Soaring With Angels - Part 9




(Wednesday - August 8th, 2001)
(The Pod Chamber)

Song Playing: Angels by Robbie Williams

Max led Liz into the pod chamber and sealed the door behind them. “I thought we should be somewhere safe the first time we try this. You know, just in case something weird happens.”

Liz looked at him with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

“Okay,” Max said, “in case something really weird happens.”

Liz reached for him, devouring his lips.

Max kissed her, but pulled back after a moment. “We proved yesterday that we can do this power exchange without having actual sex at the same time.”

Liz nodded, pressing her body against him. “Yeah, but I really think we should.”

“You do?” Max asked in mock seriousness, taking her head in his hands.

“Yes,” Liz teased, reaching for the buttons on his shirt. “I mean, in the interests of science, we should find out what will happen.”

Max kissed her neck. “Well, in the interests of science.” He kissed her neck again, moving up to her ear. “And I really need to be inside you,” he whispered.

Liz pushed his shirt down his arms and Max let it fall to the floor. He paused in devouring her neck to pull her shirt over her head. His hands automatically went to her breasts as he bent to capture her lips. He flicked her nipples through the satiny fabric of her bra before reaching behind her to undo the fastening. Liz let the bra fall to the floor and Max kissed a line down her neck to take a breast into his mouth.

Liz gasped as Max’s soft mouth touched her sensitive flesh. His tongue circled her areola, moving ever closer to her aching nub. Suddenly Max took her other breast in his hand and brushed the hard nipple with his thumb, pushing power into her. Liz arched into him, grasping his head and finally Max laved her nub.

Liz whimpered and Max quickly switched sides, giving the other breast the same attention. He reached down, unfastening Liz’s shorts and pushed them down her legs, along with her panties. As he took possession of her lips again, he smoothed his hands up her naked legs and grasped her soft bottom lifting her off the floor.

Max walked them backward and placed Liz on the bed, then removed the rest of his clothes. Liz’s eyes devoured him and he could feel her desire through their bond, and it made his already hard cock, stiffen painfully.

He climbed on the bed, moving over Liz’s body and kissed her hard. He pushed a knee between her legs, causing her to open them and he settled himself over her, pressing his aching cock against her heated core. Liz’s small hands wandered over his back, pulling him closer. She wanted him inside her badly, but he intended to draw out her pleasure.

Max kissed a trail down her neck. Once again he took her breast in his mouth, gently sucking and nipping, and Liz arched up into him grinding her wet center against his arousal. Finally he left her breast and he slowly kissed a trail down her flat abdomen.

Liz held her breath as Max went lower, wanting nothing more than to have his mouth on her throbbing slit. But Max passed over the center of her desire and instead kissed a line down her sensitive thigh and calf.

Max trailed his hands down Liz’s body, pushing power into her, following where his lips had gone. His hands smoothed over her breasts, down her stomach, caressing one leg and then the other. He kissed the bottom of each foot before he returned to her legs, kissing a trail up her inner thigh back to her now soaking center.

Max slid his hands up Liz’s legs, parting them farther, opening her to him. He caressed the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, pushing power into her, as his mouth agonizingly slowly approached her aching slit.

Liz could feel his hot breath on her lower lips and she spread her legs even farther, urging him to touch her, but at the last moment Max turned aside and kissed her thigh.

He continued to tease her with his kisses and caresses getting ever closer to her center and Liz started to thrash beneath him. Then he surprised her by brushing his finger through her wet folds, stroking her clit gently before replacing his fingers with his mouth.

Liz gasped as his tongue gently separated her folds caressing her aching slit, and when he dipped his tongue into her center, she arched off the bed into him.

Max reached up with both hands and took possession of her breasts. He used his thumbs with a feather’s touch to circle her areolas, pushing more power into her, as his tongue continued to flick across her lower lips.

Liz could feel the sensations building within her with each of Max’s strokes, and she couldn’t contain her moans of pleasure.

Max’s thumbs brushed across her nipples as his tongue found her clit and Liz nearly arched off the bed. She felt like she had a live wire attached to her, and the throbbing in her aching slit kept time with her wilding racing heart.

Sensitive to her reactions, Max continued to graze her nipples while lashing her clit with his tongue, and he felt Liz quickly building toward an orgasm.

“Max,” Liz gasped. She felt if she didn’t have relief soon, she would go insane, and she reached down grasping at Max’s head.

