Soaring With Angels - Part 4




(Friday - May 11th, 2001)
(Copper Summit, AZ)

They had arrived in Copper Summit that morning but Tess still hadn’t been off the ship. Khivar had blocked her powers with an amplifier and left her in a room on the ship, with a single guard. She didn’t know what his plans were or what he wanted her to do. He hadn’t told her anything.

She was somewhat nervous about helping Khivar. She had expected him to welcome her back to Antar and her part in the war would be over. But Khivar was forcing her to prove her loyalty. And Tess knew Max would kill her if he found out she was on Earth again.

Suddenly the door slid open and a guard came in. “Khivar requests your presence.”

He led her down the corridor and into an ornate office where Nicholas and Khivar were seated. With an elegant gesture Khivar motioned for her to have a seat.

Tess sat down and looked between Nicholas and Khivar waiting for them to start.

“When does Max think his son will be born?” Khivar asked.

The question wasn’t what Tess expected. “Um, at the end of this month.”

Khivar nodded. “And how long until the mind warp starts to wear off him?”

Tess shrugged. “I don’t know. Everyone is different. I’d been mind warping Max every day since I told him I was pregnant, so he wouldn’t question it. But it will probably last at least a few weeks.”

“And you’ve been away from him about a week,” Khivar mused.

Tess nodded. “I will need to be pretty close to him to reinforce the mind warp.”

Khivar’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. “How close?”

“I at least need to be within a few miles.” Tess shook her head. “Closer than I want to be, believe me. Max will kill me if he figures out I lied to him about the baby.”

“Then you’d better make sure he doesn’t remember the truth,” Khivar said smoothly. “There is something else I want you to do though.”

“What’s that? Tess asked apprehensively.

Khivar continued. “At the end of the month I want you to start sending Max visions of his son trying to contact him.”

Tess shook her head. “That’s not a good idea. It will drive him crazy.”

Khivar smiled. That’s exactly what I’m hoping for.”

He rose from his seat. “Tomorrow Nicholas will take you to Roswell so you can reinforce Max’s mind warp. Of course any deviation from the plan on your part will be interpreted as betrayal and Nicholas has orders to kill you.”

Tess shivered. “I’ll do what you say.”

Khivar nodded. “Just behave tomorrow and do a good job, and we will wait until after Max expects his son to be born to start sending him the visions.”

With a wave of his hand Khivar dismissed her and Nicholas opened the door for the guard to take her back to her room. When the door closed behind her, Nicholas turned back to Khivar.

“What do you think your Majesty?”

Khivar shrugged. “I think this could be one of the biggest breaks we’ve had in a while. Tess’ abilities will fit in with the plan perfectly. The power of the Granolith has sped up the maturation process of the husks, and they are almost ready. We’ll give the new troops a chance to become accustomed to them, and then we’ll proceed.”


(Evans’ house - Max’s bedroom)

Song Playing: You and Me by Lifehouse

With his tongue and fingers Max had brought Liz to orgasm again and again, so many times she’d lost count, making her skin glow gold almost incandescently until she was a quivering bundle of nerves. Then he had plunged his hard shaft into her waiting heat, setting an urgent pace. With a few of Max’s deep strokes, Liz came again, and a moment later Max followed her.

Max collapsed on top of her breathing hard and Liz basked in the sensations that only he could cause. Every time with Max was wonderful, amazing even, but when she had orgasmed the last time, something seemed different. It was like something in her mind had opened, expanded, and the world around her was altered somehow.

Liz languidly stroked Max’s back as their spasms of pleasure slowed and their breathing returned to normal. She couldn’t quite put her finger on what was different, she just knew that something was.

Suddenly Max raised up to look in her face, with wide eyes. “Liz, you have power running all through you,” he gasped. “I can feel it.”

Confused Liz reached up to touch his face. “What are you talking about?”

“Ava said you were changed,” Max said, “and you are.”

Liz shook her head, tracing Max’s strong jaw, but stopped almost immediately when a soft blue glow followed her hand. Gasping with surprise she snatched her hand back, examining it closely.

She met Max’s eyes and he nodded encouragingly.

Once again she reached to him, touching his chest, caressing it, and they both saw the glow that she was causing. “What does this mean, Max?”

He smiled. “It means you’re getting powers. You’re becoming like me.”

Liz nodded. “I contacted you in New York but nothing has happened since. I was beginning to think it really wasn’t going to happen. But I felt something inside change just now. I think somehow you made it happen.”

“I think it’s been gradually happening since I healed you,” Max said softly. “It just took time to get strong enough to come out. And I think you’re right, I sped the process along. I was pushing a lot of power into you just now and I guess it helped complete the transformation.” He touched her face gently. “You don’t seem freaked out. All I can feel through the bond is curiosity, acceptance, and even relief.”

