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I seem to be amassing a lot of personal & site stuff and info, and I had no where to put it.
So here it is.

Most graphics on these pages were created by RoswellOracle
Please ask permission before using.
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I'm always adding to my Roswell collection & Roswell Encyclopedia.
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about me and the site

Site FAQs

1. Are you still updating your site?
    Yes, I update as often as I can. You can find the latest updates on the home page, under Site News.

2. When are you going to update or add a section on ...?
    I am going as fast as I can, but if you have a specific request, tell me and I'll see what I can do.

3. I have Roswell stuff that I've collected. Will you add it to your archive?
    Absolutely! I am always looking for more items to put in the Encyclopedia.

4. Can I use or repost something from your site onto my Roswell site?
    Probably, but Email or PM me for permission and specific details on each item.

5. Where did you get...?
    Sorry, I wasn't always that great at saving sources. If I know the source, it is posted on the page with the
    item, if not, I have no idea. If you know where something came from, please let me know.

6. I made, saved, posted this item. Why haven't I been credited?
    Sorry, I wasn't always that great at saving sources. Just let me know your info and I will get it up!

7. Can I link to your site?
    Of course! You can find linking siggies on the Graphics page.

8. Will you add my Roswell site as a link or Affiliate?
    Absolutely! Roswell sites are getting scarce, and we need to stick together now more than ever! I only
    require that you link back to me. Just Email or PM me the info.

9. Are you an official Roswell site?
    I thought the answer to this was obvious, but I've been getting the question a lot lately.
    No, is not an official site, and has no connection with the actors or production team.
    I'm just an obsessed fan.

10. What program do you use to make your website?
      I code 99% of my HTML by hand, and use Dreamweaver for the other 1%.

11. Can you make a website for me?
      Sorry, I don't have the time, unless you want to hire me. ;)

Roswell FAQs

1. What are the Roswell actors up to these days?
    I don't have a section for that on my site, but you can always find the latest info on their
    web pages/facebook/twitter/imdb/fan sites.

2. Where can I get Roswell merchandise?
    Unfortunately I don't know any stores that carry Roswell merchandise anymore.
    But you can check out my Roswell Store and For Sale section. Also try Amazon and ebay.

3. Where can I find Roswell screencaps?
    If you check my Links page, there are several very fine Roswell Cap sites.

Graphics FAQs

1. Did you make all the graphics on the site?
    I did make most of them. I either designed them or drew them based on things from the show, including
    alien symbols, Crashdown Cafe logo and menu, UFO Center logo, WRHS logos, characters' clothing,
    alien items, maps, floorplans, etc. Please ask permission before using any of them.

2. What program do you use to make avis, banners, siggies, or blinkies?
    I use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator for banners, siggies, gifs and symbols, and ImageReady for blinkies.

3. Can you make a avi, banner, siggie, blinkie for me?
    Probably, unless I am super busy at that time. Email or PM me a request.

4. Can you teach me how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, ImageReady, Dreamweaver, code HTML,
    cap screencaps, etc?

    If you have 1 or 2 questions, sure, but if you want lessons, no, not unless you hire me.
    There are a ton of tutorial sites and books out there!

Personal FAQs

1. Do you take requests for stories?
    Not really. I have so much of my own stuff I am working on. If you have a terrific idea, I will listen,
    and there is the possibility I might be able to work it into a future story. But you will probably have
    better luck getting it written if you post it as a challenge at Fanatics.

2. Are you going to write a sequel to ALPHA & OMEGA or Soaring with Angels, or write more stories
    for the Cravings or Artist series?

    There is always the possibility I might write sequels or extra parts to series, but I would have to have
    a great idea for a story. I am still writing new fanfic even though it is going slower than I would like.

3. Can you help me with my Roswell story?
    Sure, if you have a few questions or want to talk about storylines or plots, but I won't write it for you.

4. Why haven't you answered my Email?
    I try to check Email every day. Occasionally my email puts stuff in my Spam folder that doesn't belong
    there, or sometimes I trash Emails if they look like Spam. Remember to put something in the 'subject'
    line of your Email that will let me know it is about Roswell, so I don't think it is Spam.
    If there is no subject, I will delete it without opening.

    If I don't get back to you in a couple of days, try again, or post on my Tagboard on the home page,
    on the sidebar, and I will get back to you ASAP.