zan roared. “I’ll never turn the Granolith over to you!”

Khivar’s eyes narrowed. “Perhaps we can make a deal…”

Zan barked a harsh laugh, cutting him off. “You’re going to kill me anyway. There’s no deal you would offer me that I would accept.” He laughed again. “And good luck finding the Granolith after I’m dead. None of my people know its location, only the ones I sent to hide it and they are still there. They will die with it if needs be to keep it out of your hands.”

Zan smiled at Khivar’s shocked expression.

When the palace had been attacked Zan had been cut off from the Granolith, only able to get a signal to the guards protecting it to take it into hiding. If he could have gotten to it, he could have used its power to replenish his own and repel the attack. But the Granolith was in a secret chamber deep under the throne room that led into a series of escape tunnels. And finally being close to it Zan could feel a fraction of its power.

He reached for the power, letting it build up within him, and with a thought he concentrated all of his energy on Khivar’s heart. Zan could feel it pulsing, pushing life-giving blood through Khivar’s body, and he used his power to tighten it, choking the muscle, slowing the beat.

For a moment Zan didn’t see any outward signs of what he was doing to Khivar, but suddenly the usurper cried out and grasped at his chest.

Vilondra was immediately at his side. “Khivar what’s wrong?”

Khivar didn’t speak but focused on Zan, extending his hand, trying to repel Zan’s power.

For a moment Zan felt his grip on Khivar’s heart lessen and then Zan redoubled his effort and Khivar dropped to his knees under the pain. “Zan,” he gasped.

Zan squeezed tighter, using everything in him to push past Khivar’s power and crush his heart. He could feel Khivar dying, but somewhere in the back of his mind he heard his sister’s shrieking voice.

And suddenly he was hit from behind, and everything went black.


(Monday, September 10th, 2001)
(West Roswell High School)

Kyle watched Max and Liz across the table as they sat together for lunch. They were so happy, and it twisted his gut with jealousy. He wasn’t jealous about Liz, he didn’t have those kind of feelings for her. But he was jealous that they had found each other, they had found happiness.

He thought he’d found that once. With Tess.

Just the thought of her flooded Kyle’s mind with the memories of the day Max had killed her. He could still see the pleading look in Tess’ bright blue eyes, the crimson blood in her pale hair and splashed across the rocks. And he shook his head to rid himself of the images.

Kyle had felt sick watching Max beat Tess to death, but he’d been in some kind of shock, and maybe he still was. But as the days passed and his mind started to clear, the full horror of what had happened gradually took hold of him.

Yes, Tess had betrayed them, and probably would have led them all to their deaths, but Kyle still couldn’t help the feelings he had for her. At the prom he had mistaken his feelings and called her sister, but over the months he’d come to realize the truth. Tess had become so much a part of him that she was like home, and that’s why he’d mistaken his feelings as brotherly. But it was so much more than that. He’d wanted to be with her always; to be her friend, her protector, her lover, her love.

But even though he loved her, he hated her too. And he hated Max for killing her before he could sort out what he felt.

It was easy for him to hate Max. Kyle had gotten so much practice hating Max for various things over the past two years it just came naturally. First, of course, he hated Max for taking Liz away from him. He hated Max for healing him, for his treatment of Tess, for getting his father mixed up in the alien mess, for bringing Tess into their lives and then taking her away.

Many times over the last two years Kyle had questioned his involvement with the aliens, but never more so than he did now. He’d asked Liz what his possible alien status mean to his life and she’d said it was his choice. And as Kyle watched Max, he knew if they asked him right now exactly what his answer would be.


(Saturday - September 17th, 2001)
(Evans’ House)

Isabel had been telling Max, Michael and Liz about her ‘dreams’ every day for the past week, keeping them informed of the ‘progress’ she had made with Khivar. She’d told them how she had declared her love for him and he for her, each night bringing them closer. She told them how Khivar had ‘revealed’ their past together on Antar, their love.

And today, finally, was the culmination of the plan. Yesterday Khivar had returned to Antar, and then sent the ship back to Earth with the Granolith and only a handful of troops. Everything was in place for her to take Max back to Khivar.

