Soaring With Angels - Part 5




(Sunday - June 3rd, 2001)

In the month that Max and Liz had been back together, they couldn’t seem to get enough of each other, making urgent love two and three times a day, and sometimes more. No matter how many times they were together they craved another and another joining.

When they were at school they met in the eraser room, the janitor’s closet, the athletic equipment room, wherever was most convenient.

When Liz was working they slipped into the Crashdown bathroom or sometimes up to her room. The backseat of Max’s mother’s car was also a favorite, as well as Max’s bed, on the few occasions they found themselves alone in his house.

But all of those places put restrictions on their lovemaking either on the position, or by forcing them to be quiet, or making them worry that they might be discovered.

But that afternoon an idea had come to Max. He’d brought Liz to the ruined pod chamber and sealed them inside. With his powers he created a mattress, complete with sheets, blankets and pillows, and he placed candles around the room to light it.

Currently he was surging inside Liz, listening to her moans and gasps of pleasure. It was good between them no matter what, amazing even, but Max missed the excited sounds Liz made that she was forced to contain when they were together other places.

She wrapped her legs around his, angling her hips up to meet his thrusts. “Max!” she gasped.

He loved it that he could turn her on so much that she was desperate for him, and he increased his pace, thrusting powerfully into her.

“Max!” she cried more urgently, as her fingers dug into his back.

He could tell she was close, and with a satisfied grin he reached between them to rub her clit, sending her instantly over the edge.

Her thighs clamped around him as her inner walls rhythmically squeezed his cock, and he came with a groan of pure masculine pleasure. “Liiiiiz!”

Liz stroked the hair on the back of his sweat-covered neck. “Do you think this is normal, how much we want each other?” she asked between breaths.

Max grinned and pressed a kiss to her lips. “Since when has anything between us been normal?”


(Friday - June 8th, 2001)

Every night for the last two weeks Isabel had visited the grove in her dreams. She lay among the flowers and let the sun warm her while she listened to the whispering wind.

Mostly it spoke of trivialities, the scent of the flowers, the songs of the birds. Sometimes it murmured poetry, or whispered exquisite stories of friendship, belonging and love.

And while it spoke, the warm wind flowed softly around her. It lifted the hair off her neck tickling her nape, it caressed her cheek, and brushed gently over her lips like the kiss of a lover.

Isabel wasn’t stupid. She didn’t have any illusions about who was visiting her in her dreams, but she pretended she didn’t know, and she never spoke his name. Somehow it didn’t seem real since she had never actually acknowledged him openly.

And maybe it was foolish, but she didn’t feel so terribly alone when she was there.


(Cactus Motel)

Rath threw himself down onto the sofa next to Lonni. “How are we going to do this? Max is always with someone, usually Liz.”

“We can’t do anything to him with Michael or Isabel around,” said Lonni. “But this Liz thing could work to our advantage.”

Rath nodded for her to continue.

“We wait until Max and Liz are alone and we push him into traffic or something. Then we can just grab Liz, and wham, bam, thank-you-little-Lizzie, the Granolith is ours.”

“Why don’t we just grab Liz?” Rath asked. “Max isn’t with her all the time.”

Lonni shook her head. “It’s too risky. Max shows up at weird times. You’ve seen him yourself sneaking into Liz’s bedroom in the middle of the night for a little somethin’ somethin’.” She shook her head again. “What if we grabbed her and all the sudden Maxie is there? No, it’s safer to take him out first, then we don’t have to be looking over our shoulders.”

“Okay,” Rath agreed.

Lonni smiled. “We start following them and do it when we see the right opportunity.”


(Roswell UFO Museum)

It was late and the museum would be closing in a few minutes. Max walked past the handful of remaining customers, straightening the displays. He sighed when he saw the alien autopsy diorama. Someone always got into the display and pulled out the alien’s organs.

Max had just finished stuffing them back into the small gray body when his vision started to blur.

White light was all he could see, but it was too bright for his eyes and he squinted against it. He heard a baby’s cry and felt a stab of pain. Fear practically overwhelmed him and Max tried to reach for the other mind, wanting to offer comfort, but suddenly it was gone.

