ENCRYPT#: 23509809sdfg2340-95-0
ENCRYPT#: ***************-**-*
ENCRYPT#: 65498884Safs6573-29-0
DATE: 11/19/99
SUBJ: Closing Report


Enclosed please find a copy of my report surveilling Max Evans, Isabel
Evans, Michael Guerin, Liz Parker and Alex Whitman.  Let me express
again my sincere apologies and deepest regret and not being able to
complete my mission.  I understand that I will need to appear before
Agent Pierce this coming Monday to explain my actions in person.

To quickly recap the events since my last report:

The situation began to unravel when I slipped the drug into Alex
Whitman's drink while making him an offer for college credit.  He began
to bleed, and I recovered the evidence.  The lab returned with the
information I expected: the blood from Alex Whitman was the same as the
sample drawn in the hospital that was supposed to Max Evans.

I attempted a confrontation with Whitman, choosing to avoid direct
confrontation, but rather to offer him a way he could get out of this
problem simply by telling the truth.  I even offered him a chance to
think about it.  When Whitman returned to my office, he seemed on board
with telling the truth, although he did express concern about Liz

Whitman's first attempt to misdirect me came when he pretended to think
that this was somehow about drugs.  This threw me for a moment, and as I
was about to question him further, Liz Parker intervened.  My first
priority was to keep Parker from derailing Whitman, so I led her out
into the hallway.

After talking with her for a few moments, I realized that she was
distracting me.  And once I returned to my office, Alex Whitman had
discovered my FBI e-mail files.

There are no easy answers here.  I can not explain why I did not delete
these files.  I can not explain how I could have been duped by high
school students.  I can not explain why I fell for Alex Whitman's
innocent look when he pretended to know nothing about aliens.

All I can do is express my sorrow and my pledge to do better on my next


Agent Kathleen Topolsky

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