Soaring With Angels - Part 2




(Sunday - May 6th, 2001)

Tess had been on Antar for two days, and the whole time she had been locked in a room in the palace, seeing no one except the guard who brought her food. She knew that Khivar was wondering whether to believe her or not, and probably whether to execute her.

She remembered enough about her past life to know that Khivar hadn’t believed her when she had denounced her husband and proclaimed her loyalty to Khivar and his new republic. She had been Zan’s wife, and that had been enough to condemn her in Khivar’s eyes. And the only thing that made this time any different was the fact that she had given him the Granolith.

She wished that she’d had some way to make a deal with Khivar before she’d returned to Antar, but the truth was that she had been all alone. Nasedo had been loyal to Max, she’d only told that lie hoping to make Max pity her enough to let her go.

Tess hadn’t even considered betraying Max until after the summit. She’d told Max the truth. Lonni and Rath had tried to get into her mind and take the location of the Granolith, and she had fought them. She had felt the power within her build to an impossible point, and then she had passed out. When she awoke, Lonni and Rath were gone and Max was shaking her.

She didn’t know what she’d done or what had happened to Lonni and Rath, but after she had returned home, she started having dreams, visions of her past life. Before that she hadn’t really remembered much about her true home beside a few images and feelings, but somehow she knew that her use of power in New York had helped her memories come out. At first the images were vague, jumbled, but over time they started getting clearer and clearer. And eventually she remembered her life on Antar, her marriage to Zan, Khivar, the war, the whole truth.

Her marriage had been arranged. She was the daughter of a powerful Duke on Antar and the marriage hadn’t sealed a treaty or anything. Zan had simply chosen her to be his wife, and of course her father had agreed.

She had never met Zan before the party announcing their betrothal, but in a quiet corner that night Zan had told her she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He had kissed her so sweetly, and she had fallen for him.

She had eagerly agreed to the marriage, wanting to be Queen, and she had actually believed herself desperately in love with Zan, and had thought he loved her in return. But after the wedding Zan had treated her abominably for someone of her rank, for his wife. He left her alone most of the time while he dealt with affairs of state. He rarely took her to parties or the theater or even out of the palace, only coming to her occasionally at night.

It wasn’t until later that she discovered Zan had never loved her. He had married her simply because she was beautiful and of noble birth, and he wanted an heir. She was simply a means to an end. And by the time she had discovered the whole truth, she hated him.

She would have done anything for him, forgiven him anything if he’d loved her, but he’d lied to her and used her love for him. That was why she had decided to betray her husband, her family, and take them back to Antar, to Khivar.

A knock at the door interrupted her thoughts, and the door opened before she could respond.

Khivar strode into her room and took a seat in a large chair, offering her a seat with a gesture.

Tess sat opposite him, practically holding her breath, awaiting his decision.

“Tell me your plan to bring Max and the others back here,” Khivar said.

His request surprised Tess but she nodded. “Once I started to remember my past life I knew that I had to hand Max and the Granolith over to you.”

“You thought you could bring Max and the Granolith home and be hailed as a hero?” Khivar asked sarcastically.

Tess shrugged. “I thought that you would welcome me back anyway. Let me live my life here.”

Khivar nodded and motioned for her to continue.

“Our protector told me that the Granolith could get us home, but he died and never told us how it worked. There was a book sent with us but none of us remembered how to read it. I was convinced it would tell how to work the Granolith but I knew Max didn’t want to go home. He is so wrapped up in his human life and would rather forget that I exist altogether. He would rather stay on Earth and be with Liz.”

Khivar nodded. “Liz is his human girlfriend.”

“Yes.” Tess continued. “I knew Max would never agree to having the book translated. So I mind warped one of our friends, Alex, and sent him to get the book translated.”

She bowed her head in genuine sorrow. “Unfortunately, his mind was too weakened by the mind warp and he broke out of it. He would have told Max everything and I couldn’t let him, so I tried to fix his mind, but he died.”

Tess looked up as she continued. “I had to give Max a reason to leave Earth, and that meant separating him from Liz. I started to drive a wedge between Max and Liz by pretending to help him with his memory recovery, but really I was mind warping him. And Alex’s death pushed Max and Liz even farther apart because she wouldn’t stop investigating. My plan was working perfectly. I waited for Max to reach rock bottom and then I went to him and planted the mind warp that we had made love. The next day I told him I was pregnant and a few days later I told him the baby was sick and couldn’t live on Earth.”

