November 6, 2000


Congressman White:

Pursuant with the Congressional hearing on and subsequent dissolution of the "Special Unit" of the FBI, I have conducted an exhaustive analysis of the recovered files and ledgers. As I mentioned on the phone with you, the files confiscated from the Special Unit offices are woefully incomplete. Precautions were taken immediately following the hearing to prevent against loss of information. Military personnel were stationed at the offices and recovery began almost immediately. Despite our efforts, the whereabouts of a number of files is still unknown and several computer hard drives were destroyed. At this point, I can only suggest foul play.

To say the status of the Unit's offices was a mess is an understatement. The Unit has existed under many names over the years, leading to a hodge-podge of records, receipts and files; all of which make the workings of the Special Unit hard to discern and track. In addition to the missing files, objects from the evidence vault seemed to have been checked in and out without prudence and the ledgers suggest a wildly erratic and indulgent budget. Funds were misappropriated and used for unauthorized flight vouchers, military vehicles and manpower. If you refer to pg. 111B you will get an idea of the legal hellfire we will sustain due to the Unit's penchant for illegal phone taps and use of federal equipment to surveil the homes of private citizens.

Perhaps the most unsettling finding in all this is the inexplicable casualty rate the Unit has suffered during its career. As you can see by the list I compiled on pg. 1172, the Unit's unofficial motto, "Unity Without Departure," was apparently taken literally. All agents who were under the Unit's employ either went missing or are reported dead. And without exception, each successive head of the Special Unit met with a grim end, from founder Agent Lewis to recent head Agent Pierce (although some suggest Daniel Pierce has fled the country, it is my opinion he has met an early demise).

There still exist several Unit advocates within our government who fervently claim the damages done by the Special Unit and the loss of life connected to it is the fault of one man, known only as "Nasedo." After a little research I found "Nasedo" comes from the Mescalero, an Apache tribe, loosely translating into "stranger." I find this chilling, Congressman. Suggesting one man, a "Nasedo", was responsible for the havoc wrecked by the Special Unit is absurd. It points to paranoia and fear as the motive behind their actions. Is this not the same misguided, irrational thinking that fueled McCarthyism? All the damage documented within these pages was done by our own men, not by some phantom with mystical powers. What threatens the integrity of this country and our very lives has been and will always be giving credence to a few hysterical minds. We cannot place the blame of the nation's ills on a phantom. The blame is on ourselves. You have in your hands the proof needed to stop any further destruction, a passport to the new millennium for the agencies of our government.

After reviewing my report in its entirety, I am confident you will agree with my recommendation: take every extreme measure necessary to insure the Special Unit, any incarnation of it, is never resurrected again.

Yours in service,

Special Agent Ragsdale

Critical Analysis of Special Unit,
1910 pages