Soaring With Angels - Part 8




(Friday - July 23re, 2001)

It was late, after midnight, but Tess opened her eyes with a smile. The visions she sent Max of his son were increasingly horrific and she could feel his impotent rage.

She hadn’t thought it was a good idea when Khivar had suggested sending the visions, but Tess had to admit she was enjoying every minute. She looked forward to sending Max the dreams, and every day that passed she grew less and less afraid of him. Max was just a stupid boy and she had Khivar’s protection. There was nothing Max could do to her.


(Wednesday - July 30th, 2001)

Liz smiled as she watched Max and her father discussing the upcoming football season. She knew Max wasn’t a big fan, but he was trying.

Max had been to her house several times in the last couple of weeks to have dinner and spend time with her parents. At first Liz had been apprehensive about how her parents would act, but it seemed they really were just interested in getting to know Max.

And as if he knew she was thinking about him, Max turned to her with a smile. Relax Liz, he said in her mind. This was bound to happen sooner or later, and I think your father is even starting to like me.


(Saturday - August 4th, 2001)
(The Quarry)

Max and Liz arrived just as Isabel was getting out of her car.

“Finally she shows up for practice,” Max said angrily, stopping the car. “She’s missed the last three. She’s never home, always at work or wherever, and she doesn’t hang out with us. I’m surprised she even knew to come.”

Liz placed a comforting hand on his leg. “Max she’s still hurting.”

“And I’m not?” he asked incredulously. “They were my parents too, but I’m not falling apart and avoiding my friends. I’m not skipping practices and putting us in danger.”

“Max,” Liz said soothingly, “Isabel just needs some time. She lost Alex too.”

Max shook his head, starting to get out of the car. “I’m going to talk to her again.”

“Wait,” Liz said. “You’re too mad, you’ll only get in an argument. Go ahead and start practicing with Michael and let me talk to Isabel.”

Max lifted her hand to his lips and kissed it gently. “Okay Liz.”

He got out of the car and headed over to where Michael, Kyle and Maria were standing.

Liz went to intercept Isabel. “Hey Isabel, I haven’t seen you in a while. How are you doing?”

Isabel shrugged. “Okay, I guess.”

“Isabel, I know that you and Max haven’t been getting along very well,” Liz said. “But I just wanted to you to know that even though I’m with Max, I’m also your friend. And if there’s anything I can do for you, just tell me.”

Isabel surprised Liz by hugging her. “Thanks Liz. I came here to apologize to all of you for being so distant lately.”

Liz shook her head. “Everyone handles losing someone they love differently. I understand that and I’ve been trying to explain it to Max. I hate to see you two fighting.”

“It’s just that he tries to run my life,” Isabel said. “He acts like he owns me.” She shook her head. “Liz you are a strong person, I don’t know how you can put up with Max.”

Liz nodded. “Max has always been controlling but I think more of his past self is coming out,” she said. “Think about it Isabel, even if Max doesn’t remember, he ruled a planet. He had a lot of power and he would be used to people obeying him.” She shrugged. “It’s just who he is.”

Liz smiled as she continued. “Max and I don’t always agree. But Isabel, whether I’m with him or not, whether we’re fighting or not, Max does own me; heart, body and soul. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Isabel looked at her strangely for a moment, and nodded. “Liz, do you think Max will forgive me?” she asked softly.

“Of course,” Liz said. “He’s your brother. He loves you.”

The sounds of explosions drew their attention to where Michael and Max had started to practice. Liz and Isabel watched for a few moments as Michael used his powers to levitate rocks, directing them at Max, who used his shield in different ways to destroy the rocks.

“They’re getting better, aren’t they?” Isabel asked.

Liz nodded, answering distractedly. “Yeah, the practice is really helping.” Through their bond Liz could feel the difference in Max’s power. He was suddenly stronger and had better control. But Liz didn’t think the few practices they’d had make such a difference.

Liz continued to watch Max silently and when he finished, she walked over and touched his arm. “Max, you have a lot more power recently. I thought I noticed it a few days ago but today I’m sure.”

