Soaring With Angels - Part 3




(Tuesday - May 8th, 1999)

Liz went into the Crashdown and hurried through the busy dining room. Her parents were gone for a couple of hours and she had invited Max to come over. They had made love twice at school but Liz was desperate to have him inside her again.

She pushed open the door into the back room but was stopped just inside the door by a familiar voice.

“Liz,” Sean called out. He followed her into the back room and attempted to take her into his arms.

“Sean,” Liz said, stepping back to avoid his embrace. She had completely forgotten about him when she had gotten back together with Max.

Sean’s brow creased with confusion when she stepped away. “What’s wrong, Liz? I’ve been trying to call you for the last three days. After Friday night, I thought we were getting close.”

Liz shook her head guiltily. “Oh Sean, I’m so sorry, but there can’t ever be anything like that between us.”

Sean stepped closer to her. “Liz, you’ve been coming on hot and cold for weeks and then you jump me Friday, and now you’re regretting it.”

“I do regret it,” Liz said softly, “but not why you think.” She took a step back. “Sean I got back together with Max.”

“What?” Sean asked incredulously. “On Friday you said he’d broken your heart.” He shook his head. “I am such an idiot. It was all just a big tease. You were using me to make Max jealous weren’t you? And it must have worked.”

Liz’s first instinct was to defend herself and tell him he was wrong, but it might be easier for Sean to believe his misconceptions. She nodded. “I’m sorry Sean. I really am.”

Sean backed up a step, shaking his head. “I thought you were different. I thought…” he trailed off as the door opened behind him and he turned to see Max. Sean snorted as he looked from Max to Liz. “You two deserve each other.” He pushed past Max and through the door.

“He’s mad that we’re back together.” Max said.

Liz nodded. “I forgot to tell him,” she said with a sigh. “I let him think there could be something between us, but there never could have been, because I never stopped loving you.”

Max took her in his arms. “I can understand his pain because I’ve experienced it.” He hugged her fiercely. “I’m just so grateful that we’re together finally. I didn’t want to live without you.”

Liz hugged him back. “Me either Max. I knew I would never be happy without you.”

They went up the stairs and Liz kissed Max hard as she pulled him into her room. She started to pull his shirt over his head but Max stopped her.

“Wait,” he breathed. “Wait, Liz.”

Liz smiled. “It’s okay. My parents are gone for a couple of hours.”

Max shook his head backing up a step. “No, it’s not that. It just seems like every time we get a few minutes alone all we do is…“ he trailed off. “I just don’t want you to think that sex is the only reason I want to spend time with you. We haven’t talked much since we got back together and we haven’t talked about Tess or my son at all.”

Liz took a step closer. “I don’t think that Max. I can feel your love through the connection.” She reached out to him. “You don’t think that about me, do you? That all I want from you is sex?”

“Of course not.” Max said. “I just wanted to make sure that you…” he trailed off with a groan as Liz closed the distance between them and cupped his erection through his pants, squeezing lightly.

She met his eyes. “We’ll talk afterward, I promise. Right now I just need you inside me, okay?”

Max nodded. “Anything you want.”


(Copper Summit, AZ)

Nicholas paced around his office. For months he had been the only one of his troops who wasn’t confined to the ship. All of the others’ husks had failed, and it was only with a large expenditure of his powers that he was able to keep his own husk alive.

He hated to admit failure on the mission but he didn’t know what he could do alone. The Royal Four were just too powerful. He and Khivar had been trying to devise a plan but so far nothing they had come up with had satisfied them.

A light flashed on the panel and Nicholas rushed to answer it. “Your Majesty,” Nicholas greeted formally. “How nice to hear from you.”

“I have good news,” Khivar said. “Tess has apparently turned from Max and she has brought the Granolith to Antar.”

“Tess?” Nicholas gasped. “She’s the one who nearly wiped us out. Why would she turn now?”

Khivar laughed. “She says she remembers her other life and she has always supported us.”

Nicholas nodded. “But you think she may be a spy.”

“It is possible,” Khivar admitted. “But the more I talk to her, the more I believe her. In any event, I will be arriving on Earth in a matter of days, with a fully stocked ship to create more husks, and a new compliment of troops. And I am bringing Tess. I’ll let her prove her loyalty by helping us kill Max and Michael.”


Liz twirled around her room as she got ready for bed, feeling so happy and free. She and Max had made sweet love and then they had talked for hours about the events of the past year; Future Max’s visit, Tess, Max’s son. And even though it still hurt her to know that Max had slept with Tess, Liz understood the reasons, the pain he had experienced. She forgave him for his actions, and forgave herself for her own actions that had driven him to Tess.

