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Roswell: Where Fate and Destiny Diverge

A now closed site, Roswell: Where Fate and Destiny Diverge, used to keep a
list of signs that were in the episodes, and explained their meanings.
It is interesting to see what they found whether it was intentionally placed or not.

Season 1

When we first meet Larry at the Crashdown, his shirt reads "Danger." (submitted by Zyd)
When Max enters the science lab, the poster behind him says "the earthworm." (submitted by Zyd)
There is a fire sign behind Liz before she starts "firing" questions at Max in the art room. (submitted by Zyd)
A banner at the Crash festival reads "Protect the Earth." (submitted by Zyd)
When Valenti slams Max against a wall, a sticker on that wall reads "Alien Zone." (submitted by Zyd)

The Morning After
Michael states "the key to our entire existence is out there," which is kind of ironic since what they were looking for turned out to be a key.
W. Roswell High seems to really get into their mascot, the comet. In the eraser room, they use Comet cleansers. There are Comet cleansers at the sink of the Crashdown as well.(submitted by Zyd)
When Kyle is telling Liz how much he cares about her, a poster behind him reads "Respect, Live with Care because life has no spare." (submitted by Zyd)
Topolsky's name is an incredibly obvious anagram for K. Spy Tool. (submitted by Zyd)

Max has a lucky horseshoe on top of his door. That shows that he relied on fate and luck even before he found out about his true identity.
We begin the episode with a picture of the universe and near the end, when Max, Liz, and Michael are waiting in the school lounge, we see the Future sign again reminding us that this fear of disclosure and the worry about the universe looming ahead is the shape of things to come. (submitted by Zyd)
All over the school throughout the episode, there are posters about the "Hideous Alien Creature Double Feature," signifying Maria's fear of the Czechoslovakians. (submitted by Zyd)
While Milton is trying to kindle a fire under Max about what the UFO Center archives hold for him, we see the "Danger: Flammable Materials" warning posted behind them. (submitted by Zyd)
We hear on the tape of the UFO Center, "The mystery of what became of the creatures inside the space craft has yet to be unravelled." (submitted by Zyd)

285 South
When Michael is breaking into the UFO Center, the room he enters says "Certified UFOlogists Only." Who's more qualified to be a certified UFOlogists then the pod squad'ers themselves? Heh.
While Maria is waiting for the guy to pay her and Michael is stealing her car, the sign beside her reads "All Thefts will be Prosecuted..."

River Dog
When Agent Stevens is shouting his orders to Agent Topolsky, there is a sign behind her that reads "You can't choose your circumstances but you can choose to overcome them."
When Max and Liz are going into the movies to throw Topolsky off-track, the movie that happens to be playing is "The Secret Agent."
After Michael and Maria kiss, there's sign behind them that says "Tell us the Truth!" Also, when the camera pulls out, there is a "Closed, Please Call Again," maybe symbolizing that Michael is going to close himself to Maria for the time being.

Blood Brothers
When they are drawing blood from Alex and trying to keep the secret from him all the while, a sign behind him says "Quiet Please." There is also a heart that says "Thank You."
After Michael unscrupulously flirts with Susan, a sign in front of her reads "Please keep your work area clean."
As Max and Liz enter the UFO Center to avoid Agent Moss, the side wall says "Shelter." Then, as they walk down the stairs, the wall behind them says "Refuge."
The sign above the stairs, as Moss enters the UFO Center, says "Where did they come from?"
Moss is staying at the Tumbleweed Inn. A bit of foreshadowing about Tess, perhaps?
When Max and Alex are talking about Topolsky knowing what happened at the hospital, there is a tombstone poster behind Alex.
Topolsky is standing in front of a sign that reads "You are now entering a Learning Zone!" while she's talking to Liz, and Alex is hacking into her computer, learning that she is an FBI agent.

The Balance
When Max is putting on a new shirt, the poster behind him shows some doctors operating on a patient. A foreshadowing to The White Room, perhaps?

The Toy House
When Michael is waiting for Maria to come out of her woodshop class to see her reaction to his napkin holder, there is a banner behind him. It reads "Today, I will commit one random act of senseless kindness, will you?" Into the Woods
When Maria is adjusting her aquabra in front of the mirror of the Crashdown, there is a sticker that says "PLEASE CONSERVE WATER (don't let me be a drip)." (submitted by zydny zydny)

Blind Date
When Kyle finds Max sitting up on the rooftop, the sign behind Max says "Night on the Town."