Max nodded. “I feel it today too. I’ve never had access to this much power and it isn’t as hard to control. Nasedo did say we would get stronger, I just really haven’t felt it in a while. I guess the practice is really helping.”

Liz nodded even though she wasn’t convinced that was the reason. “Yeah, I guess so.”


(Sunday - August 5th, 2001)

Khivar took Isabel into his arms as she arrived at his house, and kissed her softly. He pulled back to look into her eyes. “Are you sure that you want to do this? I’m worried about you, I think it’s too soon.”

Isabel looked into his handsome face. Since they had become lovers Khivar had gradually shown her his memories of their plot to overthrow her brother on Antar. And Isabel remembered and understood everything.

She had never thought it was possible, but she had willingly betrayed her brother, her family, and she was unhesitatingly doing it again. Since she had gotten together with Khivar she’d been avoiding Max, Liz, all of them, but yesterday she had apologized to get close to them, so she could learn their plans. And today, for herself and for Khivar, she was conspiring against Max and leading the Skin troops right to him.

Max was her brother and she loved him. But for so many reasons she hated him too. She hated him because of the things he had done. She hated him for trying to control her life. She hated him for the way he had treated her in both their lifetimes. She hated him for trying to keep her from Khivar, the one man she had ever loved. But most of all she hated Max for forcing her to kill him again.

“It has to be done, I understand that,” Isabel said.

Khivar searched her face and then finally nodded. “Is everything still going according to plan?” he asked.

Isabel nodded. “Yes. I just left Max and Michael at the Crashdown.” Worry suddenly crossed her face, as a sliver of regret pierced her mind. “You will give them the chance to surrender?”

Khivar nodded. “I promised I would. It will make much more of a statement if we take them back to Antar alive. But I don’t think your brother will accept any deal I offer.”

“I know,” Isabel agreed, “but I have to give him one last chance.”

“And what about Michael?” Khivar asked. “You’re sure he couldn’t be persuaded to join us? He would make a powerful ally.”

“No,” Isabel said.

“Even if we explained everything to him?” Khivar asked.

“He wouldn’t even listen to us.” Isabel shook her head. “There’s no way Michael would ever turn against Max.”

Khivar nodded. “Just like his last life.”


(Crashdown Café)

It was late and there were no customers in the restaurant. Liz was sitting in a booth with Max, their booth, and he was kissing her neck as his hand slid dangerously high under her skirt. He wanted her so badly that he was practically going insane waiting for the restaurant to close.

And through the bond, Max knew she wanted him just as badly. In her mind he could see that she was thinking about the night he had taken her on the tabletop where they were currently sitting, and then on the metal table in the back room.

“Liz,” Michael called out from the kitchen. But Liz was so absorbed in Max that she didn’t hear him.

Michael could see Max practically devouring Liz’s neck, and he was glad the back of the booth blocked the rest of his view, not even wanting to imagine where Max’s hands were.

“Liz!” Michael called louder.

She turned toward him, but Max’s hand around her waist stopped her from getting out of the booth. “What Michael?”

Michael held up a sack. “Brody called in an order. You need to take it over to him.”

She nodded as Max kissed her neck again and he growled in disappointment letting her go.

Max couldn’t take his eyes off Liz as she walked away from him in her short skirt, imaging her with no underwear. He was already painfully hard but he knew he would have to wait at least another half hour to have her. With a deep breath he tried to calm himself but instantly decided it was impossible sitting in their booth.

He rose and went to Liz, embracing her from behind, rubbing his erection into her sweet bottom. “Let me take Brody’s order. I have to talk to him about something anyway.” He kissed her neck near her ear and whispered so only she could hear. “And if I don’t get away from you for a minute, I going to take you on our booth, right in front of Michael.”

Liz turned in his arms and kissed him briefly. “Okay, but hurry back. Only fifteen minutes until we close.”

Max took the bag from her and jogged across the street.

