Arms of an Artist Part 7


Part 7


(Liz’s POV)

Is it possible to be horny all the time?

Well, I guess guys are, and I admit that I normally spend a good deal of time thinking about sex with Zan when I’m not having sex with him. But since we’ve come to stay with my parents, I think about sex with Zan all the time.

I am so used to having him two, three, four and even more times a day, and the quickies we’ve been sneaking in are barely keeping me satisfied.

And it’s not just the sex. I miss touching him openly, I miss him touching me, his hands on me, his mouth, our naked skin pressed together from head to toe.

I shuddered with desire, looking at him across the breakfast table. Holy crap, he is so incredibly sexy.

He had on that stupid Cosmic Café t-shirt to wear to work and it made me practically drool. It was tight across his chest, showing off his magnificent pecs, and his biceps literally bulged out of the sleeves so they rode up his arms.

It made me want to leap across the table and tear it off him so I could kiss and lick every sculpted inch of him.

Damn, I wanted him.

Sure we’d had sex in his car, two, no three times last night, and both had a couple of incredible orgasms, but it just wasn’t the same. I wanted all of him available to me all the time like I usually had.

I felt like I was going through a major Zan withdrawl and I needed a big fix. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get through the day.

I wanted to feel him all over me while my hands and mouth were all over him. I wanted to devour him while he devoured me. I wanted him to wrap his naked body around mine as he surged inside me again and again, and never let go of me.

At that moment, his eyes met mine and I could see the same burning heat I felt reflected back at me and nearly gasped. He didn’t just want me, he was going crazy for me. And even though I didn’t think it was possible, it made me want him even more.

My whole body was pulsing, my pussy was throbbing and so wet. I felt like if Zan even touched me once I would explode.

Quickly I looked away from him, lowering my eyes to my breakfast when I remembered my parents were right there. Zan and I had agreed that we should keep the physical part of our relationship to a minimum around my parents, and if they saw the looks we were giving each other, there’d be no doubt in their minds what we were thinking.

As we finished breakfast, I did my best to keep my mind off Zan’s sexy body and my glances at him to a minimum. I was sure we’d find somewhere this afternoon to temporarily satisfy our urgent hunger for each other, I just wished it could be more than that.

After we helped with the cleanup, my parents disappeared and Zan approached me. “You are driving me wild,” he said softly, taking me into his arms.

I smiled, kissing him on the neck as I pressed against him, feeling his erection. “No, you are driving me wild.”

He groaned. “Maybe we can find a few minutes to sneak away today.”

I nodded enthusiastically. “I don’t know how I’d go the whole day without you inside me.”

Growling, he kissed me softly. I wanted more and I was sure he did too, but we couldn’t take the chance that we might get carried away.

“We’d better get going,” he said with a sigh after a few moments. “The sooner our shift is over, the sooner we can be together.”

“I’m ready,” I whispered suggestively, wiggling against his erection.

“Mmmmmm,” he purred, “I know you are baby, and I’m ready for you. But we’ll have to wait.” He held me for a moment longer. “I need to grab my stuff from my room,” he said, kissing me again. “Meet you by the door in five minutes?”

“Sure,” I agreed, reluctantly letting him go.

He jogged up the stairs and I took the opportunity to watch his sexy butt for as long as I could see it. How was I going to wait to have him?

Suddenly I had a thought. If it wasn’t very busy at the cafe, maybe my Dad would let us off early.

With a smile, I went toward his office, intending to ask him but stopped before I got there because I heard my parents behind the closed door talking.

“I was surprised last night,” my Father said, “I actually felt sorry for Zan when he was telling us about how he grew up. He’s never been fishing and probably missed out on all kinds of other stuff we take for granted that kids do. And all those foster homes.”

“I know,” my Mother agreed. “He’s had a hard life and it’s amazing he turned out as well as he has. He’s worked hard to get where he is.”

“Or been lucky,” my Father suggested. “The art world could change its mind tomorrow, and then what would he do? Set up on a street corner and draw caricatures for tourists? That’s why we have to do something.”

