Arms of an Artist Part 14


Part 14



I woke up, wrapped in Zan’s strong arms, feeling better than I had since we’d come to visit my parents.

Zan was still asleep and I didn’t want to wake him, so I let my eyes drift closed again.

I had slept deeply, and was vaguely aware of bad dreams that had tired to intrude, but were chased away by warmth and feeling of safety that surrounded me. It was what I always felt when I was with Zan.

Yesterday had been terrible, but it had also helped my parents finally see what a good person Zan was, and for that I was so grateful.

I snuggled closer to Zan, smoothing my hand softly over his sculpted chest. I was in heaven and I never wanted to leave, but I knew all too soon we would have to get out of bed.

At least we didn’t have to go to work today.

I perked up with the thought. We had no plans for the day. I knew what I would like to do, and I thought Zan would probably be in agreement. Suddenly I was more eager to start the day, but I still wanted to savor the feeling of being in bed with Zan.

I stroked over his chest again, placing a kiss on his pec. His body was so warm and inviting where it touched mine, and I slid a leg over his.

Placing another kiss on his chest, I felt the familiar ache for him in my core. Even though we were so close, we couldn’t start the morning by enjoying each other.

Suddenly Zan’s hand slipped into my hair, holding my head while he leaned down, kissing me softly.

“Good morning, angel,” he said.

I smiled, “Good morning,” I said, touching his face.

He kissed me again more lingeringly. “Mmmmm,” he hummed, “it’s so nice to wake up with you again.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “This is the best sleep I’ve had all week.”

He cupped my cheek. “Are you feeling okay?”

I nodded. “I’m fine, really.”

He searched my face, “I was worried about you.”

I stroked up his arm to clasp his hand where it was touching my face, and turned to kiss his palm. “Zan, I’m okay.” I gently nipped the flesh of his hand at the base of his thumb, and then turned to meet his eyes. “I’m fine except for wanting you and not being able to have you.”

He smiled, as his hand slid across my cheek and down my neck before brushing over my breast.

It felt so good I automatically arched into his touch.

He kissed my neck near my ear. “Sometime during the night your parents closed our door, so we do have a little privacy.” He licked my neck, “But I think you’re right. We wouldn’t want to get caught making love if they came to check on us.”

His hand slipped inside my pajama top and brushed over my naked breast. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t touch you a little,” he breathed into my ear.

I giggled. “Well, then I can touch you too,” I said, sliding my hand across his chest.

He kissed his way down my neck, pushing my pajama top aside so he could close his mouth over my aching breast.

I gasped as he made contact, shivering with desire as his tongue laved my hard nub.

And my hand wasn’t idle. I slid down his sculpted stomach, brushing over the erection I knew I would find, stroking him through his boxers.

He groaned as he sucked my breast, caressing my neck and chest.

On my upward stroke, when I reached the waist of his boxers, I slipped my hand inside, grasping the solid length of him.

His mouth left my breast to find my lips and he kissed me hard. “Baby you are going to kill me,” he growled.

Lightly I brushed my thumb over his sensitive head. “Just giving you a preview of my plans for the day,” I teased.

He kissed me again. “Really?” he teased back. His hand moved down my body and delved under the waist of my pajamas and panties to stroke across my clit. “Is this what you had in mind?”

I gasped, arching into his hand. “Yes,” I breathed.

We kissed harder, our tongues stroking into each others’ mouths. I wanted him so much, but after a moment, we both pulled back.

“We have to stop,” I said, disappointed.

He nodded and brushed his thumb over my clit again, making me shiver, and pressed his lips to mine again for a quick kiss. “We’ll continue this later,” he said huskily, and then kissed me more lingeringly.

“Just one more day and we’ll be home,” he said, “and then we can make up for lost time.”

I stroked over his erection one more time. “I can’t wait,” I agreed.

Just then the amazing odor of cooking bacon reached me. “Smells like my parents are cooking breakfast,” I said.

Zan’s stomach growled, and I laughed.

“We’d better get up, or they might come looking for us,” I said.

He groaned, but got out of bed and quickly put on the jeans and t-shirt he was wearing the day before. I sat in the bed watching, and he turned to me, leaning over to give me another kiss. “You are too damn sexy and tempting in bed,” he said. “We better go down before I lose all control,” he kissed me, “and take you good and hard.”

“Is that a promise?” I asked.

He nodded, “Any time and any where you want, angel.”

I held his head, kissing him again before I reluctantly let go and got up.