Liz watched him until he disappeared inside the museum and stared at the door for several minutes after. Finally she turned back to Michael only to see him with her back toward her scouring the grill

With a sigh, she walked behind the counter and started to wipe it down when the bell above the door sounded. Liz turned to the door and had to work hard to hide her disappointment when five men entered. The last-minute customers would ensure they had to stay late.

Liz came out from behind the counter to greet them. “Take a seat wherever you want, the menus are on the tables.”

But the men remained silently standing, and suddenly Liz got a bad feeling. “Is there something I can help you with?” she asked nervously as the bell on the door jangled again.

Nicholas stepped through the others. “I think you can help us Liz. Tell me where Max is.”

Liz glanced behind her through the window at Michael. He had ignored the bell above the door as usual and hadn’t seen the Skins enter, and Liz started to back away from the soldiers toward the door that led into the kitchen.

“Don’t take another step Liz,” Nicholas warned. “All we want is Max and Michael.”

Liz shook her head. “No way.” She yelled over her shoulder as loud as she could. “Michael run!”

But faster than she thought possible, one of the Skin soldiers grabbed her by the throat, spinning her around and twisting her arm painfully behind her.

When he heard Liz call out, Michael swung toward the dining room with his arm outstretched, but faltered when he saw Liz in the soldier’s grasp.

“There is no reason for us to harm Liz,” Nicholas said to Michael. “If you surrender peacefully no casualties will be necessary.”

Michael grimaced. “No casualties?” he asked incredulously. “What about when Max and I are executed?”

“Khivar is willing to offer the two of you a deal,” Nicholas said.

“Just run Michael,” Liz said. “I’ll be fine.”

Michael shook his head. “No way I’m leaving you.”

Nicholas nodded to the soldier holding Liz and he pulled her arm higher, causing her to cry out in pain.

“Leaving wouldn’t be a good idea, Michael,” Nicholas said. “You never know what kind of accidents could happen. Humans are so delicate.” He sighed. “Besides, there are five more strapping soldiers waiting out the back. So why don’t you put that arm down and come on out here.”

Liz was starting to panic. She was scared to death for Michael and Max, knowing they would die if Khivar got them. But she thought Michael was on the verge of surrender to save her, and that would make the situation worse. She didn’t want to call for Max and risk him too, but she didn’t have a choice. With her mind she reached for Max, letting her fear surge across the bond. Max there are ten Skin soldiers here and Nicholas. They want you and Michael.

Max answered her the same way. I’m coming Liz. Just hold on.

Liz quickly built her energy. The Skins probably didn’t know she had powers and if she could cause a distraction, they would have a better chance. She gripped the Skin’s arm holding her neck and pushed her power into him, quickly heating his arm, burning him.

Michael looked around, undecided about what to do. He could probably take out a couple of the Skins but what would they do to Liz? And then suddenly the room erupted into chaos.

With a roar of pain, the Skin holding Liz jerked away from her and struck her across the face with the back of his hand, sending her to the floor.

Michael took the opportunity to throw three of the soldiers into the wall as hard as he could, breaking the seals on their husks and turning them to dust.

The door burst open behind them and Max rushed in sending his shield out using it like a blade, cutting the other two soldiers in half, and they disappeared in a shower of flakes.

Nicholas dropped to the floor and pulled Liz up with him, using her as a shield. He had seen Liz use her powers and pinned her arms to her sides.

The back door burst open and five more Skin soldiers rushed in.

Michael blasted them into the wall and two of them turned to dust but the remaining three regained their feet quickly.

One of the soldiers sent a blast at Michael, missing his head by inches and he dove aside.

Another soldier hit Michael with a burst of power to the chest, that knocked him back into the counter and he fell to the floor with a grunt.

Nicholas took the opportunity to pull Liz through the door and into the back room. “There was no reason for all of this,” he called out. “Khivar simply wanted to offer a deal.”

“We’re not interested in any deals,” Max said, following them closely. “You can tell that to Khivar, if you get out of here alive.” He glanced at Liz and noticed the blood on her face, and was instantly furious. “But don’t think you’re getting out of here with Liz,” he growled. “She’s mine, and I’ll kill every one of you for touching her.”