Max could feel her need through the connection and he released her breasts. With one hand he unsheathed her clit to give himself better access. Using a quick swirling motion, he slid his tongue over her nub and sucked it into his mouth, gently grazing it with his teeth before releasing it. He repeated the action several times and Liz moans grew ever louder, driving him wild. Max continued to lash at her clit, his pace ever increasing, and he used his free hand to trace her sensitive lower lips.

Liz writhed beneath him, her gasps of pleasure echoing his tempo, faster and faster. “Max,” she gasped, crying out for release. “Max.”

Max smiled and plunged his tongue deep inside her, as his fingers brushed her clit, pushing power into her, and she came flying apart.

“Max,” she whimpered. Her thighs clamped on his head as she rode out the sensations. Liz had never felt anything so powerful, her whole body spasming with pleasure. She was aware that Max’s tongue was still buried within her, and as her velvety walls continued to clench around him, Max’s nimble fingers gently brushed her clit, pushing even more power into her.

At first Liz though it felt relaxing, having Max stroke her, but suddenly she was aroused again.

When Max felt Liz’s body tighten with desire again, he withdrew his tongue. Liz moaned in disappointment, but he slid two long fingers inside her soaking core. He pulled them out almost all the way and then very slowly slid them inside her, pushing power into his fingers as they went deep within.

Liz moaned and writhed beneath him, frustrated by his slow pace. Max had never used power inside her before and it made her incredibly sensitive. She could feel another orgasm building, but suddenly his fingers brushed the sensitive spot within her, and the power pulsing through his fingers almost caused her to jump off the bed at the unexpected pleasure.

Max smiled wider and concentrated on her sensitive spot, brushing over it again and again, slowly building his speed and the amount of power he was pushing into her. And he laved her clit with his tongue, echoing the ever-increasing speed of his fingers within her.

He pumped his fingers into her faster and faster, increasing the pressure on her clit with each stroke of his tongue, and more quickly than he would have thought possible, Liz was on the precipice again. Her gasps of pleasure came quicker, and with a few final strokes Max replaced his tongue on her clit with his hand. He sent an incredible amount of power into her clit while doing the same to the sensitive spot inside her, and Liz came with a scream.

He left his fingers inside her, until her spasms calmed, and then slowly withdrew them. He raised them to his nose, inhaling her smoky scent, his eyes burning with need.

And Liz felt the same way. After two powerful orgasms she should be satisfied, but she still had an ache deep within her core that was begging to be filled. She sat up and pulled Max to her, devouring his lips in a hungry kiss, as her hands roamed across his magnificent chest. She pushed power into him, caressed her way down his huge arms squeezing the bulging muscles before returning to his chest. She slid her palms over his pecs, a blue glow following her touch, and paused to brush her thumbs over his nipples. Then she continued down across his six-pack abs, reaching lower to grasp his rock-hard shaft.

Liz broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, as she gently squeezed him in her hand. “I need you inside me.”

Max nodded and cupped her face taking her lips in another kiss as he laid her back on the bed. Once again he nestled between her legs, that were spread wide for him, but he didn’t enter her. As he deepened the kiss, he rubbed their lower bodies together, sliding his cock through the wetness of her folds. He brushed against her aching core up to the oversensitized nub of her clit and back again, over and over.

Liz arched up into him, straining to get closer. She opened her legs wider and slid her hands down his back grasping his ass, attempting to coax him to complete the connection. Her throbbing slit was aching for him and she started to pump against him.

Finally Liz broke their kiss. “Max. Max, please,” she gasped. “I need you so much.”

Max smiled and slid down her again, this time directing his cock toward her soaking opening. He pushed just the tip of himself inside, and so agonizingly slowly, inched the long length of him into her slick passage.

Liz moaned at the sensation of finally being filled, Max’s large cock stretching her inner walls deliciously.

He withdrew from her almost all the way and then very slowly pushed himself back in. Liz was so hot and wet surrounding him that Max had to work not to explode.

Liz could feel every inch of him as Max continued to torture her with the achingly slow pace. Her desire was rising with his every stroke, but it wasn’t enough.

Max could feel Liz’s desperation with each stroke. Again he pulled out of her, and then with a thrust of his hips, plunged the entire length of himself hard within her.

Liz moaned with pleasure and Max increased his pace, pounding into her faster and harder. She wrapped her legs around him, changing the angle of his penetration and he felt her come again hard, her whole body spasming with the release.

But Max didn’t stop. He continued to pound into her, the hard length of him stroking her inner walls, and he could feel through the connection that Liz was quickly caught up in desire again. Harder, deeper, faster, he thrust and she angled her hips up to meet him.

