Roswell Calendar

This is a quick list of dates from or associated with the show. Some are birthdays, and happen every year of course, others are fixed dates like episode air dates.

Some of you may remember the nifty calendar that I used briefly, to show what was happening in the Roswell world each day.

Unfortunately, the company that provided the calandar started to run ads on it. They said you could either have the ads or pay to keep them off. Well they wanted to charge me more than I pay to host the website, and it would have essentially doubled my costs just to run the calendar. Greedy bastards!
So I scrapped the calendar and you now have a list. :)

I would love to have another calendar where I can enter info and it displays a day at a time, so if anyone knows of a good free one, let me know.

I am still adding to the list.
If you have a date for the calendar, send it in.


Jan 2nd - National Science Fiction Day
Jan 19th, 2000 - "Toy House" first aired
Jan 22nd 2001 - "To Serve & Protect" first aired
Jan 26th 2000 - "Into the Woods" first aired
Jan 29th 2001 - "We Are Family" first aired


Feb 2 2000 - "The Convention" first aired
Feb 5th 2001 - "Disturbing Behavior" first aired
Feb 16th 2000 - "Blind Date" first aired
Feb 16th 2000 - "Independence Day" first aired
Feb 19th 2001 - "How the Other Half Lives" first aired
Feb 20th - Majandra Delfino's birthday
Feb 19th 2001 - "Viva Las Vegas" first aired
Feb 2 2000 - "The Convention" first aired


Mar 1st 2000 - "Sexual Healing" first aired
Mar 15th - Max Evans birthday
Mar 20th - Alien Abduction Day


Apr 10th 2000 - "Crazy" Day - first aired
Apr 14th - Annual Look up at the Sky Day
Apr 16th 2001 - "Heart of Mine" Day - first aired
Apr 17th 2000 - "Tess, Lies & Videotape" Day - first aired
April 20th - Earth Day
Apr 23rd 2001 - "Cry Your Name" Day - first aired
Apr 24 2000 - "Four Square" Day - first aired
Apr 29 2001 - Alex Whitman dies
Apr 30th - Kyle Valenti birthday
Apr 30th 2001 - "It's too Late & It's too Bad" Day - first aired


May 1st 2000 - "Max to the Max" 1st aired
May 7th - Tess Harding birthday
May 7th 2001 - "Baby It's You" first aired
May 8th 2000 - "The White Room" first aired
May 14th 2002 - Roswell's last episode aired
May 14th 2001 - "Off the Menu" first aired
May 15th 2000 - "Destiny" first aired
May 21st 2001 - "The Departure" first aired


June 21st - Alex Whitman's birthday


July 2nd - World UFO Day
July 4th - '47 Roswell Crash Anniversary (according to the show)
July 8th - Anniversary of the real Roswell crash



Sep 3rd - Nich Weschler birthday
Sep 22nd - Roswell Annual Crash Festival


Oct 2nd 2000 - "Skin & Bones" first aired
Oct 6th 1999 - "The Pilot" first aired
Oct 9th 2000 - "Ask Not" first aired
Oct 13th 1999 - "Morning After" first aired
Oct 16th 2000 - "Surprise" first aired
Oct 20th 1999 - "Monsters" first aired
Oct 23rd 2000 - "Summer of '47" first aired
Oct 25th - Isabel Evans birthday
Oct 27th 1999 - "Leaving Normal" first aired
Oct 29th - Brendan Fehr birthday
Oct 30th 2000 - "The End of the World" first aired


Nov 3rd 1999 - "Missing" first aired
Nov 6th 2000 - "Harvest" first aired
Nov 10th 1999 - "285 South" first aired
Nov 13 2000 - "Wipeout!" first aired
Nov 17th 1999 - "River Dog" first aired
Nov 20th 2000 - "Meet the Dupes" first aired
Nov 24th - Colin Hanks and Katherine Heigl birthday
Nov 24th 1999 - "Blood Brother" first aired
Nov 27th 2000 - "Max in the City" first aired


Dec 1st 1999 - "Heat Wave" first aired
Dec 7th - Shiri Appleby birthday
Dec 15th 1999 - "The Balance" first aired
Dec 18th 2000 - "A Roswell Christmas Carol" first aired
Dec 27th - Emilie DeRavin birthday
Dec 30 - Jason Behr birthday

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