Sexual Healing
When Michael and Maria are first kissing for visions, right before that, there's a sign that says "Keep Out: High Voltage."
When Maria goes over to Michael in the bleachers talking about the "unlikely" experiences between Max and Liz, there is a sign behind Maria that says "Real!"
When Liz and her mom are exiting the principal's office and Liz's mom is reprimanding her, they pass a sign that says "Life has no spare."
When Max enters Michael's apartment right before Max and Liz's "ultimate" makeout scene, he passes a sign that says "Reserved Parking|Fans only."
When Maria is driving Liz home after seeing her and Max making out in Michael's apartment and they are talking about what was happening, the car passes a market named "Top Valu."
At the end of "Sexual Healing" Max and Liz walk into the Crashdown hand in hand.. when the door shuts you can clearly see that the Crashdown logo is between them. This was obviously foreshadowing the crashdown of their relationship which was soon to come. (submitted by Autumn/StarChyld)

Tess, Lies, and Videotape
In the scene where Valenti goes to Max in the UFO Center to gain his trust, Max is fixing a sign that says "TRUST NO ONE."

The White Room
When Michael, Isabel, and Tess leave the UFO Center to save Max, there is a sign that says "Refuge."

When the camera pans to Valenti and Pierce behind the stairs of the UFO museum, there is a "Royal Crown" soda machine behind them.
When Pierce is waiting for the perfect moment to shoot, Max, Michael, and Valenti pass an exhibit that says "Trust No One."
While Max, Isabel, Tess, and Liz are talking about going to save Nasedo (after Pierce dies), a sign behind them reads "THE COVER UP."
The name "Guerin" derives from the French word "guerre," meaning war. Great name for soldier-boy. (submitted by Zyd)

Season 2

Skin and Bones
At Michael's apartment, when Max and Michael are fighting, Isabel is blocking the "Reserved Parking" sign in such a way that it reads "served king."
Max and Isabel pass a travel agency right before they see Liz, back from Florida.
As Max enters the particle physics lab, the door has a "Danger!" sign hanging there.
At the end, when Liz is repelling Max's advances, the sign behind her says "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."

Ask Not When Max enters the UFO Center, behind Brody, there is a sign that says "Are They Still Here?"
The day that they contacted their mother was May 14th, Mother's Day.
When Max and Maria are talking about how to be a leader, there is a sign behind them that says "Harvest."

The End of the World
Max bought Gomez tickets for the both of them. Gomez was playing during their first kiss. (submitted by Danielle)

While Liz and Maria are driving around, wondering what happened to everyone, they pass an "Open House" sign. Kind of ironic, since all the other houses are empty too.
When Liz and Maria come down the stairs of the Crashdown, right before they're attacked by the skin, they pass by a target.

Meet the Dupes
After Rath and Max talk, as Max exits the room they were speaking in, the sign above him says "Director's Office."
"I don't wanna be a part of this." During that conversation, the sign behind the dupes says "Who Are They?"

Max in the City
At Lonnie and Rath's "home," Track 2 is painted on the wall, signifying, perhaps, that the "numbah 2s" are living there. Or maybe it symbolizes that the dupes are living in a track in life totally different from our pod squad.
When Max is thinking over the deal from Kivar, to have a chance to go back home, he and Tess pass a booth that sells tickets, symbolizing how Max's decision could be their ticket home.
Rath and Lonnie's "fishy" plan to kill Max is symbolized when they pass a "Fish Company" building.

How the Other Half Lives
The high voltage sign that figured prominently in Michael and Maria's make-out scene in Sexual Healing was there when Michael and Maria were looking at Laurie's photo. (submitted by Zyd)

Viva Las Vegas
When Isabel is trying to persuade Max to agree on allowing her to go on the Vegas trip, there's a "Band" sign behind her, sort of like "banding together." (submitted by Zyd)
There is an abbreviated "Hoo!" sticker next to Maria as she overhears Kyle and Tess talking about going to Vegas. (submitted by Zyd)

We Are Family
When Alex comes back from "Sweden," a sign behind him reads "Keep it real!" (submitted by Rachael)

The Departure
Mile marker 67 is the sign of death. It first shows up in M2tM when Nasedo drops off the dead body of the agent, and it shows up again in Tess' room, where she killed Alex.

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