When his vision cleared, Max found himself kneeling on the floor with tears streaming down his cheeks. He rose shakily to his feet looking around, grateful that no one had noticed, and wiped away the tears. He had gotten several visions over the last few days, and each one was more intense than the last.

Max was terrified about what was happening to his son, and he had never felt so helpless in his life.


(Sunday - June 10th, 2001)
(Crashdown Café)

Song Playing: Ava Adore by Smashing Pumpkins

Liz bustled around the dining room quickly finishing closing for the night. She had invited Max over and he was due any minute. He had been having a lot of visions of his son, and even thought he hadn’t said anything to her, she could sense through their bond that he was really upset. So she had made plans to take his mind off his troubles, if only for a little while.

She pulled the shades down on the front windows and took the last tray of dishes into the back. And she was just going back into the dining room when she heard a knock at the door.

Liz unlocked the door stepping aside for Max to enter and greeted him with a quick kiss. “I just have to finish cleaning up one last table.”

Max nodded and she re-locked the door and pulled down the shade.

She crossed to the table and started wiping it with a cloth, leaning farther and farther over, making the skirt of her uniform ride up.

Suddenly she heard Max gasp. “You’re not wearing any underwear,” he groaned.

She looked back over her shoulder and smiled at him wickedly. “Come on Max, I’ve seen your fantasy. Here we are, all alone in the Crashdown. The shades are pulled, the door is locked, my parents are gone for the night. We can do whatever we want.”

Max crossed to her and wrapped his arms around from behind. He pressed his erection against her bare bottom, growling into her neck. “You’ve seen that, have you?”

Liz nodded, leaning back into him. “Yes, Max,” she gasped as her desire rose.

Max smoothed his hands up her legs, caressing her soft derriere. “I love it when you wear short skirts. When I see your bare legs all I can think about is having them wrapped around me while I’m buried deep inside you.”

Liz shuddered with desire. “Max, take me like you do in your fantasy.”

Max didn’t speak. He smoothed his hands up her stomach to her breasts, pinching her nipples slightly before he popped open the top button of her uniform. He reached inside and pulled her breasts out of her bra, quickly stroking her hardening nubs.

With one hand still clutching a breast, he used the other hand to push her forward onto the tabletop of the booth where he always sat. Again he squeezed Liz’s breast as he unfastened his jeans, and not even bothering to remove them, he simply freed his already throbbing cock.

As Liz listened to the telltale sound of Max’s zipper, her thighs clenched in anticipation. Since she had seen his fantasy a few days ago, she had worked to arrange it. And all day she had been hot and ready for him, picturing his reaction.

With a grunt of satisfaction Max surged into her and Liz cried out. As he had done in his fantasy he set a quick pace, taking her hard and fast, slamming her into the table. He clutched her breasts, using them as handholds to pull her back into him as he pounded into her.

Liz moaned with pleasure. Max’s every stroke brushed the sensitive spot within her, building her orgasm quickly, and she panted his name, “Max. Max.”

“Liz,” he groaned as he increased his pace. He could feel his own orgasm coming and tried to hold it off, wanting to draw out the pleasure. But he saw the fantasy in their combined minds, Liz’s version mixing with his own, and the images pushed him over the edge. His hand slid down to quickly stroke her clit as he surged deep within her, and she came with him.

Still holding her in his arms, Max collapsed on top of her, taking ragged breaths. He kissed her neck near her ear. “Liz, that was so hot.”

Liz nodded, trying to catch her breath. “Definitely one of your better ideas.”

He kissed her neck again lingeringly. “And what about your ideas?”

Liz smiled. “You’ve seen some of my fantasies?”

“Yeah,” Max said. “One comes to mind.”

“Which one is that?” she asked teasingly.

Max brushed her hard nipple with his thumb as he nuzzled her neck. “It’s about the night I came here and I followed you into the back room to get strawberries, and we ended up making out on that metal table.” He kissed her neck again. “But in your fantasy it didn’t end there.”