Liz shook her head. “I’m not freaked out, at all. I thought maybe I would be, but it just makes me more like you, and you have never freaked me out. Being like you will only bring us closer together.”

Max smiled and kissed her forehead. “Is it any wonder that I love you? You’re amazing Liz.”

Liz smiled. “Well maybe I wasn’t before, but with these new powers…” she trailed off, smoothing her hand down his chest, but no glow followed. Instantly her smile was replaced with a frown.

Max laughed. “It doesn’t just happen. You have to learn how to control your powers.” He kissed her lips hungrily. “Luckily you have lots of opportunities to practice.”


(Saturday - May 12th, 2001)
(Michael’s Apartment)

Kyle, Isabel, Michael and Maria were gathered in Michael’s apartment eager to hear why Max had called the meeting.

“Have you heard something from Larek?” Michael asked.

“Larek?” Max asked confused.

“Isn’t that why you called the meeting?” Isabel asked.

Max shook his head. “No, we haven’t heard anything from Larek. I called the meeting to tell you that last night we found out Liz is developing powers.”

“What?” Kyle asked excited. “What kind of powers?”

“We don’t know yet,” Max said. He looked at Liz with a grin. “But we’re going to spend lots of time together to work on her control.”

Isabel spoke up. “Ava told us last year when Liz contacted Max in New York that Liz was changed, but nothing has happened since. So why do you think it’s coming out now?”

Max answered. “When Liz contacted me, you were helping her Isabel, with your powers. Like you gave her an energy boost. We think it took time to for Liz’s powers to get strong enough to manifest on their own.”

“So what did you do?” Maria asked Liz excitedly.

“Yeah,” Kyle said. “What did you do?”

Liz blushed. “Um, I um, made Max’s skin glow.”

Kyle’s brow knotted in confusion. “What do you mean you made his skin glow?”

Liz looked up to meet Max’s eyes and he nodded encouragingly. She reached out to caress his arm, concentrating on pushing some energy into him, and was pleasantly surprised to see the soft blue glow follow her hand.

“Holy crap!” Kyle exclaimed.

“Eeewww,” Isabel said. “This is some kind of sexual thing, isn’t it?”

Liz blushed again confirming Isabel’s suspicion.

Max wrapped his arm around Liz and kissed the top of her head.

“I so don’t want to know about this,” Isabel said.

Max shook his head. “The point is that Liz didn’t even realize that she was doing it, so at first she might have some accidents. We should all keep our eyes open. And if it happens we need to fix them as quickly and quietly as possible.”


The large van finally stopped after the long ride and one of the guards motioned Tess to get out. She climbed out, stretching her stiff muscles, but stopped when she saw the large house. It was of modern design, composed mainly of concrete and glass, and rose three stories off the ground.

She turned to Nicholas who had also emerged from the van. “This is where we’re staying?”

Nicholas nodded. “You have an entire wing to yourself, complete with servants and guards, of course. There is a swimming pool, tennis court, and a theater, all of which you are free to use. There is also a fence around the entire property, with an Antarian security system. Your powers would be useless against it,” he held up an amplifier, “even if we weren’t blocking them.”

Tess shook her head. “I won’t try to escape. I’m committed to Khivar.”

Nicholas nodded. “We’ll see.” He motioned to the Skin soldiers emerging from the house. “Ask them for whatever you need. You won’t be allowed to leave the grounds. For tonight just get settled in, and tomorrow I will supervise as you will reinforce Max’s mind warp.”


(Sunday - May 13th, 2001)
(Roswell Cemetery)

Hand-in-hand Liz and Maria walked to Alex’s grave. They knelt in front of his headstone and Liz brushed away the leaves while Maria arranged the small bouquet of wildflowers they brought.

“I’m sorry we haven’t been to see you, Alex,” Maria said. “A lot has been going on. We found out that Tess killed you, but you knew that, and we stopped her from taking Michael, Isabel and Max home to their enemies.” Maria glanced at Liz. “But Tess had already gotten Max to sleep with her and she’s pregnant with his son. So many things have happened and I can’t believe that you aren’t here to talk about them.”

Maria suddenly burst into tears and Liz hugged her tightly, tears streaming down her own face.

“How can we do this?” Maria asked. “How can we just go on with our lives? I feel so guilty for being happy at all. It’s like I’m betraying Alex. But when I think about him all I do is cry.”

“I know it’s hard,” Liz said softly, “I feel the same way. Every day I cry when I think about Alex and remember he’s never coming back. But I also know that Alex wouldn’t want us to mourn him. He would want us to remember the good times we had together. He would want us to move on and be happy.”