Nicholas shook his head, slowly backing to the outside door, the remaining soldiers behind him. “I don’t think you’ll risk using your powers with Liz in the way.”

Max smiled cruelly, focusing all of his anger on Nicholas. “You don’t know how good my aim is.”

Michael got to his feet and took aim at Nicholas, but hesitated, fearing he would hit Liz.

Suddenly Nicholas used a burst of power, propelling Liz straight at Max, as he and the three soldiers turned and ran out into the alley.

Max caught Liz’s flying body easily.

Michael rushed out the door after Nicholas and the Skins.

Max put Liz in a booth and knelt before her, taking her head in his hands. Her lip was swollen and bleeding and she had a small gash on her forehead. “Are you okay?”

Liz nodded, but winced in pain. “One of the Skins hit me and then I hit my head on the floor. I’ve got a bit of a headache.”

Max used his powers to search her for injuries. He released a tension-filled breath when he didn’t find anything serious and gently healed her face. When he was sure she was fine, he pulled her into an embrace. “I was so scared when you called me, Liz. I thought I was going to lose you.”

Liz hugged him back. “I was pretty scared myself. I thought Khivar was finally going to get you and Michael.”

“Isabel!” Max suddenly exclaimed. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed her number. After a few rings she answered. “Isabel, are you okay?”

“Of course,” she answered.

Max sighed in relief. “Iz, the Skins attacked us at the Crashdown.”

“Oh my God, Max! Is everyone okay?”

“Yeah,” Max said. “They hurt Liz, but I healed her.”

“They hurt Liz?” Isabel asked. “What did they do?”

“One of the soldiers hit her and knocked her to the floor, and she hit her head. It wasn’t serious, but it easily could have been.”

“What happened to the Skins?” Isabel asked.

“We killed most of them,” Max said, “and Michael is chasing the rest, including Nicholas.”

“Nicholas?” Isabel asked. “What are we going to do Max?”

“I just wanted to see if you were okay,” Max said. “And be careful Isabel. They only said they wanted Michael and me, but they could be after you too. I’ll call everyone and warn them and we’ll figure out what to do.”

Michael came jogging back through the door as Max ended his call. “I got two more of them,” he said between breaths, “but Nicholas got away.”

Max rounded on Michael angrily. “I told you to protect Liz and you let this happen!?!” he growled. “I’m gone for less than ten minutes and you nearly let her get killed!”

Michael shook his head. “I know I let you down, and I’m sorry.” He looked at Liz. “I’m sorry, I should have protected you better.”

Liz stepped between them. “I wasn’t seriously hurt Max, and this isn’t Michael’s fault. It was six against one.”

“No,” Michael said. “Max is right. You can’t defend yourself against aliens. It’s my job to protect you when Max isn’t here. I’m sorry, I’ll do better next time.” He looked at Max over Liz’s head. “I’ll keep her safe, I swear.”

Max nodded and Michael turned to go back into the kitchen.

Liz cried out when she saw the blood on the back of his head. “Michael, you’re hurt.”

Michael shook his head. “It’s just a bump. I hit my head on the counter.”

Max stopped him. “You’re bleeding, Michael.” He placed his hand on Michael’s head searching for injuries. “It’s a slight concussion,” he said healing it easily. “Michael, maybe I was a little hard on you. I was just so angry that Liz got caught in the middle of this mess.”

Michael nodded. “I know.” He turned again and went into the back room.

Liz turned back to Max. “So you asked Michael to protect me?”

Max nodded. “I can’t be with you all the time, and Michael is here when I’m not.” He shook his head. “But I never should have left. It’s my fault this happened. You’re safety is my responsibility.”

Liz shook her head as she leaned into him. “Max, we’ve talked about this before. You can’t protect me all the time.”

“I know,” Max said, gathering her into his arms. “Intellectually, I know that. But I can’t help wanting to keep you safe all time, especially with what happened to my parents. I love you and I don’t want anything to happen to you.”