My mother must have been moving around because I missed the first part of what she was saying. “…about this the wrong way,” she said. “Trying to break Liz and Zan up will probably backfire. It might just make Liz hang on to him tighter and we could lose her in the process.”

“What do you suggest?” my Father said.

“Let this romance run its course,” she said. “If we just backed off maybe it would lose the forbidden appeal. It’s not like this thing with Zan is going to go anywhere, and I’m sure if Liz is honest with herself, she knows that. It’s just a college crush.”

“She could end up pregnant by then,” my father argued.

“No, I don’t think so,” my Mother argued. “Liz is responsible and…”

My Father interrupted. “I thought she was responsible too, until she did this. We didn’t even know he was in her life. She moved in with him without telling us, and that means she sleeping with him. We can’t possibly know if they’re taking precautions.”

“She’s on the pill,” my Mother told him.

“What?” he asked horrified. “How do you know? For how long?”

“For two years,” my mother told him. “Her doctor put her on it to regulate her cycle when she was in her senior year of high school.”

I felt like I was blushing from head to toe. I couldn’t believe my parents were talking about this. I wanted to burst in on them and make them stop. I wanted to defend Zan. They’d never even seen his art, except the sketch he gave them, and were making fun of it. He worked hard all his life and deserved their respect.

I knew it was mostly my fault too that they thought badly of him. If I hadn’t been so scared of them and told them about Zan from the first… But I knew that probably wouldn’t have turned out well either.

It seemed like I was in a no-win situation with my parents. I knew they’d be angry that I lied, but I wanted the time with Zan, and the only way I could have it was to keep my parents in the dark.

Looking at the door again, I took a step forward. I wanted to tell them my relationship with Zan was love. Real, powerful love. But I didn’t think they’d really listen to me. No matter what I said, they would probably just think I was a little girl with a crush.

And what would I say when they asked me where our relationship was going? I didn’t have an answer.

I wasn’t sure if Zan and I would just continue to live together, or if someday we’d get married. We’d never really talked about it, and I really didn’t care. I loved our life together. As far as I was concerned, we could go on exactly like we were and I’d be perfectly happy. I just wanted to be with him, and I would stay with him for as long as he wanted me.

Sighing I walked away. I didn’t want to talk to them right now. I didn’t think they’d hear me anyway. At least they might back off for a while.

I got back to the base of the stairs just as Zan came down. When he saw me he gave me one of his sexy smiles that conveyed without words exactly what he wanted to do with me. And just like that everything I’d just heard my parents say went right out of my head and was replaced by lust.

Pressing my body against him, I rose up onto my tiptoes to kiss him.

His arms wrapped around me as he kissed me back briefly.

“Ready to go to work, angel?” he asked as he pressed his lips to my forehead.

I nodded as a movement caught my notice, and turned to see my father coming into the room. I wondered how much he’d seen, and my first reaction was to jump away from Zan. But we really hadn’t done anything wrong and I used all of my determination to stay were I was.

Holding my father’s gaze, I tried to let him see I wasn’t worried about being ‘caught’ in Zan’s arms. At the same time I was also kind of embarrassed and said the first thing that came to mind. “See you at work, daddy.”

(Zan’s POV)

I’d felt Liz flinch in my arms when she noticed her father watching us, but I was so proud of her for standing her ground.

I knew Liz’s father had come in even though I didn’t turn my head or acknowledge him. We weren’t doing anything wrong, and he could hardly object to the embrace he’d witnessed or the chase kiss I’d placed on her forehead.

After Liz spoke, I turned to him and nodded.

It must be hard for him to see another man with his daughter away, so I tried not to throw it in his face. But it was a difficult line to walk because I didn’t want Liz to feel that our relationship had changed.

Keeping an arm around her, we went out the door and to the car.

It was hard to tell if things were getting better with Mr. Parker. All I could really do was spend time with Liz’s parents, show them how much I loved their daughter, and be honest with them.

They would have to make up their minds in their own time.

When we got in the car, I scooted over next to Zan and wrapped my arms around his arm, hugging it to me loosely so he could still drive. Placing a kiss on my head, he started the car and pulled out of the driveway, heading toward the café.

