Roswell Shipper List

What is a shipper list?

The word ship comes from relationship. So a shipper list, plain and simple, is a list of Roswell
relationships, romantic or not, and the names that the fans have given them.

This is the most up-to-date and complete Roswell shipper list available.
I update this list all the time when I find or am given new information.
If you find any that are missing, or if you know who named a ship, or the origin of a ship, please let me know.

This list was started from Nicole Anell's site from THE WAY-TOO-EXTENSIVE FANFORUM ROSWELL GLOSSARY.
She posted all she knew of at the time. I have done tons of research on all kinds of Roswell sites and found more terminology,
and it has continued to be added to by the Roswell Fans over the years.

****These three lists contain the same information, they are just sorted differently for convenience.****

Shipper List by Category
The list of ships sorted by ship category - CC, UC & slash.

Shipper List by Person
The ship list sorted by character.

Alphabetical Shipper List
The ship list sorted alphabetically.


Individual Ship Info
I've made these sections where I've put additional info and pics about ships.
CC Ships
Info about Conventional Couple ships.




UC Ships
Info about Unconventional Couple ships.

Awakened Dreamer


Double Dipper



Other UC
Info on some other UC couples

Male/Male & Female/Female


Character & Actor Fan Names List
The list of character, actor and friendshipper fan names.


Shipper Wars
I've added a section that has some information about the infamous 'shipper wars' back in the day.

I saw this great quote about Roswell ships and thought I would include it

All the "new" fandoms need to take a look at Rosfandom and learn from it. No, really. I mean, Lollisuckers? Rebounding Vibrators? The Thong Brigade? Lamptrimmer? Those were the days of EPIC ship names.

RIGHT? I mean, I think that most fandoms should look to Roswell fandom for everything. Roswell fandom knew how to do it up. Shipper wars were so much more fun when you could be like �Those damn Lamptrimmers!� Or �Please, we all know you�re really a Candy and a Dreamer! You�re so conventional.�

Time to step up and get more cray cray other fandoms. Vampire Diaries fandom, I�m sure you won�t disappoint me. You�re already pretty bonkers.

The saddest part of this is how many of those Rosfandom shipper names I still remember. Except these three: Lollisuckers? Rebounding Vibrators? The Thong Brigade. What were they for?


As if we didn't already know it, Roswell fans have a place in history! Here are some comments about the Roswell shipper names from the Fanlore History Wiki.

Fanciful Names

Sometimes, pairings are given fanciful names deriving from some incident, object, or vocabulary item which those who ship them feel is significant to the pairing. In Roswell fandom, for example, nearly every conceivable pairing has been given a significant name. (Since three of the most written-about characters-- Max, Michael and Maria-- had the same first initial, using codes such as M/L or M/A would have been unhelpful and confusing, not to mention that M/M is already widely used in many fandoms to indicate a story with a male/male pairing.)

Roswell pairings have often been given names that characterized the mainstream fan-ish view of the relationship at the time, such as "Dreamers" for Max/Liz or "Brooders" for Max/Valenti. Other pairing names have been based on canonical shippy or slashy interactions between the couples, such as "Pepperjack" for Maria/Brody (based on the fact that she remembered his favorite type of sandwich).

Pairing Names

Roswell fandom is (in-)famous for its unusual pairing name conventions. Most ships, both het and slash, and the fans of these ships are referred to by obscure nicknames in Roswell fandom. Some are very common, e.g. Dreamers for Max/Liz fans, others quite obscure, e.g. "Suncatchers" for Isabel/Alex/Kyle threesome fans. Often these nicknames were derived from each other, e.g. the canonical ship Michael/Maria is called "Candy" (because of its "M&M" initials), the slash ship Max/Michael then "Peanut M&M", the threesome Max/Michael/Maria "Peanut Butter M&M", the Michael/Maria/Kyle "BBQ M&M"... They also reflect the view of the pairing in fandom (like "Dreamers"), and thus sometimes names vary depending whether fans like or dislike the ship, e.g. Max/Tess and Michael/Isabel may be called POD or "Protector of Destiny" by someone if they want the Pod Squad together, but "Shipwreckers" and "Intruders" respectively if they oppose these ships. Some ships have multiple names, e.g. Kyle/Tess fans can be Lamp Trimmers, Rebounders, or Space Cowgirls.

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