He wrapped me in his arms, holding me against him so I could feel his erection, and nuzzled and kissed my neck before he released me. I wanted him, but I would have to wait.

I didn’t bother getting dressed, but simply smoothed my hair back into a ponytail, and taking Zan’s hand, we headed out of the room and downstairs.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, we turned to head toward the kitchen and could hear my parents talking as we approached.

“I’m still in shock about what Zan did,” my Dad said. “He didn’t even hesitate in putting himself between Liz and the robber. He was willing to do whatever it took to keep her safe.”

Zan and I looked at each other, both surprised but pleased to finally overhear my parents saying something positive about our relationship.

“And you must have noticed,” my Mom said, “that he treats her like the most precious thing in the world.”

“That’s because she is the most precious thing in the world to me,” Zan agreed as we walked into the room, joining them. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed the top of my head.

I leaned against him smiling. I always felt so loved when he did that.

My parents actually smiled, and I thought I might faint.

“Good morning,” my Mom said, coming to hug us both. “I hope you’re both feeling okay.”

I nodded. “Not something I’d ever like to do again, but we’re okay.”

My Dad motioned to the table that was already set. “We didn’t want to wake you, but we made breakfast. French toast and bacon will be ready in a couple of minutes.”

“Thank you, Mr. Parker,” Zan said. “It smells great.”

My dad looked at Zan, “Why don’t you call us Jeff and Nancy? After all, you are going to be part of the family.”

A smile raised the corners of Zan’s mouth. “Thank you, Jeff,” he said, reaching across the table to shake my father’s hand.

I went around the table and hugged my dad. “Thanks Dad.”

My mom had tears in her eyes and I hugged her too. “Thank you for accepting Zan,” I said. “It means so much to me.”

“It took us a while,” my dad admitted, “but we can see how happy he makes you.”

Zan looked at my parents, “And I intend to do anything I can to make her happy for the rest of our lives.”

I released my parents and went to Zan, throwing my arms around his neck and standing on tiptoe to kiss him before I drew back enough to see his eyes. “And all I want to do is love you and make you happy for the rest of our lives.”

He stroked my cheek, holding my gaze, and we both smiled. Everything was really going to work out.

“Okay,” my dad said teasingly after a few moments, “gaze into each others’ eyes later. It’s time to eat.”

Zan and I laughed, but took our seats and helped ourselves to fruit, juice and coffee while my dad served us the freshly cooked French toast.

As we ate, we talked and laughed, and for the first time it felt normal. It was the best time we’d spent with my parents the whole time we’d been with them, and I felt the tension completely leaving me.

After we’d eaten, my Mom asked, “You probably have plans for today, but will you have dinner with us tonight, since it is your last night here?”

“Yes,” my Dad agreed, “We’d like to hear about your plans for the wedding and I’d like to learn more about your art, Zan.”

I nearly burst into tears, and Zan reached for my hand, giving it a squeeze as he answered for us. “Of course we’ll have dinner with you. What time?”

“We’ll leave about seven,” my Dad said.

Zan rose from the table, taking his empty plate and reaching for mine, but my Mom took them from him. “We’ll clean up. You two go out and have some fun.”

Going back upstairs, I stopped Zan at the top, wrapping my arms around his neck. “I think I’m in shock. I can’t believe they are really okay with us.”

Zan smiled. “I told you it would all work out,” he said cockily.

I smiled too. “Yes you did,” I said kissing him. “I should listen to you more often,” I teased.

Zan laughed, opening his mouth to retort, but I stopped him speaking by kissing him again.

“But,” I said, “for now, you should listen to me, and I think you will like what you hear.”

He raised an eyebrow.

I stroked his chest, “I have the day all planned out,” I said. “I think we should go to the beach house and make love as much as possible until we have to meet my parents for dinner.”

I smiled. “Unless you have other plans?” I teased.

“Hmmm,” he hummed, pretending he was thinking. “I was wanting to go to the mall,” he teased back. He kissed my cheek and grasped my ass, holding me against him as he whispered in my ear, “But being inside you all day seems like a much better way to spend our last day here.”

He kissed my neck, “And if these are the type of ideas you come up with, I will definitely listen.”

I could feel every inch of his hard body against mine and shivered with desire. I kissed him again, feeling shy about what I was about to say, but went ahead anyway. “I want you so much, I can’t wait to get you naked.”

A predatory look brightened his eyes and I continued. “So let’s get dressed quickly so we can get out of here and I can have you sooner.”

Zan smiled. “Anything you say, angel,” he said, kissing my forehead.

