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For those of you unfamiliar with the Silver Hand Print website, it was the WB's official Roswell Site.
It included all kinds of interesting extra information that wasn't available anywhere else.

Here is what Jason Katims said about it in a WB interview on 12/18/2000 -

Interviewer: Is the information given on the website at considered to be part of the canon of Roswell, or should we just draw our conclusions from what we've seen on the show?

Jason: Good question.. All of the information on the website comes from the episodes themselves and information received from myself and the rest of the writing staff.

Jason: While I haven't been able to cull through every piece of information put out there, it should serve as an accurate appendix to the show.

Jason: For example, we'll be revealing the homeworld planet's name on probably next week.

I saved all of the parts and have hosted them here in the original format*, simply for entertainment and archival purposes. All the info, pics, etc belong to the WB and no rights infringements are intended.

*I have added a few small instructions in ( ) just to help with navigation.
Some of it is really unclear the way they set it up.

History of the SHP

For a little while (maybe a month), there was just a teaser page, like a coming soon preview, which unfortunately I didn't save, just the image below, and then they opened up the SHP main page as I have reposted.

I can't remember exactly when it was opened, but I remember it being in November and either right before or just after the episode 'Meet the Dupes' aired.
(if anyone has the exact date, please let me know!!)

When it was opened, only two of the eight symbols were working. I can't remember exactly which ones, either Allies, Dupes, Interviews, ULF, or FBI. Two other symbols from that group were hooked up around the first of Dec 2000 and the remaining one in late Dec 2000 or early Jan 2001.

I believe Media was hooked up late Feb or early March 2001, definately after the Hybrid Chronicles aired, and the Prom was hooked up in April 2001, right after 'Heart of Mine' aired.

You will notice when you hover over some of the symbols that they have a superscript 2 next to the title; Allies², FBI² & Interview². This is because the WB added more to those areas at a later date, and they used the 2 to show there was something new. I believe the additional content was added to these areas in late Jan or early Feb of 2001.

You may also notice the symbol with the four squares in the bottom left corner has no title. That is how it appeared on the official site. Perhaps they were intending to add something eventually, but it never happened, and the symbol was eventually removed. I think it was removed at the same time they did the update for the prom, so sometime in April 2001, which was the last time the SHP was updated.

Then Roswell moved to the UPN network but the SHP site remained for a while longer.

The main page of the SHP was taken down in Oct of 2001, but you could still get to the sections, if you had the addresses, for almost a year afterward before it disappeared completely.


Continue to SHP

Click on alien symbols to go back to the main page of the section.
Click on the glowing handprint to go back to the SHP main page.



Here is a quick list of what is available in each section

  • The biographical papers the gang had to do on each other in the epi 285 South
    (this was the original content)
  • An interview Alex did for the school newspaper about his trip to Sweden
    (this was added at a later time)

  • The FBI investigation into the Special Unit
  • Topolsky's emails from her time in Roswell
  • Military reports about the '47 crash
  • Betty Osorio's Notebook
    (I don't remember what was the original content and what was added later, but if I had to guess, I would say the investigation into the Special Unit was the original content, including Topolsky's emails and the more modern documents from Agent Pierce's time. The stuff added later I bet was the content from the investigation of the '47 crash, including Betty's Notebook, old military reports of the crash, etc)

  • Ava's artwork concerning her family and the Roswell group

  • A diary kept by Vanessa Whitaker about the Skins' time on Earth

  • Pictures taken at the prom
  • Prom memory cards filled out by the girls

  • Character interviews where they talk about different situations on the show
    (the first page of interviews was added later, the second page was the original content)

  • a tabloid with stories right out of Roswell

It's all up, and working except for two videos in the media section that have become corrupt. One is a newscast about Laurie Dupree being kidnapped, and the other is a newscast about the kids being healed in the hospital.
***If anyone has these videos, or the transcripts, PLEASE let me know, so I can post them!***

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