Max pressed his hand over her clit and pushed a huge amount of power into her and Liz came again, spasming around the hard length of him buried inside her.

Max paused in his rhythm as her velvety walls clenched around his shaft, groaning with the effort not to come. But he only gave her a moment to recover before he slid almost all the out of her soaked passage and then surged into her again.

Liz gasped with pleasure, each orgasm making her even more sensitive, and after only a few more of Max’s powerful thrusts she was close to release again.

Max’s glorious length brushed the sensitive spot inside her and Liz cried out as he stroked it again and again. Her head thrashed wildly and she thought she would go insane, the intensity of her desire building to an impossible point.

“Max,” she gasped urgently. “Max!” She reached down and grasped his pistoning ass, urging him to increase his pace even more.

Max instantly obeyed Liz’s request. He grasped her hips, raising them to meet his frenzied trusts. He plunged into her faster and harder, slamming their lower bodies together almost painfully.

A sheen of sweat covered both their bodies and Max’s thrusts grew more insistent, strained, and Liz knew he was close. She grasped at his back desperately, pushing a steady stream of power into him.

He brushed her lips with his, and held her eyes. “Come for me Liz,” he whispered. “Come for me baby.”

He reached between them and rubbed her sensitive clit in circles. With each thrust into her, he increased the pressure on her nub and pushed more energy into her. Every inch of Liz’s body glowed with the soft golden light, and as she got closer to orgasm the intensity of the light increased.

Liz continued to push power into Max too and watched amazed as the soft blue glow spread throughout him. But with only a few more of Max’s powerful thrusts, she flew over the edge, screaming his name.

Liz’s thighs clamped tightly on Max’s hips as her inner walls spasmed rhythmically around his cock. “Liiiiiiz!” he cried out, as his powerful release took him and he collapsed onto her.

Their orgasm was powerful, more intense than anything they had experienced before, and through their connected minds they could both experience what the other was feeling. Electric sensations washed through their bodies and they felt like they were floating, anchored only to each other.

It was like nothing in the world existed but them, and they clasped in a tight embrace. Their thoughts and emotions flowed between them uncensored and they had never felt so close.

They both felt the change that happened in Liz’s body and mind when the orgasm ripped through them. And thoughts flew through their connected minds wondering what it might mean to their future.

Power continued to surge through their bodies, passing between them through the physical contact, mingling together. Time had no meaning and they were content to bask in their love for one another.

But gradually the power started to lessen. The light flowing through their bodies subsided with the energy, and they slowly floated back to reality. The sensations of their release slowed and were replaced with a deep languor.

Max caressed Liz’s face, but she was the first to break the silence. “That was incredible.”

Max looked into her still glowing eyes and grinned. “I love you, Liz.”

Liz reached up to touch his face. “I love you too, Max.”

Max pulled out of Liz and was surprised to find himself completely soft. He glanced at his watch and gasped in surprised. “Liz we’ve been here for more than three hours.”

Suddenly a rush of energy went through Liz and the world around her darkened. She was deluged with images, but there were so many that she could only recognize a few. Liz saw a ruined city, smoldering rubble, and there was fear and hatred all around her. She looked down at her hands and they were covered with blood. But she knew it wasn’t a prophecy or vision of things to come. She was witnessing the past, Max’s past life, accessing the dreams he’d been having.

Liz tried to see more, to understand what was happening but other images crowded into her mind. And these were images of the future, she was sure of it. She saw Nicholas and Tess and another man she assumed was Khivar. Then there was the sound of weeping and screaming and a profound sense of loss.

When Liz didn’t answer him, Max’s eyes went to her face. Liz’s body was rigid and she gasped for air. Max automatically reached for her. “Liz!”

But just as suddenly as it started, it was over, and Liz turned wide eyes to him. “Max, I had a vision.”


(Michael’s Apartment)

Michael opened the door to Max and Liz. “You’re like an hour late to your own meeting.”

“Sorry,” Max said, looking around the room at the gathered friends; Maria, Kyle, Michael and Isabel. “There was an unavoidable delay.”

“Eeewww,” Isabel said. “This is some creepy sex thing again, isn’t it?”

Max shook his head. “It looks like Liz is developing a new power. She had a vision.”

“What was it about?” Isabel gasped.

Max turned to Liz, motioning for her to continue.

“I saw the dream Max has been having of his past life,” Liz said.

“Well that’s not a vision,” Isabel said. “You could have just seen that in his head.”

Liz nodded. “You’re right, but then I saw Nicholas and Tess with another man I think was Khivar.”

Michael nodded, “Well we know they’re working together, so what?”