(Khivar’s House)

Nicholas and the remaining Skin soldier came in the back door.

“The operation was hardly successful,” Khivar said. “We send eleven men out and two return.”

Nicholas shook his head. “Max had left by the time we arrived. We had the upper hand, but Liz used her powers to create a distraction, and then Max came back. We barely escaped with our lives.”

Khivar turned to Isabel. “I thought you said Liz was just beginning to develop powers?”

Isabel nodded. “She has only known she has powers for about three months, but Max has been working with her a lot to help her gain control.”

“Successfully it seems,” Khivar said.

Nicholas continued. “I tried to tell Michael and Max that we were there simply to offer a deal, but neither of them was interested in hearing the proposal. I had to use Liz as a shield to get us out, or Max and Michael would have killed us all.”

“Max said you hurt Liz,” Isabel said. “I told you I didn’t want her involved. Liz has always helped us, even when she didn’t have to. She sacrificed so much for us.” Isabel turned introspective as guilt assailed her. “She’s a good person and she’s my friend.”

“It was an accident,” Nicholas assured her.

Khivar wrapped an arm around Isabel. “I’m sorry it has to be this way my love, but you know Liz won’t be your friend when this is over,” he said softly. “Sacrifices have to be made sometimes, you know that.”

Isabel nodded. “I just…” she trailed off shaking her head. “I know Liz will hate me for betraying Max and Michael. She’ll never understand why I did it.”

Khivar kissed her cheek gently, and pulled back to look into her eyes. “It will all be okay, I promise. We just need to come up with a better plan so we can finally end this.”


(Tuesday - August 7th, 2001)
(The Quarry)

Liz took a seat next to Kyle as Maria threw rocks into the air for Max and Michael to practice their aim.

“So where’s Isabel?” Kyle asked.

Liz glanced at Max, knowing his sister’s absence was making him angry. “Isabel said she had to work.”

Kyle nodded. “She has been pretty…um, unenthusiastic about practice.” He leaned in closer. “I heard Isabel and Max arguing about the practices. She thinks it’s a waste of time.”

Liz nodded, “It is her decision to practice or not. But we are stronger together, and I hope nothing bad happens because she is unprepared.”

“Me too,” Kyle said. “I worry about what is going to happen to all of us now that we know the Skins are here. At least you’ve started to get powers to help defend yourself. I just feel totally helpless. We don’t know if I’ll even get powers, and if I do it probably won’t be for months. Max healed me eight months after he healed you.”

Liz nodded. “So you might get powers five months from now.”

Kyle shook his head. “But you used your powers to save Max in New York. I haven’t had even a hint of anything like that.”

“I didn’t do it alone,” Liz reminded him. “Isabel used her powers to boost mine…” she trailed off as thoughts flashed through her head.

Kyle’s brow creased in concern. “What is it, Liz?”

Liz looked at him. “Um, I was just thinking that my powers might not have come out when they did if Max hadn’t been pushing so much power into me. So maybe your powers could be brought out sooner.”

Kyle shook his head. “Liz, I don’t care how much power it gives me, I’m not having sex with Max.”

They both broke out laughing, drawing the attention of the others, who jogged over to join them.

“Want to share the joke?” Michael asked. “I know I could use a laugh.”

Kyle started to open his mouth, but Liz quickly cut him off. “I just told Kyle that it might be possible to help his powers come out if someone pushed power into him.”

Michael smirked, “Insert your own gay sex joke here.”

Max crouched next to Liz, touching her arm. “But Liz could have a point. Maybe we should try it. If Kyle did develop powers it would come in handy.”

“I could give it a shot,” Michael volunteered. “I’ve wanted to use my powers on certain members of the Roswell High jock squad for years.”

Liz stood up pulling Max with her. “While you guys are doing that, Max and I need to talk.”

Maria nodded. “I’ll stay here and make sure this stays heterosexual.”

