Appetite - Part 2


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(New York City)

It was late Friday afternoon and a beautiful fall day. A cool breeze blew as I walked down the street. I had lived in the city for only a few months, but I really hadn’t gotten out very much. I had come to New York to go to school, and practically all I had done was study.

Well that’s not exactly true.

There had been one incredible night a couple of months ago, and I hadn’t been able to get it out of my mind since.

I had gone to a club to meet some girls from school but instead I had met the two most beautiful, sexy men. Max and Zan were brothers, twins, and they had given me the best night of my life.

A shiver of desire ripped through me every time about thought about them. Their handsome faces and beautiful bodies, their dirty talk, their hands and mouths traveling over me, their big, hard cocks thrusting into me; everything about them had driven me wild. It had been sex, pure and simple, but it was the best sex I’d ever had, and I knew nothing else would ever compare.

I had left them before they awoke, knowing there was no future for the three of us, but I still thought about them, still fantasized about that night.

Some girls in my study group had set me up, sending me to the sex club where I had met Max and Zan. The girls had probably thought it would be a great joke, sending a small town girl like me to a sex club. They probably thought I would be shocked and horrified. But they don’t know me at all.

I had gone to the club horny and planning to get laid. So when it turned out to be a sex club, I’d been excited. And meeting Max and Zan was the best thing that could have happened.

So no, I wasn’t angry at those girls for setting me up. In fact, I wanted to thank them.

The following Monday I had returned to school and the stupid girls were so sure that I would be embarrassed about being in a sex club. They had laughed and snickered as they asked me about it.

I had been tempted to tell them how wrong they were, but I really didn’t want to share my experience with them. So I’d simply smiled as I answered vaguely. “It was interesting.”

They had seen right away that their plan had backfired, and continued to ask about what had happened. But I refused to say anything, remaining silent, my enigmatic grin my only answer.

But that was a couple of months ago, and even though I had been tempted, I hadn’t returned to the club. That night had been a wonderful fantasy, and I wanted it to remain perfect in my mind, not ruined by reality.

The summer semester had finished, and I’d had a couple of weeks off. I had done most of the tourist things I was interested in; the Statue of Liberty, some museums and shopping. But there were still a few days until the fall semester started and I was kinda bored. Since I really hadn’t made any friends at school I had gone to a couple of movies I wanted to see.

I wasn’t in a hurry as I headed back to my apartment, walking slowly, enjoying the day. But I had a craving for some Thai food so I took short cut down an alley that would put me closer to the restaurant.

Vaguely I noted that there seemed to be no one around, and perhaps I should have paid more attention. I was in New York after all, but I was lost in my own thoughts, making plans for next week when school started.

As I approached the edge of the next building I was aware of two male voices coming from around the corner. I couldn’t hear what they were saying and I only knew they were guys because of the deep timber, but that is as far as my thoughts went.

I continued walking, the Thai food calling my name, and I didn’t even look down the adjoining alley were the voices were coming from.

I had almost passed the alley when a shout stopped me.


I turned and gasped as I saw Max and Zan hurrying toward me.

I was completely surprised and I’m pretty sure I blushed. I wasn’t ashamed or sorry about anything that had happened with them. It was just surreal being confronted by my fantasy in the bright light of day.

I had thought about that night almost every day since, reliving every moment, remembering the amazing pleasure. I could still feel them touching me, caressing me, thrusting deep inside.

My breath quickened just thinking about it.

I never thought I would see them again, but here they were coming toward me, looking as sexy as hell, with huge grins on their faces. I wasn’t quite sure what to do.

I fidgeted a little and tried to smile as they stopped next to me. “Hey guys.”

“Liz, baby,” Zan greeted me. “We’ve been looking for you everywhere.”

“Have you?” I asked surprised.

Max nodded. “Every weekend we went to the club hoping we would find you again, but you didn’t come back.”

I looked from one to the other. “But I bet you two found plenty of other company.”

Zan shook his head as he moved closer touching my arm. “Now why would we do that baby?” he asked. “We wanted you.”

I smiled, not believing him for a second. “You mean to tell me that in almost two months you guys didn’t find another girl willing to share you, and take her to your place, and fuck her senseless?” I shook my head. “I find that hard to believe.”

Max moved closer so our bodies touched. “We’ve never shared a woman before you,” he said softly. “We always get our own women.”