Liz shook her head. “You don’t understand. It was the future, I’m sure of it. Nicholas was with Tess and Khivar, on Earth. So either they’re here now or they soon will be.”

“Holy crap!” Kyle exclaimed. “What else did you see?”

“Nothing,” Liz said. “I couldn’t see anything else.”

“Well you’ve got to try again,” Kyle said.

“Try what?” Liz asked. “I don’t know how to make a vision manifest.”

“Is this like before?” Michael asked Max. “When Liz was having visions because you two were…” Maria smacked him across the chest causing him to trail off.

“Yeah,” Kyle said to Liz. “Have sex with Max again and maybe you’ll see more.”

“No!” Max growled, suddenly angry. He couldn’t believe that their friends were so casually discussing his and Liz’s sex life. To Max and Liz, sex was a beautiful expression of their love, but to their friends it was simply a way to gather information, and the butt of their jokes.

“We weren’t having sex when Liz got the vision,” Max said angrily, “and we’re not going fishing for information that way again. You should all have more respect for Liz than that.”

“I agree,” Isabel said. “I didn’t like it the first time, and now that Liz is a friend, I say no way.”

“I’m sorry Liz,” Kyle said. “Sometimes my mouth isn’t attached to my brain.”

Michael bowed his head. “Yeah, I’m sorry too. I didn’t mean…” he trailed off.

“It’s okay,” Liz said.

Max wrapped his arm around her, pulling her into his side. “Let’s get to the real reason for this meeting which is Kyle’s powers.”

Michael nodded, glad for the subject change. “Yeah, I put a lot of power into Kyle yesterday and today, but I didn’t feel any power coming from him.”

“Maybe Kyle won’t get powers,” Isabel said. “We don’t even know if he will.” She turned to Max and Liz, “And like I was telling them before you got here, when Liz and I connected to save Max in New York, I could feel the power in Liz. There wasn’t a lot, but it was there. So if Michael doesn’t feel any power in Kyle, maybe he isn’t getting any.”

Max shook his head. “It’s only been two days yet. If Michael and Kyle don’t mind, I think they should keep trying.”


(Khivar’s House)

Isabel entered the house without knocking and wasn’t surprised to see Nicholas and Khivar deep in conversation.

Khivar rose to greet her with a kiss, taking her into her arms. “Find out anything interesting at practice?”

“We’ve got a problem,” Isabel said. “Liz had a vision about you and Nicholas and Tess. She didn’t see anything really, just that you were all on Earth.”

“Since when has Liz gotten visions?” Khivar asked.

Isabel shook her head. “She had a few about the crash when she and Max first got together. Kissing him seemed to trigger the visions and they led her to a communications orb that was buried in the desert. But she hasn’t gotten any that I know of since then.”

“Until today,” Khivar mused.

Isabel nodded. “Liz got this idea that when Max pushed energy into her it increased her powers. And it looks like she was right.”

Khivar’s brow creased in consideration. ”We should try the same thing on you. I thought your powers just had to emerge naturally, but if we can speed up the process, it would definitely be to our advantage.”

Isabel nodded again. “Liz also suggested that they try pushing energy into Kyle, hoping to bring his powers out early. I tried to talk them out of it, but Max is determined to keep doing it. I think I should stick close to them so I can find out what is going on. Maybe I should volunteer to help Kyle and then I can keep track of his progress. It would be really bad timing if he developed powers too.”

Khivar shook his head, holding her tightly. “No Isabel, it’s too dangerous. I want you to stay away from them. If Liz sees that you are colluding with us, Max will probably kill you.” He shook his head again, stroking his thumb down her cheek. “We waited so long to be together and I don’t think I would survive losing you again.”

Isabel smiled and hugged him fiercely. “You won’t lose me. But I just want this over.”

Khivar sighed and spoke softly. “We need to step up our plan, before Liz can get any more visions.”

Nicholas spoke up. “We have over a hundred troops. Why don’t we just throw everything we have at Max? He and Michael can’t possibly defeat that many.”

“Don’t be so sure,” Khivar said. “Max is the most powerful ruler that Antar ever had. And he may not have full access to his powers yet, but he is growing more powerful every day.” He shook his head. “I don’t want to risk a full-out attack yet. We’ll try another approach first. I have an idea that will lead Max right to us. We just have to wait for the right opportunity.”


(Evans’ House)

Max sat at the kitchen table and stared at the TV screen, but he wasn’t watching the show. He’d been thinking about the night he’d spent with Tess.