Liz wiped the tears from her face and reached out to touch his headstone. “Isn’t that right Alex? You would want to know that Michael decided to stay on Earth to be with Maria. That Max and I finally got back together. That Isabel is graduating this year.” She hugged Maria tighter. “He would want to know that we’re all doing the best we can without him.”


(Monday - May 21st, 2001)
(West Roswell High School)

Isabel pulled into the parking lot and Michael jumped into the car. She put it in gear and sped away. After a few miles she dropped her disguise. “What did you find out?” Lonni asked.

Rath let his disguise dissolve. “Well Max and Liz are back together and Tess left town suddenly. Most of the people I talked to seemed to think that Tess took off because Max dumped her.”

Lonni nodded. “So there’s one less thing we have to worry about, and even more of a reason to think that Liz knows where the Granolith is.”

Rath nodded. “When do we do it?”

“We gotta be smart about this,” Lonni said. “We’ll check out the situation and make a plan.”


(Buckley Point)

Liz settled into Max’s arms, wholly satisfied after their lovemaking. He was still buried deep within her and she savored the sensation, loving how close it made her feel to him. Absent-mindedly she stroked his bare chest, as Max passed his hand over her lower body, using his powers to dissolve the sperm within her. “Max,” she said softly, looking up into his face, “I’m glad you thought of doing that. I love feeling you inside me. I can’t imagine losing that feeling because you were covered in latex.”

Max kissed the top of her head. “I’m glad too,” he rumbled. “I love feeling you around me, so soft and wet.”

“But what exactly made you think of it?” Liz asked.

Max shook his head. “I knew it was irresponsible when we were first having sex without protection. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have my child growing inside you. But I love you too much and I wouldn’t get you pregnant until I was sure that we both wanted it.” He sighed. “I made that mistake already.”

“But why didn’t you think of doing it with Tess?” Liz pressed. “You must have known it was irresponsible then too.”

Max shook his head. “I don’t remember thinking much at all,” he said woodenly. “And when I woke up the next morning, I was practically in a panic. All I could think of was getting away from her and how I’d betrayed you. The whole thing was like a nightmare. It never even occurred to me that she might be pregnant and I’ll regret that the rest of my life.”


Isabel sighed as she sat in Alex’s room, watching him strum his guitar. Visiting him in her dreams wasn’t as comforting as it had been. Now it just made her sad. It was just another reminder of what she’d lost, of how alone she was.

Since Max and Liz had gotten back together, they were hardly away from one another, and now that Liz’s powers had emerged, they were spending even more time together. And Michael and Maria were no different. They seemed to spend every moment together, at school, at work. All the time they were either arguing or making out and it drove Isabel insane.

The only person who seemed to have time for her was Kyle. But he was still freaked out by Tess’ betrayal and the part he had played in Alex’s death. Kyle didn’t even want to get back at Max any more, saying he understood what Max had been through. All she and Kyle seemed to do, was make each other even more depressed.

Suddenly the scene around her changed. Alex was gone and Isabel was standing alone in a grove of trees with shimmering leaves. The sky was a brilliant blue, multi-colored flowers carpeted the ground around her, and an unseen stream gurgled nearby. A soft, warm breeze washed through the grove, making the leaves on the trees and the flowers dance.

Isabel laughed, and twirled around and around.

A soft voice seemed to echo through the sound of the rustling leaves. “You never have to be alone Isabel. Love is waiting for you.”


(Thursday - May 31st, 2001)
(Roswell City Park)

It was a beautiful summer day and Max and Liz had spent a lazy afternoon picnicking in the park.

Liz combed her fingers through Max’s soft hair as he lay in her lap, both of them savoring the time spent together.

Max reached up and took Liz’s hand, bringing it to his mouth to place a kiss of her soft skin. “I could stay like this forever.”

Liz smiled. “Me too. Any day that we…”

Liz’s voice faded into the background as Max’s vision blurred. He felt strange, disoriented, and there was a loud buzzing in his head. Feelings flashed through him too quickly to understand them all, but Max clearly sensed pain and fear. He could feel another mind in his and it was familiar.

Suddenly Max’s grasp on Liz’s hand tightened painfully and his whole body stiffened “Max!” she cried out. He convulsed, eyes squeezed shut, and Liz touched his face, trying to determine what was wrong. “Max, can you hear me?”

And just as suddenly as it started it was over. Max’s grasp on her hand loosened and he opened his eyes.

Liz took his face in her hands. “Oh my God Max, what happened?”

Max sat up with tears in his eyes. “It was my son, Liz,” he said in a choked voice. “My son has been born.”


Tess opened her eyes to find Khivar watching her.

“You were successful?” Khivar asked.

Tess nodded. “It’s done.”



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