There have been several deaths since Agent Lewis, including civilians, each displaying the haunting silver handprint over the chest area with similar damages to the internal organs (figure 2, photos). Each death seems to give further proof to the possibility that not only are aliens among us, they are dangerous murderers. If that were true, the existence of the Special Unit would seem justified.

But let us examine, for a moment, the circumstances surrounding Agent Lewis' death. Agent Lewis was a decorated member of the Marines before being recruited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, where he served for five years before Senator Levin (IL) enlisted his help in 1949 to run the Special Unit, then operating as the Office of Land Studies, Soil Division. He ran the Unit with sixteen agents under his command for twelve years. Interviews with his wife after his death indicate Lewis was preparing for retirement and had become particularly dissatisfied with work, the details of which he kept to himself. Except for one isolated incident. In 1950, one year after joining the Unit, Lewis mentioned "the butchers at Eagle Rock" to his wife in a conversation about man's capacity for cruelty. She pressed him to explain his example, but he became agitated and dismissed the conversation altogether. Two weeks before he had planned to announce his retirement, Agent Lewis was killed on a stretch of highway in Delta, Colorado.

It has long been rumored that an EBE was held for three years at Eagle Rock Military Base following the crash in '47. The main file log recovered from the Special Unit offices lists several files for Eagle Rock Military Base during that time, however these files were either destroyed or taken by someone outside the Unit before our recovery began. If we are willing to accept the notion that aliens are among us on Earth, can we not also make room for the possibility that the Unit operated with such ruthlessness it would kill one of its own in the name of containment and its own survival?

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