I wanted him so much, but I didn’t dare do anything about it while he was driving. It would be pretty hard to explain why we’d wrecked on the way to work with my hand down his pants.

I settled for putting my hand on his thigh and squeezing a little. “I miss our mornings together,” I sighed.

He kissed the side of my head. “Me too,” he said. His arm I was holding let go of the steering wheel and his hand slid between my knees. “Being inside you is the best way to start the day,” he growled, brushing up my thigh.

The tone of his voice made the desire flare inside me and I parted my legs as his hand slid higher under the skirt of my uniform. “I love having you inside,” I purred. “And you always make me feel so good.”

“Mmmm,” he hummed, brushing his fingers over me outside my panties. “I’ll bet I can make you feel good right now.”

He slipped in my panties and stroked over my clit, making electricity rush through me, and my body jump.

“Oh yeah, baby,” he growled. “I can make you feel really good.”

Sliding lower, his fingers dipped into the moisture he’d caused. Nuzzling the side of my head, his voice was low and seductive. “You’re so wet for me,” he whispered.

My hands clenched on his arm as he touched me. “You’re so sexy I can’t help it,” I gasped.

His fingers stroked over my clit again and back down, parting my lower lips. He brushed over my core and then plunged two fingers inside.

It was so unexpected but felt so good having him suddenly fill me that I whimpered, “Oh.”

He pumped into me again and again and I was so turned on that my hips started moving with him almost instantly.

I held onto his arm and leaned against him as the pleasure quickly built. “Oh Zan,” I sighed.

His thumb slid over my clit again and again as he continued and I knew I wouldn’t last long. I’d been ready for him since I’d seen him this morning and the flirting at breakfast had driven me wild.

Inside me he brushed the sweet spot and I whimpered with the pleasure. He concentrated on the area, stroking over it with each thrust of his fingers while rubbing my clit.

He knew exactly where to touch me and my whole body started arching back as the orgasm approached.

Pumping into me faster and faster he quickly brought me right to the edge. My hips met each of his strokes and my hands clenched his arm tightly. My breath came in quick pants and I suddenly came, my whole body stiffening as I rode out the sensations.

Zan stroked over my clit again, making me shiver as electricity shot through me and I gasped.

Leaning against him I worked to catch my breath and noticed for the first time that we were almost at the cafe.

As my angel came down, I kissed the top of her head.

Damn, it was so sexy how she was riding my hand! I almost came with her.

I smiled. Giving Liz orgasms in the car while we were headed somewhere was quickly becoming my new favorite hobby.

Sliding my fingers out of her, I put them into my mouth, licking off her nectar. “So sweet,” I growled, the small taste of her making me want much more.

She held on to me tightly as I pulled into a parking space. “You always take care of me,” she purred. “But what about you?” she asked, stroking my rigid cock through my jeans.

Putting my arm around her, I hugged her to me. “I’m going to find a place for us to be together after work,” I promised. “I can wait until then.”

Cupping her head, I held her as I kissed her lingeringly. We couldn’t stay too long because her father would be there any moment, but I wanted to take just a moment for us.

I let myself savor the short time I had with her, stroking her silky hair and the soft skin on her cheek.

When we broke apart we were both smiling. “Ready for work?” I teased.

She blushed. “I am now.”

Holding hands, we went inside together, only parting when we had to go two separate ways.

I let her go reluctantly and watched as she went behind the counter to get set up, trying to memorize the way her sexy, little body looked in her uniform. I could feel another drawing coming on. I’d have to start making a list.

I could also feel my bulging cock and groaned as I shifted, trying to make myself more comfortable.

This ‘vacation’ was killing me. I was used to having Liz when and where I wanted her, and now we were limited to sneaking around like a couple of horny school kids.

I had to do something to rectify the situation, and I had a plan.

I’d promised Liz I would find us a place to make love after work, but I’d already planned on doing it before we talked. The quickies we’d been having were great, but I missed taking the time to savor every inch of Liz’s naked body.

I had a twenty-minute break coming between the breakfast and lunch rushes, and I was going to use my time well. Of course Mr. Parker had made sure Liz and I were never on break at the same time, but that was okay. What I had in mind would make a great surprise for my angel.