Liz gasped as his finger brushed across her clit. “Max you don’t know how many times I’ve imagined you taking me on that metal table since that night. And even though it didn’t really happen, I haven’t been able to walk past there without thinking about it.”

Max stroked her clit quickly as he whispered into her neck. “I think we should really give you something to remember. We’ll go into the back room right now and I’ll fuck you on that table, fast and hard, like I wanted to that night. I’ll make you cum so hard you’ll be screaming my name. Then you won’t even be able to walk past that table without blushing.”

Liz shuddered with reaction, Max’s dirty talk making her so hot and wet for him. Her inner walls clamped around his cock and she felt him harden within her. And unable to speak, she simply nodded.

With another kiss to her neck, Max pulled his rigid shaft out of her and took her hand, leading them to the kitchen door. He paused with a hand on the door and looked back at the booth with a grin. “I will certainly never look at that booth the same way again.”


In her dream Isabel lay near the gurgling stream, dangling her fingers in the cool water. The warm breeze made her hair swirl around, tickling her face as it softly quoted Shakespeare.

Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O, no! it is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests and is never shaken…

She had never spoken to the wind before, never acknowledged its presence. But she was curious. Isabel interrupted, “Why did you create this place?”

Isabel thought she felt a surge of satisfaction and pleasure as the wind answered. “I wanted to make a place where I knew you would be comfortable, where you would feel less alone.”

“You know what I’m feeling?” Isabel asked.

“I can feel your emotions here, as you can feel mine.”

“Because we’re in my mind,” Isabel said, realizing the truth. “And what do you want?”

The wind brushed across her lips like a gentle kiss, “I simply want to let us get to know one another.”

Isabel put her hand to her lips, shivering in reaction. “And what have you learned about me?”

“That you’re just as beautiful inside as you are outside. You’re sad and lonely because of the death of your friend. But you’re warm and loving, and you deserve to be happy.”


(Liz’s Balcony)

Max held Liz in his arms inhaling the sweet scent of her hair as they lay in the recliner.

Liz stroked his chest. “Max do you want to talk about the visions you’ve been getting from your son, about the dreams of your past?”

“I never mentioned the dreams,” Max said softly.

Liz reached up to touch his face. “You didn’t have to tell me. I saw in your mind how much it’s been upsetting you.”

Max smiled and kissed her head. “I didn’t want to worry you.”

“I know,” Liz said, “but you don’t have to protect me. I want to know everything that is going on with you. I can help you, or at least we can share the burden.”

“Okay,” Max agreed. “I’ve been getting dreams about my other life since Tess left.”

Liz nodded. “Tess was helping you recover your memories.”

“I didn’t see anything like this when she was helping me,” Max said wearily, shaking his head. “These dreams are terrible Liz, about the war. There is so much destruction, and blood. I can feel fear and hatred and death all around me.”

Liz reached over and took his hand. “And you’re afraid that you sent your son into the middle of it.”

Max nodded. “He is so afraid when I feel him in my mind,” he said in a hollow tone. “What if Tess was wrong? What if Khivar double-crossed her and he’s hurting my son. It’s driving me crazy that there’s nothing I can do to help him.”

“Max,” Liz said soothingly. “He’s just a baby they wouldn’t hurt him. What would they gain by hurting him?”

Max shook his head. “What if they know I can feel him and they are hurting him because of it?”

“No,” Liz asserted, shaking her head. “They would have to be monsters to do that.”

“And how do we know that’s not exactly what they are?” Max asked.


(Tuesday - June 12th, 2001)

Lonni and Rath watched Max and Liz as hand-in-hand they left the park. They stopped, waiting to cross the road and Max wrapped his arms around Liz. She leaned back into him laughing and suddenly turned within his embrace pushing playfully at his chest.

Max caught her hands in his and placed a kiss on each palm.

Liz disengaged her hands and reached up to touch his face.

And Lonni took the opportunity to act. “Now!” she said.

Both she and Rath focused their powers on Max, pushing him into the road.