Zan’s hand smoothed up and down my arm. “And neither of us have had any woman since you.”

“We only wanted you,” Max said softly, caressing my back. “And we did look for you everywhere, but all we knew was your first name.”

I shook my head, my breath coming quicker as my nipples hardened. “So you mean that in two months neither of you…” I trailed off.

Zan’s eyes flicked to my aroused breasts. He took another step closer and his hand moved to my stomach. “We’ve been living on the memory of that night baby.”

Max moved behind me and kissed the side of my neck as his hands slipped under my shirt. “You’ve thought about it too Liz,” he purred. “I know you have.”

I gasped as his hands touched my skin.

Zan’s hand caressed my stomach as a slow smile raised the corner of his mouth. “You’ve thought about it a lot.”

I nodded, answering him.

Max’s hands skimmed up my sides, artfully avoiding my breasts. “So why did you leave us Liz?” he whispered, smoothing over my skin. “We made it good for you.”

I shivered as they touched me and felt a rush of liquid between my legs. “It was the best,” I admitted a little breathlessly. “But I didn’t see the point in staying. It’s not like the three of us have a future together.”

Zan nodded and moved closer so our bodies were touching. His hand slid lower between us, brushing over my clit through my pants. “You mean dating, love, and everything.”

My breath hitched and I nodded.

He held my eyes as his hand slowly moved back up and then slipped into my jeans. “You’re right baby,” he said, his hand inching lower. “The three of us aren’t going to get married.”

Sliding inside my panties, he went directly to my clit. “But you still want us,” he whispered arrogantly, stroking me slowly.

Max kissed my neck again. He pressed his body into mine and his hands moved to cup my breasts. “And we definitely want you,” he said softly.

“Yes,” I agreed. There was no point denying the obvious. “I want you, but…” I gasped arching back as Max flicked over my nipples.

Max took my ear in his mouth. “You’re body responds like it was made for us.” he rasped.

Zan leaned in and took possession of my lips, kissing me hard as he stroked my clit faster.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I shouldn’t be with them, shouldn’t be letting them touch me, but I at that moment I really didn’t care. I couldn’t think of a single reason to stop them. I couldn’t think much at all.

I hadn’t been with anyone since that night either and I was horny as hell, and seeing them again had aroused me almost instantly. The memories of the overwhelming pleasure they had given me intertwined with what was happening. I put my hands on Zan’s shoulders and gave in to the sensations.

Max’s hands slipped into my bra squeezing and caressing my breasts, stroking my nipples. His lips and tongue moved over my neck, stopping for the occasional nip.

I was forced to break the kiss with Zan as I gasped for air.

Zan continued with his clever fingers as he whispered in my ear. “That’s it baby,” he growled. “Just let us please you.”

I could feel Max and Zan’s erections pressing into me, and it only made me want them more. I loved that I could turn them on so much, and they definitely did the same to me. Their touches felt so good and only took moments until I was approaching orgasm.

Zan rubbed my clit in quick circles and Max pulled at my nipples. I arched into his hands. “Oh yes!”

Max bit my neck. “We know what you like,” he growled.

Suddenly Zan’s finger slid down through my soaking folds and plunged inside.

I came immediately, crying out my completion.

They held me pressed between them as the shivers from the orgasm racked my body.

Max continued placing kisses on my neck. “We are so good together Liz,” he said softly. “Maybe the three of us don’t have a traditional future, but while we all want each other, why can’t we have a little fun?”

“Yes baby,” Zan said, withdrawing his fingers and stroking over my clit. “Don’t deny yourself, don’t deny us when it’s what we all want.”

“I don’t know,” I said softly. I was having a hard time thinking, sandwiched between their beautiful bodies. I wanted them desperately, but it seemed wrong somehow, being in a relationship strictly for sex. But maybe it was just my small town upbringing speaking.

Zan kissed me again. “Come on baby,” he purred. “We’re dying to have you again, and we’ll make it so good for you.” He winked. “You know we will.”

“Yes,” Max agreed. “We’re leaving for our summer house later.” He stroked over my nipples. “Come with us darling,” he said, “we’ll fuck you so good all weekend.”

A shiver of pure desire ripped through me. I could just imagine having them again and again, their hands and mouths roaming over every inch of me.

Max kissed my neck. “She likes the sound of that, Zan.”