Going into the back, I headed to the sink as if I was getting ready for my shift, but pulled out my cell phone. Pressing a couple of buttons, I waited for the answer.

“Zan,” my agent greeted. “How’s Florida?”

“Chilly,” I said, referring to my less than warm welcome from Liz’s parents. “Steve, I need a favor.”


After my call, I headed into the dining room, ready to start my shift. Mr. Parker was behind the counter talking to one of his employees and gesturing to the newspaper on the counter. I wasn’t close enough to hear what they said but I caught a glimpse of the headline – “1 Dead, 2 Rapes, 5 Injured in rash of violent robberies”.

As a business owner, Mr. Parker had to be worried about a lot of things and security was certainly one of them. And I knew exactly how he felt. Living in a big city where there was a lot of crime, I was always thinking about keeping Liz safe, especially since the incident with my foster brother, Danny.

Every time I thought about what he did to her, I wanted to hit him all over again. Luckily he’d been smart enough or worried enough to stay away from us since then, and I didn’t think he’d come back.

But it made me aware that Liz’s father must be really worried about her safety with me. I’d heard him say that he wondered if I beat Liz, and I really hadn’t taken it seriously, but now I was reconsidering. He didn’t know me and had no reason to trust me with his daughter. He didn’t know how I treated her, if I hit her, or took her to dangerous places, or what kind of people I exposed her to, criminals, druggies or worse. And I wasn’t exactly sure how to reassure him about that.

I guess I could just come out and tell him. “Mr. Parker, I want you to know that I keep Liz safe and I’d never do anything to hurt her.” I smiled. He’d probably think I was crazy but I was determined to talk to him and Mrs. Parker and lay my cards on the table.

My gaze swept the restaurant, automatically looking for Liz. She was taking an order from the first customer and color flooded her cheeks when her eyes met mine.

I loved that despite all the time we’d spent together and all the things we’d done that sex could still make her blush. She really was an angel.

“Zan,” a breathy voice broke into my thoughts and I turned to see Teresa, one of the other waitresses, behind me. We’d met at the Parker’s party where she was working the bar.

“Hey Teresa,” I greeted. “Ready for another fun-filled day slinging alien hash?”

She laughed, reaching out to touch my arm. “Don’t say that too loud or Mr. Parker might put it on the menu.”

I glanced at Mr. Parker who was watching us. “Yeah, well, I’d better get to work, or he might just fire me.”

The last thing I needed was for him to think I was flirting with other women. Like there was even a possibility that would happen when Liz was everything to me.

Going to the nearest table, I took out a bottle of cleaning solution and a rag and started wiping the surface. The whole reason I was here was to make a good impression on Mr. Parker, not to mention spending time with Liz.

As I moved around the café cleaning up, I kept looking at Liz and thinking about the surprise I had for her, well for both of us really. We were both going to love it.

I sighed as another group of customers came through the door. The day was passing so slowly I wanted to scream.

Zan had given me a wonderful orgasm that morning but with each passing moment it seemed like I wanted him more and more. I kept watching him as he worked, thinking how sexy he was, and every time I passed the supply closet in the back, I remembered how he took me in there and fucked me good and hard.

I kept thinking he’d do something like that again and steal a few minutes for us to be together.

We shared some smoldering glances across the room and brushed against each other ‘accidentially’ when we could. He’d whispered in my ear things that made my knees weak and we’d even stolen a few kisses in the back room.

I waited impatiently for our breaks, convinced that is when Zan would take me, but he didn’t. During my break he was cleaning up in the dining room like a madman, and on his break he completely disappeared. One of the other waitresses said he’d left.

I wondered where he went, but I thought it must be to do with something Zan had planned for us. When he got back I asked him about it a couple of times, but he wouldn’t admit anything was going on. It did make everything so exciting that I didn’t know what was going to happen but I was getting more desperate to have him by the minute. I couldn’t wait until we got off so we could go and ummm, get off.

My own thoughts made me smile and automatically my eyes turned to Zan, but when I saw him my smile disappeared.

That big-boobed, blonde Teresa was talking to him again.

I’d seen her flirting with him at my parent’s party and now she was working with us and it seemed like she wasn’t wasting any time throwing herself at Zan.