Isabel donned a robe and feigning breathless excitement, and rushed into the kitchen where Liz, Michael and Max were gathered. “Guys, you are never going to believe this,” she enthused.

They all turned to her and she continued. “Last night in my dream I told Khivar I loved him and I wanted to be with him and he revealed his true identity to me. I told him I didn’t care who he was and I loved him anyway.”

“And,” Michael prompted.

Isabel nodded. “Khivar told me that he wanted me to come to him. A ship with the Granolith aboard is in Copper Summit. He said there are only a few Skins left, less than ten, but they would take me back to Antar to be with him.”

“The Granolith is here,” Max hissed as he rose from the table, deep in thought.

“We should steal the ship,” Michael suggested, “and take the Granolith back. No problem for us to handle ten Skins, then we’d be safe.”

Max nodded distractedly. “Safe,” he said softly. He looked at Liz and shook his head. “We’ll never be safe as long as Khivar is alive. Even without the Granolith Khivar would find a way to get to us. Every day for the rest of our lives we would be wondering when he was going to attack.” Max stood to his full height, the light of anger in his eyes. “We’ll take the ship to Antar and use the Granolith to crush Khivar’s army and destroy him.”

“But Max,” Liz protested, “we don’t know anything about the ship, the Granolith, or the war.”

Max nodded. “We can find out from Larek.” He turned to her. “It will be the perfect opportunity to end this. Khivar won’t be expecting us, we can take him easily.”

“I think Max is right,” Michael said. “We’d take them completely by surprise, hit them fast and hard and kill Khivar. It’s the only way.”


Isabel left Michael, Max and Liz still discussing the plan and called Copper Summit to talk to the Skin soldier that was hosting Khivar’s consciousness from Antar. “It’s working perfectly,” she said. “Max thinks going to Antar was his idea.”

“Excellent,” Khivar said with satisfaction. “Let them think they are completely in control and when Max takes you to his headquarters on Antar, you will set off the signal to lead my army to them, ending this once and for all.”


Liz waited until she was alone with Max to question him. She wrapped her arm around his and leaned into him, looking into his face. “Max, are you sure you want to do this? Going to Antar, it’s all so sudden.”

Max looked into Liz’s eyes and could feel her fear. He touched her face gently. “I have to Liz. You know the only way we’ll ever be truly safe is if Khivar is dead.”

Tears started in her eyes. “I know, but it’s so dangerous.”

Max shook his head. “I told you that in my dream I saw how to use the Granolith to enhance my powers. I know what to do. I am more powerful than Khivar and we can win.”

The tears spilled down Liz’s cheeks. “I don’t want to lose you.”

Max pulled her into an embrace. “You’ll never lose me. I love you so much that we’ll never truly be apart.”

He kissed her sweetly, tenderly, putting all of his love into their connection before finally drawing back. Once again he looked into her eyes as he stroked her cheek, the words he was about to speak ripping him apart. “Liz,” he croaked, “you don’t have to come. I know you’re scared and it’s okay.”

Liz shook her head furiously. “If you’re going I’m coming with you. You can’t stop me, Max,” she said stubbornly. “I am scared, but I’m scared for you and what could happen. You’re my husband, my love, my life and whatever our destiny is we’ll meet it together.”


Isabel intercepted Michael in the hall. “What do you think about this idea to go to Antar?” she asked. “About walking into a war?”

Michael nodded. “I think it’s a good plan. Maybe we’ll finally get the upper hand instead of always running and hiding.”

Isabel shrugged. “I’m surprised that you want to go to Antar. You decided to stay on Earth the last time.”

Michael shook his head. “That was different,” he grunted, emotion making his voice harsh. “You know I stayed for Maria, but she’s gone now.”

“So you’re going to another planet to possibly get yourself killed?” Isabel asked softly. “Maria wouldn’t have wanted that.”

“You’re going, and Max and Liz are going,” Michael said, meeting her eyes somewhat surprised. “I can’t abandon you, especially when there’s nothing left for me here. It’s my job, my duty to protect you and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Isabel put a hand on his arm. “Michael you should live your life for you, not for me or Max or anyone else. You should do what you want to do.”