We separated, going in the opposite directions to our bedrooms, but I only took a couple of steps before turning back, and calling out to him. “And don’t forget your trunks. In case we want to take a swim.”

He nodded, but I could see the gleam in his eyes. He was remembering the last swim we’d taken together.

I quickly showered and dressed, choosing a light summer dress that stopped above my knees, because I wanted to look pretty for him since it was one of the few times he’d seen me out of my work uniform. Then I gathered a few things in my bag, including a bikini, before I left to join Zan.

He was already at the top of the stairs waiting for me. His eyes raked over my body as he came toward me, lingering on the length of leg exposed, and he wrapped an arm around me. “You look so sexy, angel,” he purred. “Good enough to eat.”

We went downstairs, waving to my parents, as we went outside and got into the car.

Scooting over to sit next to Zan, I wrapped my arm around his, and was rewarded with a kiss to the side of my head before he spoke in my ear. “I’m going to make you cum so many times today, you are going to beg me to stop,” he said huskily.

My whole body reacted instantly, shivering with desire, and my core, already aching for him, began to throb. I was already going crazy for him, and he’d turned my need for him up even higher.

Smiling, I reached over and stroked his erection through his jeans. “I can’t wait,” I purred.

“Baby,” he groaned, “you are going to kill me before we even get there.”

Starting the car, he pulled out of the driveway and onto the main road, and as soon as he was able, he reached over caressing my leg.

“Baby, that dress showing your legs,” he said, as he stroked up the inside of my thigh, “makes me think about having them wrapped around me while I’m fucking you so good and hard.”

I gasped, squeezing his cock through his pants. I was so hot, so ready for him, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to make it to the beach house. “You promise?” I asked breathlessly. “I want you so much, I don’t know if I can wait.”

His fingers lightly stroked me through my panties, as he nuzzled the side of my head. “As soon as we’re in the house, I’ll be inside you,” he said.

He continued to tease me though my panties, making my whole body jerk and bringing gasps to my lips. It seemed to take forever to get to the beach house, but finally we were parking in front, and as the car stopped, Zan took my face in his hands, kissing me hard.

Without breaking the kiss, I climbed onto his lap, straddling him, needing to feel his hard length pressed against me. It felt so good, I practically sighed in relief as I started rocking against him, but it wasn’t nearly enough. “I need you so much,” I breathed against his lips.

Zan’s hand slid under my butt, and I felt myself being lifted as he got out of the car, and carried me to the door.

I almost groaned in disappointment when he put me down to fumble for the key, but it only took seconds and then his lips were on mine again, and he was backing me into the room.

Shutting the door with his foot, he pushed me against the wall next to it without breaking the kiss. I heard his zipper, and he lifted the skirt of my dress as he pressed himself between my legs. Nudging them farther apart, he pulled the side of my panties open, and with a hard thrust he was inside me.

“Oh, Zan,” I sighed, “you feel so good.”

“Angel,” he said huskily.

Instantly I lifted my leg, wrapping it around his waist and he grasped my thigh to hold me in place as he started to pound into me.

Each one of his powerful strokes almost lifted me off the floor, and it felt wonderful. “Oh, yes,” I gasped.

I wanted it to last forever, but I was already so turned on that just a few of his strokes pushed me to the edge. I felt my body stiffen in his arms and my breath came in quick pants as he pounded me into orgasm.

I cried out my powerful release, my whole body shaking as my core clenched around Zan’s length. But he barely allowed it to wash through me before he was pulling his still hard cock out of me.

I moaned at the deprivation, but Zan wrapped me in his arms and turned us toward an armchair, where he bent me forward over the padded arm. Taking a moment, he stripped my panties and shoes off, and then he was between my legs again, sliding inside.

I sighed at the feeling of being filled again, and then Zan started to move.

I thought he might take it slower this time, but if anything he went even faster. He slammed into me again and again, filling me so deliciously. I was with him again instantly, my hips moving to meet him as I felt another orgasm building quickly.

Then I felt his fingers slid over my clit, making me jerk as I called out his name.

“Fuck, baby,” he groaned, and I thought he must be close to the edge too.

He rubbed my clit in quick circles, matching them to his rhythm, and with just a few more strokes, I came apart again.

I gasped for air, noticing that Zan had stopped deep inside me, but he was still hard as he continued to rub my clit.

But he only gave me a moment again before pulling out and lifting me in his arms. He walked to the sofa and laid me on it, taking a moment to kick off his shoes and pants, and then he leaned down, kissing me hungrily.