This was the third time today I’d seen her with him. Currently she was following him around like a puppy, desperate to get his attention. She was behind him, saying something I couldn’t hear, and if he was listening he certainly wasn’t letting it show. Then she touched his arm, making him turn toward her.

Anger and jealously rose up in me so fast, I probably would have slapped her if I’d been closer.

As it was, my hand itched to connect with her face. Zan was mine, she couldn’t have possibly missed that, and here she was flirting with him in front of me.

I had the urge to tell her to back off my man, but really how desperate did that sound.

The only thing that didn’t make me totally nuts was that Zan was pretty much ignoring her. He moved around the tables doing his job, and the only person he was really paying attention to was me.

Our eyes connected across the dining room and I could see his desire for me in his gaze. One corner of his mouth rose in a wicked grin as he looked up and down my body.

He definitely wanted me and he wasn’t interested in Teresa. She didn’t have a chance. I just didn’t want her messing with him.

I couldn’t blame her for wanting him, but she’d have to find her own man. I don’t share.

At that moment, Zan winked at me across the dining room. “Soon baby,” he mouthed.


Finally our shift ended, and Liz and I went out the door hand-in-hand. It was so good to be free. Getting in the car made me feel like a weight had lifted from both of us.

Pulling away from the curb, I took her hand kissing it. She sat next to me, laying her head on my shoulder. “Another fun day at work,” she sighed.

“At least we can do what we want now,” I said. “And we have the whole afternoon to ourselves.

“So what did you have in mind?” she purred.

“It is a pretty nice day,” I suggested. “We should go to the beach.”

“The beach?” she asked, obviously surprised.

I knew she would be expecting something different. I have a hard time hiding anything from my angel, but I wanted to keep it secret for a few minutes longer.

“I think that’s a great idea,” I said, putting my arm around her. “We can sit in the sun, maybe take a swim.”

“Okay,” she agreed, even though I thought she sounded a bit disappointed. “But we have to get our things from my parents house.”

We drove in silence for a few blocks when Liz suddenly spoke. “Zan, you missed the turn to my parent’s house. You can take…”

“No,” I said.

She looked at me. “No?”

“I already got our things,” I said. “That’s where I went on my break.”

“Oh,” she said. She wrapped her arms around me. “What beach are we going to?”

“I heard about this great one,” I told her. “It’s just up here.”

Our destination was only a few minutes away and we arrived quickly. I pulled in the private drive and Liz gasped. “The Castaway?” she said in surprise.

I nodded as I parked the car in front of a small bungalow on the beach. The Castaway was a five-star hotel that also had a number of private houses for rent right on the beach.

“I’ve never been here,” she said, “but I always wanted to see it.” Turning to me, she asked, “Are you sure it’s okay for us to be here?” she said looking around like someone might catch us. “It’s a private beach.”

I smiled at her. “I don’t think they’ll mind,” I teased, “since I rented this place.”

I motioned to the bungalow in front of us and she gasped, looking from me, to the house, and back. “Really?” She looked totally shocked and I took her in my arms. “Zan, it’s beautiful. It’s too much, but it’s wonderful.”

Smiling, I leaned in to kiss her. “Nothing is too much for you, angel, and I wanted a place where we could really be alone,” I said softly. I kissed her again. “All this sneaking around and quickies behind your parents’ backs have been great, but I miss our time together.”

“Me too,” she said with a sigh, stroking my face. “It’s perfect.”

“Now,” I continued, “we can be together all we want.”

Getting out of the car, Zan took our things from the trunk and we headed toward the bungalow. When he’d stopped by my parent’s house on his break, he gathered everything he thought we’d need.

I was still so surprised that he rented us the house. When he said he’d find a place we could be together, I’d pictured us having a quickie in a poolside cabana or back room somewhere, maybe a cheap motel, but it was so like Zan to do something so wonderful. He loved surprising me.

Of course I’d heard of the Castaway. It was the nicest hotel in the area and I could see the main building off in the distance. It was a modern, glass tower but we weren’t staying there but in one of the several private beach houses on the property.

