National Interrogator

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by J.J. Collins

Arizona, USA - Following in the illustrious footsteps of Howard Hughes, H. Ross Perot and fellow National Interrogator headliner Brody Davis, Tucson resident Laurie Dupree proves it pays to be crazy.

Laurie was put in a mental hospital for believing in aliens. But when she escaped it was aliens who kidnapped her and buried her in the ground! "They took her," says a family friend. "They tried to do the same experiments on her as they did on her granddad, but she wouldn't let them." The kidnapping and assault of Laurie Dupree is a stunning tale of alien malevolence, human greed and government deception. That's right, the FBI knew everything and covered it up!

Laurie Dupree is the granddaughter of Charles Dupree, the Arizona mining tycoon. Although best known for finding the largest silver deposit in the southwest when he was only 18, Charles Dupree was also known for his wild tales of alien terror. "They started taking Charlie just after he found the silver," says a neighbor. "He was terrified they were gonna get him again and take his soul. He even started living in the bomb shelter under his house." Mr. Dupree was committed to a mental institution in 1992 and died less than a year later. He was 75 years old.

"That had nothing to do with the alien thing," reveals a former gardener on the Dupree Estate. "His greedy kids, Robert and Meredith, sent him away to get his money." Little did they know, Charles' will left everything to Laurie. But when Charlie died, Laurie's guardianship fell into their hands and it didn't take long to send her away, like they did to Charles, and claim the inheritance. "That poor poor girl," says the ex-employee, "She's abandoned by her father, orphaned by her mother, brainwashed by her crazy grandfather and then sent to a nuthouse by her scheming aunt and uncle. You'd think she was a Getty."

At 16, Laurie was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and locked up in the Pine Crest Psychiatric Institute in Brownsfield, Texas. "She truly believed her life was in danger from aliens," says a source inside the hospital. "She wasn't crazy," opines alien expert Jack McClure. "Aliens were hunting her, like they hunted her granddad. Aliens are known to be extremely crafty. They'll target certain people and hunt them down." After several attempts, Laurie escaped from the hospital on January 15, 2001. Only to be kidnapped by aliens a few days later! "They kidnapped her and buried her alive," says a member of the rescue team who found Laurie. "She was screaming the whole time that the aliens wanted to get in her blood." At this time, the FBI came in to investigate the kidnapping case and questioned Laurie. Shortly after, they sent her back to Pine Crest. "They knew it was aliens who did it," sighs the family friend, "But the FBI'd rather have her crazy in the hospital than talking sense to the world. Actually, sometimes I think they got some kind of deal with the aliens. You know, like they let her go so she could be taken again."

Luckily, Laurie managed to escape once more en route to the hospital. Somehow she traveled back to Tucson to confront her aunt and uncle and reclaim her inheritance. According to the Dupree's neighbor, Laurie must have brought some out of this world houseguests along with her. "I'm not sure what exactly happened when she showed up, but a few days later the FBI came and wheeled two body bags out of the house."

The FBI released an official statement saying the bodies belonged to geologist Grant Sorenson, the assailant who kidnapped and later assaulted Laurie in her home, and the Dupree's housekeeper whom Sorenson had murdered. "I've never heard such a ridiculous cover-up in all my life," says McClure. "Those body bags had dead aliens in them, guaranteed. The government's been trading human bodies for alien technology for years and this was probably just a deal gone sour. I promise you, this isn't the last time they're gonna pull something like this. Keep your eyes open, people."