She shook her head. “I had planned to just suddenly, conveniently remember how to read the book so we could go home, but I didn’t have to. Liz was still defying Max, still interfering, so I led her to the translation and a control crystal I had prepared. I knew no one would question anything that Liz found.”

“And the plan was working,” Tess said. “We were standing around the Granolith about to leave when Liz came rushing in. Somehow she had discovered the truth about Alex, and Max turned on me.”

Tess shook her head remembering. “I was really scared there for a minute, I thought he was going to kill me. I think the mind warps did something to him, woke up his alien side. I barely escaped alive, and only because I reminded Max that killing me would kill his son.”

She thought that Khivar paled for a moment, but he quickly covered as he spoke. “Even though your intentions may have been good, you might have done all of us a disservice. Up until now Max hasn’t remembered the past or how to access the majority of his power, but you might have brought that out of him. And if you have, it will make killing him that much harder.”

Tess shook her head. “I only gave Max a few vague memories of being with me and Michael and Isabel. He didn’t remember anything on his own.”

Khivar nodded. “And Max never realized that you were mind warping him, or questioned the veracity of the sex or the child?”

Tess shook her head. “I am very good at my mind warps,” she said proudly. “Of course,” she admitted, ”now that I’m not on Earth to reinforce the mind warp, Max will eventually remember the truth.”

Khivar smiled. “I’m glad that you have so much confidence in your abilities, because I’ve decided to take you back to Earth so you can prove your loyalty.”

“But…” Tess started, only to have Khivar cut her off.

“This is not up for discussion,” Khivar said. “I am taking a compliment of troops to Earth to kill Max and Michael and retrieve Isabel, and you are coming with us.”


Over the weekend Max and Liz made love many times. Sometimes it was slow and languorous, allowing them to explore every inch of each other’s bodies, and sometimes it was frenzied and urgent.

They barely left her room the whole two days, only occasionally for food, and calls of nature, and the several times Max had pulled them into the shower. He’d used the excuse of getting clean to rub the slippery soap over every part of Liz’s beautiful body, and she’d done the same to him. And it had excited them so much that he’d taken her several times under the hot spray of the water before they went back to her bed.

And even though hybrid-aliens recovered more quickly than humans, there were times when Max required a break. That was when he had discovered the pleasure of going down on Liz.

Sure, he’d thought about it before. The idea of what Liz would look like, smell like, taste like, had fueled many of his fantasies, but it was nothing compared to the real thing.

He nestled between her legs, which were spread wide for him, and took his time examining every inch of her. He brushed his fingers through her dark curls, a startling contrast to the porcelain whiteness of her skin. She was shaped like a delicate flower, the petals of her lower lips incredibly soft to his touch as he traced them with his fingers. He gently parted her folds and she gasped with pleasure, and the sweet sent of her arousal washed over him. It was so intoxicating that he couldn’t stop himself and he leaned in for a taste.

He stroked his tongue deep between her folds, dipping briefly into her center, lapping the smoky nectar. Instantly he was hard again but he ignored his erection, wanting to enjoy the newfound pleasure. He continued to lick her lower lips, as Liz started to writhe beneath him, and he slowly made his way to her clit. With a long hard stroke of his tongue he brushed over her sensitive nub and Liz arched up into him, gasping with pleasure.

Max smiled and started the process over again this time going down toward her center. With his tongue, he separated her folds and circled her wet core, moving ever closer. Each stroke of his tongue brought a new flow of juices from within her and he eagerly lapped them up.

It was driving him wild that he could turn Liz on so much using just a few strokes of his tongue. And more than anything he wanted to make her explode around him.

He dipped his tongue into her slit, making Liz moan, and he quickly thrust within her a few times before pulling out. This time Liz’s moans were of disappointment but they quickly changed as he swirled his tongue around her clit, bringing it into his mouth sucking it. She arched off the bed into him as he grazed her clit with his teeth and then he released it to return to the center of her desire.

Quickly he plunged his tongue into her and she writhed, gasping his name. He could tell that she was getting close and as he continued to thrust his tongue into her, he reached up and brushed her clit with his thumb.

After a few more thrusts of his tongue he withdrew from her and returned to her clit. He used his fingers to expose it to him and slashed at it quickly several times. Then he plunged his tongue back inside her as his fingers continued to brush her clit.