I kept looking around at the scenery. It seemed like we were practically right on the beach and the place had been landscaped with tropical trees, flowers and plants creating an incredible garden that also provided privacy.

The house was in a beach bungalow style, with a wood exterior, but it had a sort of modern twist of many large windows, and French doors that led out onto the wrap-around porch. It was bigger than I expected on the outside and I couldn’t wait to see inside.

I could hardly believe it. The bungalow was the perfect romantic getaway.

Zan led us to the door, putting our bags down while used a key to let us inside. He pushed opened the door and I gasped. It was incredible.

We walked into a large living room with a kitchen and dining room beyond. It was furnished and decorated with light beachy colors.

I turned to see Zan watching me. “Do you like it, angel?” he asked.

Rushing at him, I threw my arms around him. “I love it,” I said enthusiastically. “It’s perfect. I’m so glad you thought of this.”

Smiling, he kissed me. “Come and see the best part,” he said.

Putting an arm around me, he led me into the back to the bedroom, and my breath was taken away. The room had huge windows covering one entire wall that looked out onto the ocean, and French doors that literally opened to a patio right on the beach.

Going out the doors, I was amazed to see the water was only steps away.

There was a low wall around the patio that was mostly decorative. It certainly didn’t block our incredible view. We could sit on the patio loungers and stay in the shade of the thatched trellis and palm trees or go right out onto the sand.

And the patio was like an outdoor room. There was a fireplace, barbeque, dining table, assorted chairs, hot tub, an outdoor shower and even a hammock.

“It’s absolutely incredible,” I gasped.

Zan hugged me. “I’m glad you like it, baby.”

“I love it,” I said, hugging him back. “I could stay here the rest of our lives.”

He nodded. “Me too. Our own private world.”

Hand-in-hand we went back inside, and Zan used a button near the door to lower the automatic blinds over the windows, giving us instant privacy. And for the first time I took a close look at the bedroom.

The bed was the first thing that stood out because it was huge, definitely a king. The room was decorated with the same light colors, and through the connecting door I could see the master bath. But I would explore that later.

Grasping the front of Zan’s shirt, I pulled him to me. “So,” I purred, smiling at him, “what do you think we should do?”

“I don’t know,” he teased, taking me into his arms, and walking me backward toward the bed. “I’ve always wanted to try water skiing.”

I shook my head, backing up until the bed stopped me. “What about wake boarding?”

He nuzzled my cheek, “Surfing?”

I slid my hands under his tight work t-shirt, stroking his skin, smiling. “Para-sailing.”

Grasping my ass, he pressed me against him. “Scuba diving.”

Taking the hem of his shirt, I pulled it over his head. “Jet skiing.”

“Catamaran-ing,” he said, brushing over my breasts through my uniform.

“Fishing,” I suggested, leaning in to kiss his chest.

“That’s more like it,” he teased. Pulling back a little, he smiled as he cupped my head. “But I already caught what I really want,” he said with a wink.

My angel was still wearing her work uniform and I slid my hands down and grasped the two sides of her collar and jerked. The row of snaps down the front popped apart with a satisfying ripping sound just as I’d imagined in my fantasies.

She gasped in surprise and let the material fall down her arms to the floor.

My eyes raked over her body, and seeing that she was wearing a matching bra and panties I’d given her just made me want her more. I love giving her underwear. It’s something no one else would ever see but the two of us.

A sexy smile curved her lips and she reached out, grabbing the waistband on my jeans and pulling me to her. “I think we should try skinny dipping,” she purred as she popped my button open. “But you are wearing way too many clothes.”

A moment later she had my zipper down and let my jeans drop to the floor. Leaning in, she put her hands on my chest as she kissed it, scraping her teeth over my pec.

With a growl I wrapped my arms around her, going for the fastening on her bra. As I released it, I whispered in her ear. “Seems like we are both wearing too much.”

I lowered the straps of her bra down her arms, making her release me for a moment to pull it off. When her hands returned, she hooked two fingers into the top of my boxers and stripped them off to pool with my jeans.

My hands slid over her soft skin, caressing her back and sides, until I reached her panties, which I pushed down in a single motion.