He had assumed that the sensations he’d experienced with her were because she was a hybrid. But that couldn’t be the reason because through the connection earlier Max had sensed that Liz’s transformation was complete. She was a hybrid now too.

So the only explanation for the similarity in his experiences with Liz and Tess had to be the power. But Tess hadn’t made his skin glow, so she must have been pushing power into him, or using power on him for another reason.

And there was another difference too. He had also felt totally rejuvenated after he’d been with Liz. He’d felt powerful, like he could take on the world. But it hadn’t been like that with Tess. After being with her he’d been exhausted, like he’d run a marathon. He’d been so exhausted that he’d fallen asleep with her.

Maybe Tess had manipulated his emotions again, Max mused, or maybe she had used her powers to enhance his sexual experience, or maybe the whole thing had been a mind warp.

Max shook his head. He didn’t think that could be true. That night they had created a child, and Max had felt his son trying to contact him. There was no way all of that could have been a mind warp. Could it?

He was so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice his fingers tapping on the table.


(Parker House – Liz’s Balcony)

Maria climbed through Liz’s window and threw herself down onto the lounger with Liz. “Not out with Max tonight?” she asked with a knowing smile.

“No,” Liz answered with a smile. Maria knew how much she and Max had been making love and Liz had told her about her idea to share power.

“So that idea of yours must have worked?” Maria asked. “I mean you were an hour late to the meeting.”

Liz smiled at Maria’s not so subtle hints. “Yes, Max and I made love and pushed power into each other.”

“And?” Maria prompted.

“It was incredible,” Liz said dreamily. “It’s like our orgasm lasted two hours.”

“Wait a minute,” Maria broke in, “a two hour orgasm?”

“But we didn’t even know it at the time,” Liz said. “It only seemed like maybe fifteen or twenty minutes had passed. Our minds were connected and we were floating together while these electric sensations flowed through us. It’s like we were drunk on the power.”

“So you had this uber-orgasm and then you get a vision?” Maria asked.

“It was because of the power,” Liz said. “Both Max and I felt me change.”

“But aren’t these changes scaring you?” Maria asked. “I mean, we don’t even know what you’re changing into.”

Liz shook her head. “It’s not like that Maria.” She tried putting it in terms Maria might understand. “It’s kind of like the difference I felt in myself after Max and I first made love. I have this new awareness and understanding, I see things from a totally different point of view. My mind is opening, expanding to accept the power. And it doesn’t scare me, I’m just becoming more like Max.”


(Thursday - August 9th, 2001)

Enemies came at Max from all sides.

He stood his ground and raised an arm to throw the first group back, and with the other outstretched hand, slammed his shield into the others. Max had a blaster on his hip but he reached for his sword on the other side. With a roar he leapt toward the fallen men, killing three of them with a single slash.

Another enemy soldier rushed him and Max thrust the sword through his body, throwing him aside.

Shots rang out down the hall and Max could hear shouts and screams and the sounds of battle. They were under attack. The rebels were attacking the palace.

Two of the soldiers climbed to their feet, drawing Max’s attention, and whipping the sword through the air Max decapitated the first. But the second soldier threw himself aside and aimed a blaster at Max, rapidly firing several shots.

Max threw his shield up but he wasn’t fast enough, and the first shot grazed his arm sending a searing pain through him.

With a gasp Max awoke, automatically grabbing his arm. The pain was still fresh in his mind and he was somewhat surprised to find his flesh whole. He leaned back and took deep breaths to calm his racing heart as the images of his dream continued to flash through his head.

Max realized that his dreams were becoming clearer since Liz had started pushing power into him. She was certainly right. Combining their power was opening all kinds of doors, including helping him see his past. He didn’t even have to try any more to retrieve the memories, they were coming to him practically every night in his dreams, whether he wanted them or not.

But it was more than just Liz’s power that was triggering his. It was as if every violent act that was committed against him, every time he was enraged, brought his latent power to the surface. And the power and the anger were not only awakening his memories, but his alien side too.


(Saturday - August 11th, 2001)
(Crashdown Café)

Liz met Max at the front door with a kiss.

Max flicked his eyes over her, noting that she had already changed out of her uniform. “You ready to go? The movie starts in twenty minutes.”

Liz nodded. “I have to take out the last of the trash. I’ll just be a sec.”

Max pulled her to him. “Then we have a little time,” he said taking her lips for a longer kiss.

Liz leaned into him for a moment deepening the kiss, before pulling back with a smile. “If we don’t stop now, we’ll be late.”

Max smiled. “I think I could live with being late.”