Song Playing: Angel by Concrete Blonde

Liz didn’t stop until they were almost half way across the quarry and Max wrapped his arms around her from behind. “What do you want to talk about?” he asked.

“When I had the idea about Kyle’s powers, another thing occurred to me.” She leaned back into him. “Max, have you noticed when we make love and push a lot of power into each other, that we’re not as, um, desperate to make love again later.”

Max’s brow creased briefly and then he nodded. “I think you’re right.”

“And what if there’s a reason for that,” Liz said. “What if we are supposed to push our power into each other? We both felt your power release mine. And the last few times we’ve practiced, you and I both noticed that you were stronger.”

Max nodded agreeing.

Liz continued, “Well, what if there are like levels to our powers that can be unlocked by us joining energy?”

Max nodded. “That’s an interesting possibility.”

Liz felt his desire rise instantly, echoing her own.

Max turned them so his back was to the others, shielding Liz, and leaned down to kiss her neck. “I can’t wait to try it out.” With one arm still around her waist, he pulled her back into him, letting her feel his erection. He kissed her neck again, “Maybe we should try a little now.” He splayed his other hand at the base of her neck and started to push power into her, as he continued to devour her neck.

Liz shuddered in reaction and instantly one of her fantasies popped into her mind before she could stop it.

In their combined minds, Max saw several images of them making love at the quarry. What is that, Liz? he teased.

Max, she gasped, it’s just a fantasy I’ve had since we started coming here to practice. You know, like what if we were with the others but we couldn’t wait to be together?

You mean if I were so hot for you that I couldn’t keep my hands off you? Max asked, brushing her breast.

Liz nodded and drew in a shaky breath. Yes.

Well that could be any day we’re here, Max said, stroking her hardening nub with his thumb. His voice dropped to a growl. Sex outside and in public? Liz you are such a bad girl. He pushed more power into her, as he continued to kiss and nip her neck, making her gasp. And do I get to see the rest of your fantasy?

Liz nodded and loosened her control on the images and they flowed through the connection.

In the fantasy she and Max were practicing with the others. But instead of concentrating on her powers, Liz kept stealing glances at Max. Just looking at his hard, strong body was enough to make her want him. And her desire rose as she watched his muscular arms flex and bulge as he practiced his shield.

Suddenly Max felt her desire through their connection and turned to her with a knowing smile.

Liz blushed, but her feminine core clenched and dampened, knowing Max would soon be inside her.

He came to her and silently clasped her hand, leading her away from the others, who didn’t even notice their departure. Max took her behind some rocks that Liz could barely see over, so they could keep an eye out for unwanted visitors.

Max devoured her lips hungrily before spinning her in his arms and pushing her against the rocks. “Liz I want you so much,” he growled. He freed his rigid cock and pressed his erection against her bottom. He smoothed his hands up her bare legs, exposed by the short skirt she was wearing, pushed her panties aside, and surged inside her waiting heat.

Liz whimpered.

“Shhhhh,” Max whispered into her ear, as he slowly pulled out of her. “We don’t want to give everyone a show.”

Liz nodded, and struggled to keep quiet, but each of Max’s movements drew his shaft across the sensitive spot inside her.

Max slipped one hand under her shirt clasping her breast, as he continued his slow pace inside her. He stroked her hardening nipple through her bra, before pushing the lace aside to expose her breast. His other hand slid up under her skirt and into her panties, to find her clit.

“Max,” Liz gasped. His clever fingers worked their magic while he continued to push inside her. “Yes Max, just like that. You always know what I need.”

Max grinned and kissed her neck, increasing his pace. “That’s what you need, Liz,” he growled. “My hard cock pounding into you.”

Liz gasped again, his dirty talk driving her wild. “Yes Max.” She was quickly building to orgasm, each of Max’s strokes pushing her toward the edge.

He increased his pace again, stroking her clit quickly, as he growled into her ear, “Liz baby, this is so hot. But we’ll have to try it again outside, when I can have you completely naked and loudly moaning your pleasure as I make you come in my arms.”