Future Max had made her think that they could save the world, and maybe they had changed what happened. But Liz had thought she could control every thing and every one, and it just wasn’t true. They had changed things, but had they really made it a better world? Alex was dead, Max had a son with Tess, Khivar had the Granolith, and it was her fault. So how could she possibly blame Max for doing what she’d set him up to do?

Liz was glad that she’d suggested putting it all behind them and starting over. So much had been taken from them and she didn’t want to waste any more time. Being with Max was all she had ever wanted, and now that they were together completely she was happier than she’d ever been.

Their being together in Future Max’s time may have ended the world, but being apart didn’t seem to have made things better. She was more convinced than ever that they should be together. They were stronger together, and together they could fight whatever came their way.


(Wednesday - May 9th, 1999)
(Crashdown Café)

Isabel watched as Liz leaned into Max laughing at the dumb joke he had made and Max placed a kiss on her forehead.

Then Isabel’s eyes turned to Maria and Michael who were bickering in the back room.

Max and Liz. Maria and Michael. Watching the couples every day just reinforced the fact that Isabel was alone.


Maria followed Liz into the back room of the Crashdown and pulled her into a quiet corner. “So do you want to tell me what happened with you and Sean?”

Liz shook her head. “Friday after Max told me about Tess and the baby, and that they were leaving, I was so upset and I felt so betrayed and alone, and I went to Sean.”

“You went to Sean for what?” Maria asked.

Liz shook her head again. “I was just sick of everything. I had made all of these sacrifices for Max, and none of it mattered. So I went to Sean intending to sleep with him, to try and get rid of this empty feeling inside.”

“Liz,” Maria said sympathetically.

“But I couldn’t do it,” Liz said. “I kissed him a few times and I just knew it was wrong. I didn’t want my first time to be with Sean because I didn’t love him.”

Maria nodded, “And when you got back together with Max it hurt Sean because he thought you were getting close.”

Liz nodded. “I thought it would be easier for him if he thought I had just used him to get Max back.”

“Well that explains it,” Maria said. “When I got home this afternoon my Mom told me that Sean packed up and left. He left a note saying he was going home to his parents.”

“I’m sorry, Maria,” Liz started, but Maria cut her off.

“Good riddance if you ask me,” Maria said. “I mean with everything else going on, the last thing we need is my loser cousin hanging around.”


(Roswell UFO Museum)

Max and Liz walked into Brody’s office. “Hey Brody,” they greeted him.

“Max,” Brody greeted, “and Liz, how nice to see you. I don’t get over to the Crashdown nearly as much as I used to.”

Liz nodded, distracting him while Max moved behind him. “Well we still have your favorite sandwich on the menu.”

Max placed a hand on Brody’s shoulder and pushed a small amount of power into him.

After a moment Brody looked at Liz and then Max. “It’s Larek, Max.”

“Tess betrayed us, Larek,” Max said, getting right to the point. “She got pregnant with my son and tricked us into going back to Antar. She was planning to hand us all over to Khivar with the Granolith.” He moved to stand by Liz putting an arm around her shoulders, “But Liz found out the truth and stopped us from going. Unfortunately I couldn’t stop the Granolith and Tess took it and my son to Khivar.”

“Your wife betrayed you?” Larek hissed. “You made her a Queen. You gave her everything.”

Max shook his head. “I couldn’t love her like she wanted.”

“That’s grounds for a divorce,” Larek said, “not letting a planet slip through your fingers.” He turned introspective. “Or perhaps she has set her sights on Khivar, hoping to become Queen again through him.”

“I don’t know,” Max said. “But we need you to find out anything you can about the Granolith and Khivar’s plans, and about my son.”

Larek nodded. “Of course. Anything you need, my friend. I will contact you immediately when I have news.”

Liz nodded. “Thank you Larek. I don’t know what we would have done without your help.”

Larek focused on Liz and smiled, before turning to speak to Max. “At least you now know who your loyal supporters are.” He motioned to Liz. “Liz is to be your new wife.”

Max took Liz’s hand and nodded. “She is my wife in everything but name. Even though Liz was born human, she was my true wife all along. She was the one who supported me and saved my life more than once. She’s my life, my love, my soul mate.”

Larek nodded approvingly. “I wish you much joy in your life together.”


In her dream Isabel sat in Alex’s room telling him about the events of the last few days. “So even though Max stopped me from leaving town, he still hasn’t apologized to me. And Michael’s almost as bad. He supported Max all the way, told me I couldn’t leave, and he hasn’t apologized either.”