Kicking my pants off along with my shoes, I grasped Liz around the waist, lifting her up onto the bed. I took a moment to throw her shoes aside and then took her head in both hands, kissing her.

As we continue the kiss, I climbed on the bed with her and her body lifted up into me. She wanted me as much as I wanted her.

Needing to feel her skin against mine, I settled over her, pressing our naked bodies together. My instinct was to just slide inside her liquid heat and fuck her brains out, but I really wanted to savor her first and drive her wild.

I parted my legs, bringing Zan even closer, so his erection settled against my throbbing pussy and gasped with the sensation. I desperately needed to feel him there and my hands slicked down his sides trying to bring him closer. I wanted him so much and knew by his hard length that he definitely wanted me.

I expected him to thrust inside me, taking me quickly, but instead he held me down with the press of his body.

His lips went to my neck barely brushing me and I shivered as the rough stubble of his chin grazed my sensitive skin. My hips tried to thrust up into him, but I could barely move under his weight. I knew he was going to take his time, but I was already so turned on, I wasn’t sure I could wait.

“Zan,” I gasped.

He didn’t answer but pressed his tongue into my throat, licking up and then back down. Automatically my head fell back so he would have more access. His teeth scraped my skin and he seemed to kiss and lick every inch of my neck, driving me wild but also making me feel like I would melt.

Where his chest met mine my nipples pulled to hard points, and as my arousal grew they ached to be touched. My hands grasped at his back, fluttering against his skin.

He rolled slightly to one side, to expose one of my breasts and his hand brushed down my neck, trailing over my chest. I waited breathlessly for him to touch my breast, but he circled around it, barely grazing the underside with his thumb.

I felt his cock nudge my opening and my stomach clenched as the ache between my thighs intensified. His hard length was a constant presence and the moisture was starting to pour out of me.

I tried to wiggle against him to feel the beautiful friction he could cause, but he was holding me in place.

His hand circled my breast again and suddenly brushed over my hard nub, making me cry out.

He sucked on my neck as he concentrated on my rigid nipple, flicking over it with his thumb. It felt like my nub was connected directly to my clit and I tried even harder to move under him.

My breath was coming in pants and he wasn’t even inside me yet. I wanted him so much I could hardly think straight. The throbbing in my pussy was becoming overwhelming.

“Please,” I gasped. Meeting my eyes, he smiled before lowering his lips to mine. I kissed him hungrily and when he thrust his tongue into my mouth, my hips surged up into him.

His palm brushed over my nipple again and then he left my lips and his hot mouth closed over my breast. I cried out again as he licked my hard nub and felt a rush of liquid between my thighs

“Zan,” I gasped, desperately clutching his ass, trying to bring his inside me. “Fuck me.”

Without releasing my breast, he grasped both of my hands and pulled them above my head, stretching me out underneath him. He held my two wrists captive in one of his hands, leaving the other free to continue tormenting me.

Starting at my hip, he slicked his hand up my side, along the edge of my breast and up to my mouth. As he brushed his chin stud over my aching nipple, his fingers traced my lips and I took one into my mouth echoing what I really wanted.

He allowed me to swirl my tongue around his finger before withdrawing it and using the slick digit to trail a line down my body. Sliding down my neck, he caressed my skin, making every inch of me jump under his touch. His hot breath puffed into my neck as he continued across my chest, and down between my breasts, over my stomach.

My thighs clenched as he reached my dark curls and sneaked his hand between us, cupping me briefly before stroking my clit.

I tried to arch into him, but he wouldn’t allow it, and instead stroked up the top of my thigh to my knee. When he changed directions, his fingers raked gently down the inside of my leg, making me shiver almost uncontrollably. My legs automatically fell open, giving him more room.

Turning his hand, he drew his fingernails across the juncture of my thigh and up into my curls.

I was practically lost in the web of desire and all I could think about was how much I wanted him. Sweat was starting to break out on both our skin and we were breathing hard. Zan was just as desperate for our joining as I was. I started struggling against where he was holding my wrists as my hips jerked beneath him.

“Please Zan,” I panted. “I need you so much.”

He shifted forward a bit and started rocking against me so his hard length brushed my soaking pussy and clit, and his nipples slid over mine.