Max stumbled backward, falling to the ground directly in the path of an oncoming truck.


Liz screamed as he fell. “Max!” Without hesitation she rushed into the street and grabbed him under the arms, using her own weight and momentum to lift him and propel them both out of the way.

They fell to the ground just out of danger and the truck drove over the spot where Max had fallen before screeching to a halt.

The driver jumped from the truck and ran to them. “Are you kids all right?” He addressed Max, “I saw you fall and I didn’t think I was going to be able to stop.”

Max nodded, looking at Liz. “Yeah, we’re okay,” he said shakily. “Just a little scraped up.”

The driver helped them to their feet. “Can I take you to a doctor or something?”

“No,” Max said distractedly, looking around. “Thanks for the offer but we’re fine. Really.”

The driver nodded. “Well be careful.” He turned and went back to his truck.

Max kept an arm around Liz as they finished crossing the street and they took a seat on a convenient bench. He looked at her bloody knees and passed his hand over them, soothing the injury away.

Liz threw her arms around him. “Max that was too close. To think a dumb accident like that could have taken you away from me.”

Max wrapped Liz in his arms. “It wasn’t an accident.”

Liz pulled back. “What are you talking about?” she asked incredulously.

Max shook his head. “I didn’t fall. I felt someone push me, hard.”

”Push you,” Liz gasped. “But no one was there.”

Max nodded. “I know.”

Liz swallowed hard and looked around. “Max, that’s just how Ava said Rath and Lonni killed Zan.”

“I remember,” Max said. “And I guess they’ve decided to come after me now.”


Lonni and Rath jogged back to their car.

“Well that was a bust,” Rath said. “And now Max knows we’re gunning for him.”

Lonni shook her head. “Not necessarily. But even if he does, he can’t stay on guard all the time. We just have to watch for another opportunity. Sooner or later my brother’s luck will run out.”


(Michael’s Apartment)

“Wait a minute,” Michael said to Max, after his description of the incident. “You trip and fall into traffic, so you automatically jump to the conclusion that it was Lonni and Rath? It’s been months since the summit and we haven’t heard a thing from them. Why would they wait all that time and attack you now?”

“I didn’t trip,” Max asserted. “I was pushed, with a large amount of power.”

Liz stepped forward. “It’s just how Ava said they killed Zan.”

“Did you see them?” Jim asked.

“Yeah,” Isabel said. “Are you sure it was them?”

“Who else would it be?” Maria asked. “There aren’t that many aliens on Earth, are there?”

“Well,” Isabel said, “it could be Nicholas and the Skins.”

“Shouldn’t they all be dead by now?” Kyle asked. “I mean you destroyed their harvest.”

“We don’t know how long it would take for all the husks to fail,” Michael said. “So some of them could still be around.”

Max spoke up. “Whoever it is, we all need to be careful. They might not just be after me.”


Isabel had been up most of the night thinking and it was almost morning before she allowed herself to sleep.

Instantly she was the meadow. The wind rushed past her, blowing her hair, and she could feel its anxiety and relief.

“I thought you weren’t coming,” it whispered softly.

“Someone tried to kill Max today,” Isabel said. “He thinks it was Lonni and Rath.”

The wind swirled around her warm and soothing. “Your brother has many enemies.”

“Was it you, your people that tried to kill him?” Isabel asked.

“No,” the wind whispered.

“But you did kill him before, in our other life,” Isabel persisted.

“Your brother and I are enemies,” the wind whispered, “but everything isn’t always so black and white.”

“And what about me?” Isabel asked.

“We were never enemies,” the breeze whispered seductively, caressing her neck and face.

Isabel shivered with reaction and closed her eyes. “So what were we to one another?”

“You know the truth, even if you don’t remember the details,” it said, brushing her lips.

“Do I?” Isabel gasped.

She had the unmistakable impression that the breeze swirling around her smiled as it answered. “We were lovers,” it whispered. “Soul mates. And somewhere deep inside, you remember. You respond to my words, to my touch, just as you used to. We belong together, even your death couldn’t change that.”



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