Zan chuckled. “Yeah,” he agreed, holding my eyes as he brushed my clit again. “We’ll make you come every time baby.”

I smiled.

I never thought I would even see them again. And I certainly never thought I would experience the incredible pleasure of being with them again. But here they were promising to give me all I desired.

New York was a big place, millions of people. What were the odds we would find each other in the first place? And what were the odds that after I left them we find each other again? It all seemed like an incredible coincidence, but what if it were more than that? What if the three of us were meant to meet, meant to be together?

Max had said we were made for each other. What if it was destiny?

And they were right. I wanted them. Oh how I wanted them! How could I deny them when I wanted them more than anything?

It certainly wouldn’t be a traditional relationship, but I didn’t care. All I was thinking about was the way they fucked. “Okay,” I agreed. “But I’ll need to go home and pack some things.”

Zan smiled crookedly. “Baby, you won’t need any clothes this weekend,” he growled. “One or both of us is going to be inside you every minute.”


They insisted on driving me home. I had the feeling they were afraid I would slip away again, but I had no intension of doing so. Now that I’d made up my mind to have an affair with them I would simply enjoy it as long as it lasted.

We all climbed into the front seat of Max’s SUV, with me sandwiched between them. Just where I wanted to be!

“We’re glad you decided to come with us,” Max said with a wink. He kissed my cheek as he squeezed my knee. “We’ve been so lonely without you.”

“Yeah,” Zan continued, his hand going to my waist. “We didn’t want anyone but you.”

Max started the truck and Zan’s hand dipped under my shirt and moved up to cup my breast. He slowly stroked over my already hardened nipple.

I gasped, trying to concentrate on the conversation. “But why?” I asked breathlessly.

Zan kissed my neck as he continued to stroke me. “You’re perfect baby,” he growled. “Beautiful, uninhibited, and so damn sexy.”

Max nodded. “And the best fuck either of us ever had.”

I put a hand on each of their powerful thighs. “You guys are the ones who are perfect. Your bodies drive me crazy.”

Slowly I slid my hands up their legs until I reached their huge matching erections. I stroked them through their jeans. “And you two are definitely the biggest and the best I’ve had.”

Max growled as I squeezed him. “Fuck baby, I want you so much.”

Zan’s hand slid into my bra caressing my breast harder, squeezing. He kissed my neck near my ear, licking and sucking my skin. “We’re almost to your place baby. Let us come in and have you now.”

I shivered with arousal and nodded. “I want that too,” I gasped breathlessly. “But my roommate is home and it would be a little hard to explain two of you.”

“Damn,” Zan groaned.

I kissed his cheek. “You’ll just have to wait.”

Max stopped the truck in front of my apartment. “Will an hour be enough time for you to get ready?”

I nodded. “Yeah.”

Max cupped my jaw and pulled me to him for a searing kiss. I slid my tongue into his mouth and he growled, stroking my tongue with his own. His hand twisted into my hair, holding me to him. He devoured my mouth for several long minutes, and then finally pulled back with a wink. “Hurry baby. We’ll be waiting for you.”

Zan released me and got out of the truck to let me out. I scooted across the seat and when my feet hit the ground his hands slid around my waist. He grabbed my ass pulling me hard against him so I could feel his erection. Our lips met in a burning but brief kiss.

He smiled as he put a little space between us. “We are going to give you the time of your life this weekend.”

I smiled too. Zan was so damn cocky, but we both knew he was absolutely right. I pressed even closer to him, speaking breathlessly. “I can’t wait.”

He squeezed my ass again before releasing me.

I hurried inside and went upstairs to my apartment to pack. As it turned out my roommate was gone and I cursed my stupidity for not checking before I turned the guys down. I could be fucking them!

Quickly I tossed clothes and stuff into a case, but I hardly paid attention to what I was doing. Over the last two months I had tried not to think about them, but now it was okay to indulge.

I was excited about the weekend, excited about being with them again. My whole body was humming knowing I would have them so soon. Their few caresses in the alley and the car had been wonderful, but it wasn’t nearly enough. My breasts ached for their touch, liquid pooled between my thighs, and my core pulsed anticipating having them inside. I didn’t think my appetite for them would ever be satisfied.

I shivered with need and my breath came in quick gasps. I hoped one of them planned to fuck me in the car because I wouldn’t be able to wait until we got to their summer house.



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