Michael nodded. “I am.” He held her eyes. “I’ve accepted my destiny Isabel and that’s protecting my family, my King.”


Max called Isabel and Michael back into the kitchen. “We don’t know how long we’ll be gone, or even if all of us are coming back. I’ve already made a will, so everything is taken care of.” He looked at Liz and Isabel. “While Michael and I go to see Larek, will you two arrange for the house to be looked after, a house-sitter or something, and make sure the bills are paid? You know, stuff like that.”

Liz and Isabel nodded.

Max smiled. “Hopefully Larek can get us out of here tonight before Khivar discovers we’ve double-crossed him, but if not Isabel can stall him when he visits her dreams tonight.” He looked to Isabel, Michael and finally Liz. “I know we’re all scared, but it will all be worth it if we can finally live in peace.”


When Max and Michael left, Liz made one phone call to a property management company, discovering with relief that they would take care of everything. Afterwards she quickly packed a few essentials for herself and Max for the journey, not knowing exactly what they would need, or how long they would be gone. And then she had gone to the kitchen and disposed of all the perishable items.

Liz was keeping her hands busy but her mind was working overtime. She was scared and anxious about going to Antar and getting involved in a war, but there was something else that was on her mind even more. And stopping next to the kitchen window, Liz looked out, lost in her thoughts.

Isabel’s suggestion a couple of weeks ago about going back and changing things had really shaken Liz, and she had been unable to stop thinking about it. And now that they had access to the Granolith again, Liz’s mind was whirling with the possibilities.

It seemed so easy, a solution to all their problems, but she knew it was a bad idea. She had seen first-hand what kind of damage had been done because of what she and Future Max had changed, and who was to say that they would make things better if they went back and changed the past again.

Yes things were bad, really bad. Maria, Alex, and the Evans’ were dead, but Max had grown so powerful and had killed Lonni, Rath, Tess, Nicholas and the Skins. Things were bad, but they could get infinitely worse. There were just too many possibilities and no guarantees. Liz was scared to risk going back, scared of what might happen.

She shook her head. At least they would have possession of the Granolith and if it all started to fall apart they would have the option of going back again.

Isabel walked over to her, interrupting her contemplation. “You look a little lost,” Isabel said. “Are you having second thoughts about going to Antar?”

Liz shook her head. “Not at all. Max is going, so I’m going. There’s not even another choice for me.”

“Maybe it would be better for you to stay here,” Isabel suggested. “I know how much Max worries about you. It would make him feel better if he knew you were safe. He wouldn’t have the distraction of trying to protect you and he could concentrate on killing Khivar.”

Liz looked at Isabel. “Is that what you think I am, a distraction to Max?”

“Of course not,” Isabel said. “But you can’t control your powers yet, and I’m worried about you too. I don’t want anything to happen to any of us, but I know if something happened to you, it would destroy Max.”

Liz nodded. “I feel the same way about him, and that’s why I have to go, Isabel. I would do anything for him. I would give my life for him and I can’t just stay here wondering what is happening. I’ll stay by Max’s side no matter what.”


(Roswell UFO Museum)

Max sent a burst of power into Brody and immediately sensed when Larek’s mind took over. “Larek,” he said, “we’ve gotten access to Khivar’s ship with the Granolith aboard and we’re coming to Antar to end this.”

Larek nodded approvingly. “I can feel your power, my old friend. I think you may be ready. But you don’t have your complete memory back, do you?”

Max shook his head. “No,” he admitted. “I have gotten a few memories, most from when Khivar’s forces took the palace.”

“That’s good,” Larek said. “I’m sure being on Antar will bring back even more of your past.”

Max nodded. “But neither Michael nor I have the knowledge to pilot the ship, and we need landing coordinates.”

Larek nodded. “I’ll help any way possible. It will probably take me a couple of hours to get the coordinates though. So why don’t you tell me everything you need and we’ll meet back here later.”


(Evans’ House)

When Jim and Kyle arrived, Max got right to the point. “We wanted to tell you that we’re leaving tonight for Antar. Khivar’s ship is in Copper Summit with the Granolith aboard.”