As he thrust within her, Max watched Liz’s head thrash from side to side and he closed his eyes plunging his tongue even deeper inside.

Liz came with a groan, clamping her legs around his head and Max greedily lapped up her juices as she rode out her orgasm. It was the sexiest thing he had ever experienced, Liz exploding under the gentle touch of his hands and tongue, her sweet taste and scent all around him. And Max knew he would never get enough her.


(Monday - May 7th, 1999)
(West Roswell High School)

Song Playing: I Want You Now by Depeche Mode

Liz sat in class Monday morning trying to listen, but all she could think about was Max. They had exchanged glances as he hurried into class late, just moments ago, but they hadn’t been able to speak.

It had been so incredible spending the weekend with him, making love over and over again. But Max hadn’t spent the night last night because her parents were returning, and Liz was already having withdrawal symptoms. She craved Max’s warm hands and mouth on her body, lovingly kissing and caressing every inch. She missed the feel of him under hands, his familiar scent and taste, his naked body against hers. But most of all, her feminine core felt empty without him inside.

Her whole body felt different since she and Max had become lovers, more sensitive, more alive. There was a pleasant ache in her previously unused muscles because of their frequent, enthusiastic lovemaking. Her breasts tingled as if she could still feel Max’s hands and mouth on them, and the memory of the pleasure they had given one another resonated throughout her body and mind. But there were other more subtle changes too.

They had discovered that the connection was permanent between them and through it they could share thoughts and emotions. It was as if their lovemaking had opened their minds and souls to one another and bound them together.

Through the connection Liz could tell that Max wanted her as much as she wanted him.

And as if her thoughts had conjured him, Max turned his eyes to her and was suddenly in her mind. I missed you last night, he said. I could hardly sleep because I wanted to be inside you so badly.

Liz shivered in reaction and she knew Max felt her desire through the connection. I missed you too.

She felt an answering wave of desire from Max and gasped as her feminine core suddenly clenched and dampened.

Liz, Max growled through their connection, you’re so hot and ready for me, you’re going to drive me insane.

His words enflamed her even more. Max, I want you so much.

After class, he promised. In the eraser room.

For both of them the class seemed to last an eternity as they tried to curb their desire. When the bell rang they quickly walked down the hall, hand-in-hand, heading straight to the eraser room. Liz went inside first and Max closed the door behind them, locking it with his powers.

Instantly Liz was in his arms and he devoured her mouth, thrusting his tongue inside, mimicking what he was desperate to do to her. Through the connection, Max could feel Liz’s matching hunger and his hands moved between them to the fastening on her jeans. With a single yank he took down her pants and panties and they pooled on the floor at her sandal-clad feet.

Without breaking the kiss, Liz stepped out of her clothes and slipped off her sandals leaving her naked from the waist down.

Max pushed down his own jeans and boxers, freeing his aching cock. He picked Liz up easily, pressing her back into the wall, and with a powerful stroke he was deep inside.

The pleasure of having Max inside her nearly took Liz’s breath away and she wrapped her legs around him as he set a furious pace. Both of them were so ready that their joining was almost painful.

Max thrust inside her urgently, fast and hard, and within only a matter of moments they both exploded.

He collapsed against her, shuddering from the power of his release, his breath coming in gasps. “Liz,” he groaned, “I needed that so much, to be close to you, to feel you around me.”

“Me too,” Liz gasped, as she touched his face. “I felt like I was going crazy without you.”

Max allowed them a handful of moments to catch their breath. Then he placed a gentle kiss on her lips before pulling out of her and lowering her to the floor. With a pass of his hand he cleaned them both and then gathered Liz’s clothes, handing them to her. “I would love to stay with you all day doing this, but with finals coming up, I think we’d better get to class.”

Liz smiled. “It could be a little hard to explain why we failed all of our tests.”

Max nodded and devoured her greedily with his eyes as she got dressed.

Liz felt his gaze on her. “But if you don’t stop looking at me like that, neither one of us is going to make it to class.”

Max smiled, meeting her eyes. “I thought looking would be much less dangerous than touching.” He took a step closer. “It’s just that it’s all so new, being back together, and being able to be so open. To look at you and touch you like I want to, to tell you how much I love you.”

Liz wrapped her arms around him. “I know what you mean, because I feel that way too.”