Alex strummed his guitar. “So what do you want me to say, Isabel?”

Isabel shook her head. “I want you to say that Max was wrong and he’s a jerk.”

“Okay,” Alex said, strumming the guitar again. “Max was wrong and he’s a jerk.”

Isabel smiled.

Alex put the guitar down. “You know if I were really here I would never say that.”

Isabel’s smile faded. “Yeah, I know.”

“And you know the truth,” Alex said. “Max could have found a better way to get you to stay, but he was right not to let you leave. You needed to be here. You still do.”

Isabel nodded. “I know. I’m just still mad at him, I guess,” she said with a sigh, shaking her head. ”I still can’t believe that Liz took him back so quickly after how he treated her, and then he slept with Tess and got her pregnant.”

Alex took her hand. “Liz loves him, and sometimes love allows you to forgive a lot of things.”


(Thursday - May 10th, 1999)
(Crashdown Cafe)

Michael and Maria slid in the booth across from Max and Liz, in the otherwise empty restaurant, and Isabel pulled a chair to the end of the table.

“So what’s the deal?” Michael asked.

Max shook his head. “What deal?”

Michael leaned forward. “You know, what did Larek say?”

“He didn’t say anything,” Max said.

“Wait,” Isabel said. “You did talk to him, didn’t you?”

Max nodded. “Of course.”

“And he didn’t say anything,” Isabel said sarcastically.

“He didn’t know anything,” Max said, getting annoyed.

“Max,” Isabel complained, “I’ve been waiting for you to call all day. I thought you’d have some important news.”

“Yeah, Max,” Michael said. “We’ve all been waiting to see what he said.”

“And I would have told you, if he’d said anything,” Max growled. He looked around, realizing how loud his outburst had been and then turned back to Isabel and Michael. “What is this about anyway?”

Isabel leaned in, whispering fiercely. “You just made this announcement that you and Liz were going to talk to Larek and then you don’t even tell us about it. Like we’re not even involved or something.”

“Isabel,” Michael said, surprised.

But Max cut him off. “Okay Isabel, you’re still mad at me, but that’s no reason to go off on Liz.”

Isabel shook her head. “I didn’t say anything against Liz.” She met Liz’s eyes across the table. “I’m grateful for everything you did for us, and especially for stopping us from going to Antar.”

“Isabel…” Liz started, only to be cut off as Isabel shook her head.

“I didn’t want to go,” Isabel said meeting Max’s eyes, “and the only reason we were going is because of Max.” She spoke directly to her brother, “Your actions, your bad decisions, that’s why we were leaving our home and everybody we love. You were leaving Liz to go with your murdering slut of a wife.”

“Iz,” Max growled.

Isabel ignored him and continued. “We’re trusting you to lead us and you screwed up, big time.”

“Nobody’s perfect,” Liz said, automatically defending Max. “We’ve all made mistakes. Max is doing the best he can.”

“Is he?” Isabel asked sarcastically.

“That’s enough!” Max roared, and immediately lowered his voice to an angry hiss. “We shouldn’t be fighting each other. We have plenty of enemies trying to kill us. If we don’t work together that’s exactly what’s going to happen.”

Michael spoke up. “Max is right, Isabel. We need to work together now more than ever.”

Isabel turned on Michael as she rose from the table. “Of course you’d say that. You’re just my brother’s flunky.”

She turned and walked out the door.

Max started to rise but Liz’s hand on his arm stopped him.

Max had told her what he’d done to Isabel to make her stay in town, and the tricks she had played on him. And on top of Alex death and Tess’ betrayal, Liz understood Isabel’s feelings of helplessness. “Max,” she said softly. “With Alex’s death and everything, Isabel has had a rough time lately.”

“We all have,” Maria said.

Liz nodded. “We lost our friend, but Isabel lost her love.”

They sat in silence for a few moments and without a word Max took Liz’s hand and rose, pulling her with him, and they went out the door.

Maria leaned against Michael sighing. “I bet I know where they’re going.”

Michael nodded and suddenly they both looked at one another. A knowing smile lifted the corners of Michael lips as he leaned in. “I think we should close early.”


Song Playing: Rise by Disturbed

Max hadn’t needed to say a word to her. Liz could feel his emotions and intentions surging through their bond. And when he took her hand, she had eagerly gone with him

They drove for a short time to a secluded spot and climbed into the backseat.

Liz instantly wriggled out of her pants and underwear, kicking them aside, and parted her legs, welcoming Max. He surged into her setting an urgent pace and Liz grasped at his back encouraging him.