I whimpered with the sensation but desperately needed more.

His lips met mine again and our mouths crashed together, trying to devour each other while he continued to caress me. He brushed over my thigh, up to my knee and back down to the delicate flesh he could reach between us, only occasionally touching my clit.

It wasn’t nearly enough. My whole body was throbbing and shaking, my back arching as my desperation grew. My legs wrapped around his thighs, pulling at him, changing the angle and trying to bring him inside.

I turned my mouth away from his kiss, gasping for air and grazing his neck with my teeth “Zan, fuck me,” I begged, thrusting my hips hard against him. “I can’t wait any more. Please fuck me.”

His eyes held mine and I could see the heat and desire burning inside. He slid his body down mine so every inch of us touched, making me shiver uncontrollably, and then he thrust up, entering me and filling me completely.

I whimpered, arching back as electricity shot through me, and I saw Zan’s eyes fill with satisfaction. He loved giving me pleasure.

“My angel,” he growled.

My core clenched around his hard length because I was so turned on. The feel of him inside gave me a bit of relief, but also added to the desperate ache. But he only gave me a moment to savor the sensations and then he started moving.

I loved taking the time to touch Liz, and I really wasn’t finished caressing and tasting her, but she was so ready that she was going crazy, and I wasn’t far behind her. So still holding on to her wrists, I slid inside her welcoming heat.

Wanting to see her reaction I only waited a moment before I gave her what we both needed. Withdrawing from her a little, I plunged back inside, starting a quick rhythm.

Liz started moving with me immediately, her legs wrapped around mine, her hips working in time with my thrusts. Leaning down I kissed her, our mouths crashing as we moved together.

Our bodies were pressed closely together so my chest brushed over her breasts and she held me so tightly between her legs that I knew I was rubbing her clit with each stroke.

Liz’s pussy was throbbing around me and she was so wet that I moved easily inside her. She was already whimpering and writhing beneath me and I knew she wouldn’t last much longer.

Leaning forward on my arm, I changed the angle of my hips looking for that sweet spot inside her and her gasp was like fire in my veins. I sped up, determined to give us both as much pleasure as I could before we exploded.

Still holding her wrists, I dipped down sucking her breast as I continued to piston inside her. Her body arched and she panted as her head thrashed from side to side. I felt my balls tighten, but I ignored the urge to come, concentrating on Liz, knowing she was close.

I slammed inside her, burying myself to the hilt with each powerful thrust and making Liz cry out with each stroke. “Oh Zan, yes! Oh Zan!”

Hearing my name on her lips nearly made me cum, but I simply sped up even more. Liz’s pussy tightened around me, her whole body stiffened and I smiled knowing only a few more thrusts would finish her.

I didn’t falter in my rhythm, but sucked her breast hard, licking her rigid nipple and she exploded.

“Zan!” she screamed as I continued to pound inside her and with another few strokes I followed her over the edge.

I growled with the power of the release as I surged into her, emptying myself inside. My whole body pulsed with pleasure and I took her lips in a soft kiss.

“I love you,” I panted against her lips. “I love you so much, baby.”

Her fingers fluttered against my hand where I still held her, and I opened my grip, letting her go. Immediately she wrapped her arms around me, holding me tight.

“I love you,” she breathed, with a dreamy smile.

She had that well-loved, languorous look that she got when I’d completely satisfied her.

Smiling back, I brushed the damp hair off her face before leaning in for another kiss. Stroking her cheek, I couldn’t help thinking she was so beautiful that I would be perfectly happy just were I was, being held inside her and looking at her for the rest of my life.

But I could see that I’d really worn her out. Her eyes were heavy and her breathing was deep and relaxed, and suddenly the thought of holding my angel while we took a nap seemed like the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

I slid out of her and rolled to the side so I faced her, and took her in my arms. She turned to me and closed her eyes as she rested her head against my chest, her legs tangling with mine. Gently stroking her hair, I knew she’d be asleep in moments and closed my own eyes.

This is how it should be, I thought as I inhaled the familiar scent of her hair, and I drifted into a contented sleep for the first time in days.



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