(New York, NY)
(The dupe’s underground home)

Lonni watched as Rath finished the last of his reps with the weights. “How do you feel today?”

“Good,” he nodded, “almost back to normal.”

She brushed his long hair off his sweat-covered neck, examining the burn scar on the left side of his face. “That’s good, baby.”

Lonni had spent the last few months gradually bringing him back to health after what Tess had done.

After the summit she and Rath had tried to get the location of the Granolith from Tess’ mind and it was working, but suddenly Tess had screamed in rage and a power had erupted from her. A fireball had surrounded Tess and flashed outward. Lonni had dived for cover but Rath hadn’t been so lucky.

He’d been engulfed by Tess’ fire and burned terribly. Lonni had dragged him back to their home and spent the next week using every ounce of her power just to keep him alive. She didn’t have healing powers like Zan or Max but she could heal simple things. And each day she pushed all of her power into him, carefully searching for his worst injuries and healing them the best she could.

It had taken months, with her meager healing abilities and Rath’s own natural healing, along with hours of physical therapy, for him to get back to normal.

Lonni brushed her fingers over the scars on his face. “I’ll try again to fix your face.”

Rath nodded. “I’m ready to finish this. I want revenge for the pain that bitch put me through.”

Lonni touched his shoulders soothingly. “We’ll get revenge, but we have to be careful. We can’t take on Tess directly or Max. They’re too powerful.”

“So what do we do?” Rath asked.

“I say we just kill Max and Tess, maybe another convenient auto-pedestrian accident. Then we can go through their friends one at a time until we find out where the Granolith is. I suggest we start with Max’s former girlfriend though. What do you bet that my cornball brother told her the Granolith’s location?”

Rath nodded and smiled. “Liz.”


(West Roswell High School)

With an arm around Liz, Max walked her to her locker and kissed her thoroughly. “I’ll see you in history.”

Liz smiled and touched his face, “Yeah, I’ll see you there.”

Max leaned in to kiss her again. He pressed his forehead to hers, inhaling her clean scent. “Okay, I’m really leaving now.”

Liz nodded stood up on tiptoes, pressing her lips to his briefly. “Okay.”

He took a step away and then turned back and pulled her into his arms for another quick kiss, before releasing her and hurrying down the hall.

Liz sighed as she watched him walk away, but was interrupted by Maria’s voice behind her.

“So Liz, you don’t return my calls all weekend and now I find you and Max practically devouring each other in the school hall. Looks to me like you’re back together again.”

Liz nodded, a huge grin breaking out that she couldn’t contain. She took Maria’s arm and leaned in close, “Max and I spent the whole weekend together.”

“Together,” Maria drawled. “Does that mean together, or” she raised her eyebrows, “together?”

Liz met her eyes and nodded.

The shock was evident on Maria’s face. “You and Max…” she trailed off. “But what about Tess and his son?”

Liz shook her head. “We didn’t really talk about that. We just decided to make a clean start.”

“But Liz,” Maria argued, “you have to talk about it. His wife and son aren’t just going to go away.”

“We will talk about it,” Liz said. “But when we were together it made our connection permanent and we could see and feel all of the hurt and anger and regret that the other felt. And it was so cathartic to experience it that way. It helped us to understand what we both went through.”

Maria nodded. “I just hope you aren’t going too fast and regret it later.”

Liz sighed. “It’s not like it was completely Max’s fault. I pushed him away so many times. I broke his heart when I pretended to sleep with Kyle, and pushed him to Tess. I just shouldn’t have been surprised when it really happened.” Liz shook her head. “We both did things to hurt each other, and we have both been in a lot of pain for so long. And I can’t say that I’m not still hurt, and we need to work through a lot. But I just decided that I wasn’t going to let Tess ruin any more of my life. Max and I want to be together. Don’t we deserve to have a little happiness?”

“Okay,” Maria agreed, “maybe you’re right. I always thought you belonged together.” She leaned into Liz. “But you and Max aren’t the only ones who took a big step in human - alien relations.”

Liz looked at Maria. “When did this happen?”

“Before they were supposed to leave,” Maria said. “I was going to tell you that night. But then my mom started remembering, and everything happened so fast with Kyle and Tess.” She shook her head. “I just didn’t have the chance to tell you.”

“And that’s why Michael came out of the pod chamber,” Liz realized. “To stay on Earth with you.”

Maria nodded.

“That’s great Maria,” Liz said sincerely. “You deserve to be happy.”