Liz giggled feeling his desire through the connection. “Max!” she said exasperatedly.

Max’s smile widened, “What about after the movie?”

Liz smiled and raised an eyebrow. “Well, if you’re good…”

Max reached between them, stroking her breast as he held her eyes. “I’m always good,” he purred.

“Max,” Liz gasped as her desire instantly rose to meet his. “My parents are home.”

He pulled her closer, letting her feel his erection. “Then let’s go back to my house.”

Liz nodded, the movie forgotten, her only thought was having Max inside her. “Okay,” she gasped. “I’ll just finish up and then we can go.”

Max leaned into her. “Hurry,” he growled.

Liz nodded and he reluctantly released her. She backed to the kitchen door still holding his eyes that seemed to burn with need. A matching shiver of desire racked her body and she hurried into the back room.

She pushed the back door open into the alley and lugged the bags of trash to the dumpster. Tossing them inside she turned to go back to Max, but stopped as she heard someone call her name.


She turned toward the sound, just in time to see a metal garbage can flying through the air at her, inches from her face. Liz barely had time to raise an arm as it hit her hard, knocking her unconscious.


Max felt Liz’s fear through the connection and rushed through the back room, calling out, “Liz!”

He burst through the door and into the alley, barely registering that Liz was lying on the ground before he was lifted off his feet and slammed into the wall. Then everything went black.


A stinging sensation across his face caused Max to come to suddenly. With a jerk of his head, he tried to sit up but couldn’t. He was strapped to a table, his arms and hands secured so he couldn’t use his powers.

Glancing around groggily, Max could see that he was in a warehouse of some kind. He shook his head trying to clear it, to remember what happened, and was rewarded with another slap.

“Wake up!” barked a voice with a distinctively New York accent.

Max’s eyes focused on Rath and instantly he was awake. “What happened?”

“I’m finally taking you down, duke,” Rath said. He picked up a large knife from a table, showing it to Max. “But I’m gonna fuck you up first.”

Max ignored him. “Where is Liz? Is she okay?”

Rath motioned to the side. “Right over there, duke.”

Max followed the direction of Rath’s gaze to where Liz was laying facedown on the floor, unconscious. He could see that her right arm was folded under her at an unnatural angle and one side of her face was bruised and bloody, her eye swollen shut.

“What did you do to her?” Max gasped.

“She’s a little fucked up, but it’s nothing too serious, I don’t think,” Rath said. He smirked, leaning closer to Max’s face. “When she comes to, I thought I’d use her for a little entertainment. I wanted that sweet cunt the first time I saw her.”

Max threw himself against his bonds, instantly enraged. “Don’t you touch her!” he growled.

Rath smiled as Max struggled. “So many times I’ve thought about jamming my prick into that tight, hot pussy.”

“I’ll kill you!” Max roared, struggling furiously.

“I don’t know duke,” Rath continued, “she’s so small. Do you think if I fucked her hard enough she’d just rip in two?”



Blinding pain was Liz’s first sensation. She was aware that she was laying on a hard, cool surface, and she could hear muffled voices. It seemed like there were two people speaking but she couldn’t make out any words, it was just a dull murmuring sound.

Liz attempted to open her eyes but only one obeyed her. She was lying on a concrete floor but she couldn’t remember what had happened, and from her position she couldn’t really see anything.

The voices continued, one calm but the other was growing louder, shouting, and suddenly some of the words started to make sense.

“…so small. Mmm mmf think if I fucked mfmm mmff enough she’d just rip m fmm?”

Liz attempted to raise her head, but groaned with the sudden stab of pain.


Max and Rath looked to Liz when she groaned.

With a smile Rath put down the knife and walked over to her. She was moving slightly and he grasped her around the waist dragging her up.

Liz cried out as a stabbing pain went through her stomach, and her broken arm brushed across the floor. She nearly passed out, but stubbornly fought to stay awake.

Rath held her against him with one hand around her waist while he focused on Max. “She’s a bit banged up, but that won’t make fucking her any less fun.” He smiled and used his free hand to grab her breast squeezing it hard as he pumped his groin against her, mimicking sex. “I’ll do her right here so you can watch, duke.”

Liz shivered with fear and revulsion as Rath touched her. With her one good eye Liz could see that Max was strapped to a table and she met his eyes and held them. Max’s rage was evident as he struggled against his bonds, Rath’s taunts driving him crazy. They both knew Rath meant every word. Without a second thought he would rape her, and kill them both.

Liz knew she was their only chance. She was pretty sure that Rath didn’t know she had powers, and while there was no way she could take him on, she could release Max. She tried to raise her left hand to undo Max’s bonds, but then Rath jerked her again and she cried out with the pain.