“That’s pretty stupid of him just leaving it there,” Kyle said. “How do you even know this?”

“The ship is here for me,” Isabel said. “Khivar has been visiting me in my dreams, trying to tempt me to come back to him. He’s expecting my answer tonight when he contacts me.”

“So we’re taking advantage of the situation,” Max said. “We’re taking back the Granolith and going to Antar to end the war.”

Valenti shook his head. “This is all so fast. Are you sure you’re ready?”

Max nodded. “We’re certainly more ready than we were the last time.”

Kyle spoke with a wooden tone, looking down at the floor. “Dad, if you had seen what Max did, you wouldn’t be asking that question.”

“We don’t know how long we’ll be gone or if we’re coming back,” Max said.

Jim nodded. “The four of you are going?” he asked, indicating Liz, Michael and Isabel.

Max nodded.

Jim turned to Kyle. “And what about you?”

Kyle looked at Liz. They had been friends for so long, and the alien conspiracy had brought them so close. He couldn’t imagine where his life would have led without her. In her eyes he saw strength and determination as always, but they also held an edge of worry, and he wanted to help, wanted to continue to fight beside her. Then his gaze went to Isabel. They had become good friends too, but her words from a couple of weeks ago kept echoing in his mind. You don’t have to die for us.

Isabel spoke up. “Max you can’t let him come. He doesn’t have any powers.”

Kyle’s eyes lit briefly on Max and all of his resentment and hatred came boiling up. “She’s right,” he said, looking back at his father. “I don’t have any powers, I wouldn’t be any good to them.”


(Parker’s House)

While Max and Michael were across the street getting final instructions from Larek, Liz let herself in the back door of the Crashdown. She climbed the stairs to her parents’ house and found her mother and father sitting on the sofa watching TV.

Liz watched them for a moment silently. She had made a little progress in her relationship with them but she knew they were going to be disappointed when she delivered her news. Of course it’s not like she could tell them the truth, that they were going to another planet to fight an intergalactic war. So she and Max had come up with a lame, but plausible story.

“Mom, Dad,” she said getting their attention.

Nancy jumped off the sofa and pulled her into an embrace. “Liz why are you here?” She released her to look into her face. “Is something wrong?”

Jeff crossed to them with a scowl. “Did Max do something to you?”

Liz shook her head sadly. Maybe her parents would never accept the fact that she loved Max, that he was her husband. “No, of course not,” she said. “Max would never hurt me.” She looked at them. “I came to tell you that Max, Michael, Isabel and I are leaving town.”

Nancy’s brow creased in confusion. “For a vacation? The school year just started.”

“Not a vacation,” Liz said. “We’ve decided there are just too many painful memories in Roswell, for all of us, and we want to get away for a while.”

“When?” Jeff asked. “And where are you going?”

“Tonight,” Liz said. “We’re leaving tonight.” She shook her head. “And as for where we’re going, we don’t know exactly. We just thought we’d drive south, maybe to Rio or Peru.”

“But what about school?” Nancy gasped. “What about college? Are you just going to throw away your future?”

“This is Max’s idea isn’t it?” Jeff asked. “It’s just the type of irresponsible thing he would think of, and then drag you all into it with him.” Suddenly his face went pale. “You have to leave town don’t you? People are after Max. Drug dealers? Gangsters? And you can’t go to the police,” he realized, shaking his head. “Oh my god Liz, what has Max gotten you involved in?”

Liz shook her head. Her parents were always going to believe the worst about Max, and she didn’t say anything to try and change their minds. “We may not be able to contact you for a while,” she said softly, “and I just wanted to say goodbye.”


(Sunday - September 18th, 2001)
(Copper Summit, AZ)

They had driven all night and finally arrived in Copper Summit after daybreak. It had only taken a small burst of Max’s power to destroy the remaining Skin troops, ridding the Earth of them once and for all.

Then the four of them climbed aboard the ship and Michael used the instructions Larek had given them to start it and program their destination. Within moments the engines whirred to life and the ship lifted off the ground and shot into space.



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