With a goofy grin Max continued to his locker. He was just getting his books when Michael appeared.

“Maxwell,” he said, swatting Max’s shoulder, “I tried to call you several times this weekend, and Maria tells me that Liz didn’t answer any of her calls, so I’m guessing you and Liz are back together.”

Max’s smile widened as they started down the hall.

Michael nodded. “That’s a yes all right. I never see you that happy unless Liz is involved.”

“We decided to put all of the crap behind us and start over,” Max said.

“And…” Michael prompted.

“You’re right,” Max admitted. “Liz and I spent the whole weekend together.” He’d had no hesitation in telling Michael about his night with Tess, but the fact that he and Liz had become lovers seemed too special to just blurt out, even to his best friend.

But Michael picked up on Max’s reticence, and with a hand to his shoulder, stopped them in the hall. “Wait a minute. You and Liz?”

Max stuffed his hands into his pockets and shifted uncomfortably.

“You did,” Michael said realizing the truth. “The whole weekend?”

Max couldn’t contain his happiness and finally smiled. “It was incredible.”

Michael cocked his head and scratched at his eyebrow. “Better than, um…”

Max nodded. “Not even comparable. I love Liz, and with her it was like coming home. The connection between us came back and hasn’t gone away.”

Michael shook his head. “What does that mean exactly?”

“I can hear Liz’s thoughts,” Max explained, “feel her emotions. It makes us so close.”

“And you didn’t have a connection with Tess?” Michael asked.

Max shook his head. “No, and I wouldn’t have wanted it, even before we found out what Tess did. I never loved her, it was just all a stupid mistake.”

Michael nodded. “And was the um, physical sensation, the same with Liz?”

“It seemed pretty normal,” Max said. “I think it was different with Tess because of the alien factor.” Max shrugged. “Of course with Liz, I wanted to savor every moment, and make every inch of her skin glow.”

Michael leaned in. “Make her skin glow? You never mentioned that with Tess. How did you know how to make Liz’s skin glow?”

“When Liz and I first got together and she was getting visions, I discovered I could make her skin glow when I pushed a little power into her. And I didn’t know it would happen, it was just instinct. But I didn’t do that with Tess,” Max said. “I didn’t want to. It just seemed so intimate.”

Michael’s brow creased. “More intimate than sleeping with her?”

Max shook his head. “I know it sounds dumb, but that’s how I felt. It’s something that was special between Liz and myself.”

“It doesn’t sound dumb,” Michael said. “I know you never stopped loving Liz.”

Max nodded and Michael continued. “But I might have to try that glow thing the next time Maria and I get together.”

Max looked at Michael. “Are you saying that you and Maria…”

Michael nodded. “The night we were supposed to leave. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you this weekend.”

Max patted him on the back. “That’s great Michael. I’ve always thought Maria was good for you.” Suddenly the truth occurred to Max. “That’s why you decided to stay on Earth.”

Michael smiled. “It’s like what you said, Max. I knew I was already home.”


(Michael’s Apartment)

Hand-in-hand, Max and Liz were the last ones to arrive for the meeting, because they’d visited the eraser room for the third time that day to make urgent love. They hadn’t been able to keep their hands off one another, their desire fueled by each other’s thoughts and feelings shared through the connection.

Max led Liz to the sofa and pulled her down next to him, entwining their fingers.

Isabel watched them with a touch of jealousy, her loss of Alex so recent. It seemed like everything always worked out for Max, no matter what he did, no matter how much of a jerk he was. He’d slept with Tess and gotten her pregnant but still Liz took him back. Isabel looked away as Max started.

Max looked around at the remaining members of the group. Jim Valenti and Kyle, Michael and Maria, and Isabel, they all looked so lost. “I’m sure that you all know by now that the pod chamber and everything inside it was destroyed. The healing stones, the orbs and the book, it’s all gone. And now that we know Tess betrayed us, we can’t believe anything she said. She must have led Liz to the translation and we can’t believe that was real either. Tess probably only gave us the information she wanted us to have. But since the book was destroyed we’ll never know what was really in it. The only link to Antar and my son is Larek.”

Max continued. “Brody’s out of town until Wednesday but then I want to go and contact Larek, find out what he can tell us.”

There were nods around the room.