I felt his knee press into the sofa between my legs a moment before his body covered mine, and then he was inside me again.

Holding his head, I kissed him hard as he started to move again. His pace was slower this time, but I was so turned on that my body automatically moved with him, my hips rising to meet each of his strokes, my legs wrapping around him to hold him inside.

We rocked together for long minutes before breaking the kiss, both needing air. Zan leaned down, going for the sensitive spot on my neck, and my head fell back automatically to give him more room. His hand slipped inside the top of my dress and closed over my hard nipple, stroking his raspy palm over it.

My body arched, making him slide inside me even deeper, and drawing a gasp of pleasure from me. “Oh Zan!”

Immediately he sped up, pushing my top aside and closing his hot mouth over my sensitive breast. I cried out and clutched at his back, as he licked and sucked my nipple while continuing his motion inside me.

After a moment, he sped up even more, reaching between us to rub my other taught nipple with the pad of his thumb. With so much pleasure, I wouldn’t last much longer. With each stroke I thought I would explode.

I could feel his muscles straining beneath my hands and had a fleeting thought that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself going over the edge with me this time.

He pounded into me even harder, sucking my breast, and I could hear myself making small whimpering gasps. And then suddenly my whole body arched as the orgasm took me.

Zan slammed into me a few more times before he exploded, groaning his completion as his hips jerked against me as he emptied himself.

He collapsed onto me and we both gasped for air for long minutes.

Lazily, Zan continued to stroke my hard nipple, sending shocks through my body that made my hips surge against him and my core squeeze him. He nuzzled my chest and neck, placing soft kisses on my skin.

“Mmmmm,” he hummed, “that was worth the wait.”

I kissed his forehead. “Definitely worth the wait, and we haven’t even made it to the bedroom yet.”

He chuckled, meeting my gaze, and I a crooked grin raised one corner of his mouth. “Well,” he said, “I thought we’ve been neglecting the other rooms of the house, and we should at least give them a try before we leave.”

I tried not to smile. “Yeah,” I said, nodding. “We should at least check them out.”

Zan kissed me, as he stroked my face. “I will need a minute or two to recover, but I think,” he dipped his head licking my breast, “that we can figure out,” he licked it again, “something to do.”

(Zan’s POV)

I took Liz’s breast into my mouth again, savoring the silky texture as I explored her with my tongue. My touches made her writhe beneath me and soft moans came from deep in her throat.

I loved how she was always so open with her reactions, not afraid to show me exactly how I was making her feel.

Pulling my soft length out of her, I paused long enough to drag my shirt over my head and toss it aside. I stayed between her legs but propped myself up on an elbow so I could see all of her beautiful body.

Her dress was bunched up around her waist, and one strap had fallen down her arm, exposing a perfect breast. She looked sexy as hell.

I let my eyes roam over her, and then reached out to touch her. Starting at her neck, I lightly trailed my hand between her breasts and down her flat stomach, before reversing direction and going back up. When I reached her neck, I cupped her cheek.

“Angel, you are so beautiful, I can’t stop touching you.”

She reached out, caressing my chest and smiled. “I was just thinking the same thing. Your body is so strong and beautiful I want to touch you all the time.”

Sitting up, she pressed her lips to my chest. “And kiss you.”

Her teeth and tongue grazed my skin. “And taste you.”

Her hands moved over my pecs and down my arms. “Everything about you makes me want you.”

I grasped her head, holding her as I lowered my lips to hers for a lingering kiss.

“You keep that up, baby,” I said, “I’ll be ready for you again in no time.”

She smiled and rubbed her palms over my nipples before leaning in to lick one. And while she was busy, I smoothed the other strap of her dress down her arm to get access to her other beautiful peak.

She moved up to my neck, kissing and licking me, making me groan as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I took possession of her lips again, stroking my tongue into her mouth as I brushed my thumb across her breast. Laying her back down, I slowly moved down her body, using lips, tongue and teeth to sample and tease each part of her I encountered.

I nuzzled and licked her neck in the spot I knew she was especially sensitive, bringing gasps to her lips.

Moving lower, I sucked one silky mound into my mouth and then the other, kissing and licking them before brushing my chin stud over her hard nipple.

She shivered beneath me, gasping with desire, and I felt my cock stir.

Smoothing my hand down her body, I stroked over her clit with two fingers, making her jump. She was definitely ready for me again.

Sliding my arms around her, I picked her up, taking her into the kitchen and put her on the counter.

I smoothed my hands up her thighs, parting them and leading my once-again rigid erection to the entrance of her pussy.

