The "Special Unit" of the FBI has existed for many years in several incarnations. It has never kept one specific name or location, existing as a chameleon within our government, and so we are forced to refer to it only as the "Special Unit" for lack of a more cohesive moniker. The exact origins of the Unit cannot be satisfactorily traced, but some lore has it predating the FBI. The first documented proof of its existence follows the Roswell crash in 1947.

In brief, the Unit has existed as a small collection of highly trained agents of the FBI working under the direction of one lead agent to investigate and potentially extinguish extraterrestrial life on our planet. The Unit worked diligently to keep any information surrounding UFO sightings, encounters and abductions contained from the public. It also kept an extensive library of profiles on members of the public sector who had been flagged according to Unit specifications (e.g. proclaimed abductees, alien aficionados, members of the science community).

The lead agent, the head of the Special Unit, typically reported to a few select members of the United States government who secured financing for the Unit by creatively siphoning funds from the budgets of other government institutions, from complexly padded Congressional Bills and from bogus grants. The Unit existed as a stealth operation. It was not accountable for its actions, because it was not monitored by any government agency. It operated under the radar of even the most scrutinizing governmental watchdog. Typically the work of the Special Unit was unknown even to the highest officials of our nation.

In the past, whenever the integrity of the Unit was threatened or exposure loomed, the Unit seemingly disappeared: offices were vacated, files destroyed, personnel vanished. As documents in this report will reveal, the Unit was never shut down completely. In these cases it only went into a brief hibernation, waiting patiently until it could once again be operational. These moments of 'hibernation' were usually preceded by the ousting of one of its governmental allies; sometimes by loss of election, sometimes by retirement, and in a few rare cases by their own consciences. However, it never took long for the Unit to find a new ally to keep it alive.

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