Roswell Dreams

All kinds of dreams that I've had about Roswell, or with Roswell characters in them

I often have very vivid, epic dreams and when Roswell was on, I was dreaming about the characters and situations from the show a lot.

When I am dreaming, I am never aware that it is a dream. I am totally immersed in the dream and no matter how weird things get, it just seems normal. In my dreams, I am often different people and sometimes I am myself and someone else at the same time.

Keep in mind that these are dreams, so sometimes they are completely lacking in logic or coherence. Sometimes I remember the dreams word for word and other times I simply have a general impression of what was happening.

And yes, it has been pointed out to me, several times, that I have a really bizarre, overactive imagination. (Sigh) - But if you really feel the need to tell me again, then go ahead.


Epic Dreams
These are complete dreams with Roswell characters or situations.

Antar's Fall (The Origin)
This is the dream that inspired me to write Alpha & Omega

This dream I think is me working out my Max obsession.

Living the Lie
This is a resolution to the episode "The End of the World"

The Truth Will Set You Free
Another resolution to "The End of the World"

Roswell - Buffy X-over
Buffy and Roswell! - it doesn't get any better than that

Remembering the Past
In this dream I was Max and as aliens invade Earth, I discover the truth about my past life

Getting Well
This dream is unique because it is the only one in which I was Tess


Dream Fragments
These are pieces of dreams or incomplete Roswell dreams that I remember. Since most are very short, they are all on the same page.

Dream Fragments

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