I winked at her. “Ready to get fucked again, angel?”

Sure I’d just given her several orgasms, but I knew she was ready for more. And I never got enough of her.

I didn’t even wait to hear her answer, and with a powerful thrust, slid home inside her.

“Oh yes,” she sighed as I filled her.

Her arms and legs wrapped around me, holding me close. She kissed my ear, whispering. “I love having you inside, and I love it when you fuck me.”

I already knew it, but I loved hearing her say it, and I swear I got even harder.

Immediately I started moving, thrusting into her hard. “Oh angel, I’ll fuck you so good.”

Her hips moved with me as I slid in and out of her slick passage.

“Yes,” she gasped, “you always do.”

I sped up, slamming into her, determined to meet all her expectations and bring her to a spectacular end. Reaching between us, I stroked lightly over her breast, and then her clit, making her jump.

I felt her body tightening, arching back as she approached the edge.

It still amazed me how responsive she is to my every touch, how uninhibited she is about showing her pleasure, and I loved it. She was so sexy letting me see exactly how much she was enjoying everything I did.

Her breath came in soft pants and her body suddenly stilled. I knew a few more strokes would finish her. I sped up even more as I rubbed her tiny nub, and that was all it took. She came, gasping my name.

I didn’t even give her a moment to catch her breath but picked her up, making sure to stay inside her, and walked us the few steps into the dining room.

I sat her on the edge of table and stroked her back as she came down. She still had her dress around her waist and I took the opportunity to unzip it and ease it over her head. I wanted nothing between us.

I nuzzled her neck near her ear, “Lay down baby,” I said softly. “Let me see all of you when I fuck you this time.”

She pulled back enough to meet my eyes and smiled as she leaned in for a lingering kiss. Then she did as I requested, and I greedily let my eyes travel over her beautiful body laid out before me.

Cupping her cheek, I smoothed my hand across her lips and down her neck, sliding between her breasts before following the line of her body to where we were joined. Her sweet pussy held me so softly inside, and her legs were still wrapped around my waist.

“You are so beautiful,” I said, meeting her eyes, and realizing that she was looking at me too.

She smiled. “I was just about to say the same thing. And I love watching you too when we make love.”

It was the first time I’d heard her say it out loud, even though I knew it was true. I smiled as I started to rock inside her, “What do you like about watching me?” I asked softly.

Immediately her body started moving with me. “I like seeing your muscles flex and bulge, seeing your strong body working to give us so much pleasure.”

I sped up a little, making her breasts bounce enticingly.

She continued. “I like seeing the expressions on your face, how much you are enjoying being with me, and seeing the love in your eyes.”

I smoothed my hand over her stomach before stroking her clit, making her back arch.

“I love watching you angel,” I said. “I love seeing you, your breasts bouncing to my rhythm, your body reacting to my every touch. I love seeing us joined together, my cock sliding inside you, slick with your sweet wetness.”

I stroked over her clit again. “I love seeing your face, the genuine expressions of pleasure, and the way your eyes fill with love just before I make you cum.”

I sped up even more, feeling Liz’s legs grasping me to bring me back inside. “I love how you are always so wet for me and how much you always want me.”

“Oh yes, Zan” she gasped, as her back started to arch. “I love how you are always hard for me, and always want me. And I want you so much. I always want you.”

Her hands started to slide across the surface of the table, grasping but finding nothing to hold, and I knew she wouldn’t last much longer. Each orgasm I gave her made her more sensitive and the next one always came a bit quicker.

Gripping her hips, I held her tightly as I slammed into her even faster and harder.

Her eyes were sliding shut as her head turned restlessly from side to side. Her breasts bounced more as her muscles strained to meet my strokes.

I looked down to where we were joined to see my cock disappearing into her, being held so softly inside her pussy. It was a perfect moment and I never wanted it to end.

But as I had the thought, Liz’s body started to stiffen and jerk and her slick passage clenched around me and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself cuming when she did.

Her body arched and I reached down to rub her clit, making her fly over the edge.

I kept pounding into her, trying to draw out her pleasure but her pussy squeezed me hard and finally I gave in and let myself cum. My hips jerked against her as I emptied every ounce of my essence into her, growling my satisfaction.

I let my gaze roam over her again, taking in every inch of her sex-flushed body, taking great pride that it was me and only me who would ever see her this way.

I did love this position for sex, but there was one drawback, I couldn’t hold my angel. Leaning down, I wrapped her in my arms, bringing her into a sitting position so I could have her soft body pressed to mine.