“She’s into it already,” Rath taunted Max. “I bet you never gave it to her good and hard. I’ll have her screaming my name and begging for more.” He yanked at her shirt popping the buttons off.

A fresh stab of fear assailed Liz and she started to struggle against him. “No!”

Rath gripped her tighter and leaned down to kiss her neck. “That’s it baby, fight me. It makes it so much more fun.” He looked to Max as he pulled her shirt down revealing her bra and a large bruise covering her collarbone. “I knew she’d be a feisty one.”

Max surged forward with all his strength. “You bastard!”

Rath laughed.

Raising her left arm again, Liz focused her powers on Max’s bonds. But suddenly Rath yanked at her shirt attempting to pull it off her injured right arm.

Liz screamed. For a moment the pain was unbelievably intense, and then everything went black as she passed out.

As Liz’s body sagged in his arms, Rath met Max’s thunderous gaze with a grin. “Look’s like I was too rough with her already.” With a long stroke of his tongue Rath licked her cheek and then released her, letting her fall to the floor. “I’ll just have something to look forward to later.”

Max’s rage grew with every moment watching Rath touch Liz, but he couldn’t do anything to save either of them with his hands bound.

Rath swaggered over to him again and picked up the knife, running his thumb across the edge. “I guess it’s just you and me for now, duke.” He slashed a few small shallow cuts across Max’s chest, taunting him. “Who’s the man now, bitch?”

Max started to have flashbacks of his time in the white room as Rath continued to cut him, but he pushed them aside. He honestly didn’t care what Rath did to him, but he was driving himself crazy thinking about what Rath might do to Liz. He had never felt so helpless in his life, and as his frustration grew so did his rage. Max could feel his power building within as it never had before, but with his hands bound it had no outlet.

Rath continued to cut him, deeper and deeper, until Max’s chest was criss-crossed with wounds and blood was soaking the front of his shirt. “I’m running out of room here, duke,” Rath said.

“Where should I start cutting next?” he taunted, moving the knife over Max’s body. He feigned a slash at Max’s face. “Here?” He moved the knife down over Max’s crotch. “Or should I just cut to the chase and make sure you’re not the man.” He chuckled. “But what fun would that be? It would be over too fast.”

Suddenly Rath plunged the knife into Max’s side just below his ribs, and Max roared in pain.

More than anything Max wanted to kill Rath. For all of the pain and suffering he had caused them, for killing his parents, for touching Liz, Max wanted to watch Rath die slowly. And suddenly he felt a barrier within his mind give way.


Max’s roar of pain brought Liz to her senses again, his pain and frustration slamming into her mind through their connection. She was lying on her side and slowly turned her head, careful to keep quiet, until she could see Max.

Rath was standing over him, a large bloody knife in his hand and suddenly Liz was desperately afraid that Max was already dead. She automatically reached through the connection, and just as she touched Max’s mind, a surge of power rushed through them both.

Liz saw Max’s shield explode outward carrying Rath’s body with it, slamming him against the wall. Rath’s head hit hard and he slumped unconscious to the ground.

Painfully reaching out with her left hand, Liz focused her powers to release Max’s shackles, but she was surprised to see that they were already open. Max had somehow used his powers without his hands. He was surprised too, Liz could feel that through their bond, but she could also feel the rage rushing through him.

Max stumbled off the table, his knees nearly going out from under him, and extended his arm toward Rath. With a twist of his hand he lifted Rath’s limp body through the air and slammed him down onto the table, locking him down securely.

Only then did Max turn to Liz. He rushed over, falling to his knees before her. “Liz, it’s okay,” he said softly, wincing as he sensed her pain. Careful not to touch her broken body, Max passed his healing hands over her, searching for injuries. He could see her bloody and swollen face and the angry bruise above her collarbone, and his examination also revealed two fractured ribs that were causing some internal bleeding. Her collarbone was broken, her right arm was shattered in several places, and she had a slight concussion. Max concentrated on her, pushing his power into her body, carefully mending every fracture, every tissue.

Then he gently took her head in his hands and soothed away the bruising, cuts and swelling, allowing her to open her other eye.

Exhausted, Max slumped forward, breathing hard, and Liz stiffly pulled herself up.

She reached out to his bloody chest. “Max you’re bleeding! He cut you!”

He shook his head, pulling her into his arms. “It’s nothing. I need to build up my strength a little and then I’ll fix it. I’ll take the rest of your pain away too.”