Max’s words triggered her orgasm and Liz’s body spasmed around him, making him explode into her.

As they watched Liz’s fantasy in their combined minds, Max lightly trailed his hand up and down Liz’s body, pushing more and more power into her. Of course she was fully clothed, but Max’s touch seemed to go right through to her skin. He started at her neck, brushing over one breast, down across her stomach, pausing over her clit before reversing direction. To Liz it felt like Max was caressing every inch of her and she could even feel him inside her as if they were physically making love.

With each pass of his hand Max increased the amount of power, echoing the actions in the fantasy. It was so erotic seeing the fantasy in Liz’s mind and experiencing the feelings of her dream self and her real self as he touched her.

The real Liz was quickly building to orgasm, just as her fantasy counterpart did. And when Max felt that she was on the edge, his hand settled over her clit and he pushed more power into her than he ever had. Liz’s body stiffened and she arched into his hands as her orgasm washed through her. A golden light pulsed out across her skin causing every inch of her to glow, but it didn’t stop at her skin.

The light passed into Max as Liz’s feelings of pleasure washed through him from their bond. It felt like Liz’s small hands were touching him everywhere at once, stimulating every nerve, and her pleasure pushed him over the edge. With a groan, his body tightened and he exploded.

He held Liz tightly to him and lowered them to the ground. “That was different.”

Liz turned in his arms, nodding, and brown eyes ringed with a golden glow, met amber eyes that were ringed by a blue glow. She reached up to touch his face. “Different, but very good.”

Max kissed her. “I think you were right about our powers. It was like your power was looking for me.”

Liz nodded. “We’re definitely going to have to do some experiments with this.”

“A lot of experiments,” Max said and then took her lips in another kiss.

Liz trailed her hand down Max’s arm pushing just enough power into him to cause a blue glow. “What do you think the colors mean?” she asked softly. “Maybe they are a visual representation of our power. I’m gold and you’re blue.” She shook her head. “But that can’t be right, because your shield is green.”

Max smiled and kissed her forehead. Liz, ever the scientist. “I think it’s more basic than that,” he said. “It is a representation of our energy but it’s our life energy, our auras.”

“Our souls,” Liz said softly, meeting his eyes.

Max nodded agreeing. “Yeah, it’s the energy of our souls.” He touched her face gently, almost reverently as their eyes held. Suddenly the corners of his mouth lifted. “And you’re right about something else too.”

“What’s that?” Liz asked.

Max smiled. “We are definitely going to have to try outdoor sex where I can have you naked and moaning my name.”


(Evans’ House)

Max poured the laundry detergent into the washing machine and reached to close the lid when suddenly his vision blurred. He gripped the sides of the washer, feeling dizzy.

The familiar feeling of his son’s fear washed over him but this time it was more intense, almost paralyzing. Tears pricked Max’s eyes and he slumped to the floor. It literally made him nauseous knowing how afraid his son was, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Pain was the next sensation that ripped through Max. There were muffled sounds of talking in the background and he thought he heard the cries of a child. Khivar was torturing his son, Max was sure of it.

He cried out with rage and suddenly someone was shaking him.

“Max are you okay?” Isabel asked.

Max’s vision cleared as the connection suddenly ended and he focused on his sister. “Isabel?”

“You’re sitting on the floor screaming, Max. What’s going on?”

He shook his head. “I had another vision from my son,” Max said wiping at his eyes. “Khivar is hurting him Iz. I just feel so helpless.”

Isabel helped him to his feet. “I’m sorry Max, I know how worried you are about him.”

Max sighed. “Thanks Iz. I think I’ll just try to get some sleep.”

Isabel watched as her brother left the room and a smile lifted the corners of her mouth. Khivar had told her that he had ordered Tess to send Max the visions of his son. It was just one more thing to build the pressure on Max and keep him off guard. And it was like Khivar had said, they would take any advantage they could get.

And it appeared that Tess was doing her job well. The dreams were driving Max crazy. And it almost made Isabel like Tess.




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