Her arms enfolded me and she snuggled into my chest.

“I love you so much, Zan,” she said, kissing my pec.

I stroked her hair, holding her tight. “I love you, baby.”

Her hands caressed my back as she kissed my chest again. “And I am so happy we are getting married.”

I kissed her head.

She continued. “You know I don’t have a lot of money, but I wanted to do something for you.”

I pulled back to see her face. “You don’t have to give me anything, angel,” I said.

She shook her head. “But I want to,” she insisted. “I want you to have everything you want.”

I stroked her cheek. “All I need is you,” I assured her.

She smiled. “Exactly what I thought,” she said. “I want you to have me in every place you want. I want you to have every one of your fantasies fulfilled.”

I smiled. “That could be a tall order,” I teased. “I can think of quite a few places to have you.”

She giggled, smoothing a hand across my chest as her expression turned playful. “I’ll bet, but I can give you one of them today.”

“Really,” I asked, intrigued. “Which one?”

“Not yet,” she said, shaking her head. “But it does require you to put on your swim trunks.”

A million images rushed through my mind, taking Liz in the water again, taking her on the beach as the waves crashed around us, taking her in a pool again, or completely under water as we breathed through scuba masks. There were so many possibilities, and as I considered them, I swear my cock nearly came to life again.

I kissed her. “Then what are we waiting for?”

She giggled again as I lifted her off the table and carried her into the bedroom, placing her softly on the bed.

“I’m liking carrying you around everywhere,” I said, kissing her.

Getting to her knees, she wrapped her arms around me, kissing me back. “I especially like it when you lift me up and fuck me against the wall,” she said, blushing.

I smiled and stroked her cheek. “I’m glad you trust me and feel comfortable enough to tell me exactly what you want, angel. I want you to have all your fantasies too.”

She blushed even deeper. “Well,” she said, wiggling her beautiful body against me, “what I have in mind is a fantasy of mine too.”

“Then we definitely have to do it,” I agreed. I kissed her again, smoothing my hands over her back, slowly going down to cup her sweet ass. “Wait right here and I’ll run back out to the car and get our bags.”

Grabbing my jeans off the living room floor, I slid them on for the quick trip outside, and was back in a minute with our bags. When I went into the bedroom, I stopped, dropping the bags. My beautiful, naked Liz was curled up on the bed, her hair cascading over one breast. The sight took my breath away and my cock jerked, starting to come to life.

Crawling up the bed, I took Liz in my arms, kissing her thoroughly. “That is one thing I always love seeing,” I said softly, “is you naked on a bed.”

She laughed but kissed me again. “The feeling is very mutual.” She pushed at the waist of my jeans, “But for now, get into your trunks so I can give you your surprise.”

I kissed her again, and reluctantly let her up. Taking her on the bed would be spectacular, but I was interested in what she had in mind.

She slid off the bed, taking her bag and disappearing into the bathroom, and I quickly shed my jeans and pulled on black swimming trunks.

I sat down waiting impatiently for her. I just wanted her in my arms again.

After a few minutes, the door to the bathroom opened, and Liz shyly peeked around the door and slowly emerged from behind it. For a moment I couldn’t see what she was embarrassed about, but then I saw what she was wearing.

Without even really realizing it, I stood up.

She had on a bikini, if you could call it that. It was made of what appeared to be shimmering, light gray, gauzy material that was so woven so sheer and loose that I could see every inch of her through it. Instead of covering her, it accented her, bringing the eye directly to her breasts and mound.

She looked incredible and I temporarily lost the power of speech.

I couldn’t stop looking at her.

The top was just two scraps of material that barely covered her nipples, leaving the sides of her breasts bare. And the bottoms rode almost indecently low on her hips, clearly showing the dark triangle of her hair at the juncture of her thighs.

As she stood before me, she blushed, but when she saw the look on my face, a smile lifted the corners of her mouth. Slowly she turned, showing me her back, and looking over her shoulder to give me another smile.

The back view was just as spectacular. Another scrap of material emerged from between her legs, starting out as thong and forming a small triangle about two inches wide at the top, that barely covered the division between the two globes of her ass.

“Do you like it?” she asked teasingly, as she turned to face me.

“Shiiit,” I finally hissed, going to her and taking her in my arms. “You look so beautiful, angel.”

I started shaking my head. “But no fucking way are you going out in public like that.”

She giggled, putting a hand to my chest. “Well, what I had in mind isn’t in public.”

I smiled, and started walking her back to the bed, but she shook her head. “But we are going outside.”

