November 29, 2000



This office recently received your inquiry into the weather balloon crash outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. As the enclosed fact sheets will indicate, the investigation of the crash was completed that same year, and all related documentation was eventually found to be bogus.

Notebook of Betty Osorio
Item found in accident of Betty Osorio with notes taken from an interview with Captain Hal Carver who was honorably discharged from the Army, 1947. Item and contents declared bogus.

Crash site fatalities and autopsy report
Item found among personal affects of Betty Osorio. Photographs and documents declared bogus.

Official Report on Crash Fatalities - Roswell, New Mexico - 1947

In accordance with the Federal Information Act, these documents have been turned over to the National Archives and Records Service, and will hopefully be of help in response to any future inquiries on this subject.


af nelsonla

A.F. Nelsonla
Chief, Civil Branch
Community Relations Division

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Room 3825
Washington, D.C. 20535