DATE: 10/14/99
SUBJ: What the hell am I doing out here?


Can't tell you where I am, except to say that it's hot and I'm
miserable.  Whenever someone offers you the chance to be the only woman
in an elite Special Unit of the FBI, take my advice and say no.

Would they have put their best men on this project?  Of course not.  You
have no idea how many times I just wanted to say to heck with this and
go back to D.C.  At least they have, you know, culture back there.  God
knows the men are cuter.

Drop me a line when you get a chance.  I need to know how other people
live to remind myself that I won't be here forever.



ENCRYPT#: 23509809sdfg2340-95-0
ENCRYPT#: 65498884Safs6573-29-0
DATE: 10/14/99
SUBJ: Future Week

Agent Stephens:

Currently holding meetings with all upper level high school students to
discuss their plans for the future.  Particularly interested in Max
Evans.  Don't want to probe too far because high school guidance
counselors don't garner much trust.  Hope to start small, give him
"friendly" advice.  See where that takes me.

Need to lay low after incident at Guerin's trailer/house.

Agent Topolsky

ENCRYPT#: 23509809sdfg2340-95-0
ENCRYPT#: 65498884Safs6573-29-0
DATE: 10/27/99
SUBJ: New Player: Alex Whitman

Agent Stephens:

So far, investigation has been proceeding very slowly.  Received
possible break today when I discovered Liz Parker sitting in an empty
classroom.  Gentle interrogation revealed nothing.  But encountered
another student [Whitman, Alex] getting upset in the hallway.  I knew
that Parker and Whitman were friends, and a meeting inside my office
revealed the source of his anger.  Apparently, Parker has lost her diary
and thought Whitman might have stolen it.

This diary could be an important source of information about Max Evans. 
Their meetings together in the school are quick, but intense.  It's
obvious that they have some sort of connection to each other.  Parker's
diary could shed some light on the situation.

Know you received my message, but this is a formal request for back up. 
Need two agents for investigation.  Seems like Kyle Valenti would be a
likely suspect since he is the spurned boyfriend.

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