I looked to the closed blinds, frowning. It was true we hadn’t seen anyone else on the beach but I wasn’t going to take the chance. I opened my mouth to object. “I don’t think-,” but she put a finger to my lips.

”Trust me,” she said with a smile.

Grasping my hand, she pulled me to the door, reaching out to flip the switch to open the blinds, making them slowly fold away, revealing the patio, beach and ocean. The view was amazing and it made me almost regret keeping the blinds shut so much while we’d been there.

Of course they’d been shut to keep prying eyes from my Liz while we’d make love, so I couldn’t regret it too much.

She opened the French doors, leading me outside, pulling me toward the hot tub.

Reaching out, she pressed a few buttons, starting the jets and it bubbled to life. “I remembered what you said about the hot tub.”

“What did you have in mind?” I teased.

“Well,” she said, putting her hands on my chest, “I thought we could just have a long, relaxing soak.”

“Riiiight,” I nodded, wrapping her in my arms. “Just us enjoying the bubbles.”

Together we went up the few stairs. I got in first and helped my angel down into the bubbling water.

Putting her hands to my chest, she smiled. “Sit down,” she ordered.

I didn’t hesitate. When Liz got bossy, I knew we would both have a good time.

I watched as she came toward me, the bubbling water wetting the material of her bikini and making it almost transparent as it clung to her skin. Shit, she looked so sexy.

I held out my hand to her and she took it, straddling my legs and sitting in my lap, settling herself against my once-again hard cock. My hands went to the small of her back, holding her close as I nuzzled her barely-covered breasts.

She wiggled against me, making me groan. “That feels amazing, angel, but it is still kind of public.”

“Well,” she said, “this is only part of the surprise.”

Reaching over, she pushed another button. With a mechanical whir, cloth walls emerged from small pockets on the side of the house, unfolding and sliding around an almost invisible track at the edge of the trellis above our heads.

Within seconds we were completely enclosed.

The sun above us, being filtered through the trellis, and a soft, warm breeze blew, bringing the fresh scent of the ocean.

I smiled at Liz. “How did you know about this?”

She shrugged. “I noticed it when we went swimming, and thought I’d save it for a surprise.”

“You surprised me all right,” I said, kissing her head.

I was having a hard time taking my eyes off her breasts, outlined so perfectly in the gauzy material. “This bikini is absolutely sinful,” I purred, as I leaned in, taking a perfect mound in my mouth and licking her through the cloth.

Holding the back of my neck, she rocked against my erection, and I took her other breast in my mouth.

We’d made love in our jetted tub at home many times, but being outside with the sun shinning down on us just made it even more special.

Reaching down, I grasped the two globes of Liz’s ass, holding her close. There is something so sexy about knowing that she was technically clothed, but I still had access to her naked ass.

I pulled gently on the string of the thong, knowing it would rub over her clit, and I was rewarded by her soft gasp.

Keeping one hand on the small of her back, I smoothed the other around her hip, following the edge of her bikini bottoms. When I reached the front, I followed the material down, eager to explore.

A gauze triangle covered her silky hair but turned into a sort of string as it reached her clit. I tugged on it again from the back as my fingers stroked over her sensitive nub. Her hips thrust against my hand as a moan escaped her.

Brushing over her clit again, I used one finger on either side of the string and followed it even lower, barely touching her skin. The string was only about an eight of an inch wide from her clit down to her pussy lips, and I groaned as I rubbed over her, trying to imagine her core barely covered from my sight.

And then I realized I didn’t have to imagine.

Putting my hands under her thighs, I lifted her slightly and took a deep breath, sliding down under the water.

The view was spectacular. I traced the path of the thong from her clit, where it parted her lower lips, delving between them down to her pussy, just barely covering it. There was something so sexy knowing that it was blocked from me by such a tiny obstacle.

Leaning in, I licked one side and then the other, dipping my tongue underneath it to tease her core.

Liz’s hips thrust against me, and I wanted to stay down there, teasing her until she came, but air was becoming an issue, and seeing the bubbling water around us gave me another idea.

Surfacing, I took Liz in my arms, kissing her as I held her against my body. I let my hands wander over her slick skin, loving the feel of her in the water. When I reached the waist of her bikini bottoms, I started to push them down.

“As much as I love these,” I told her, “they are going to get in the way.”

She giggled as I took them off her and tossed them over the edge of the tub. “What about the top?” she asked, reaching up to take it off.

I shook my head, “No, leave it on, baby.”