Max glanced at Liz before continuing and she nodded. He and Liz had decided to tell the others about his future self’s visit but not how he had come back. Liz hadn’t even told Maria how Max came back in time, and the less people who knew about the Granolith’s potential, the better.

“There is something else we need to tell you,” Max said. “Last fall Liz had a visitor.” He paused and looked around at the rapt faces before him. “From the future.”

The looks on their faces turned to disbelief.

Michael was the first to speak. “The future? What the hell are you talking about? Is this a joke?”

Max shook his head and Liz continued. “It was Max.”

“Max,” Michael said in a wooden tone, looking at Liz. “Max came back in time to visit you.”

Liz nodded. “Max came back to tell me that in his time Khivar took over the Earth. But he said with my help he could stop it from happening. He said that in his time Tess had left and that made you weaker, but this time we could get her to stay if Max was with her.”

“So that’s why you pretended to sleep with me that night?” Kyle asked.

Liz nodded. “Yes,” she said softly as she squeezed Max’s hand. “It was the only way I could think of to get Max to turn away from me.”

Max squeezed her hand and kissed the top of her head. I never stopped loving you. Nothing could change that.

Tears pricked at Liz’s eyes.

Michael spoke up. “How did Khivar take over the Earth? And how did the other Max think Tess was going to help us?”

“I don’t know,” Liz said, her voice thick with emotion. She wiped at her eyes. “He wouldn’t tell me very much. He only said that because he married me in his time, Tess left and fourteen years from now it caused the end of the world.”

“But Tess left again,” Isabel said. “She was with Max but she betrayed us anyway.” She shook her head. “The Max from the future was wrong.”

Michael looked at Liz. “Yeah, why would Max tell you that? Are you sure it was him? What if it was another of Tess mind warps?”

Max shook his head as he squeezed Liz’s hand. “At this point it really doesn’t matter if it was me or not. We just wanted everyone to know. If it was true then we have to be prepared.”

“What are we going to do?” Isabel asked, the panic evident in her tone. “I’m sure Tess has told Khivar everything about us, where we live, our strengths and weaknesses. How can we ever win?”

“Calm down, Isabel,” Max said somewhat harshly and then continued in a softer tone. “We’re not going to accomplish anything by panicking. Now that Khivar has my son maybe he’ll leave us alone. I think we should see what Larek has to say first. Maybe he can tell us what Khivar is doing.”

Max shook his head. “But we have some more urgent things to deal with. We should get rid of Tess’ stuff. No one will believe that she left town with all of her stuff here, and her car.”

Michael nodded. “What about the Jeep?”

“I reported it stolen,” Max said. “I’m driving my mom’s car for now.” He shook his head again. “But the most important thing is that we need to keep alert, look for anything unusual.”

Kyle huffed. “Like an alien army invading Earth.”

“Great,” Michael said sarcastically. “The brilliant hide in plain sight strategy.”

“What Michael?” Max barked. “What the hell else do you want us to do? Leave town? Go into hiding?” He shook his head. “I’m not going to let Khivar or anyone else dictate how I live.”

“Okay,” Michael said placatingly. “So we meet at the UFO museum to talk to Brody on Wednesday.”

Max shook his head. “We don’t need to make a big production. Liz and I will go, and if we find out anything we’ll let you know.”

Isabel watched as Jim and Kyle, and then Max and Liz left. “His Majesty is leaving the building,” she mocked, turning toward Michael. “Can you believe that he ordered us not to go see Brody?”

Michael shook his head. “Give it a rest Isabel. Maybe Max is right. All of us stomping into Brody’s office all the time might get suspicious. And Max will tell us what happens.”

Isabel shook her head incredulously and walked out.


Max climbed into bed still missing Liz, but not quite as hungry for her because he had just taken her home from Buckley Point, where they had made love several times in the back seat of his parents’ car.

He felt a pleasant languor throughout his body, and within minutes he fell into a deep sleep.

The dream came almost immediately.

Max had a flash of a ruined street. Crumbling buildings. Fires.

Screams filled the air. A roar of rage.

And there was blood everywhere. So much blood.

Immediately Max came awake gagging, and barely leaned over the side of the bed before retching the contents of his stomach.

He’d never experienced anything like the dream before. It had been so real. He could feel the fear and the rage, and the smell of the blood was overwhelming.

It was the first memory he’d gotten on his own, and he had no doubt that it was a memory.

Max pressed his hands to his head. To what kind of world had he sent his son?



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