“Oh Max,” Liz sobbed, the gravity of the situation finally catching up with her. “I was so scared and I almost lost you.”

Max held her tighter. “Never. You’ll never lose me. And I’ll make sure that nothing ever happens to you again.”

Liz shivered in his arms. “What about Rath?”

Max pulled back to look into her eyes. “He’ll never hurt you or anyone else again,” he said softly, as he stroked her hair. “I’ll take care of him.”

Liz suddenly felt sleepy, hardly able to keep her eyes open. “What are you going to do?”

Max continued to stroke her hair, lulling her to sleep with his powers. “I don’t want you to worry about that.” He placed a kiss on her forehead. “Just rest for a while and when you wake up everything will be okay.”

“But Max…” Liz protested, but she didn’t finish her sentence. Her heavy lids closed and she drifted to sleep.


Max made sure that Liz was sleeping peacefully before he turned his attention back to Rath. He was exhausted from healing Liz and he was still bleeding from his own wounds but he had to deal with Rath.

His gaze burned over Michael’s dupe. They had been so lucky. Liz had been moments from being raped by that animal and Max still didn’t know how he had used his powers to save them. All he remembered was the blinding rage at the thought of Rath touching her again and suddenly his powers had burst from him.

Max remembered every one of Rath’s threats concerning Liz, and his rage rose with every moment. And as his rage intensified, Max felt his strength returning. But it didn’t stop there. Max felt power filling him, spilling out along every inch of his skin as if his body weren’t big enough to contain it. But the power was his. Max could tell that the energy was there within him all along and his anger had helped him summon it.

Without even looking, Max knew that his wounds had been healed by the power surging through him and he turned rage-filled eyes to their enemy.

Max struck Rath across the face hard, pushing a shock of power into him.

Rath moaned but remained unconscious.

Max placed a hand on his head. Rath had a bad concussion from striking the wall and Max could tell that he wouldn’t awaken for hours. But Max wanted his revenge now, and healed just enough of Rath’s injury to keep him conscious.

Again Max struck Rath, and this time he came awake.

Max loomed over him, letting Rath see the change in their positions. Making Rath realize that now he was in charge.

Rath shook his head disbelievingly. “You used your powers with your hands tied down. How is that possible?”

Max smiled. “I’m the man. Don’t ever forget it.”

“Yeah, boy scout?” Rath taunted. “What are you going to do? Kill me?”

Max shook his head. “You tried to kill me I don’t know how many times, and you killed my parents. For those reasons alone I would kill you.” He leaned in closer, growling, “But you touched Liz. For that I am going to kill you slowly, cut you into pieces, and enjoy every minute of it.”

He held up the knife so Rath could see it. “You see, there are some advantages to being a healer.” With a quick jerk of the knife, Max slashed Rath across the chest. “I know every organ, every artery inside you.” With another deeper slash, Max cut Rath’s face. “I know exactly where, and how deep I can cut you, and exactly how long each injury will take to kill you.”

Max saw genuine fear in Rath’s eyes and smiled. “Liz is mine,” he said thrusting the knife deep into Rath’s stomach, burying it to the hilt. “She is good and clean and you dared to touch her, you dared to defile her.” He jerked the knife up, cutting through Rath’s skin, widening the wound.

Rath roared with pain and Max’s smile widened.


When Liz awoke she found herself in her own bed, and for a moment she wondered if any of it had happened. But Max’s warm body spooning hers, while his arms were wrapped protectively around her were proof that it was real. He obviously hadn’t wanted to leave her alone and she was glad he was there. Max’s presence made her feel safe.

Liz moved experimentally waiting for the pain but discovered that Max had indeed taken it all away. And as she stirred Max’s arms tightened around her, but she could tell he was still asleep.

She carefully turned toward him. Max’s shirt was whole and free of blood, but she pulled it up checking for injuries, and sighed in relief when she didn’t find any. She knew healing her had exhausted Max and she also knew he would wait to heal himself until he was satisfied she was okay.

With a sigh Liz laid her head against Max’s chest, inhaling his familiar scent. She had come so close to losing him and shivered with delayed reaction as a few tears escaped her eyes.

It was still dark outside and Liz had no idea what time it was. She knew she should wake Max and send him home, but she didn’t want to for either of their sakes. Max had obviously brought her home so her parents wouldn’t miss her. But he’d stayed not only because he wanted to ensure her safety, but for both of their peace of mind.

No, Liz decided, as she settled in next to Max, she wouldn’t wake him, wouldn’t send him away. She wanted him with her, after all it was where he belonged.



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