Then she reached for my trunks and I let her strip them off me, but I stopped her taking my aching cock in hand. “Not yet,” I said. “I have something else in mind first.”

She raised an eyebrow, but I didn’t tell her what I was thinking.

I sat back down, reaching between my legs as I gave her a wink. When I underwater, I saw that one of the larger jets was almost directly below me, and I turned it so it would point straight up, and adjusted it so it was on full.

Holding my hand out to her, I took her in my arms, settling her so she straddled my spread legs, but positioned her a little away from my body. And I knew I had the correct place when Liz gasped.

I couldn’t help smiling. The jet was pointing directly at Liz’s pussy, sending bubbles and warm water rushing against her most sensitive area.

“Does that feel good, angel,” I asked, sliding a hand between us, going directly for her clit.

“Yes,” she gasped, jumping when I touched her nub.

I leaned in, kissing her neck. “Imagine it’s me,” I said, as I slowly stroked her clit, “giving you a thousand little licks and kisses.”

I could feel the water bubbling around my hand as I rubbed her clit, and it was more powerful than I’d thought. I’d have my angel cumming in no time.

As I continued to gently touch her, she started to move her hips. I couldn’t believe it. She was riding the bubbles like she rode my cock. “That’s it, baby,” I said, nuzzling her neck. “So fucking sexy.”

Dipping down I brushed over her core, making her jump, and then slowly trailed my fingers back up to her clit, which I rubbed in quick circles, just like I know she likes.

Her arms tightened around my neck as her body started to arch, and I rubbed her clit faster and harder. “Let yourself cum, angel,” I said, between kisses on her neck. “Let me see you cum.”

Suddenly she stilled, and I knew she was almost there. I moved my hand, letting the water and bubbles wash over her clit and push her over the edge.

I only had to wait a minute. Her breath came in several quick gasps, and then she collapsed against me.

“That was different,” she panted against my neck.

I pressed my tongue into her nick, licking her hard. “But it must good different, since it made you cum so fast.”

She pulled back enough to look into my eyes, smiling shyly. “Well, it was good, but,” she reached between us, grasping my cock, and lifted up enough to take me inside. “Ooooh,” she gasped as I filled her, “this is much better.”

“Fuck, angel,” I said grinning, “I love how much you always want me.”

Holding her head, I took her lips in a searing kiss, and as I dipped my tongue into her mouth, she started to ride me.

Oh shit she felt good.

I continued the kiss as I grasped her hips, helping her rhythm as my own hips started to move, thrusting up to meet her. I knew neither of us would last long, but it would be a hell of a ride.

After a long moment, we broke the kiss, needing air, and immediately she sped up.

I could tell she was already approaching the edge because her movement started to become jerky. My hands left her hips and I slicked over her back and sides.

My gaze went to her gauze-covered breasts again, and I groaned watching them bounce with the fabric outlining them so perfectly. My cock jerked, and I knew I would only last a few more minutes.

But seeing her nipples in tight points, so clearly visible under the material, just invited me to take one in my mouth.

Lowering my head, I closed my lips just over her tip, teasing her nub with my tongue.

Her body jerked again, and her rhythm faltered for a moment before she came back even faster.

I knew I was driving her wild.

Her hands tightened around my neck and her strokes became more shallow as she started to arch back. She was gasping for breath and her eyes slid shut.

Reaching up, I cupped the back of her neck, eager to watch as she reached the end.

“Zan,” she gasped.

I could hear in her voice that she was on the edge. “Look at me,” I demanded. “Look at me, angel.”

Her pleasure-hooded eyes met mine and I saw the orgasm fill them as she came apart in my arms.

I greedily watched her every reaction, barely even aware that I was cumming until I exploded inside her.

I continued to hold her gaze, letting her see how much pleasure she gave me, and how much l love her. And I knew when she could see it, when a soft smile raised her lips.

Kissing her forehead, I enfolded her in my arms, and as we came down, I held her to me, lazily stroking her body.

After long minutes, I nuzzled her cheek and spoke softly. “You’ll have to wear this bikini at home every day when we have a bath, angel.”

“Won’t it just get in the way,” she teased.

“Well, that’s half the fun,” I said, kissing her cheek, “taking it off you.”

She giggled and kissed my neck. “Well, I think we can confidently say that all of the rooms in the house work just fine. Even the patio.”

I chuckled, kissing her cheek again. “Well, you know, we haven’t tried the guest bathroom yet.” I stroked her naked back, “And we should probably thoroughly check the bed again too. Just to make sure.”



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