Max pistoned into Liz fast and deep, each thrust burying him to the hilt. His anger consumed him, and being inside Liz was the best, the only place that he had ever found relief. In their combined minds their emotions swirled together and fed off each other, until neither one knew whose thoughts where who’s. Max’s anger found an answering fury in Liz and it multiplied together, building quickly, as did their orgasms.

Liz’s body was warm and welcoming, and open to him whenever he needed her, just like her mind, heart and soul. Through the bond, Max knew that Liz accepted everything about him, even his faults. She loved him unconditionally and wanted everything he was, everything he could give her.

He thrust into even harder, grunting with the exertion, and drawing gasps of pleasure from Liz. Max could feel in Liz’s mind that his thrusts were almost on the brink of pain, but it only heightened her pleasure, knowing that he was taking her to the edge. He continued, slamming their lower bodies together, until sweat poured off them both.

Liz suddenly climaxed, arching up into him, and with a final deep thrust Max exploded, growling his completion.

He took Liz’s limp, sated body into his arms and slowly leaned back into a sitting position, pulling her on top of him. But he was careful not to let his cock slide out of her, since they both preferred to have him inside.

He held her to him tightly, their breathing gradually returning to normal, his anger having dissolved with their orgasm. “Thank you, Liz, for being here, for believing in me, for loving me. I love you so much and I need you, your support, your love.”

“I’ll always be there for you Max, no matter what,” Liz vowed. “I would do anything for you. And I’ll never stop loving you.”


(Evans’ House)

Max knocked softly on Isabel’s door. “Can I talk to you for a minute, Iz?”

When she didn’t answer after a moment, he opened the door and went inside. Isabel was on her bed, sitting in the dark, crying softly. Max sat down next to her. “Iz, I’m sorry about not telling you about the meeting with Larek. It’s just that there was nothing to tell, and I didn’t think it was that big a deal.”

Isabel looked at him though her tears. “But you changed your mind. You think now that you were wrong not to tell me?”

“Well,” Max said, “Liz and I talked and I guess I can see it from your point of view better.”

Isabel’s eyes narrowed. “Liz told you to apologize to me. That’s the only reason you’re here, isn’t it?” She shook her head. “You never apologized to me for forcing me to stay here and not go to college.”

Max shook his head. “Because I’m not sorry. You need to be here. That hasn’t changed. Maybe I could have found a better way, but you were being so stubborn.”

Isabel gasped in surprise, but Max continued. “I’m the leader Isabel, and right or wrong that means I’m in charge. I try not to interfere in your life too much, but I’m trying to save our lives and there are times that you have to do what I say.”

“I can’t believe that you said that, Max,” Isabel said incredulously.

“Well what do you want?” Max asked, his voice rising. “You and Michael are always telling me you don’t like how I do things, but you never have any suggestions either. Someone has to be in charge, someone has to make the hard decisions. And even though I don’t want it, that’s who I am and it’s never going to change. People are going to try and kill us our whole lives just because of who we are.”

He shook his head continuing in a softer tone. “Don’t you think I would love to go back to the time before Tess and Nasedo came, before we knew any of this, and just live blissfully ignorant? All I have ever wanted was Liz, and because of all of this alien crap I nearly lost her forever. I am just so lucky that she forgave me and took me back. I don’t feel whole without her.”

“And I know you lost Alex, and you’re hurting, but now is not the time to be making rash decisions. Believe me, I know. Why do you think I slept with Tess? It’s because I thought Liz had stopped loving me, and nothing seemed to matter any more. But that one stupid mistake changed everything and nearly got us all killed.”

Isabel listened to his words, nodding. Max was right about one thing. He was lucky. Even though he had nearly lost Liz, Liz was still alive and she had taken him back. Alex was dead and nothing would change that.

Max had continued talking while she zoned out, and Isabel focused on him again.

“So I promise to keep you and Michael informed, okay?” Max said.

Isabel nodded absentmindedly, knowing that Max thought she had forgiven him. She let him pull her into an embrace. He was so focused on Liz and himself that he didn’t see how much pain she was in.

Yeah, she thought to herself, Max was lucky. No matter what, things always seemed to work out for him. Liz, Michael, herself, and even Alex, were all just casualties in his wake.



Smoldering ruins as far as he could see.

The acrid smell of smoke was almost overwhelming but even stronger was the copper scent of fresh blood.

He looked down and saw the sticky, red substance covering his hands and the large sword he was holding.

Max woke up with a jolt, the smell of blood still in his nose. Automatically he held up his hands, looking for the blood, and collapsed in relief when he didn’t see any.



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